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19 Jan 2021 18:57:55
Not a rumour - not a quote
Someone in my opinion worthy of group discussion.
If we are to consider British based players, albeit he is Portuguese, Lucas Joao at Reading.
27 years old, 6' 4", 20 goals in 40 for Reading.
Been at Blackburn and Sheff Wed prior.

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19 Jan 2021 20:07:58
Not a new poster, just keep having to re-register and change name. Anything with a Scottish prefix was me: Scottish, Ecosse and Caledonian. New username so will try to remember my password from here on in.
Uncanny Italia Wolf: was going to make the same suggestion. Liked him at Sheffield Wednesday and he thrived there when they had Carlos Carvalhal, a fellow Portuguese. 6’ 4” so should have a presence in the box. Only downside is that he is a bit injury prone. Would be a good stop gap and back up option moving forward.

20 Jan 2021 14:01:51
Welcome back Scot/ Alba/ Jock/ Wolf/ Wolfthistle,
Incredible we had the same thought.
Joao would know the English game too albeit at one level lower.
Still what do fans know about football/ players. 😀.

20 Jan 2021 15:28:22
It's got to be Origi for me. He knows the league and has everything to play for in trying to get in the Belgium squad for the Euros.

Did I read £20-25mil? Bargain. He's not just a short term solution he can play anywhere across the front line and strengthens our squad going forward.

20 Jan 2021 20:50:20
Couldn't disagree MattWolf - Origi would be decent enough although we have all heard the news this evening about Willian Jose.
Let's hope the boy can get us some goals.

19 Jan 2021 17:37:24
Spiers reporting that Wolves will target a new CB in the summer as a priority.

I have to say if we are going to stick with the back 4 as the next step of this evolution. Does this mean Coady out. He has been an incredible servant to the club so you hate to say it.

But he just does'nt look right as CB in a back 4. Bigger CFs are always going to target him as a weak link.

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19 Jan 2021 19:54:26
I can not understand why Coadys position in the team is being doubted, what about the contribution or more like the lack of a contribution from Moutinho/ Semedo/ Nori/ Marcel/ Neves and one goal from Traore in twelve months is not good enough and now we bring back MGW to solve our problems what a joke. Questions need to be asked about our recruitment policy and some of Nunos decisions including tacking our leader on the pitch off when he was needed most. We need to bring in quality players not untried and untested youngsters, rant over.

19 Jan 2021 21:00:12
In fairness Bazza Coadys position wasn't being questioned until our club captain was hauled off when chasing a game in a Midlands Derby! There is also no getting away from the fact that Connors attributes are far more suited to a back five than they are a back four. His ability is in his distribution whereas in a back four physicality and ariel ability are FAR more important! I do wonder if its time for Connor to make his way back into the middle of the park. If we signed a top CB for the back four then I can't really see why Connor couldn't replace Joao? He's definitely got a better passing range!

19 Jan 2021 22:52:57
If Nuno wants go forward with a back four my personal view would be to play Conor in front of them because he reads the game so well and his passing ability makes a big difference. Obviously just my opinion.

20 Jan 2021 00:01:10
Agreed Ken, that's kinda of the role I mean. I think cause he's a CB and been with us so long we sometimes take his passing for granted but it really was high up there last season for successful long passes. It would release Neves to get on the edge of the oppo box more as well, . win win 👍.

20 Jan 2021 10:44:33
Makes sense boys. Like that.
When podence back, how about
Traore up front, Neto podence on each side. What a pacy front three.
Worth a go.?

20 Jan 2021 11:59:06
I had been wondering about a deep midfield role for Connor Coady. Good sweepers can bring the ball into midfield as a natural part of their game. Not suggesting Connor is in this category but Beckenbauer was a perfect example.

