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13 Oct 2019 14:04:39
God, I just wished we'd stop slagging our own player's!

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03 Oct 2019 20:03:30
Gibbs white needs to be roughed up in league 1 he offers absolutely nothing same as dendonkey and saiss if you need a player to foul players I'll play. need to get rid of these players come Jan but only to fit in with this stupid idea of a small squad. We need 4 to 5 top players instead of doing a Burnley soaking it up with the hope of big willy saving us also with jota out we are no better than Brighton. fosun if your not willing to sort it out do one. not enough threat simple as that the only threat e got is a Olympic champion. Not good enough .

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04 Oct 2019 02:34:20
How about you do one instead? Sick and tired of you constant bashing of players grow up and get behind the team.
If you are even a true Wolves supporter that is, I suspect you're a troll quite frankly.

25 Sep 2019 22:07:39
Great win . those who are praising dendonkey know nothing about football and are just pub supporters. this guy is the slowest least mobile player I have seen . he makes carl Henry look like zidane. i'd rather convert neves to a holding midfielder and have montinio and Taylor Perry in front with jota troure and Raul up top as for Gibbs white send him on loan.

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26 Sep 2019 18:02:47
Looks like Dendoncker slipped through the net then. I mean what do the hierarchy of Anderlecht, Wolves and the Belgium national team know compared to you?

04 Oct 2019 21:27:16
Neves is already a holding midfielder! Donkey!

25 Sep 2019 18:22:13
So news says fosun lost 1b think wolves fc will be sold soon rubbish the 1b they lost from Thomas Cook could of made wolves the greatest team in the world I fear another Morgan era on the arisen I just hope if they do call a day to wwfc they sell to some one that also wants us at the top of the tree.

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22 Sep 2019 15:51:25
Dendonkey has scored .

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20 Sep 2019 21:21:16
When your at work do you get praised for doing what you get paid to do or do you get bollxxed when the shxt hits the fan. no different in footbal only difference is they get paid a fortune . fatigue and all that rubbish counts for nothing in my eyes fact. so all you wolves fans get off my back. me and my family have paid good money to watch the team where I grew up. ill state what I see nothing more.

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18 Sep 2019 00:18:18
Great to see that the Wolves fans have now shut their mouths and have gone quite on social media, back to sleep for another 40 years boys haha
The new stadium looks good though! haha it will never get off the planning table lads. Enjoy.

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22 Sep 2019 18:40:16
great result for your muppets today

17 Sep 2019 11:41:33
Loan with the obligation to buy is a sale. thanks for the review jas m. I hope it doesn't stress you out if we ever spend a bit to much otherwise you'll have to write to fosun and voice your concerns 😂😂.

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14 Sep 2019 18:08:12
ok folks after 2 bad results the boo boys are back please don't bother coming if you are going to boo. now too todays performance / I have said it for the last 2 seasons coady will be found out and today he was tammy abraham made him look 3rd division now we have to look for a sweeper that can header the ball and a captain that can organise the team. chelseas first goal today the whole ground shouting get out get out coady stands still and in front of patricio lucky goal yes bad defending for sure . not for the first time this season coady has only got in the way. uor only option is to play with 4 at the back (if the five keeps conceding like it is why not? ) but I am not the manager and will always applaud my team at the end no matter what the result onwards and upwards COYW!

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08 Aug 2019 19:53:16
Does my head in on here when people use football fair play as an excusewhen they don't actually know anything about it them selves ithought jas m has got to be Jeff shi long lost cousin if not then an chairman of a club himself. were fans and after finishing 7th should of invested for a different option instead teams know what to expect and will have us sussed. Everton have done the buisness fair play.

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10 Aug 2019 13:29:28
What you on about Coven. I have never claimed to be a football finance expert but I can read and have read the UEFA Fair play policy which is available for anyone who can read to read. Not my fault you don't understand the written word. It's all there if you care to have a look.

10 Aug 2019 13:37:17
Also Coven, try listen to the interview Christian Purslow gave a few months ago regarding FFP. But then again, what would he know he, I mean he's only been a finance chief at Chelsea, Liverpool and Aston Villa. Obviously not as experienced as you.

11 Aug 2019 14:01:14
I mean it's not as if Everton have been in premier league longer than us and have built up funds now is it Coven?


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