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25 Jun 2022 22:59:28
All - apologies have been on hols not ignoring you!
Phil I went - as is my habit - down to the SW. Visited Lulworth cove and Durdle door - fantastic walking albeit v v steep hills.
Stayed in West Bay - AKA Broadchurch and the site of Harbour lights - Nick Berry for the older posters!
OK but again really good walking - visited a cider farm, a Steam railway and some NT properties - good weather and great food!
Arddunby - you are absolutely correct in your understanding!
BB and all - You are correct the problems Fosun are allegedly facing should not impact Wolves other than we won't get any money from them - but we haven't for two years anyway!
Wimborne - excellent analysis although I think there have been problem for Chinese companies - notably in CRE for some time now but the contagion may well have been only in the last 2 months. Their investor presentation of 3 months ago certainly gives no hint of any issues - but I guess it wouldn't would it!
Ken sincerely hope that you are fighting fit - or as close to it as is possible asap! Ps Looking forward to seeing your boy on TV again soon!
Finally Norfolk - thousand apologies for not replying to you. Naturally you are correct, I can only claim that my comments were human nature. We over praise things we like and over criticise things we don't. Hyperbole is king! Hence Traore particularly over the last 6 months at Wolves wasn't as good as I might have wanted/painted him and Silva and Trincao weren't as bad. But it is all relative Traore surely to anyone's eyes was substantially better than either of the other 2 - even though Silva hugely improved over his second season.


1.) 26 Jun 2022 06:51:07
Nice to read your post Thefutureisoldgold pal?
Good to hear your hols.
Fingers crossed we get some signings can't wait for the season to start.
You're an old school proper gentleman like me old man was no higher complement possible lol.
Up the mighty wolves and hopefully we will have more highs than lows.

2.) 26 Jun 2022 15:47:58
Cheers Tfig, glad you enjoyed the Jurassic coast, and had some fine weather. I was back from Iceland Wednesday with covid, negative today though, and the sun is shining.

3.) 26 Jun 2022 16:07:33
Wimborne - sorry to hear that. I hope it didn't spoil your trip. I have never been to Iceland - is it worth a visit?
ps assume by your moniker that we were v close to you then - we drove via Winchester to Lulworth, right past Wimborne.

4.) 26 Jun 2022 22:09:32
Nice to have you back, love your honesty and looking forward to
A few more debates,

5.) 26 Jun 2022 22:16:33
Forgot to say yes you were right re Traore better than the other two but it didn't take much did it?

6.) 27 Jun 2022 07:53:42
Last day of the test I believe Thefutureisoldgold remember you into your cricket.
Great to see post Norfolk ?

7.) 27 Jun 2022 08:52:47
Hello Phil
Hope all is well with you and your brother, looking forward to
another season,just hope we do get a few fresh experienced faces in.

8.) 27 Jun 2022 10:50:14
Hi Norfolk all is alright with my brother and myself thanks.
Agree be nice to see a few signings.
Really looking forward to the new season so boring in close season.
My Birmingham fans colleagues their club in dire straights so they love it to knock the wolves me,all good fun though.
Best wishes and good health Norfolk mate you too a proper gentleman as all you elder guys are.
Come on the Wolves.

9.) 27 Jun 2022 15:06:13
Cheers Phil



08 Apr 2022 23:08:47
Norfolk - v sorry if i haven't responded or explained why i consistently gave Traore higher ratings than i have for Trincao or simply high ratings full stop.
Starting with the reason why i didn't ever give Traore the low ratings i gave Trincao.
To get a 3 or below you have to have a true stinker or show appalling effort - Trincao has regularly qualified on both counts Traore never did. Even when he played poorly, a rare occurrence, and often due to the tactical system leaving him isolated from the rest of the team as we were playing 9 at the back and his partner was a little boy not fit for adult football, he still tried. He still showed for the ball and bravely and unflinchingly took the punishment as he was hacked down by the 2, 3 or 4 defenders he was facing.
Why did i give him high scores - because he was regularly our best player by a country mile.
He was the player the opposition manger always set up his team to stop, double, treble and even quadruple marking him and fouling him at every opportunity.
ps can i ask you and the various other posters who seem aghast at my marking of Hwang, Trincao and last year's Fabio do you actually rate these players or is it that you simply feel it is disloyal to criticise/lowly mark any player who wears the shirt?


1.) 09 Apr 2022 12:40:18
Apologies Thefutureisoldgold I have read wrong your score wrong was 4 for trincao but still changes nothing to what I posted.

2.) 09 Apr 2022 16:00:56
You asked a question regarding Trincao and Hwang.
NO I don't rate either

3.) 09 Apr 2022 16:01:18
Thefutureisoldgold I tried in vain to get you to see the obvious about traore but failed.
So I don't want to say no more but one thing I will say is you score trincao a 3 when he had more good moments than not and then last night you score trincao a 7 when he was more like a 3.
Ps my brother couldn't feel comfortable with me watching the match so he went to bed at 8.15pm.
Sat there at his watching the dross on my jack.
All in all like I said in posts at least I enjoyed the build up.
Much respect I have for you Thefutureisoldgold and everyone else we are all hacked off to put it mildly a sad day to be a wolf.
Next season I'm confident we will.kick on.

4.) 09 Apr 2022 19:51:44
This post posted this morning but come on later.
Thefutureisoldgold I don't know why you so confusing in your posts.
I'm sorry but I do everything to keep my feelings to myself but you so hard to understand.
Everything I say you take no notice and see shi as a target because we lose games with nasty spiteful comments towards him.
You forget everyone has to have shi at present so you give off thoughts of negativity.

Shi is doing the mandate that is set from the owners.
I'm sorry but from your bold statements in every post you come across as if you know your correct which makes everyone else wrong.
I am genuine I like you but don't like your keenness for a debate as mostly it is your unhappiness with how wolves is being run how to the extreme our players are bad.
All this comes over as our club don't know what they are doing.
I've had enough of expecting an always lift but get a big downer.
No need to apologise or convince me not to not.post you are who you are and will never change.
See you next season hopefully.