20 Jan 2021 14:46:53
Greyleg - this is what I proposed when Jimenez got injured - or some combo of the 3 perhaps Neto and Traore up front and Podence as the 10.
We don't have so much talent in the squad that we can afford to leave out one of our top 3 players and yet don't see how else we get them all in without being unbalanced at the back and in midfield.
5,2,3 or 3,4,3 or 3,4,1,2?
Particularly daft to leave one out so as to play Silva - who isn't one of our top 3 or 11 or probably 15 players!

20 Jan 2021 15:13:02
Ken, Arddunby and BB - good points! Like the idea of Coady sweeping as he does read the game well but if it he does it in front rather than behind the CB's this would allow his more positive attributes, (BB agree he is a great passer) to be exploited better.
Perhaps in a 2 (like Fred/ Mctominay (sp) or Kante/ Matic at Chelsea or Vierra/ Pettit at Arsenal back in the day) with Neves.
Allowing us to play the 3 stars and a CF when Jimenez comes back in a 4,2,3,1 formation.
Def agree that for us to do this though we need a big strong CB - Boly like - along side Boly particularly if we are playing such physically frail W (F) Bs
Doherty and Otto are both solid citizens compared to Semedo and RAN.

19 Jan 2021 17:29:20
Why not give Shabani a run in the team?

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19 Jan 2021 22:02:50
I think they will Nigel, well from the bench anyway. If they are giving him a new contract that is probably because they intend to increase his playing time. I could see him having a Podence style season, a few cameos with a strong few starts towards the end of the season. Mind you we have to play well enough between now and then to afford him that luxury first 👍.

19 Jan 2021 15:56:36
I heard a very informative piece on the radio yesterday regarding Liverpool FC and Wolves and the 2 clubs recent problems. The main focus of the piece was Liverpool and they mentioned that one of the major reasons they have not scored for 3 matches is because, although the front 3 are still the same, the creativity they had last season is not available due to injuries. Last season they had Gini, Hendo and Fabinho in midfield and a back four of TAA, Robertson, Van Dijk and Gomez. It mentioned that Van Dijk is more than just a defender as he is also a very good ball player allowing Gomez to do the dirty work. With the loss of VVD, Liverpool have lost a ball player at the back and no one else in the squad who could do the same as him. They then lost Gomez so now they needed 2 players to cover the CB roles as Matip was also injured. This has forced them to play Henderson and Fabinho at CB thereby losing the midfield spark whilst not quite having the elegance of VVD at the back. This in turn creates an issue in that the natural balance of the team is missing.

The comparison to Wolves was made by stating that Jonny and Jimenez injuries have left us without our top striker and consistent wing back. Yes, we've got Marcal and Ait Nouri but however good they are, they are still not fully intergrated to Nuno's vision due to us having no pre season. Add to this the injuries to Dendoncker, Boly and Podence, it will naturally have an effect on our performances.

Klopp and Nuno knew at the start of the season what their best team was and who they wanted in the squad. The fact of the matter was that neither club could have seen the huge amount of injuries.

Boly and Dendoncker have returned and Podence should be available next week leaving only Jonny and Jimenez as injured. So hopefully our form picks up soon.

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19 Jan 2021 17:29:50
Jas I get you as always.

19 Jan 2021 19:32:35
Great post Jas and provides deeper insight into what could be affecting our current form, which I have every confidence will turn soon.

19 Jan 2021 20:04:05
Brilliant post.

19 Jan 2021 10:40:20
Any predictions for Friday night?

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19 Jan 2021 12:35:57
Too early to guess north bank, what will be the team, what system will we play, don't know the ground but its pretty windy and wet up there at mo. A heavy slog and we might fall foul. We should have enough but its a funny old game innit. So randomly ill say 3-1 wolves and you can read that anyway you read it.?

19 Jan 2021 12:45:08
I'll post mine on Friday, but if the team has any passion they will go out to thrash Chorley after the tweet Chorley tweeted.

