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26 Nov 2023 03:17:23
Ramsdale to wolves on loan in Jan with obligation to buy apparently.


1.) 26 Nov 2023 08:38:26
If this is true, then it suggests Sa is leaving

2.) 26 Nov 2023 08:52:52
No chance.

3.) 26 Nov 2023 09:02:55
Have any of you seen the recent video on YouTube (very popular US beer channel, sounds like Dudweiser) Ramsdale is being "interviewed" by Ian Wright and Ramsdale admits to "not being able to keep focused during a game, and will interact with fans" that comment wouldn't fill anyone with confidence.

Of course, this could be a certain corner of the media conflating two stories (if SA to Saudi is true, and Ramsdale being shipped out of Arsenal is true) and fabricating a story to generate clicks / interactions.

4.) 26 Nov 2023 09:28:28
Don't think we can afford his wages.

5.) 26 Nov 2023 17:33:59
Arsenal could pay some of his wages during the loan period, then potentially negotiate lower wages during contract talks (should any of this be true)

6.) 26 Nov 2023 19:12:02
An Albion fan in goal!

7.) 26 Nov 2023 19:22:48
It's a Daily Star story so that should tell you all you need to know.

8.) 26 Nov 2023 19:48:26
All highly unlikely but terrible fear is that it forms part of a wider deal involving Neto.
ps seen a note saying we value Neto at £60m, isn't that a bit low unless Ramsdale is included at zero as part of the deal - even then not sure?
Where would you value Neto Cf Havertz, Cuccerella (sp), Mudryk, etc etc etc!

9.) 27 Nov 2023 14:36:53
Future, I agree that if there's anything in the Ramsdale rumours, that might indicate a PX makeweight in the Neto deal. If it's Ramsdale in, Neto out, then it's Sa out to Saudi as well. We need to get at least £100mil for Neto and Sa and maybe get Ramsdale on a free transfer due to his wages.

10.) 27 Nov 2023 16:28:54
Wouldnt mind a Sa - Ramsdale swap - he is home grown and of course from a FFP persepctive it would be a fabulous swap at £40m (Note Ramsdale would have to cost less so that his wages are covered by the fee disparity)
As you suggest that means we would want £100m straight for Neto - just can't see how we replace him though even with that much cash?
ps enjoy the view tonight from the posh seats! I will be behind the goal in the cheap seats!



03 Oct 2023 14:54:03
West Ham after Semedo Aparently? Not sure January but he would turn 30 soon so be interesting to see what they would offer?


1.) 03 Oct 2023 18:50:18
Who do we have to replace Semedo if we use 4 in back? Doherty isn't really a replacement for Semedo since he plays differently. We are strong on left back, but right back seems more iffy, unless we stay with 3/5 in back.

2.) 04 Oct 2023 06:41:03
Well, no one wanted him this summer.would be surprised if a good manager like Moyes would be interested.

3.) 04 Oct 2023 19:33:36
It was slightly different in the summer cause we held off on triggering his extension until the last minute. So if teams were interested they would have been waiting to see if he was going to be availible on a free. Such a funny player, in some games (mostly the big teams) he looks like an absolute world beater! Then agaisnt Luton he looked like he was playing drunk! Under the current climate I think we need to keep him, Jonny is not the player he was so currently probs our best option ?

4.) 05 Oct 2023 08:11:02
BB -agree a player who baffles. So much skill and composure on the ball and pace. Plus a v good 1 on 1 defender. But prone to lapses of defensive conentration, weak in the air and gets a nose bleed when he gets near the opponents box and so is largely ineffectual offensively.
He is almost a mirror image of Doherty whose strengths are Semedo's weaknesses and vice versa.
But if someone is willing to pay serious money for him - Newcastle paid a huge sum to Southampton for Livremont (sp) who is merely cover for Trippier then - as RB is probably the least important position in the team and normally easy to replace - Chelsea sold Livremont and Lamptey for less than £10m combined - he is probably the player we should sell to cover this year's FFP problem.
Agreed neither Doherty or Otto are long term options or probably even short term options - Doherty could do it if we stick to 3 at the back - but as stated we should be able to find a replacement for somewhat lower wages and fee!

5.) 06 Oct 2023 10:57:59
Hi TFIG, we still have Lembekisa who started to look good and the Colombian lad on loan in America who is due back soon I think.

6.) 27 Oct 2023 01:22:25
You've got to love it, papers are carrying a story of 'Newc shock move for Neves' but WHERE I ask you is the shock?! Half of us keyboard warrior wannabe footy journos where calling that VERY 'shock move' when he left (myself included)! It was always a blatant way to sign him around FFP rules when it happened and if WE new that all the journos new that too! I hate it but you have to admire Newc, they are going to compete with City at their own game! Saddly for the rest of us in the footy world (and it's a damning indictment BTW) that 'game' is now the best cheat wins! Best league in the world, well as Jim Royale would say 'my @rse'! Biggest sports washing joke, I'm afraid that's what we've become! ?