5.) 09 Apr 2022 21:32:42
Great respect to you PHIL my thoughts entirely,as I posted will no longer engage in conversation as there is absolutely no point.Totally agree surely the forum is about the game and the team, I don't see pointing the finger at anyone on the board,it
Isn't helpful because we don't know who ultimately makes the decisions,we are fans we rarely have any influence as to course
the club takes.Lets just enjoy our club the club that I have supported since 1957 when as 12 year old travelled from Brum to every game at the Mol with my 12 year old mate on the train
Vivid memories,I'm sure you have some too so please keep posting and share your memories good or bad with us all.

6.) 10 Apr 2022 09:28:49
You've got a fair point phil, fosun/shi have given us some of the best football and players in recent living memory, why then are some of us blaming them wholly for a woeful performance at Newcastle but not raving over them when we beat man u at old Trafford. There's nowt as queen as folk it's said. Everyone's got an opinion and yours is very very much needed. We are the fans of the club, good or bad and always will be, so stay with us mate, we need you.



09 Apr 2022 00:13:19
Apologies to all those posters who don't like me giving poor reviews to Wolves player because there are a few less than complimentary comments below. However if you don't like mine don't go onto the Forum and read some of the views there! Ps they are almost exclusively very negative and very hostile towards certain - surely not hard to guess which - players, (some don't Lage either) and Shi (and Sellars).
Sa 5 - Sadly this week he does take a lot of the blame for the penalty. Yes, it was a catalogue of errors that left Wood running clear but he made it v easy for him. He merely needed to stand up and make him try to go round him.Woods - like Watkins last week - was probably only going to be able to play the ball out for a goal kick. Last week Watkins came across him and he almost certainly thought he could get to the ball before Watkins but this week it was just foolish to dive in. PS. I noted earlier on this season that he dived far too early for pens and that it was therefore easy to score against him - as he would be on the floor before the penalty taker even struck the ball. Well, he didn't do much to dissuade me of this view either this or last week.
Otto 6 - Not as good as the last couple of weeks - although he didn't get booked this week - but far from the worst.
Boly 6- As with Otto did ok but not at his best
Coady 6 - His lack of pace was shown up occasionally but otherwise did ok in v difficult circumstances - i.e. we had absolutely nothing, (bar young Fabio trying hard), going forwards so were always playing for a 0-0 which is no way to set up!
Kilman 6 - carried the ball forwards well on a couple of occasions but still isn't back to his early season imperious form.
Marcal 6 - One of our better outlets going forwards and was ok in general in a poor team performance
Moutinho 7 - Tried hard and knitted play together well. We really do need to keep him for next season
Cundle 6 - Did ok but as with the other Wolves players behind the front line he struggled to find them!
Hwang 4 - Apart from one amazing run in the 2nd half was really poor. He is a championship player at best and given our financial constraints and other needs paying £14m for him is sheer madness.
Fabio 7 - Second week in a row he has carried the attack - although a v v low bar this week. Given absolutely no support at all he had a good chance with a header and made a great chance for himself with a neat turn and shot well saved by Dubravka.
Trincao 4 - Put in 2 good tackles in the first half that surprised me. But was very poor again. V little effort and v little quality-the latter being a surprise as he normally has an excellent touch at least.

Neto, Campbell and RAN - N/A inexplicably only came on for the last dozen or so minutes Neto, unless he isn't fit - in which case why is he on the bench - at least should have started and run himself out rather than being brought on once the game was lost.

Yet another example of just how awful our squad depth is outside of the back 5. I can't be too critical of Lage as many others are, as he, like Nuno, has repeatedly told Shi the squad is not good enough or deep enough and unless he really has chosen Hwang and Trincao (surely not!) rather than merely being forced to say they are great as his boss tell him to do so then he can only play what he has and you can't make a silk purse out of a pigs ear!
PS Without wanting to be a deaths head think what it will be like if we do indeed lose both Neves and Moutinho next season! Especially if Neto and Jimenez fail to return to top form and Traore leaves! Podence better stay fit and put in a European footballer of the year season!


1.) 09 Apr 2022 07:10:26
If I'm Neve's watching that and remembering the surrenders to Arsenal, West Ham and Leeds, my minds made up and i'm leaving.

2.) 09 Apr 2022 08:31:45
All very sullen and downbeat I am feeling this fine beautiful morning.
It's common knowledge that when we put in a performance like last night the tide of negativity towards our club is massive.

Last night No jiminez neves podence dendonker.

Dendonker and podence turned out it was too much we missed them.

Nothing good in our performance last night.

3.) 09 Apr 2022 08:44:23
Don't apologise for last night's pathetic showing, I think you have been overly generous with some of your ratings Re Trincao Last night he thoroughly deserved a low rating possibly
a 3 lol. I Thought Hwang was even worse,I had tears of frustration in the 1st half so painful to watch.

4.) 09 Apr 2022 08:53:35
TFIOG, I think the 4 you've given Hwang is very generous. Apart from the 1 run he made, I'd actually forgotten that he was on the pitch until he was subbed.

5.) 09 Apr 2022 09:02:22
I agree with your ratings Thefutureisoldgold, but I have to disagree that no blame can be put at Lage's feet. Trincao has been awful all year and Hwang hasn't played well since his 5th game, so why wasn't Chiquinho starting, a player Lage thinks is brilliant- apparently. He didn't even get subbed on before Campbell. Neto should be starting every game. The biggest flaw last night was Saiss being left on the bench. A player who could have stabilised the midfield, which was being overrun all night. We were down to our bare bones last night, but we had better options on the bench than on the pitch. Nuno's big downfall was poor substitutions, but unfortunately Lage is not getting the starting line up right on crucial matches. Another example was West Ham game. Let's hope he learns his lesson ready for next year.

6.) 09 Apr 2022 09:10:44
No apologies necessary Tfiog. Awful performance created by, frankly, a ludicrous team selection. This match needed steel in the midfield so Large picks Cundle. No Saiss, Dendonker, Podence and Neto too late.
Not sure if any were injured but it's almost like we don't want Europe this year.

