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25 Oct 2021 10:00:17
In order to view all of today's banter, you may have to visit our Wolves banter 2 and Wolves banter 3 pages linked at the bottom of this page.

25 Oct 2021 09:26:11
Top four became top three yesterday, a Champions League spot is up for grabs for the Club that’s ready, willing and able to bring a couple of top players in at the START of January, interesting to see who’s got the ambition.

25 Oct 2021 09:44:49
Interesting post Oxley,
Imo I see West ham and Leicester the 2 along with man utd as 1 of the 3 I say will finish 4th.
Utd have the players and squad to bounce back from yesterday's day of disaster.
The rest fighting and I think arsenal and spurs are top of the rest.
For us I think lage needs another 2 windows to get the players for our squad to be complete.
I think round about 10th finish is where we are at this season.
Anything higher absolutely I will take that and always the chance of the fa Cup.

25 Oct 2021 07:59:48
What a sublime goal from our loan player Conor Ronan for St Mirren v Rangers yday. ⚽️.

25 Oct 2021 08:48:34
Just watched it yes a very good finish from ronan. 👍.

25 Oct 2021 09:21:25
Troy Deeney Birmingham star man with a 7.5 rating in the Birmingham mail player ratings, Dion Sanderson star man in same site last week also got a 7.5 rating same as Troy Deeney.
Another top performance from Dion bodes well as he our player.

Review Of The Day 25th October 2021

25 Oct 2021 07:39:05
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 25th October 2021

24 Oct 2021 22:28:20
We're not going down. It's unlikely we're finishing top four. Throw caution to the wind and play on the front foot for the rest of the season. Go on Bruno you know you want to.

25 Oct 2021 09:57:16
E maybe against the top 3 in December if we can accumulate points over the next month as those 3 sides are more open to playing football, but let's not get silly we are still woefully short of natural goalscorers and can't afford a 4 game losing run going into December.

24 Oct 2021 20:09:43
So Pogba does the exact same challenge he did on Neves on a big 6 player and oh look it's a red card.

24 Oct 2021 21:01:02
As for Ronaldo? Why didn't he get red?

{Ed014's Note - Fernandes was lucky too! and to be fair it made no difference that Ronaldo didn’t get sent off as he did feck all!

24 Oct 2021 23:01:28
United or dis-united as they performed were just inept. Played as strangers and not as a team they looked like they had only just met before the game. Pogba's tackle was a disgrace and deserves a longer ban let's face it he's done it before. As for the crowd, i've just watched as Keita was carried off and i'm sure many fans applauded him as he was carried off the pitch but I noticed many around the tunnel didn't. They give real supporters a bad name but then again they are Manchester United why should I be in the least surprised! They always were pretty much the worst.

24 Oct 2021 09:00:51
Disappointed, the lad was auditioning for Superman. The ref was all Leeds, But on the plus side we haven't lost, can't wait for the next match.

24 Oct 2021 09:28:14
Anyone remember the days when a penalty was only awarded if a foul was committed and the attacker was denied a clear goalscoring chance. I hate that nowadays a penalty is given for any foul in the area when the player is moving away from the goal.

24 Oct 2021 10:47:08
Football is a contact sport but seemingly any contact is a foul. As far as Semedo's tackle is concerned, if you get on the wrong side let it go.

24 Oct 2021 11:53:56
Let's not forget, semedos a right back, large moved him to left after taking noutouri off.
But is this not the first time he's given a pen away when moved to left,?

24 Oct 2021 12:11:46
Think there was an opportunity to stop him before he reached the box. & six minutes extra time seemed excessive; only ourselves to blame: time wasting, pretending you have cramp etc.

Review Of The Day 23rd October 2021

24 Oct 2021 07:39:25
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 23rd October 2021

23 Oct 2021 17:18:25
I think some players have become too comftable we literally threw away 2 points, ref was a absolute joke very soft penalty.
On the positive side though it is 4 matches unbeaten.

23 Oct 2021 17:33:24
Just looked at our player ratings Birmingham live can’t believe they looked at the same players that I watched.