7.) 27 Oct 2023 23:10:09
BB - under current rules I'm not sure that Newcastle/their owners will actually have done anything wrong?
Clearly the Newcastle owners could own a team in 2 other arenas, South America, Australia, USA etc etc. Each of the 2 teams could buy, for vast sums, one of the best players in the world and put them on mind blowingly high salaries. They could then lend the 2 world class players to Newcastle with Newcastle paying a fraction of their wages.
This would allow Newcastle to have 2 world class players in their team for minimal cost effectively emasculating FFP in the Prem.
Of course there may be issues for the other teams owned by Newcastle's owners. They would be paying for the superstars, (fees and wages) not playing for their team in South America, Australia etc but turning out instead for Newcastle. But that won't impact Newcastle?

8.) 01 Nov 2023 19:42:27
Oh I quite agree TFG (as usual:) according to the current system they are well within the rules from what I can tell. Although I do wonder if they will bring in some kind of limit on loans outside the EU (or some other device to make it harder). Also it still doesn't make it right though and as I say we do seem to have become a League where the mantra should be 'best team at exploiting the loop holes wins'. Classic example is the sheer disgrace of City very pubically calling for the FA to hurry up with their investigations whilst purposefully forgetting to mention that they have thrown every legal hurdle at the case fully in the knowledge that some of the charges become time barred.
Just abit sick of it all to be honest buddy, we sell our best players to play by the rules while others just flaunt them cause they are better/have the means to get round um. I've been saying it for years but I really am falling out of love with this not so beautiful game. World Cup 2034 'given' to Saudi, give me a break it just gets better and better!
Sorry for the whining but I'm just sick of the only teams trying to play fair being the ones who seem to be peeing up the proverbial rope! My whole life all I've heard peeps say 'well the bubble will burst' and I'm not sure it ever will. Everytime it comes close the powers that be just find a way to quietly pump it back up again, usually using some form of well washed blood money! ?

9.) 02 Nov 2023 19:56:45
BB - v v sorry to hear that. I know exactly how you feel but at the moment I am re-engaging with the game - primarily through watching live games all over the place but mainly at lower league grounds.
Real fans, real football - no money anywhere!
However I accept that what are you saying is v true and frankly is getting worse! At least in the 70s teams stood a chance and Ipswich, Derby, Norwich, Southampton, QPR etc etc all had moments in the sun.
Maybe that is why the debacle after the miracles of Nuno and Seville hurt so badly and I have been so bad tempered/intolerant on here these last couple of years!

10.) 02 Nov 2023 21:55:37
Ah don't be silly TFG old buddy, no need for apologies. We have had many a good debate on here but I'd honestly NEVER say you've been bad tempered or intolerable! In fact more often than not I'd say engaging and interesting ?
Pleased to hear your finding the love for the game again in the lower leagues and I think you may have a good shout there fella. I may try and catch the odd game myself now you've said it, cause like you say I'm abit done with the Prem. I'm on the old IPTV, cheaper and somehow less frustrating! Keep enjoying those lower league games buddy and keep on posting. Least we aren't having to moan about the club/performances as much these days, credit where its due GON long may it continue ??

11.) 08 Nov 2023 22:36:41
West ham after ait nouri as well apparently.they reckon 20 mill plus cresswell will get him.i say sod off



09 Sep 2023 13:07:01
Aparently Chelsea blocked our move for Dia as Boehlys group has a stake or something is Strasborg and didn’t want to let this huge talent come to us.


1.) 09 Sep 2023 13:50:05
Surely that sort of thing is not allowed?

2.) 09 Sep 2023 14:06:07
If true Chelsea might be having more trouble coming their way.

3.) 09 Sep 2023 15:19:35
Where did the information come from Vbwolf, just out of interest.

4.) 09 Sep 2023 18:19:23
And, I saw it on BBC gossip article

5.) 09 Sep 2023 19:05:27
It was for Habib Diarra not Dia

6.) 09 Sep 2023 20:00:30
I think I saw it on the BBC

7.) 11 Sep 2023 12:34:24
It was Habib Diarra at Strasbourg. The Chelsea owner's consortium own Strasbourg and they didn't want Diarra signing for Wolves. Not against the rules but showed we touched a nerve if offering to buy Diarra. I guess Diarra will be playing at Stamford Bridge soon.

8.) 12 Sep 2023 10:31:55
Would have been the same if Chelsea had been interested in a player at Grasshoppers (if only). We could have blocked it, as the Fosun owner's wife still owns Grasshoppers. What happens to all those 'ones for the future' that we ship out to Grasshoppers? Never seem to hear much.



01 Sep 2023 16:09:13
Podence off to Qatar


1.) 01 Sep 2023 16:27:51
Good luck to him I know he is like marmite you either love him or you hate him, he did score some cruicial goals that kept us up last season, wound up players too, but his diving and play acting really let him down.

2.) 01 Sep 2023 16:32:07
BELAGARDE coming in deal agreed.

3.) 01 Sep 2023 16:40:54
Sky reporting trying to get Bellegarde deal over the line.