7.) 09 Apr 2022 09:27:11
Have we bought Hwang or agreed to do so at the end of the season. Big mistake in my opinion. Touch is not good enough and loses possession in our half far too often. Not the upgrade we need for next year. I have been more impressed with the brief cameos we have seen of Chiquinho.

8.) 09 Apr 2022 09:55:35
Guys - re Lage we are talking about minor details around the edge.
His selection well what options did he have? Chiquinho? From what I have seen he is no better than any of the others - less quality than Trincao similar effort to Hwang - not the answer (yet?) to any q regarding premier league football and be careful about what Lage says - mouth may be moving but words surely aren't his!
Saiss instead of Cundle - yes if 0-0 really was all we were hoping for but Cundle is suppossed to be the future - especially if Moutinho goes - so if he is not picked with Neves and Dendonker absent what does that say about our future?
Lage's subs were terrible and his selection terrible but the options available, ( outside of our core team and subs except in the back 5), are terrible as I have been saying all season - he overall has been brilliant like Sa but last night he and Sa was indeed poor.
The blame however for this game sits firmly with Shi who, ever since he took over from Dalrymple and Thelwell, has been an unmitigated disaster.
This summer is indeed defining - get it wrong again and we will struggle next year amazingly get it right and we will again challenge for Europe
That is the incredibly frustrating part - we are still so close (no thanks to Shi) - but seemingly determined not to get there!
PS Why did I give Trincao a 4 this week and a 3 last week - in the first half he made 2 genuinely good tackles - last week he made none! Otherwise equally hopeless - although this week his hoplessness was less high profile fewer errors as he simply disappeared along with Hwang for long periods.

9.) 09 Apr 2022 10:00:21
Well I didn't see it but it sounds to me like players being given a chance to see if they can take it. The answer seems obvious.

10.) 09 Apr 2022 10:57:27
From what I saw on highlights (joke)for me showed we needed a three man midfield. We missed Donk badly to disrupt and win and keep the ball. Plus Pods to create. Big big misses last night. Ball retention was the issue all game constantly mentioned on radio and text, you can't keep giving it away and saying here you are have another go. Frustrating steps forward then backwards again. This summer it's vital Shi gets it right. Sadly that's been said before, if Bruno gets what he asks for I expect things to be fine. If not!

11.) 09 Apr 2022 11:01:01
It's frustration all round this morning Tfig. Trincao and hwang should never have been out in the second half let alone subbed so late . Cundle, the poor lad shouldn't have really started this game but I think he showed why he will be the future. I've seen chinquino in U23 and with confidence he'll by far outshine trincao, who again, proves to be a passenger (granted the tackles). Hwang has been a dud, showed promise but as become a liability. We can see this so this is why we must blame Lage as well and ask questions. OK no neves,dendonker,raul or pods but we could have still adapted better. We don't know fitness levels or mindsets etc but lage's selection and choices quite frankly baffled. But wolves ay we, onwards in whatever direction,.

12.) 09 Apr 2022 11:29:05
You really will not accept what others saw regarding Trincao. Last night he was truly appalling, previous 2 games a whole lot better, against Villa carried the ball well made some very good runs and did have intent unlike last night and previous games.
I rate the players on their performance on the day, you seem totally against Trincao regardless of his performance ie the Villa game you gave him a 3.you could never see any problem with Traore regardless of his performance. Hope this does not offend you, I just have to say what I see, I will not broach this subject with you again.

13.) 09 Apr 2022 14:15:52
Forum is for opinions, so here is mine. Last night was a real opportunity missed. Despite personnel issues we had enough to beat a very poor Newcastle team They didn’t lay siege to our goal at any point despite our very tepid performance.
First half was totally to plan. Breaking lines is the key to success and the way we do this is with our wing backs finding space high and wide. First half neither Jonny or Marcal made any attempt to go beyond the halfway line. Improvement in the second period wasn’t down to any rollicking received but a tactical switch, with both wing backs moving further up the pitch. Unfortunately poor performances from Hwang and Trincao meant that we couldn’t sustain pressure on their back four. Neither of them made any effort to support Silva, nor did they get into the box to attack crosses from wingbacks.
Yesterday highlighted the two major issues we are facing next year. Desperate for a midfielder who can run with the ball and break the lines this way. Neves can spray passes out to the wing backs but running past his midfield opponents is not his game. Moutinho and yesterday Cundle, the latter following instructions, focussed on ball retention, making passes sideways and backwards. Cundle showed that he has the capacity to recycle the ball in the way Moutinho does. But two doing exactly the same job when one needed to be more progressive, was one too many. Cundle has more to his game but wasn’t asked to show this until it was too late.
We are crying out for a central midfielder who will run at the opposition and force them to step out of their defensive shape. Us passing in front of their midfield didn’t, last night and doesn’t generally. disturb the oppositions defensive shape.
Of equal concern is our vulnerability to a ball thumped over the top of our back three. We invariably get caught out by this crude tactic. Our defence slow to turn and without the speed to get back. Playing on the shoulder of our back line is a productive tactic for any team. Desperate for a back line with pace. Not saying we don’t have these players in the squad as haven’t seen enough of Gomes or Mosquera. Despite his age, Saiss is probably the one regular member of our back three with the requisite speed.
Concerned as to who or how transfer decisions are made. Why would anyone trigger a buy option early on Hwang when you had a whole season to properly assess. Think we have made a big, costly error by paying £14 million for somebody who is a bench-warmer at best!

14.) 09 Apr 2022 15:25:03
Very very good assessment wolfthistle, but again you pinpoint the problem with hwang and trincao, we all have, so surely bruno did to but left removing them until too late. So lage must accept the buck stops with him. Coady took a knock early on and his gait seem hindered for the rest of game, he's not the fastest anyway. Kilmans concentration seemed on/off. Boly, who I like alot, again not the quickest. When people say Sa has more saves we must also say our defence has let more through for those saved shots to be made. We've done fantastically well this year but we rely to much on so few. It's the old cliche but come summer well see where Fosun are taking us in terms of recruitment.