19 Jan 2021 13:44:24
I think a nervous start, then our quality will come through and we win but no more than 3 nil.

19 Jan 2021 14:27:18
I expect few changes purely because the team need to get some confidence so other than Ruddy, I'd expect pretty much the same team that started Saturday other than switching to 3 at the back - treat it as a Premiership match. The aim, to fill their boots and the forwards to get some confidence.

19 Jan 2021 15:36:45
Sttato - agree we need to build confidence and agree 3 at the back. First game of the rescue the season campaign.

19 Jan 2021 16:46:19
3-0 . to Chorley!

19 Jan 2021 17:26:30
Draw but Wolves go thru on penalties.

Review Of The Day 19th January 2021

19 Jan 2021 07:39:06
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 19th January 2021

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18 Jan 2021 20:48:13
Does anyone think the mendes link is broken I have my suspicions.

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19 Jan 2021 09:12:22
Even if it were, there are plenty of others out there that players are signed to, there would be big question as to why if your suspicions were true.

19 Jan 2021 10:50:56
If it is broken why? I think its fair to say the players that were bought in in the early windows of Fosuns time at the club have so far had a greater impact than those in the last 2 windows. However it doesn't seem any club is spending this window, which is not surprising with what is happening globally. Also will the post Brexit rules prevent us signing a future Jota? I suspect Fosun are still engaged but re-evaluating transfer strategies.

19 Jan 2021 12:59:05
Ard- this is actually a VERY accurate point thay we've hardly touched on in this group! When you look at the post Brexit work permit system the two key factors are the quality of the league they are coming from but more importantly the number of national caps (with youth caps being worth less points)! So yes you are bang on the money with no doubt well over half of Mendes unknown stars now not qualifying under the new system! When they launched the system it was pointed out players like Thierry Henry and Fabregas would not have got a work permit, which mean peeps like Jota and Podence would have had very little chance! They said at the time it would drive up prices of players in the lower leagues long term. I'm sure these new rules MUST be drastically diluting the international scouting element that Jorge brings to the table. Now I'm sure long term the club have plans in place but I do wonder if it was in fact THIS change which forced the focus on youth last window, as in knowing that most (if not all) the young players we signed last window it was last chance to get them in while they are young eg. Before they hit their national teams?!

19 Jan 2021 13:23:49
Don't forget lads Fosun have a big stake holding in Mendes company.
Not sure what impact it has on Wolves?

19 Jan 2021 14:44:39
Yellow- I believe they have a 20% stake in Gestufute (I'm sure someone can correct me if I'm wrong) . Now that shouldn't affect us financially cause (frankly) to Fosun its pocket change. However where you could be right is that Fosun were very open about the fact they wanted to run the two enterprises alongside each other, almost as a new model for running a football club. I think the idea was we get quality players for cheap, showcase them then put the subsequent profit from future sales of said player back into the club (please see Jota) . Now if these work permit changes have scuppered that whole approach then it is entirely possible that the reason Fosun are holding back finances is because they are in the process of having to completely recreate/ rethink their ENTIRE strategy for which they bought club?!

19 Jan 2021 14:56:32
Bullys boy, it certainly explains the Silva transfer, I had put the lack of experienced players being signed down to clubs wanting to much for them or targets not being available but maybe Fosun were more ahead of the times than I credited them at the time.

19 Jan 2021 19:20:12
True Ard, it would certianly explain why we bought in three windows worth of youngsters in one window. When you look at the last window (and again please anyone correct me if I'm wrong) but under the new criteria only Marcal and would have got a permit from what I can tell. And at 31 and our cheapest acquisition I suspect he was already penciled in 🤔.

19 Jan 2021 19:23:34
Correction- Hoever may have qualified in future windows had he played for Pools first team but then had he played more in the first team (from what I've seen) they wouldn't have wanted to sell him in the future anyway!

