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11 Feb 2021 09:01:36
Phil - watched Julia Bradbury on the Lizard where we had a family hols in the eponymous village just a few years ago.
Next week she is on the Dart and will visit Greenways, Agatha Christie's house on the Dart - which is NT - which the wife and i did in 2019.

Tks for the recommendation.
ps Had 4th interview for that job that i said might pay for Zambia hols if I get it. I am completely unqualified for the job but they still seem keen. Told it will be a March thing now though.


1.) 11 Feb 2021 09:31:16
That's brilliant mate,
Fingers crossed for you, you get the job.
I think if you do get the job it's a win win the best win obviously you get to go to Zambia but if not having work gets you out and about in this horrid c. v. time. 😀.

2.) 11 Feb 2021 10:27:04
Your welcome for the recommendation nice 1.

3.) 11 Feb 2021 16:19:56
Could watch Julia Bradbury all day! FWAW.



28 Jan 2021 12:12:53
Normally I just give a ratings report on games but first I'd like to chat about Chelsea's defensive tactics.

We had circa 20% possession. Given that the ball isn't live for all 90 mins - corners, throw ins free kicks etc etc - and is not really live being played conservatively around the back without either side really "competing" let's say that it is in play for 70 mins. I strongly suspect that is very very optimistic and in reality it is far far lower.
Then we had the ball for say 14 minutes. How many times in that 14 minutes did we cross the half way line with any sort of control of the ball?
Yes I hear you say a mere handful.

Yet Chelsea committed 14 fouls or 1 a minute of our possession!
Indeed every time one of our ball players Podence, Neto or Traore received the ball anywhere near the half way line and with some degree of control - even if without support and surrounded by defenders - Chelsea, as a defensive tactic, hacked the player down knowing that all we would get is a free kick 40- 50 yards out and without any likelihood of us punishing them for it.

Certainly it appeared that they took it in turns to hack Podence and although I felt the ref was actually good the absence of a team foul rule as in Rugby or Basketball means that Chelsea's Cheating wasn't punished and only Chilwell was booked.
Even more annoyingly Jorginho wasn't booked (but Neto was for his retaliation) despite his disgusting behaviour firstly fouling Neto but then and more seriously going down as if hit by a sniper from a tiny push from a very silly Neto. Cheating like that should be automatically punished by a card and possibly a red one as Neto could easily have been sent off if the ref had bought Jorginho's antics.

Don't like it and am proud that Wolves - stupid and embarrassing dives from Coady and Silva aside - don't cheat but sadly our reward from refs and the league for this is v v thin. Traore after being clearly fouled at Arsenal was the first player this year booked for diving! ) when over the season dozens of, shall we call them soft, penalties have been given.

The game at the moment seemingly rewards cheating more than it punishes it.
This needs to change and refs need to be given the powers assuming they don't feel they have them now - to wipe this cancer out!


1.) 28 Jan 2021 12:31:40
Thefutureisoldgold I absolutely agree. Whilst Neto was rightly booked for a stupid reaction, Jorginho was an absolute disgrace in his simulation and there should be retrospective action taken for what is blatantly cheating.

I for one was shouting at the TV at the time for this as it is a disgrace. And I will say the same if it were a Wolves player doing it.

2.) 28 Jan 2021 12:41:46
Make no doubt about it another ref and Neto may have seen red if not for his reaction but later in the game when he kicked the ball away 9 out of 10 times that's a yellow.
Thankfully we had a ref who used common sense.
Thefutureisgold mate I agree with everything you said.

3.) 28 Jan 2021 13:09:58
I was exactly the same I was incensed. one of our players was trying to pick him up yet he still stayed down.
Blinking cheat.