05 Apr 2022 22:54:39
I have been away again (mother in law this time) and so have only seen the game today - it would appear to have been on Aston Villa TV not Sky as although Leon Oman tried to remain neutral the lady commentator (sorry didn't catch her name) made no attempt to hide her love of Villa - bizarrely talking about them as a probable European challenger next season at one point and pointedly ignoring Wolves pretty much throughout
A game that should have been over by half time (Wolves could and should have been far more than 2 up by then), became much tighter in the 2nd half largely as a result of a v poor ref losing control of the game allowing it to become far too physical - something we know Wolves can't cope with physically or mentally.

Sa 7 - Another excellent performance with several good saves. Not to blame for the pen. Should Coady have taken responsibility?
Otto 6 - Great goal and played well throughout but was possibly lucky not to be red carded for a couple of fouls after he had been booked
Boly 7 - superb in the first half but looked a little heavy legged as the game went on and struggled to cope with Watkins pace on a couple of occasions. If he can stay fit he will be a real assest next season - which I didn't think was going to be the case earlier on this year
Coady - v good throughout - calm and composed on the ball and defended well. Maybe could have done better with the penalty incident?
Kilman 6 - quiet but solid.
Marcal 7 - good defensively and excellent, (despite many Wolves fans normal assessment), going forwards. Shame he is leaving as a v reliable citizen and would make an excellent squad member particularly at the bargain price we had him
Moutinho -7 Another high class showing. A metronome in the middle - along with Neves he is the heartbeat of the team! Worrying that one or even both could be ripped out of the body next year.
Dendonker 8 - Won so many tackles and covered every blade of grass. This performance shows why he is a regular in the Belgian side. Will forgive him his wild slice just before half time.
Trincao 3 - a fabulous left foot and there is a really good footballer in there but 1) he makes Adama look like Jimmy Greaves (he butchered 3 chances in 5 minutes before half time alone and really has no idea what to do in the box ) and 2) and far more worryingly he has probably the worst attitude of any player to have played at Wolves, (Roger Johnson and Jamie O'hara?) in my life time - he literally jumps out of the way of tackles and often then makes a stupid foul - a sly shove in the back - to mask his pathetic efforts defensively . Given he is playing for a contract one dreads to think how he will perform once he is on a multi-million multi-year contract. My son asked if his lack of effort was laziness but to be fair to him, I don't think it is, sadly I fear it is bottle that is lacking - he just isn't up for it which in England unless you are playing for one of the refs favoured big 6 teams isn't going to work. Please don't sign him!
Silva 7 - A really good game especially in the first half only marred by stupidly running offside - just too keen and naïve - when in first half injury time a fabulous Boly ball gave Podence time to slide him through for a tap in. Sadly, it had to go to Dendonker instead and oh dear! Amazingly due to Jimenez's decline and his improvement for the rest of the season the shirt should now be his to lose. Have to take my hat off to him for getting stronger and much faster. Now looks like an adult footballer who should compete for a place in the squad next season - suspect we need to buy a new first choice number 9 but maybe between them after another summer of recuperation/training they can do enough to save us a fortune trying to find a first choice number 9.
Podence 8 - If Neves and Moutinho are the heartbeat of the team, he is the brain. Absolutely everything creative goes through him. Despite playing with two youngsters of variable levels of talent and commitment he kept the entire Villa back line off balance. Although he doesn't help himself with ref with his "theatrics" he was subjected to a roughing up throughout enduring several bad fouls that the ref seemed only to happy to wave on. Oddly though when Otto merely touched Coutinho softly a card was brandished - guess he is an ex Liverpool player so still gets the "big 6" protection.

Hwang - 5 Tries hard but isn't good enough. Should have scored with one of our few 2nd half chances
Neto - 5 Still working his way back but showing signs that next year he will be a threat again
Chiquinho - n/a


1.) 06 Apr 2022 00:30:44
What’s Coady’s rating Thefutureisgold?

2.) 06 Apr 2022 02:03:22
apologies I thought he was good so a 7

3.) 06 Apr 2022 06:49:32
Excellent you back Thefutureisoldgold.
Friday we live on skysports.

4.) 06 Apr 2022 08:49:03
I have to disagree on your rating for Trincao. He was excellent and caused Villa so many problems that they resorted to constantly fouling him.

5.) 06 Apr 2022 10:55:53
Jas - well they certainly fouled Podence lots not so sure about Trincao. I don't dispute that Trincao is an incredibly frustrating player - obviously highly talented with a fabulous left foot but surely you can't dispute the 2 points I made.
The shortcomings I identified have been a common thread throughout his career at Wovles and I see no reason why they should change especially if he has a nice long remunerative contract to fall back on.
However as Phil says it is all a matter of opinions and I have to accept that Wolves appear to agree with you not me!

6.) 06 Apr 2022 11:27:19
I think Lage the rest of this season and 100% definitely next season will have the/his team scoring more goals.
I'm positive that one way or another Lage will come up trumps.

I read Lage saying that we need to take our chances and kill the games off.
Regarding Trincao imo Leeds he was fantastic and played well agaisnt villa,yes parts of his game are questionable but I think I see what Lage/wolves does and that he is a team player can cut inside which goes the gameplan Lage wants.

7.) 06 Apr 2022 12:29:27
I think although he has improved, trincao hasn't done enough for me to warrant a permanent transfer.
Even if a swap with traore is Barcelona's offer I'd take a chance and have traore back for the final 12mths of his deal.
He lacks any real threat in the final third and uncomposed in front of goal.
I agree on the point about Marcal leaving, he'd be a good squad player for next season.

8.) 06 Apr 2022 17:07:04
I rate Trincao, but there are definitely flaws in his game at the moment. The main one for me is I think he's half a yard slower than he should be. If he didn't have those flaws though Barcelona wouldn't have let him go last summer.

You're right about the scoring more goals Phil. I think over the last couple of months we've been able to see improvements there already. One of the things I've been happiest about is pressing other teams in their own half so they make mistakes. There seems to be extra bodies going forwards at the right time as well.

I was unsure about Lage when he came in, but I like how he comes across and what he's done with the players he has. The big question for me is if he can bring in some of his own players will the performances and results carry on an upwards trend?