18 Jan 2021 14:44:52
I think our current demise can be traced back to the Seville game or even the Olympiacos game before it. We were played off the park in both games and saw very little of the ball. Indeed the back end of last season in most games we were averaging a little over 30% possession. I think that's when Nuno decided we needed to change in order to progress, get in the top 6 and challenge the bigger teams in Europe. So far so good.
But then what happened. With the intention of playing a back 4, we sold two wing backs that were not great defenders and replaced them with two more wing backs, Semedo and ait Nouri. Who were also not great defenders. With the emergence of Neto and Podence, the offer for jota was too good to pass up. But we still hadn't got adequate cover for Raul. We let Bennett go, an out and out CB but didn't apparently think about replacing him with a similar upgrade. A back 4 also needs strong creative midfielder with an eye for a goal. After all, we had lost jota and doc's goal contribution and were then just seemingly hoping that someone else would pick up that mantle. Attempts to sign other players failed for whatever reason and we were left with 3rd or 4th choice options. So even before our current injury crisis, we just hadn't recruited well enough for us to make the change. Yet for some reason the coaching staff have persisted in going ahead with it even after the team has been decimated by injuries. Why? Yes in order to get established in the top 6 you need a more possession based style of play but the change has to be made when we're ready for it and not at any cost.
As I've said before, Nuno is stubborn. Just look at the short corner situation. It took him half a season to admit it wasn't working. How many goals did that cost us?
Hopefully now we'll revert back to a back 5. It's not going to be pretty, but it's our best chance of gradually stopping the rot and survive this season.
Maybe then, someone can come up with a less chaotic transfer policy and we can go again next season.

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18 Jan 2021 15:01:34
Sharesum - superb post!

18 Jan 2021 15:19:03
Sharesum - probably the best post I've read on here in ages and I'll add/ reply a little later when I have more time. Some superb points and I will mention Sevilla/ Olympiacos, coaching staff (in particular Ian Cathro) and injuries when I get the aforementioned time, but just to repeat superb post mate.

18 Jan 2021 15:59:42
Sharesum made some great points earlier on varying subjects.
Firstly he pointed to the 'slide' starting back against Sevilla or Olympiacos which I agree with completely.

I read a lot of comments at the time from Olympiacos fans who were annoyed and shocked at how we had beaten them over two legs with minimal possession and limited shots on target.
Most Wolves fans replied with 'well that's football'. True enough look at the Black Country derby stats!

However, look at the Sevilla game - we were quite simply over run, it was so one sided it was painful to watch us just hoofing the ball clear only to see Sevilla come back wave after wave. After the game I actually thought to myself I wonder if Fosun will want to see us play like this? Especially as Sevilla's manager Lopetegui was actually their first choice post Jackett.

Has the new possession based type football been put on Nuno?
I think we can all agree the close season signings probably were.
Which brings me onto coaching and Ian Cathro, first team coach.

A young coach who Nuno met on courses in Scotland. Nuno employed Cathro at Rio Ave and Valencia earlier in their careers.
Cathro endured a very poor time as manager of Hearts in Scotland and was I recall ridiculed not only by fans but the press for his bizarre post match press conferences.

If you read his Wikipedia page (appreciate Wiki is not an unchallengeable source of info! ) it reads 'After Hearts failed to qualify from the 2017–18 Scottish League Cup group stage, Cathro was sacked.
It was said that there appeared to be a "confused" approach at Hearts, with a mismatch between the style of play Cathro wanted to implement and the type of players signed by the club. After Cathro left, Hearts interim manager Jon Daly and player Cole Stockton claimed that the physical training under Cathro had lacked intensity. '
Now, I may be wrong but this is a man Nuno puts a LOT of trust in I believe. This is his right hand man - so is Cathro given a lot of sway re tactics hence why we are finding such 'mismatches' and a 'lack of intensity'? .
I think our tactics and approach to games have become muddled and problematic more recently.
The stubbornness to recognise we are suffering as a result borders on insanity.