4.) 28 Jan 2021 13:38:38
Yes the Jorginho incident was a bad one but my real gripe was Chelsea's obviously pre planned "tactic" of using fouling as a defensive tool.
Lots of teams did it to us last year. Cleverly mixing up the player giving the foul so that the ref does nothing but give the foul.
However what it does do is stop us playing on the break
We are a team for whom the break is a major part of our offensive strategy. Without it we are far less likely to score.
Note Traore, Podence and Neto are all small and fast players perfectly suited to the break but not likely to create as much when teams are set against us - as they will be from a free kick 40 -50 yards out
If you ever watch Basketball "hack a Shaq" became a regular tactic late on in games when a foul leads to penalty shots
You deliberately foul their worst shooter who then misses and you get the ball back without them scoring.
The foul stops your opponents from setting up an attack and getting one of their better shooters to take the shot
As you have a bench of reserves you simply send on a guy to make the fouls - he gets sent off after his (6 are allowed in the NBA) fouls but in Basketball you can simply bring another player on so its no real loss - particularly if it is one of your reserves who is sent off.

5.) 28 Jan 2021 13:59:35
100% thefutureisoldgold, thought exactly the same, and the arm was also carefully directed into podence earlier when we got the free kick but the arm deemed accidental, (Chelsea guy with beard) replay suggested deliberate to me. No doubt podence had been picked out, he suffered many a knock.

6.) 28 Jan 2021 14:28:40
Futureisoldgold, spot on this tactic is a pet hate of mine deliberately done to slow/ stop play. I would then add to that another player (never the one who commits the foul, far more subtle) stands Infront of the ball to guarantee a total loss of impetus to the attack. It's obvious and allowed to happen though is rarely commented on by the so called expert TV analysts. Time something was done!

7.) 28 Jan 2021 16:06:39
Ken the so call expert analysts on TV don't understand any rules/ laws and don't come anywhere near the integrity of the game.

8.) 28 Jan 2021 17:48:01
I agree with above.

Red cards should issued for simulation or no contact dives in the penalty area.
This would cut it down, but then its up to Var to decide whether it was a no contact dive or not, And you know how good they? are at making a decision.




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22 Feb 2021 17:10:56
agreed - see thread on Banter page for discussion on very topic.




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22 Feb 2021 10:00:30
Debbie - not a rant just a couple of valid points.
AM i. e. Moutinho replacement, is the most obvious need but RCB is also pretty important. After that Back up ( or replacement if Jimenez doesn't make it back) CF and LWB (as sadly Marcal doesn't seem to be robust enough to be counted) would be nice.

Sadly for roughly £20m a pop unless they show far more during the run in none of the 3 loaned in players have done anywhere near enough to justify such high fees. Maybe renegotiate to a more realistic level - with add ons - or perhaps extend loan to give them further chances?
With RAN it does depend on your view on Marcal and if we can shift Vinagre.
The price we sell Vinagre at should also be a good guide as to the value of these kids - surely we wouldn't pay much of a premium if any to swap Vinagre for RAN as they look similar.




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01 Feb 2021 00:16:49
Rated - I am always happy to read your posts and am delighted if this site in some small way can help with whatever problems you may have. As I am sure you are aware they are far more common than most people imagine. Keep your chin up.
Sorry the team aren't doing their bit to cheer you up but in reality we all know its hardly the most important thing out there.




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28 Jan 2021 11:45:18
No you are not!
Indeed Soucek was someone I identified as an option several months ago!
I am not claiming to be a superb scout or with lots of knowledge of the foreign game - far from it - but he was on loan at WH last year, we all (including the club) had every chance to see him and he was better than excellent and available for £15m.
But as he was already at WH they were in the box seat and whilst we didn't they did take advantage of their eyes and signed him.
Did we try or were we looking at Vitor for £2om and thinking he was a better option?




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27 Jan 2021 11:31:10
and Owen looks ok as well.
Guess if we are looking to add another young midfield player it doesn't bode well for MGW or for that matter Vitor.
Gilmour has looked good on the few occasions I have seen him play (hasn't been injured for a long spell? ) but absolutely no point in taking him for rest of year unless there is an option to buy. All we would be doing is paying to rehabilitate/ develop their player whilst not developing our own.
If he signs can we send Vitor (is this really a good idea as he has shown shown glimpses in the few minutes he has so far been afforded? ) back or we will be paying 2 wages for at best 1 spot?





