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19 Aug 2019 10:32:06
Does anyone know how many of our new additions were Uncle Jorges' boys?
We don't seem to have heard much from him this window.

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20 Aug 2019 03:40:26
Just Neto. Cutrone, Jordao and Vallejo are represented by other agents.

17 Aug 2019 20:45:30
Watched Man City match (in the pub) don’t care who wins, City score injury time “winner” . everyone watching know it’s a goal, everyone in the Etihad know it’s a goal, all the betting firms know it’s a goal, yet it’s ruled out by one mans opinion who’s watching on TV. Monday when all teams have played twice, put VAR back in the box before this season is a joke.

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17 Aug 2019 21:57:53
I agree Oxeymoron, but now VAR is in it will never be scrapped. We can only hope it will improve but I very much doubt that will happen. RIP football as we know it!

18 Aug 2019 10:59:00
Oxymoron! Hadn't made that connection before. So bad it's very good :-)

19 Aug 2019 17:50:08
VAR is here to stay. The technology is well-established in other sports. By the way, VAR didn't rule out legitimate goals for Man City and Wolves. It was the rule change that said that any handball, however unintended in the build up, would nullify the goal.

If the handball rules had not been changed, the recent Wolves and Man City goals would have stood. VAR is not to blame!

16 Aug 2019 05:29:17
With the Asia Cup, europa Cup, premier league, won six, drew one, only conceded one goal, not too bad a start to the new campaign, onwards and upwards, #innunowetrust.

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13 Aug 2019 20:02:50
What’s next? A camera watching the video referees with pictures relayed back to where the match is being played, then we’ll all not have a clue what’s going on.

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14 Aug 2019 13:08:14
Don't give them any more ideas mate.

13 Aug 2019 20:01:20
Offside rule needs putting right! If you’re offside when the ball is played whether it comes to you or not, you’re offside, how can a player not intentionally trying to gain an advantage be given 1mm offside while his teammate can be 10 yards offside and deemed not active when a couple of seconds later he’s scoring the goal. The game desperately needs sensible people setting the laws.

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14 Aug 2019 19:08:08
If he goes on to score then it's an offside goal and won't count that's happened before and it's really complicated for refs to remember each player not interfering with play they get it wrong sometimes

When would the ref blow the offside whistle Ron if the player doesn't touch the ball?

17 Aug 2019 15:09:46
That would be the linespersons job.

19 Aug 2019 10:01:01
I've played (long long time ago) and watched the game over the years and rules have come and gone. Some to speed the game up, some to protect, some just totally baffling, the offside is one of the latter. Now we have the 'accidental handball' fiasco too. One seems to be ignored in foul throw ins. I really am a cynical old sod, but what input does TV have? The digitised lines the multi angles the advertisement breaks between the pundits claptrap.
Let's watch the match, cheer and curse and argue ourselves blue in the face in the pub after the game. it's all becoming cruise missile reffing and sad.

Ask Ed1 Questions No. 5

13 Aug 2019 16:49:56
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new podcast entitled, Ask Ed1 Questions No. 5

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Ed1 compares Messi with Ronaldo

12 Aug 2019 17:46:13
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new podcast entitled, Ed1 compares Messi with Ronaldo

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12 Aug 2019
New image uploaded to the
Wolves Player Sightings page entitled, VAR missed a blatant shirt pull.

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12 Aug 2019 14:46:05
I agree with Alan Shearer. Let's hear the discussions between the officials during VAR reviews. Won't happen though because it would expose how farcical the system is!

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12 Aug 2019 20:25:39
I'm a huge rugby fan as well as a die hard Wolves fan. We have had video refereeing in rugby for some time now. They are completely different games, I accept, so please don't shoot this post down on that score.
It isn't perfect in rugby but it is much better now than it has been. It is now understood by the referees and the players, and to a great extent the fans, but it has taken time to get there.
VAR is here to stay in football we have to accept that, and we have to give it time. Above all else we need the authorities to have the balls and vision to change it when needed.
There will be many occasions when it will be 'wrong' and many teams who will be 'wronged' - we were the first on the PL.
So the moaners can moan bit it isn't going to stop the juggernaut in its tracks.

12 Aug 2019 20:44:00
Rugby has so many technical infringements that leads to penalties compared with football. I find they make the game more boring but then again I don't understand all of them and just want to watch the rugby!

You watch Exeter play, presumably?

13 Aug 2019 19:00:36
I do indeed.
What they now have right in rugby, and it has taken time to get there, is that they have professional referees who have the balls to make decisions and use the technology in the right way. That hasn't always been the case.
It is going to take years to get in right in football but they could be bold and make refs professional and cut that 'maturity' period down - in my opinion that is.

15 Aug 2019 13:06:22
Rugby is a stop/ start game, scrums line outs etc. Football isn't. Hanging around for 2 minutes when momentum was with you Mars the game.
Celebrations and mental attitudes are effected. VAR is, and, will, ruin our wonderful game. The pundits will love it. I as a fan of many decades hate it. It's too clinical.

12 Aug 2019 14:09:09
A good away point, no point moanin about var as it's here to stay, I don't like it but have to accept it. Hopefully decisions will even themselves out over the season 🤞My moan from yesterday is Jota's finishing or lack of it, the guy does the hard work then doesn't compose himself before shooting! So Frustrating! 😡 Boly as usual was awesome but still don't see what Dendoncker brings to the party? Not a fan.

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12 Aug 2019 19:38:46
Bit harsh on Jota, he is still young and isn't no way near prime, he will come good, better than neves I reckon in time, the way he brushes off seasoned pros and runs at people is amazing, he wi score the goals,
Dendoncker is very good at breaking up play and reading the game mate.

12 Aug 2019 20:47:13
Dendoncker is reliable and works in front of Coady to push the ball up through midfield. He might not look as impressive as Moutinho but he's more likely to score (and almost did) and I think he's an intelligent player. In the Lampard mould.

13 Aug 2019 13:11:50
To be fair to Jota, I think he had heavy legs from the midweek trek. This was evident when he was through in the first half and fell over.
Dendoncker completely revitalised our team last year and he is a very good asset as he breaks up play and can burst forward when needed.
Roll on the next 2 matches.

13 Aug 2019 19:22:20
Why should we accept VAR? Did anyone think to ask the fans if we wanted it? Let’s have a referendum - stop the madness, or just sit in silence while somebody not in the Stadium decides if a goal has been scored or not.


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