4.) 01 Sep 2023 17:21:28
Podence to Qatari club off as they signed Coutinho instead. Could be going Saudi instead as Gerrard club are apparently after him.



29 Aug 2023 19:12:58
Guedes back off to benfica


1.) 30 Aug 2023 08:58:05




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28 Feb 2024 21:49:37
Another ugly win but we dug in deep and defended pretty well. I just hope that Chan is not out for to long but that doesn’t look good and I hope Mario is ok and Gomes to who was holding his hammy. How do we set up for Newcastle? A quarter against Coventry. That is a must win now to get to the semis. COYW


1.) 28 Feb 2024 22:23:49
This one was a controlled dug in. Well done.

2.) 28 Feb 2024 22:26:37
I saw it as a great game. GON managed it perfectly. Most great wins are with less possession as proved again tonight.
Think Gomez is fine. Knew he was going to be subbed. Hwang didn’t look at full strength so hope he’s ok.
Lemina was a true wolf. Reminded me a bit of Bully who would never give up. Passion and a quality finish.
More to come …

3.) 28 Feb 2024 22:40:41
We're starting to look a bit dodgy without Cunha and having to become much tighter at the back, but 3 good results now without him.

4.) 29 Feb 2024 09:09:43
Yes arddunby, I'm afraid hwang isn't an answer, I know he's been struggling with jnee/hamstring problems but he hasn't looked comfortable, by that mean positioning wise. He's not a straight out No.9. and he's been hanging back from deliveries. Cunha is definitely missed and has return will see a team performance raise.

5.) 29 Feb 2024 15:32:52
I thought Gomes was just stalling.



25 Feb 2024 17:03:21
Ugly win today but given that we usually hardly get any points of these games I am delighted with 3 points. No need to moan, onto the next game and all that matters is climbing the table. Can’t always play amazing each week. It’s a good thing to win when you play badly. Now get a result next week at Newcastle and things will start looking really good.


1.) 25 Feb 2024 17:33:26
Even in their heyday Man U would often play a poor game but still secure the win. Play poor and win or play amazing and win, it's still only 3 points at the end of the day. Obviously better for the fans to see good performances but its not always possible. Points have to be the priority.



19 Feb 2024 18:37:17
How does player insurance work? I assume we have insured him? Poor Sasa. I wish him well but suffering 3 ligament injuries surely means he may have to retire? He will be out for the rest of the season I imagine and back at wolves. I can’t see anyone wanting to take a punt on him now given his bad luck.


1.) 19 Feb 2024 18:52:19
When I saw Sasa go down without contact and grabbing his outside right knee I figured it was bad. One of Sasa greatest strengths is probably his greatest weakness.he is too tall.
I believe his wife gave birth just a week or two ago. He can now spend time with them

2.) 19 Feb 2024 20:08:38
VB Wolf. I was thinking exactly the same regarding his playing career. Regardless of his immediate future at Wolves, not many clubs particularly high level will take a risk with him. Not sure how insurance works with players. Maybe some of the other guys who contribute on here know more.

3.) 19 Feb 2024 23:24:59
They do have insurance which will cover a % of earnings for a defined period of time.

I have tried to get some more info off a mate of mine who used to sort Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal players insurance but that was 15 years ago and he has told me that there are policies that cover career ending injuries but there have been many changes over the years.

But Sasa will still be a multi millionaire after being paid out.



17 Feb 2024 17:21:13
Beautiful. What a devastating counter attack!




17 Feb 2024 16:04:12
That was a great 1st half wolves. Let’s hope we keep the intensity up.





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14 Feb 2024 13:40:41
We should not accept anything less than 100m for Neto. All these other teams slapping ridiculous fees for their players and then we seem to always get low balled. For example 100m for braithweight (sp) At Everton.
Neto is one of the top 5 players in the league. He is unplayable. A world class player.




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30 Jan 2024 15:08:51
But I thought Lemina would all come down to a work visa?




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15 Jan 2024 01:03:11
This has to be some sort of a conspiracy rumour. There is no way that could be true? It just would make no sense for docking so many points compared to others? And why does the PL want us gone?




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12 Jan 2024 13:28:34
I thought the same. He is not ready yet in my opinion for the step up and very light weight. He may come good but would prefer to have a more ready made player with prem experience.




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09 Sep 2023 20:00:30
I think I saw it on the BBC





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28 Feb 2024 19:33:53
If we win we will play Coventry. That is a great draw.




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14 Feb 2024 14:12:50
GON said it was a significant injury to his hamstring but he is already working on it and taking it day by day, week by week. I would not be surprised if he is out for 4-6 weeks.




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13 Feb 2024 18:59:50
I believe he was meant to have a scan today at the latest so fingers crossed no news is good news.




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04 Feb 2024 12:09:43
The Obana incident was the exact same from the first game of the season. It should have been a clear penalty. I said it at the time. The only thing that saved him at the time was that Max had headed the ball towards goal. Netos was soft but there was contact. It’s not like the other times against us where the player has no contact and dives.




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01 Feb 2024 21:08:14
Rashford is ripping us to shreds.




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