23 Oct 2021 18:18:07
The sloppy passing continues, I would have hooked Dendonker and RAN after the first half. Still bringing too much pressure on ourselves but I thought we might have ground out the win, not a pen IMO. Sa and Hwang have been great so far.

23 Oct 2021 19:01:45
I'm a bit nonplussed by it all. Traore jiminez hwang tincao podence to switch attack around with. Moutininho sadly showing his age and dendonker doing the graft but not creative, RAN not fully fit imo. Why didn't bruno change things earlier? How can we not get the front line going as we did in the first three games? We sat so deep from the goal onwards from what I could gather. We can't invite teams to come at us without a real counter threat. OK traore never got going, raul was being kicked about and hwang tried. The ref again seemed hard on us and very lenient on Leeds but that wasn't the concern, the pen was a cert, he was going down at the slightest touch, semedo was too tired/ naive. Sa again saved us and showed his worth, the throw out to podence was the quick thinking we'd lacked out field. As a footnote, (and it didn't give me any pride) why do teams in the lead suddenly get cramp now? . I thought we were better than that. RAN walking along touchline, moutininho making the most of it, come on we berated Brentford for it.

24 Oct 2021 08:28:15
Yet had that soft penalty not been given, we would have won 1-0 and everyone would say Lage produced a tactical masterclass.

24 Oct 2021 11:37:26
Jas I would have said that we we’re very lucky, yesterday reminded me of Nuno’s last season very negative. If we had continued to play the same attacking game as our first 3 games we would have totally outplayed Brentford, Newcastle, Leeds, but we have gone back into our shell hope this doesn’t continue because Bruno will come in for a lot of criticism. I actually think Bruno can do a great job as long as he sticks to his beliefs of attacking football.

24 Oct 2021 14:23:48
Norfolkwolf, you're right. We were very fortunate to come away with a draw. I just think that our midfield looked a bit light without Neves in there dictating the play. Marcal, although not many on here seem to rate him (I do) was a big miss too. He may not be the most elegant player but he does the nitty gritty stuff really well.

24 Oct 2021 17:33:04
Basically, Jas, he's a full back who knows how to defend (we may need him as a centre half come January with the impending loss of Saiss and Boly) something which yesterday's full backs sometimes have difficulty in doing.

24 Oct 2021 20:35:52
I would agree on Marcal I suspect if not injured he would have played, he's old school. I agree ran offers more going forward but you need defenders. I'm sure Marcal would have at least fouled him before he got in the area from his previous examples on numerous occasions. Semedo has looked better this season with Kilman behind him while Saias has enough doing his own job. With hindsight I would have brought Kilman over to left back and Hoever to centre back but obviously that's just my opinion and as I said hindsight which is always 20/ 20 vision isn't it!

23 Oct 2021 17:09:35
Hate to say it but we got what we deserved.

23 Oct 2021 17:01:05
Our first draw this season gutted to concede the penalty but we didn't lose.
Onwards and upwards.

23 Oct 2021 17:13:31
Yes Phil but we can't keep inviting that pressure. Thought ref was awful a proper homer. We are really in need for a few player's in January but wolves ay we 👍.

23 Oct 2021 17:25:50
Couldn't agree more Lex.
We get fair few wins/ draws and strengthen in Jan we'll be set up for a good season.
Wolves ay we 👍.

23 Oct 2021 19:28:10
Desperate point in the end today, but to sit back and encourage the Leeds onslaught, was near baffling. Everyone knows the way they play, but at least we didn't loose, Everton next. Coyw.

23 Oct 2021 21:24:50
Phil I think Leeds will be more upset than we should be. We were under the cosh pretty much all the second half weren't we really. I think the ball we a bar of soap we couldn't get any control. While the win would have been nice i'll take the point I would have been happy with at the start.

23 Oct 2021 21:39:03
I thought we would of held on they didn't look like they would score especially after the save from sa the Leeds player should of scored.
The penalty was a sucker punch but as you say a draw isn't the end of the world.
Onwards and upwards ay mate😀👍.

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