9.) 06 Apr 2022 17:24:42
Kilman. Coady. Saiis

Semedo. Neves. Paulhinnia. Noutori

Ocampos. Saint maximin

Res from. Neto Silva boly Jimenez
Johnny ruddy cundle trincao
How's that for starting team for next season

10.) 06 Apr 2022 18:20:14
I also thought Trincao had a decent game as he did the game before. He is improving so to give him a 3, I think is out of order.I have to say it as I see it you certainly seem to have a
downer on him as you did on Fabio, but couldn't credit Traore
enough even when he contributed very little and that was over the course of a lot more games you always rated him.I wasn't Traore's greatest fan but never scored him that low.We all have
Opinions so we'll agree to disagree as they say.

11.) 06 Apr 2022 19:31:43
Norfolk you are absolutely correct when Fabio was poor, ( and he was v por for a v long time), I said so now that he is improving I have acknowledged that. If Trincao does the same - and all he needs to do is improve his attitude/effort as he is clearly a very talented, if totally one footed, player - I will do so as well. At the moment though all I see is a player who opts out of 50/50 in fact probably even 60/40 in his favour tackles and is a really awful finsher - butchering 3 clear chances in 5 mins before half time v Villa for example.
Wih respect to Traore he was regularly our best player indeed in the 2nd half of last season he carried the team to survival which looked unlikely at the end of January.
So yes I raved about him.
But totally accept your and anyone else's right to have differing views
guess that is what makes the game interesting!

12.) 06 Apr 2022 20:36:10
Yes Traore had some good games and yes he looked the pick of the team at times but his finishing and assists stats were appalling considering his age and experience.and you mention attitude, well Traore on many occasions looked so disinterested all I ask is a fair assessment of all our players I don't think
Trincao is getting that from you. He's not a world better but didn't deserve such a low rating. Opinions,opinions.

13.) 06 Apr 2022 23:25:51
Interesting debate gents, not sure I can comment on the ratings as I only saw the highlights. But I'm afraid there IS a reason Barcelona have Adama and we have Trincao. Add to this Trincao struggled to live up to the very price tag we have agreed for him in a VERY average LaLiga and personally I wouldn't be in a rush to sign him.
Answer me this, would anyone say he'd worth more to the team than ANY other player? Cause its not his fault but he's on the highest wages and I suspect would be wanting some sort of parity in wages to sign. So ratings aside can anyone honestly tell me we've seen anywhere near enough from Trincao to warrant £30m and £120-140k a week on wages?! I'm afraid not and I say that as someone who like many on here thought we'd made an absolute steal when he came in!
As for Adama who knows, I suspect a cut price move to Dan Levy sadly (I hate it when he gets his way:) but who knows?
Ps- good to have you back Future, sorry to hear your still having a tough time fella. Hope things get better soon for ya ?

14.) 07 Apr 2022 06:41:15
Norfolk hope you doing alright I agree with you in this feed as to me you are unquestionably correct.
Thefutureisoldgold hope you are alright in personal rough time of late.
Bullysboy agree trincao wages wow they are high.
Alex great post we are looking more what Lage wants.
Greyleg jonny imo to start every game as imo he is our best full/wing back.
Ocampos can you or someone tell me about him.
Boly start in place of saiss.
Paulinhino I like tge look of him.
A good team and squad you have there greyleg mate.

15.) 07 Apr 2022 07:24:23
BullysBoy, I personally would prefer Trincao to Adama. These last few matches has shown that he can cut it in this league. Adama had 3 seasons and flattered to deceive whereas Lage challenged Trincao to prove his worth as he clearly wasn't performing and he has responded.

16.) 07 Apr 2022 08:52:49
I agree that at the moment Trincao is not worth his reputed fee
or the high wage,but the last couple of games he has improved along with Fabio let's hope they continues.

Future. all I'm saying is when Traore gave a nondescript performance you never gave him such a low score, we had this conversation a while ago but you never actually answered the question then. We all have different views and favourite players we have players we don't rate but as I've said not the greatest Traore fan but always gave him credit when it was warranted

17.) 07 Apr 2022 09:01:37
Sorry Phil
Yes I'm alright, hope everything is good with you,looking forward to the game Friday on sky still trying to sort out how to watch all the games, got a vpn trial for 7 days but now I'm
An old un can't get my head around the tech to put it together so no further forward at the moment.

18.) 07 Apr 2022 09:53:26
All is good thanks Norfolk plenty of work but not much play.
As said to Abbey Post above I'm real looking forward to tomorrow.

Ps whatever all our posts are the Wolves are doing real well of which is the best thing above anything.

19.) 07 Apr 2022 10:45:32
If these ocampos rumours are true, and I'm sceptical,who would sign trincao over him?
Not me, ocampos is a quality player in a good Sevilla team, would be a steal if we could get him.
As for the speculation around Neves, I would love him to commit to a longer deal, but if it is for the greater good of the team then we have to cash in, reinvest and move forward again.After all,we ain't missed traore one bit, and I myself thought we would.

20.) 07 Apr 2022 12:18:46
I get what your saying Jas, in that Trincao has improved of late. However, you mention Adama flattering to decieve but he's got 4 assists in 10 apps on Bacra. Trincao on the other hand has 1 assist in 23 apps, so I have to wonder which one is actually flattering to deceive?
I also think to an extent its apples and pears. The VERY reason we are where we are with Adama is because we refused to give him the kind of money Trincao is already on?! So to ask again Jas, do you think Trincao is worth a £60m investment?! Cause that's how much we are talking with fees and wages. Take a look at some of the other transfers in the league and can we honestly say a lad with one assist and inconsistent form is worth that level of investment? I just don't see it I'm afraid ?

21.) 07 Apr 2022 14:13:15
Just spoke to a wolves fan regular supplier at work and he was a big Traore fan he just told me he likes trincao more than he did Traore and wolves should swap him for Traore as he thinks we won't get much for Traore so swap him for a decent better player lol I told him how much trincao is on and his jaw dropped.

