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20 Jan 2021 23:55:34
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20 Jan 2021 23:53:10
Douglas costa
Paper news? Views.

20 Jan 2021 20:21:44
Great news about William Jose- tall, physical, ticks all of the right boxes. let’s just hope that his record of goal scoring (3 in 20 this season) improves😁.

20 Jan 2021 22:18:42
I hear what ya saying but look at Rauls record before Nuno set up a team around him. Before he came to us Rauls best season (outside of Mexico) was 7 goals in a season! When you look at his stats its like there's two different players, one who played averagely for Athletico and Benfica. Then a second player who has made both the English and Mexican Prem his own hunting ground! Let's hope Jose comes in, if nothing else Nuno needs a lift and to see Fosun are still backing him! I read that Athletic article Phil, such a quality magazine that. Couldn't believe that Nuno had hardly seen his Wife over the last 10 months! That's hard under normal circumstances with the current madness going on that's just brutal! No wonder the man looks broken, must be hard to care about your job performance when you can hardly remember being happy in your own life! Let's hope Jose can come in and give Nuno a bit of a much needed lift 👍🐺.

20 Jan 2021 19:56:45
He's just scored for Athletico!

20 Jan 2021 20:16:40
He must be quality then because he’s scored two for Real Sociadad in the cup as well.

20 Jan 2021 20:24:04
Sorry, fake news. I blame my mate who told me, he usually knows what he is talking about! It's all getting very confusing now!

20 Jan 2021 17:43:43
Brazilian striker Willian Jose about to sign on loan, option to buy.

20 Jan 2021 18:43:37
They kept it quiet for a while, but the last few results obviously made them realise it's someone we desperately need! And he's quality!

20 Jan 2021 19:23:52
Wolves always keep transfer dealings quiet until the deal is done or virtually done. He may be quality but he needs to hit the ground running, so fingers crossed. Definitely a step in the right direction!

Let's get behind Nuno and the lads.

20 Jan 2021 19:35:49
Alex kral linked now?

20 Jan 2021 19:46:20
Cutrone and Gibbs-White being moved on on permanent deals low cost but will release some funds
Yow ain’t sin me riiiite 🐵🙈🙉.

20 Jan 2021 20:23:14
The Karl rumours have been around for a couple of weeks now, but hecseems to be highly rated. Can't say I know much about him but he seem to fit our recruitment profile.

20 Jan 2021 21:57:02
Interestingly (following on from Ards Brexit point) one of the outcomes they expected was more South American purchases. As the work permit system would be more universal in its approach, now I'm not saying this is the reason behind this move (as I realise that he's already playing in Spain) but with our second Brazilian player in three months hopefully en route this may be a change Fosun are looking to embrace. I hope so because there is some good business to be found in those South American leagues! COYW 🐺.

20 Jan 2021 17:33:11
Signing Willian Jose from sociedad. This is huge. Spiers confirmed.

20 Jan 2021 20:15:27
As of typing this his wikipedia entry days he plays for Wolverhampton wanderers but his current club is Hednesford town! let's hope we can get a work permit for him!

20 Jan 2021 17:32:29
Willian Jose on the verge of signing on loan with option to buy from Real Sociedad. 52 goal in 143 games for them. Was linked to Man U, Spurs, Newcastle and Barcelona last year.

20 Jan 2021 17:48:37
Great news.

20 Jan 2021 15:13:54
First class ultra interesting posts from Italia Wolf.

20 Jan 2021 20:48:25
Thank you PT - kind words.

20 Jan 2021 13:33:16
Reading spiers his conversations with Jeff Shi should squash the fans thoughts of fosun losing interest.


20 Jan 2021 15:18:15
Was there a hint in there of loosening the purse strings?

20 Jan 2021 15:28:00
Read it and form your own conclusions from it.
Answer to your question No.

20 Jan 2021 16:20:21
Sorry for post above matt was rushing finishing work.
I posted what I read, some fans are believing fosun are losing interest but shi saying fosun are still on course in the 10 year plan to get us to the top.
I know its frustrated a lot of fans with the signings last summer and no signings yet in January but I was merely hoping fans can see fosun for what they actually doing for us trying to get us the top.
I'm not saying you Matt or anyone on here is not behind fosun, just what I read.

20 Jan 2021 18:38:38
Didn't take it in a bad way mate. I'm too cheap to subscribe to the athletic so just wondered what the thoughts were. Although I read we are on the verge of bringing in Willian Jose who I know very little about but people seem to be happy. I've never doubted Fosun, it's a tough window for a multitude of reasons. I was also one of those very happy with our summer business, I think we may all be very happy with it in 18 months time.

Review Of The Day 20th January 2021

20 Jan 2021 07:39:04
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 20th January 2021

20 Jan 2021 06:53:25
Southampton or Arsenal then in the 5th round.

20 Jan 2021 08:01:24
Not beat Chorley yet.

20 Jan 2021 08:25:09
Ha ha was waiting for that,
I should of put versus Chorley or Wolves. 😜.

20 Jan 2021 09:33:35
Interesting. Snodgrass transfer to baggies being investigated.
If Dodgy would their game against us be void?

20 Jan 2021 11:13:41
Just been out and about in brum doing an errand for gaffer, ì wearing my wolves winter coat, its all black with a thumb size wolves head on the top left at the front.
In a shop a baggie fan told me this joke,
Why don't wolves fans ever have a dog?
Because they can't keep hold of a lead.


20 Jan 2021 11:32:41
Sorry Ed for rude end to post which you rightly didn't put on.

{Ed047's Note - I’ve just read it and not even sure what it meant Phil 🤣🤣

20 Jan 2021 11:50:57
Unfortunately not Greyleg. It's an agreement between the "parent" club--being W. H. U. --& W. B. A. that he couldn't face his parent club.

20 Jan 2021 12:09:12
It's a wolves song with the first letter changed. its a song about the Albion,
My old man said be an Albion fan I said **** *** b****** you're a **** have a banana, off went the speacial (that's the speacial train put on for wolves away fans) with the southbank in it we took the Albion in half a minute.

20 Jan 2021 19:56:49
Roll on May 1st, when we send the garbage down! FWAW.

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