Injuries - since Nuno came to the club injuries seemed to be a thing of the past, until very recently.
I think you'll always find when a club/ team is successful injury lists are short and get longer when it's struggling.
Ok Raul (which was a planned assault by David Luiz in my opinion - not to fracture his skull granted, but to 'let him know' most certainly) and Jonny aside, why is it Marcal, Podence, Dendoncker, Boly seem to have had such innocuous knocks yet are or have been out for 4/ 5 weeks at a time?
Marcal has spent more time injured than fit.

The club Doctor left the club recently - has something changed on the medical? .
Why does it seem we're like the Wolves of old where important players were missing for months?

It's painful seeing the current form and the onus of responsibility slipping from Raul to Traore now to Neto who 7/ 8 months ago was an exciting prospect, now we see him as our matchwinner at 20/ 21 years old!

Neves and Moutinho don't fit that criteria anymore, Traore too inconsistent.
Not even Coady since his England call ups has put a foot right. Where as he used to encourage and promote he now stands hands on hips, silent or head in hands.
Patricio barely leaves his goal line and is ripe for at least one soft mistake a game.

18 Jan 2021 16:03:11
great post.

18 Jan 2021 16:10:04
Excellent post sharesum my thoughts exactly
Nuno's stubbeness in the past could cost him his job.

18 Jan 2021 16:28:46
Wow - good post. Interesting points re backroom.

18 Jan 2021 17:14:35
As usual lads some great points raised above. The only thing I would query is that the idea that the intention was always for a back four because that is not how it seemed at the start of the season?! In fact the back four thing only seemed to come about cause Coady had his first injury in years! This is what I don't get, shockingly Share I think your version of it is in fact somewhat more planed than what has actually happened! 😭.

18 Jan 2021 19:20:01
Really enjoyed reading that Sharesum and Italia Wolf fantastic posts.

18 Jan 2021 19:46:37
If you go back in time I said we were light years behind Olympiacos never mind Sevilla
Last season we gave up possession and played counter attacking football and to a degree it payed off and to a degree bought us some beautiful results and some surprise points.
But and it’s a big but, how many times did we pick up points from losing positions, the answer far too many.
After lockdown we were found out, I knew Nuno knew and most on here knew it, so where could we go what was the way forward.?
Change personnel? Change the system?
I would say yes and yes.
And that’s where the problems started.
We sell Jota and Doherty raising £60 million 🤔
Ok Neto replaces Jota Doherty can’t defend find a Johnny type right back 😀 job done and £40 million in the bank.
At that point we all think realistically £60 million coming in happy days
Then we blow it on 2 players who aren’t improving the squad.
We can’t be as lucky with injuries surely can we and no we can’t
So a team that scrapped and fought for so points was only going to go backwards
Add to that the injuries and shocking transfer window we’ve got what we’ve got we are were we are.
Who’s to blame we probably will never no, who sanctioned the transfers will will never know
What happened to Dalrymple Thelwell The Dr we will never know.
The was always going to happen how we rectify is going forward is the key.
I said a relegation was a possibility it must not turn into a reality
Step forward Jeff Shi step forward Fosun time for reassurance not burying your heads.

18 Jan 2021 20:19:07
Some decent points Realist.
As you rightly say to some of them we will never know I guess.
I do think the Dalrymple episode was an own goal as he was good for the club-fan relationship.
Thelwell - likewise but now Scott Sellars is in the seat so let's see if something changes.
We can't allow Shi under the guidance of Mendes to execute our future transfer policies surely?
Doctor Perry, I'm not entirely sure he's been replaced 1:1 but it's strange how injuries long/ short term have rocketed.

We must remain positive in testing times and trust that our luck above all will change.
No good sulking like Nuno did Saturday or Coady has been in the past 2 months when we concede.
It's time to show guts and big balls now, January incomings or not. We have the personnel.

18 Jan 2021 22:23:24
Great and highly rationale thread - tks guys v good posts!
The last point in the last post is the key - we do have the players to survive, especially with several really bad sides still below us thanks to our 17 point start. But, we must play them not the kids who sadly are some way short of the level required in this league.
Niall Ennis had a v successful youth career scoring goals for England youth teams and looking like he was going to the top - he went to Plymouth.
Most kids don't make it - we can't afford to be the team that is used to sift the wheat from the chaff for the game or we will be pulled down by the process.