22.) 07 Apr 2022 14:27:30
Hi Bullysboy
While I totally agree regards Trincao's potential investment amount being far to much for his return. As far as Traore is concerned he's not a regular at Barcelona at the moment after a very good start. I thought he had been offered a vast increase in wages but has always wanted to return to Barcelona so turned us down (maybe these are unfounded rumours)
Trincao and Fabio could really come good it's all a gamble, just look at seemingly a couple of mistakes with Pedro Gonclaves now at Sporting CP and Vitinha both now been looked at by supposedly bigger clubs people have different views we get some right but get some wrong

23.) 07 Apr 2022 22:51:18
BullysBoy, I understand that Trincaos form was not good but what I'm saying is that Lage has called the younger players out and challenged them to up their game and I think Trincao has done do. He is also 4 years younger than Adama. So yes, I think he is worth the investment if and it is an if he can produce on a consistent basis. I can only compare the 2 of them in the PL this season where you rightly say Trincao has only 1 goal and 1 assist, however Traore has 1 goal and zero assists. If you look at Trincaos stats whilst at Barca, he again outshines Adama.

24.) 07 Apr 2022 23:56:30
Its a fair point on the age cause I concede that it is VERY relevant (especially when talking value) but I'm just not seeing it with Trincao. He's had less than a months worth of good games and suddenly that's worth £60m? Jas (I normally agree with most of your posts buddy:) but to say Trincao outshone Adama at Barcelona just isn't true. Last season he got 3 goals and 2 assists, so far Adamas on 4 assists so its pretty much like for like. If you meant in the Prem then in Adamas last full season he had 2 goals and 2 assits so again (by the end of the season) probs about like for like.
Also with this I think we have to start understanding that (with the level of finances involved) I'm not asking you to choose between Adama and Trincao (I never said that). What I'm asking is would Trincao be the best way to spend £60m and I'm sorry but after watching him a LOT this season I don't think anyone could convince me he is!
So instead of comparing him to Adama consider what £30m in fees and £30m of wages means to THIS club. For context Jose Sa will cost the club around £14m (that's wages and fee). If you think that's cherry picking then Eze at Palace will cost them around £25m, Olise will cost them around £16m (again all fee and contracts included). With all of those examples they have MASSIVELY outshone Trincao and ALL came in at around a third of the costs (based on fee plus £40k wages on a four year deal). We don't need to spend our money to suit Barcelona we should be spending our money to suit Wolves! Trincao could represent the cost of around three players (spent wisely) for us and I'm sorry but I just don't see how anyone can HONESTLY say he's worth that just cause he's had a good month?!
There's a bigger concern here for me cause what's the driving force behind our deals?! Is it value for money or is it country of origin? Eze, Olise hell even Danjuma are/were MASSIVELY better value for money than Trincao or Fabio. So please someone tell me why we seem so rigid on our only Portuguese youngsters approach?! I get the Mendes link I really do, but I ask you. what is the point of a staff discount if its for a product valued at twice its REAL value?!

25.) 08 Apr 2022 07:28:44
I agree. He's not worth £60m but if Lage decides to buy him, I'll 100% back him.



14 Mar 2022 12:44:42
First Everton were not very good and neither were Watford. But I don't care! Beat the poor teams and the teams playing poorly, bank the points and move on. That is just being professional and allows you the odd bad day and an occasional game when you are outmatched City or Liverpool perhaps.
Everton unlike Watford didn't lie down and for the first 30 mins got at us physically. The swinging arm from Doucoure (sp) on Marcal was clumsy at best and deliberate at worst and deserved at least a yellow whilst the forearm smash into Podence's throat from Holgate was clearly a straight red so felt sorry for Kenny as he prob shouldn't have been alone in the early bath. Podence however does himself no favours by rolling around far too often and going down easily - the boy who cried wolf - and so gets no protection from refs. [However, Jota and the chap who went to Spain, also got lumps kicked out of them for years with zero protection either, (till they moved), so I guess Podence thinks it makes no difference]. Ps RAN is just as guilty and as a defender can't afford to rely on a ref to give him a decision! Nuno wouldn't have stood for it and Lage needs to have a word and tell then to cut it out - I don't like other teams cheating and don't want my team to do so either!

Sa 8 - Another superb game. V solid made a few relatively difficult saves and made it all look easy. A fantastic signing!
Otto 7 - Solid at both ends. You don't realise how good they are till they are gone! (and now he is back - what a wonderful problem to have at WB with Semedo and RAN out of side today)
Kilman 7 - Struggled with Richarlison early on but grew into game and carried ball v well
Coady 7 - See above. Far more involved (including a goal) in a very solid and calm performance - This allowed us to do to them what Palace did to us - hold them at arms-length with barely disguised contempt.
Saiss 8 -Another rock-solid performance - we need to resign him although I am hearing he wants to more than quadruple his salary and to be our highest paid player. Maybe a compromise can be reached or the salary bill will be totally out of control. Note however even a £5m a year, for say 2 years, deal for him is still better than letting him walk and signing a weaker player for £10m and putting them on a mere (?) 40k per week or £2m on a 3 year deal. It just comes from different pots. Clearly though, we need to be careful of being held to ransom and upsetting others in the squad at the same time by overpaying (cf Silva!)
Marcal 8 V solid and gets forward well - a player others don't like it seems, (from comments on various sites), but he never let's us down. A bit like Dendonker he is not as flash or even talented as others but does a job and does it well.
Moutinho 7 - v good v calm and easy on the eye. Needs to up his game though to match Neves who is starting to purr. Certainly, his performances are worth a year or maybe even two extension to his contract
Neves 9 - Excellent. Showing real leadership and class. Moving better as well carrying the ball at pace - something he doesn't normally do well. Wins so many tackles and like Moutinho makes so many interceptions - both absolute diamonds we won't be able to replace so shouldn't let leave. Sorry Saiss but Neves should be the highest paid player and will need to be if we are to keep him - we also need to win more games, get into Europe and challenge for trophies if we are serious about keeping him. No more stupid mistakes Jeff!
Dendonker 7 Quiet but solid. Needs to do more to stay in team but a perfect squad player - (note he is on more than Neves so another odd call by the club but Pre Jeff so not going to blame him!)
Hwang n/a Started ok but got injured and eventually replaced.
Jimenez 7 Worked hard defensively and tried - perhaps too hard occasionally - to make thing happen at the other end

