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29 Feb 2024 11:24:15
Don't understand why GON won't play Fraser he's a natural no 9 but never gets a game yesterday was perfect for him. I know he's only eighteen but we need him on the pitch not every match 1 out of every 2 or 3 games or is he another Sasa that GON doesn't trust.

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24 Feb 2024 17:14:25
According to journalist Dean Jones speculating on the possible sacking of David Moyes, no prizes for guessing who the possible replacement could be, yea, Hammers old boy Gary O Neal!

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24 Feb 2024 19:40:29
Dean Jones doesn't know his elbow from his a*se.

22 Feb 2024 12:04:18
R.IP Paul Bradshaw, thank you for many great memories, most notably at Wembley. Condolences to all family and fiends.

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22 Feb 2024 14:07:10
Dito Abbey,
I was 7 years old when we won the league Cup I remember it.

22 Feb 2024 08:16:55
Just a quick question if Chelsea beat Liverpool on Sunday that will give them an automatic European spot. If they then don't finish in the top seven will that reduce the European spot down to 6 teams thanks

{Ed002's Note - The winners of the Carabao Cup do qualify for the Europa Conference League.

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18 Feb 2024 11:47:32
I thought we may have heard from Villa Daz saying "Thank you Wolves".

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08 Feb 2024 13:45:35
Hello everyone. I hope all is good. Obviously I have been unable to paint my decking in the winter but sweeping it off has led to WBA 0 - 2 Wolves
Chelsea 2 - 4 Wolves. I think GON needs to speak to me with regards to this.

I have a question. On all webpages it says that we have a capacity of 32050. I was there when there were 31600 odd and there were no spare seats at all. No way were there 400 odd. Can anyone answer this?

Molineux needs bringing into the 21st century. Appreciating the cost of a rebuild but 40000 bums on seats means more revenue, more profit and less dealings with FFP? Look at Arsenal, 60000 seats, they take double what we do each and every game.

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10 Feb 2024 07:07:12
Not sure Hastings but I think seating arrangements have to take into account various things from unusable/unsafe seats to emergency access to non attendees. To away fans not taking up allocation. The odd seat with comings and going may not be obviously empty whereas a block would. Truth is I don't know. What I recall years ago versus Liverpool, me and my mates arrived late for an evening ko and raced to the south Bank, the turnstile were 'not operating' (mechanical days, but they were taking our money and we climbed over the top. It was heaving in there as Liverpool were about to win league and we were going down. The attendance that night would have registered hundreds less than there were.
Different subject, and I asked at the time, was it you tweeting mikey burrows and thommo on wolves radio a little while ago? If it wasn't we've got another wolf from Hastings.!

12 Feb 2024 09:08:05
Abbey, thanks for your reply and no, it wasn’t me! There’s definitely Wolves fans down here. There used to be a pub in nearby Bexhill that was a Wolves pub and more locally there is a family known by all as The Bullys… They’re not from Wolverhampton.

06 Feb 2024 20:41:37
Bruno Jordan released by Wolves. Shows a couple of things I guess.
1 - Just how cut throat and harsh it is in professional football.
2 - The difference between success and failure. Two players in from Lazio Neto and Jordan for a combined fee of £20Mil if I remember correctly. Neto a superstar and Jordao seemingly not able to cut it @ levels below PL.

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31 Jan 2024 08:30:27
Just a question that maybe someone can explain for me (Eds?). Why is it that forest and Everton are still being linked with buying players when they're still awaiting judgement re FFP yet we seem to be struggling to stay within limits. and thus restricted in our activities.

{Ed002's Note - You answered it yourself - there has been no judgement on them yet.}

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31 Jan 2024 10:11:42
Get that Ed, but isn't that like someone carrying on stealing when they're on remand so that they can raise money to pay the fine when comes? I mean get players to counter any more points deduction. Just dosnt weigh up for me, but I suppose we bought our way out last year! I dunno.

{Ed002's Note - No AW, they have not been found guilty of anything just yet.}

31 Jan 2024 11:06:38
OK thanks Ed, they must be confident in themselves tho.

{Ed002's Note - I think you have misunderstood something.}

30 Jan 2024 20:07:37
Brereton Diaz scores again. We missed an opportunity there?

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30 Jan 2024 14:03:10
In all the negative about the trouble on Sunday I thought i'd post something positive,
a West Brom fan has publicly thanked Dawson and Cunha who went over to see if his son was ok, the guy had to bring his son onto the pitch as it was the safest place at the time,
Dawson tapped him on the shoulder and asked if his son was ok, Cunha held the sons hand and asked are you ok?

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