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06 Jul 2024 20:25:22
Better from England, tonight? Just about deserved! Outstanding penalties, what bottle! Won't hear any noise from the racist ****, this time! Just slithering under the rocks from whence they came! FWAW .

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07 Jul 2024 12:13:48
Well first 80 mins was dross,
After that we were better,
Penalties. Superb.
Maybe that's the plan. Boring, tire opposition. Then pounce,
If it works. Fine.
So far so good.
Wins a win.

07 Jul 2024 14:05:36
Harry Kane once again unproductive and England won it without him

08 Jul 2024 10:45:55
Harry Kane is a liability at the moment so give someone else a chance. Portugal carried on playing Ronaldo and left quality players on the bench, he was very poor and that was a large part of the reason they went out.

08 Jul 2024 13:54:05
He has no impact

08 Jul 2024 17:48:39
I've got a spare one
, 😂😂😂😂😂😂

09 Jul 2024 22:33:26
Kane has scored 63 goals in all comps this season! He isn't the problem, Southgates tactics/role he wants him to play seems to be the problem I'm afraid. Let's hope for better tomoz 👍

06 Jul 2024 17:53:41
If we sign Beelen and Elvedi (or any other 2 CBs to replace Kilman) then I genuinely feel with the current squad, we are finishing 7th next season.

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06 Jul 2024 21:52:52
Now is the time to get your money on at the bookies then WS.
Fosun have been here 8 years and they have built us a team that are priced at 12/1 to win the first game of the season and 7/2 to be relegated on the current odds.

06 Jul 2024 22:14:01
Didn't the bookies have us as the favourites to go down last season too? How did that work out for them. I seem to remember the bookies had us at 30/1 to beat Man City, 25/1 to beat Chelsea and 20/1 to beat Spurs. I tend to look at Fosun as getting us to the Premier League and keeping us there.

07 Jul 2024 02:07:34
Allready put a bet on us finishing top 7 next season 10/1 odds.

07 Jul 2024 09:16:55
Going for a slightly better finishing position than last year @ 10th. Hoping for better but so difficult to break into those top positions.

06 Jul 2024 15:51:44
See Max has a 7 year contract, when he’s sold after say 4 years and considering how well a non league side did out of the deal we can only imagine how many millions Wolves will receive when the time comes.

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06 Jul 2024 12:19:03
good luck to max but how much money will O'Neil getting bull west ham will pay over 6 years so were is the money for O'Neil or is it FFP rubbish from moxshi

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06 Jul 2024 12:37:15
I'm not quite sure what you are saying 123 but the way I see it is that we have currently spent about 40M on incoming transfers and received 40M for outgoings. So in very simple terms GON should still have a sum of money available to him, particularly so because Larsen is currently on a loan agreement.
I fully expect several more incoming players.

06 Jul 2024 13:35:10
That's about right Derry. I suspect now that Kilman has gone at least 3 other signings. Podence, hopefully Guedes, Silva to buffer those costs along with maybe hoover and Chiquito ( excuse the spellings). One thing's for summer it will be interesting.

06 Jul 2024 15:41:44
Think Fosun would like to achieve £60, 000, 000 for Pedro Neto but as he has missed so many games over the last three seasons they may accept around the same amount they achieved for Kilman.
If Fosun keep hold of Neto and he misses a lot of games this season his value to them will drop again.

06 Jul 2024 16:42:16
Unless in the games he play he keeps us in the Prem as he did last year.
Willingly selling him for £60m would be madness less would be criminal. (if he is demanding a move we may not have a choice but to sell him but given every major side in the lague would want him, {because he is very very good}, we should still be able to extract a better deal than £40m)
E, I assume you haven't looked at last years stats but with him we are a European football team without him we probably are deep in a relegation battle.
When fit he is one of the best players in the league, hence they all want him. Clubs at Wolves level rarely have players of this level and for Wolves he is irrepelaceable.
So even though he has missed a lot of games he is too important to Wolves to sell especially for £60m - you lose that and more with just one season in the Champ!

06 Jul 2024 09:14:45
This might be controversial but now it looks like Max has gone to West Ham what's the betting he gets in the next England squad?

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06 Jul 2024 09:51:10
That’s a sure bet

06 Jul 2024 10:14:59
Not on his present form.

06 Jul 2024 10:42:39
I was going to say the same Wolfflea.

06 Jul 2024 11:36:20
Great deal for all concerned, particularly delighted for Maidenhead.

05 Jul 2024 18:57:05
If as there reporting 40 mill for Kilman where do we need to spend that money on.And who would you like to sign. One or two CH another striker.

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06 Jul 2024 08:35:44
I think we may have already spent some of it on our four signings so far.

06 Jul 2024 11:56:27
Guess there are two issues that have to be addressed before you can answer that, Wolf 123.
Firstly of course who else will be sold.
Secondly as Baza points out we have already spent some money and no one really knows what our financial situation is, i.e. can we spend anymore if we don't sell anyone else.
Assuming however that everything is sunshine and roses in the garden I would pretty much agree with you and maybe add a better back up GK if I'm really greedy.
If we still have the £40m to spend and wages aren't an issue (they will be of course), I'd say we need at least one new CB, (possibly 2 - read that the boy at Hull is a real prospect so if we have the money a punt on him at the rumoured £15-20m asking price might be interesting), and that CB needs to be a battle hardened pro hopefully prem league experienced.
I know I will be slaughtered for this but if United really are letting Maguire go for £15- £20m, (wages def would be an issue), he is exactly that and at 31 still has a few years at the top left (yes he is a top defender and the hostility towards him is way over the top and merely refelcts his status as a United player).
To go into the season with only Dawson (old and following his injuries might be on borrowed time), Yerson ( never played in the Prem and a major gamble albeit one I am hopeful on though), Bueno (looks ok as a 3rd CB in a 3 but nothing more than that) and Toti, (Great athlete and showing huge promise but still v inexperienced and often looks like Bambi on ice), would be a worry!
After that a couple of frees - yes Adams as 5th or 6th option would ok but Kele from Leicester as a free (wages?) might be even better.
Finally again caveated, as BB stated, on his aims and wages Kasper would be a major upgrade on what we have as back ups for GK.
My preference, as I have said before though, would be to sell Sa for £40m and buy the chap from Liverpool for £15 -20m ish helping financially and planning for future as he is 5 years youngers than Sa.
Almost anything that allows us to hold on to our key 5 irreplaceable players though is the way to go!