Podence 8 Excellent again. Always exciting, often loses ball but my type of player in that he tries stuff. You have to have someone in the team doing non run of the mill things if you want to open up the other teams defence - not a fan favourite, many moan about his low conversion rate or lack of end product, but Wolves fans it seems tend not to like flair and risk takers sadly.
Silva n/a - another nice little cameo highlighted by a move in which he fed Podence who in turn fed Trincao for a an excellent chance. Sadly that was blasted high and wide.
Trincao n/a Got fouled twice but missed a fairly good chance badly and did nothing to change one's mind that he is just not ready for Prem football yet and given his attitude probably never will be. Unless he is willing to take a 90% pay cut and Barcelona are willing to lower his price similarly not worth bothering with.


1.) 14 Mar 2022 14:47:45
Thefutureisoldgold great reading as per norm.

Regarding neves I think Bullysboy pointed it out a few weeks back get him to sign new contract with a hefty release cause.

I would like to think our club has contingency plans for different outcomes ie if neves leaves plans will be in place to replace him.

For me something that hasn't happened yet so I will think more about it if/when it does.?
Up the mighty wolves

2.) 14 Mar 2022 15:19:49
If we qualify for Europe again and we make sure he gets a good pay increase to sign up for another 5yr with a high release clause then there's no need for him to go anywhere yet.
He seems happy and settled enough in Wolverhampton, hopefully he can help take us to the next level with him still in our midfield.

3.) 14 Mar 2022 17:45:06
Pretty much agree with your ratings.
Agreed on Pods needs to cut it out and ran as well for that matter.
Neves new contract while he's still happy is very much paramount by the summer, though I have said it before.
Good to see Kilman back though feel a bit for Boly who did nothing wrong against Watford particularly in the air.

4.) 15 Mar 2022 10:29:42
and what about you Ken - are you Covid free again?
ps good players not getting a game is an excellent thing for the club even if its not so great for Boly himself!

5.) 15 Mar 2022 16:38:08
future. Nearly over the virus thing at last thankfully. All being well I will email later.

Re Boly, actually what we need is a bench full of players who you can say are unlucky not to be in the team. Something to aspire to I would say. I'd like opposition to look at our bench and be concerned at the changes we could make. Obviously we've not got yet but with the investment required I'm unsure we will but it's a nice thought!




Thefutureisoldgold's rumour replies


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17 Jan 2022 21:25:53
BB -3rd option for me with Traore exploding into form, the team going on a fabulous run, European football being confirmed and either Traore resigns or his magnificent form creates huge interest from a variety of teams and we get a massive fee for him.




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07 Jan 2022 15:40:13
Jas v good q!
Not sure though that i'd link the two
As I have stated elsewhere on here I'd only take Doherty back on a free/loan and then only for modest wages - i.e. he would have to take a big pay cut or Spurs pay a chunk of them for the rest of his contract.
Although I loved him - unlike many - he is two years on from his glory days and it is a big ask to expect him to come back.
However if the risk was low enough i.e. low wages and no fee then maybe you take a gamble that he, (with Lage's help/coaching), can return to his former self?
Actually I think both issues - gambling on a Doherty return and/or selling Semedo may be linked to Otto's situation.
If he is fit and we are comfortable he will come back to his best, (best defender of all the FBs/WBs discussed here and ok going forward - not as good as Doherty was or Semedo and RAN hint, (but sadly, for various reasons dicussed regularly on here previously, rarely deliver) they might be), then he could be first choice at RWB. Given we have Hoever as cover and have RAN/Marcal on the left we would be better than adequately covered for FBs, WBs.
If money is tight, in reality only Jeff knows the answer to that, then £50m is an awful lot to turn down when we have pressing needs elsewhere that £50m would really help fill. Originally I thought our biggest needs were an ACM and a back up CB sadly now however I believe a new CF to cover/replace/help Jimenez (who it seems needs longer to get back than we had intially hoped) is a further and possibly even more pressing priority. {Of course the longer than expected return time may as discussed on here only recently with respect to Netto may apply to Otto as well!}
Further point worth noting that a Semedo sale would reduce our wage bill markedly - he is a top earner - and give us a huge uplift in our FFP situation as a £50m sale would represent a large profit on his ammortised value!
Net net if we could get £50m then yes I think I would sell and if we could get Doherty on my terms then again i'd love to take the gamble - sadly though I don't see either happening.
What would you do Jas?
Anyone else?




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07 Jan 2022 13:40:32
Arddunby -V sorry. I was merely stirring. I actually am on record as saying we over paid for him and although he has improved (markedly) I agree we still wouldn't get our money back - that is how much we over paid!
All that being said I still wouldn't sell him as our recent record in the transfer market, (Sa and maybe Marcal excluded), indicates we would almost certainly merely double down on the error and end up buying a far worse player for not much less than we sold Seemdo for.
Not a Jeff fan!
Not as certain as you however that fees at the top level (where Wolves play!) will be down, although of course covid must have had some impact. Not as much as people think though as the vast majority of the money in the top end of the game comes via TV and commercial activities, (not impacted greatly by Covid) not gate money (which of course was decimated for a period by the virus). I accept this isn't true outside the top end of the game particulalrly if you are a lower league team but they don't exactly drive the transfer market.
If prices are down though then we def should be buyers not sellers - see Warren Buffet's first rule of investment!




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07 Jan 2022 12:22:09
Arddunby - the majority of the fee?
Given he has improved significantly defensively and is no worse offensively than when he first played for us either you believe we hugely over paid for him or you are happy for the club to be selling him cheap?
Neither says that you think management have/are going to cover (ed) themselves in glory.
Surely as a player who is clealry better than he was when he arrived 2 seasons ago his fee, if we were selling, should have gone up not down?