19 Jan 2021 06:04:39
Very good reading.

19 Jan 2021 09:36:00
Just a thought guys/ gals: Is it possible our success came much too quickly for Fosun and their estimation of Euro football in 5-10 yrs, I think it was-- and perhaps they weren't prepared to match Nuno's vision of ready-made players to lift us in to top 6 and Euro f'ball but spending more wisely on proven quality rather than buying a lucky dip in youths who may turn out to be a golden nugget? I remember a few transfer windows ago Nuno seemed furious with our transfer policy and spec that he was going to walk. Anyway, just trying to make sense of why we are spiralling in wrong direction.

19 Jan 2021 11:11:32
Belfast - another interesting and thoughtful post - tks.

19 Jan 2021 12:53:16
Wow, some excellent posts, ideas, and food for thoughts, especially about the backroom staff. They have such an impact that we cannot always be aware of, but many of us will no doubt be concerned that there appears to be some disunity of ideas there now.

18 Jan 2021 14:43:13
What about Cantwell from Norwich? Hearing £14million is their asking price.

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18 Jan 2021 16:01:33
I think it's time now we did start looking at English/ British players. No offence but sides in Portugal don't have 6/ 7 Portuguese starters.
One player I would move for is James Milner. Someone who can take a game by the scruff of the neck.

18 Jan 2021 17:21:33
Really, I'm surprised by that. If anyone has ever heard Norwich fans talk about him then he's basically there version MGW. In so much as half the fans rate him and half don't. I mean he's hardly pulling up trees in the Champ is he?! What do you make of him Rated, am I missing something buddy? 👍
James Milner on the other hand, now there's a player! Think he's still out of our budget mind (contract wise) sadly. Would be a perfect replacement for Moutinho though 🐺.

18 Jan 2021 18:57:31
Sorry to disagree, Milner has been a great pro always reliable but imo hardly a game changer. At 35 we would gain nothing, on the other hand Cantwell is a very talented player although can be frustrating at times, as I live in Norfolk and my lad is a Norwich supporter and I know a lot of other Norwich fans they certainly don’t give me the impression they think any such thing, frustrating yes, MGW “Was “a very talented youngster but with social media and countless other distractions he’s lost the plot could find his way again but don’t hold your breath.

18 Jan 2021 19:22:42
I like him Bullys mate he tends to cover a lot of the pitch and surrounded by good players he knows where the net is too £14million is a decent price too.
Milner I honestly do not like he is dirty but on the flip side he isn't afraid to get gritty and tough if need be, but he is Liverpool through and through so we have no chance I imagine.

18 Jan 2021 22:32:01
At £14m he is priced v attractively? Did well in a bad side last year and def knows how to get forward. Skilful, energetic, quick, good eye for goal. Are you sure about the £14m?
Apparently according to News Now articles he is playing ok still?
A site called the boot room says that Norwich would not accept £30m which Leeds are allegedly mooting?
Not the finished article but at 22 he is still young.

19 Jan 2021 12:49:18
Yes future mate my mate is a Norwich fan and said they'd accept around £14million as they're struggling finacially, I was shocked tbh as I remember them saying no to Ledds £32million.
Maybe C.V. has hit them quite hard or my mate misheard it and it's actually £40million?

19 Jan 2021 15:46:49
Well in which case I would say it was worth asking the Q.
Although Vitor hasn't really been given a chance and MGW has a pedigree, (he isn't living up to), Cantwell on last seasons form would appear to be a major upgrade on both?
At that price he would aslo be a lot cheaper than Vitor?
Plus as an Englishman I assume he would help our home grown quota?

Liverpool v Manchester United - A Liverpool Perspective

18 Jan 2021 13:06:16
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Liverpool v Manchester United - A Liverpool Perspective

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