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27 Feb 2021 12:06:12
Jas - your 11.39 post states "Nuno says in the future. As I have said over and over again the question we were asked by Wolfthistle was where are they now?
Don't wish to be confrontational but I'm not sure why or even IF you are arguing with me?
Is he a Prem league quality player now?
PS Agree stats can prove anything and it is impossible to run a parallel universe where only 1 variable is moved i. e. Jimenez is replaced by Silva and then Silva by Jose but they are pretty damning aren't they?




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27 Feb 2021 11:27:41
Ed 077 Exactly and to my mind as of today he is not one of those who is capable of doing so.
As I said he is not a Prem league quality player at this moment and you don't seem to disagree either?
As an adjunct to this comment though how many 18 year olds are bought for £35m and paid multi million pound salaries.
Also how many are in Premier League first 11's. The fact that the club and even his biggest fans seemingly recognise he wasn't ready when Jimenez got injured and we had no choice but to put him in the side just makes the fact that he was having to play even more of a tragedy.
ps Lex if he turns out to be 25% of Bully we will be v v happy but do note Bully was bought for less than Silva's weekly wage!


{Ed077's Note - the fact is even many grown-ups/older players have struggled to adapt to the demands of the PL. There was another potential 35m+18 year old player signed the summer just gone only in the form of Amad Diallo at Man Utd.

The prices for talented young players have never been higher. You guys need to remember 17-18 year olds can qualify as HGs/club-trained if they spend all the time(18_21) with the club so the PL clubs have become more willing to part ways with large sums of money.

Regardless of what people say, Silva was meant to be a backup for Raul Jimenez but the long layoff for RJ meant he got thrust into the limelight, under huge pressure before he was settled and ready.}



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27 Feb 2021 11:46:44
ed001 - please don't misunderstand - the question asked by by Wolfthistle was "What level are Wolves players now".
Not what will they be in three years time or why are they struggling - for which in Fabio's case there are valid reasons as you state.
I am not writing him off merely stating that today he is not a Prem or Championship player.
So tell me would you have him in your team now?
Perhaps you could ask other Eds or even posters on other Prem league team boards - who would want him in their team - NOW!
Rhian Brewster is a great example as well of the difference between being a great prospect and being a Prem player now. Last year at the Swans in the Championship Brewster looked great but this season at SU - admittedly playing in a struggling side - he has disappeared.
Amazed at what a controversy I have caused from what I regarded as a fairly obvious comment but am delighted it has at least got some posts flying around after a v quiet period on the board.


{Ed001's Note - I am not the biggest fan of Brewster anyway, I hoped for something from him, but I never thought he should have been signed by Liverpool at all. I think Silva would stand out just as Brewster did in the Championship, as he is a better player imo. Like Brewster though, he was dropped into a team that was struggling, obviously not as badly, but you were not attacking well when he was in the team. So I can't say I have seen enough to judge him in the Prem. He certainly has the technical ability.}



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27 Feb 2021 02:38:48
ok NES your comment "Fabio Silva is not yet ready or at the required level to lead the line in either of the top two leagues in this country" presumably means you agree with me and he is Div 1 Level?
I agree I'm far from certain why this statement caused a major ruction as it appears pretty obvious to me - Fabio today sadly is a long way short of Prem quality. However clearly some see something that I and it would appear Nuno dont!




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26 Feb 2021 23:13:33
Mark - delighted you think so I thought Wolfthistle's suggestion was a good one as well and so responded!
Re RAN Don't know how much of his time you have seen at Wolves.
He is quite good going forwards but awful (really awful) defensively.
[Will be castigated by "true fans" for that as well! ]
Comparing him to Matt Targett he is sadly a v poor second both ways!
But he is young and may develop - although of course as with all young players he may well not.
Doubt we will find out though as for £20m we should be able to buy a far better ready made player - as you did with Matty Cash.
Plus with Otto, Marcal (injuries permitting) Saiss and quite possibly Vinagre coming back as we can't find anyone willing to buy him despite there not being too much difference between him and RAN in potential he would be competing for 4th LB in the squad. Don't think we can have a £20m fourth/ fifth choice!