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04 Jan 2022 22:21:10
Old Wulf there is absolutely no doubt that you are correct - the figures simply don't lie!.
However Saiss is 31 and Boly (30) may sadly be done so a new young CB, be it Yerson, Sanderson or A.N Other is probably essential for it to remain so and in reality - given Boly is maybe done already and Yerson is currently injured and totally unproven - is possibly needed now to provide cover and depth (Saiss is off for a few weeks now for example)?





Thefutureisoldgold's banter replies


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30 Jun 2022 15:07:20
Phil - loved Kenny but John Richards is John Richards! Can't not do next week.
When I started to go to games in the mid to late 60s through to the early 70s Dougan and Curran were the main men up front (with Bobby Gould as back up for a short period) but when John Richards arrived on the scene in the early 70s it was v v clear who the star was!
You and your brother will have a fantastic time.
Clearly that team of the early 70s is the best of my lifetime and the only one, (maybe Richards and Gray's 79/80 team might challenge) that would beat Nuno's 2018-2020 team - that is how lucky we have been this last few years.
Fingers crossed next year we can push on and challenge those sides for the title of "best Wolves team since the 1950s"!




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29 Jun 2022 20:47:09
Excellent news for your brother - delighted.
Hope you enjoy your tour- Kenny Hibbit an absolute superstar in the mid 70s team - perhaps it could be with the great John Richards!.
ps Kenny's brother Terry was not bad either at Newcastle!




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26 Jun 2022 16:07:33
Wimborne - sorry to hear that. I hope it didn't spoil your trip. I have never been to Iceland - is it worth a visit?
ps assume by your moniker that we were v close to you then - we drove via Winchester to Lulworth, right past Wimborne.




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23 Jun 2022 08:01:44
As I said I always thought it was huge and highly succesful having never looked at it before but I guess I would make 3 points to your comment:
1) the investor presentation which I skimmed yesterday does indeed say everything is great - I erely skimmed it but will look iin more detail and ask some qs to people in the markets.
2) the people you are quoting are an asian site not an american one and therefore may be more "generous" to Fosun and much of what it says is also merely parroting the investor presentation produced by Fosun itself
3) S and P affirmed the outlook as stable - but stable at BB i.e.as Junk and speculative!
If there are people willing to sell their debt at 50 p in the pound those people are clearly v v worried that they aren't going to be repaid in 2025 or why on earth would you sell at such a masive loss?.
Clearly I only have the Bloomberg article to confirm this but will ask friends in the market to check if it is the case- you can buy Fosun debt in the London market - bloomberg however are a v reputable source and so it is highly likely to be true!
Abbey I believe Wolves are a 100% owned subsidary of Fosun - although it will undoubtedly be via a myriad of intermediate holding companies in a vast corporate spiders web. So yes every penny you spend at Wolves goes (from a reporting point of view) directly into Fosuns accounts but naturally in reality it first goes into Wolves accounts and there are lots of protections about paying dividends up to parent companies and some about lending it up - you will see in the accounts that there are indeed lots of intercompany transactions both ways and only last year Fosun wrote off a huge loan it had made to Wolves - as I said at the time this merely recognises the fact that Wolves are also financially incapable of paying that loan back!
Phil this issue isn't about Wolves financial viability - it is although not strong perfectly safe in my view - it is about Fosun's. However as a Chinese company our visibility of its affairs is undoubtedly weaker that it would be if it was a western concern and naturally its linkage to the state - although officially a private firm - is probably quite strong and thus it may move more in line with the state that it would were it a British firm for both good and bad.
At present I would not worry too much as Fosun have not been investing in Wolves for two years now and it is surely not expecting Wolves to pay monies to it but merely continue to stand alone. Wolves can do this but it will be v hard particualrly given the mistakes made by Jeff over the last 2 years - signing Fabio, Semedo and Hwang for example for masively overinflated prices and wages.
If we can hang on in the prem and some of our young prospects mature we might be ok. But clearly this year is going to be v tough especially if Neves does leave.




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22 Jun 2022 23:39:59
BB - Just read the Bloomberg article, worrying indeed.
Sadly I no longer have access to Moody's reports, (they, in case you are unaware, are the worlds leading credit rating agency and publish detailed reports on the financial health of companies including Fosun - I will get in touch with friends who have when I come back from hols next week and will see what Moody's say and let you know), but it appears Moody's are going to downgrade Fosun again, (last did so in 2020). Note it is already rated Ba3 defined as Junk and regarded as speculative.
Even more worrying it would appear from the bloomberg article that their 2025 maturity bonds trade at 50p in the pound and therefore now yield well over 20%!
Note having looked at their March 2022 investors presentation on their 2021 results - which on the face of it look ok! - they state that their debt at that stage yielded an average of just 4.6% - a million miles from over 20% just 3 months later but not massively out of kilter with the information in the bloomberg article!
This 4.6% rate is probably in line with the rates expected for a Ba3 company ie a lowly rated one but 20%?is clearly not appropriate for any signifincant serious going concern?
{Note the whole rating issue is odd cf "ok" comment re results - I need to read more closely to remove their "gloss" and see why Moody's are so negative about the company or as I am v lazy read the Moody's report}
I like you hadn't previously ever looked at their accounts or indeed knew anything about their business, (having always assumed the headline of - "its huge and highly succesful" was true). I actually dealt with one of their UK businesses a few years back and it was indeed succesful.
But if people are selling a less than 3 year bond for 50p in the pound they basically are saying they are bust!
This is supported by "headlines" stating that they can't meet their payments due over next 12 months, ( liquidity crunch) so I fear it is going to be a rocky ride and we certainly can't expect any funds to be injected from China.
Bet they now also regret not selling after Seville when the club would have been worth perhaps what £400m? Now I imagine they would be lucky to get £150m - which after their debt write off would mean a loss on the investment!
Sadly without, (pretty major), investment this summer that valuation is only going one way as we are now paying the price of a total lack of succession planning for: 1) the not hard to predict Saiss, Boly and Moutinho growing old, 2) the unfortunate Netto, Otto and Jimenez getting potentially career ending injuries and 3) the perhaps understandable Neves and Traore's ambitions exceeding ours.
Fingers crossed but this was not what I was hoping to read about on here!