05 Jul 2024 17:50:06
I know he's hasn't got a fancy foreign name; but if we end up getting Greaves from Hull it will be a fantastic bit of business. I watch a lot of Championship games (especially because of no VAR) and I can absolutely say he is already a very good CB, he is undoubtedly an upgrade on Kilman (who has always been grossly overrated) and will only get better.trust me on this if anybody hasn't actually seen the lad play yet you should take a look at some of his performances last season.

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05 Jul 2024 18:42:09
I’m with you Pikey think it’s a no brainer

05 Jul 2024 22:52:38
Have to admit Pikey that I've not seen him play. But definitely agree with the idea of buying from the Champ! Such a underrated market, Olise, Eze, Bowen, Toney to name but a few! All came through the Champ and all lighting up the Prem! 👍

05 Jul 2024 23:41:03
Bit harsh to call Kilman overrated Pikey. He does lack leadership qualities and suffers when he doesn't have a recognised organiser next to him, but when he has a leader next to him he is excellent. His ball carrying is fantastic and also has great strength. £40million for him is excellent money especially if it helps us keep either Neto or Nori, but he will be missed if ww are unable to replace him properly.

06 Jul 2024 09:00:02
Camo, to list two major issues with Kilman's defensive duties and then make the excuse that he needs a leader next to him at the age of 27 suggests that he is overrated for the £40M fee we demanded.

06 Jul 2024 09:36:48
I'd have rather sold Neto- clearly a great player but only for the 15/20 games he's actually fit (only 18 Prem starts last season and he wasn't fit for some of them- just 13 the season prior). 549 days injured since 19/20 (which might explain why we've still got him)

I'm not overly optimistic about the new season -that will depend on the rest of our transfer business and if this Back 4 rumour is true (in which case we'll need at least 2 new defenders)

06 Jul 2024 11:28:20
I accept that Netos injuries have become a problem but he's still a MUCH harder player to replace than Kilman. You say that he only started in 18 Prem games but STILL he had a hand in 11 (out of 50) goals last season! Considering that's for a team that have consistently struggled to score in the last few seasons I'd say that makes him pretty hard to replace. Careful what you wish for!

10 Jul 2024 14:16:09
fans keep saying we have spent kilmans money were had £20million left from man city deal jeff shi at work again

05 Jul 2024 10:19:37
Desperately need to invest on the Goalkeeping front in my opinion. If Sa is injured we have a massive problem and no quality in that area.
Reserve keepers Bentley and King not at all good enough and are Division 2 standard at best.

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05 Jul 2024 10:51:14
I don't especially rate Bentley but is he really that much worse than most other teams 2nd keepers (outside the top four)? He's mid table Champ standard, not sure you get much better at second choice (please see Ruddy) 🧐

05 Jul 2024 14:13:33
Possible interest in signing Kasper Schmeichel, I think he is better option than Bentley and King. He would be on a free and able to step up if sa was injured or sold. I know a lot of people will so no thanks but free, loads of experience and a good leader I was surprised to see Leicester let him go

05 Jul 2024 16:28:16
Much better shout than Bentley and King but will we be prepared to pay the wages?

05 Jul 2024 17:08:58
Could we afford Schmeichels wages as a number 2?

05 Jul 2024 22:50:20
Agreed Ard, also if he wants to come back to the Prem it's not to sit on the bench. Probs sign for a newly promoted team and get he no 1

04 Jul 2024 16:58:06
Does any one fancy Iniachoe of Leicester on a free to back up Larsen I think we definitely need another striker.

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04 Jul 2024 17:19:08
I would.

04 Jul 2024 21:40:04
Me too

05 Jul 2024 09:11:13
Good call, also Kemar Roofe as back-up! FWAW.

05 Jul 2024 13:12:04
Iheanacho is a good player but I suspect he's leaving Lec cause of his high wage and likely lucrative options abroad. Would like to sign him but not sure how tight the budgets are, may need to shift one of the trio (Guedes, Podence and Fabio) first. No to Kemar Roofe for me, not sure why we'd sign the only Rangers striker that did worst than Fabio last season? 1 goal in 15 in the Scot League means he ain't up to the Prem these days I'm afraid 👍

04 Jul 2024 16:31:38
Who should be the new Captain?

1st Choice: Dawson
2nd Choice: Joao Gomes
3rd Choice: Lemina

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04 Jul 2024 17:22:15
I like that list Wandering, although think I would swap 2 and 3 but only because of their ages. If we get to keep him long enough Joao definitely looks like captain material 👍

04 Jul 2024 17:45:51
Gotta be Mario, he gets my vote.

04 Jul 2024 17:51:52
Super Mario all day long, I said it last season. Even if we were keeping Max, I’d make Lemina captain. He shouts and organises the defence better than Kilman already. Think he’s a natural leader

04 Jul 2024 19:54:46
Lemina all day long.

05 Jul 2024 14:33:39
Tommy Doyle for me, he is in the Mike Bailey mould, a proper skipper.


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