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01 Mar 2024 18:59:39
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01 Mar 2024 16:49:50
oao Gomes has been named in the Brazil national team squad for the first time.

01 Mar 2024 18:12:22

01 Mar 2024 08:42:39
How do you think Wolves will line up against Newcastle? Having a small squad doesn't help. I think some of the players must be feeling the pinch with the recent tough games. But who can O'Neill rest.

01 Mar 2024 10:13:49
With the 5 subs I'm not sure it's quite as critical as in the past, I think we start with the strongest lineup available.

01 Mar 2024 10:20:15
Lindsay, I would introduce Noah Lemina. He has looked good in training so I think he deserves a place on the bench.

01 Mar 2024 14:58:20
Sa, Kilman, Dawson, Toti, Semedo, AIT, Mario, Gomes, Doyle, Neto, Sarabia.

I think he'll play Doyle behind Sarabia and Neto who will be allowed to interchange but play a bit narrower than usual.

01 Mar 2024 18:18:46
I expect the same Jas. I want Mario to push up centrally into more attacking role though. Doyle did well w Gomes v Brighton and can hold defensively. Although I thought Santi did real well v Brighton, I expect Dawson back.

01 Mar 2024 18:27:17
Wouldn't surprise me if we didn't have a similar lineup to the Brighton game except for Doc and S Bueno, replaced by Semado and Dawson.
Bring on Neto and Sarabia in the second half when Newcastle start to tire.

29 Feb 2024 23:16:51
Why is it so many professional players are afraid to shoot with their non-dominant foot? So many times I see professionals in PL bypass a shot to try to move ball to their dominant side and the opportunity disappears. I can't understand this happening with professionals. I know Bellegarde just did it. It was either v SU or Spurs when he was just outside the 6yd box with only keeper to beat.

It drives me crazy when I see it.

01 Mar 2024 10:42:59
With you 100% on this, New Jersey. When I first started playing at a reasonable level, it was drummed into me that if I wanted to get anywhere, I'd need to able to use either foot with as high a degree of comfort as possible.

We started every training session at Youth team level with 10 minute passing drills, alternating with either foot with the result that my weaker left eventually became as strong as the right. I was never going to reach league standard but, even at my moderate level, if I ever found myself under pressure it came to my rescue time and time again.

The modern game is so much faster than in my day and there is so little time to switch to a favoured foot before the opening disappears. Instinct becomes everything. I remember the Bellegarde incident but the same can also be said of chances that have fallen this season to Pedro, Hwang, RAN and Pablo. It's so frustrating to see gilt-edged opportunities frittered away like this.

Having said this, I'm just thrilled with the progress we've made this season. And a big shout out to the Wolves fans who were there for the Brighton game. Even on TV, it was obvious that they played a huge part in dragging the boys over the finishing line. Couldn't have been more proud of you all.

01 Mar 2024 13:44:15
Quite agree Pagham. I played at a minor level and in my teens used to practice with a friend taking penalties, trapping and passing with only my left foot until we were comfortable with both. It staggers me that players at the very top are so uncomfortable with one or other foot. Opportunities are missed and commentators forgive it it by saying it came to his wrong foot. Should not be so.

01 Mar 2024 16:55:24
It's a good and interesting point that New. I just wonder if it's (partly) down to the stats driven nature of modern footy?! What I mean is that if these lads are having it drummed into um from a young enough age that the probability of scoring is X amount higher when using your dominant foot then maybe they just become a little hard wired to shift the ball onto it before shooting?! Sheer guess work and I'm probs wrong but you are definitely right in that it seems a lot more common these days to avoid shoting on a players weak side. Bellegarde was a classic example he should have just put his foot through it! đź‘Ť

01 Mar 2024 18:10:26
I always coach my youth players to not be afraid to shoot with weaker foot in practice and games. I prefer them to try, even if they flub it, than get into habit to avoid that side. As they realize I have their back, they grow more confident and less scared to make poor shot. In games, many times you don't get to choose which foot to use when a shooting opportunity is available.

29 Feb 2024 15:16:24
Yet more disrespect to our great club.

On radio today, they were discussing Chelsea and the FA Cup draw. The presenters said that the Cup is between Liverpool and Man City and then went on to add that Chelsea had a favourable draw against Leicester and the only easier possible games would be against either Wolves or Coventry.

The other presenter did point out that Wolves had done the double over Chelsea this season but this feat was dismissed as 'lucky'. They then spoke about how good Pochettino is and how unlucky Chelsea have been.

29 Feb 2024 16:24:58
Frankly if its talksport I'm surprised fans of clubs outside the so called big six listen, particularly Wolves, regularly on this forum there seems to be a moan about us. Most talks radio needs controversy to drive ratings, the best thing to do is turn off if you don't like the content.

29 Feb 2024 21:10:00
i stopped listening to pointless TalkCrap a long time ago. It only exists to provoke reactions and generate controversy. The vocal version of clickbait looking for a response.

Last night I thought the BBC presentation of our match was very poor I can only assume they have cut back on staff. Commentary was ok and also the summariser but outside of that there was nothing. No pre or post match chat or interviews before or after. The BBC website was the same. Before the game team selections only came up around half an hour before kick off for all the games, very slow tbh. Anyway moan over atleast they showed the game.

Whilst the draw haas been as good as we could get one thing struck me that should we beat Coventry I hope we avoid City for Doyles sake. It would be a tragedy for the lad on consecutive years to miss a Wembley game because of the loan rules.

01 Mar 2024 02:56:10
Yesterday Darren Bent and Andy Goldstein had a piece about how good Gary O'Neill is on TalkSport.

Simon Jordan is also a big fan of Gary.

29 Feb 2024 12:03:31
I felt this game was worse than SU. Poor ball control in 2nd half especially. We were parking the bus much more without control.
Also, I can't watch Hwang play up top anymore. He is not good there. Although with hamstring injury, I think we may not see him at all v Newcastle.
If not going to use Fraser as our 9, then put Lemina (Mario Jr) in that role. He has an eye for goal. Can hold ball up if needed. He can head. Has good dribbling skills, speed and can shoot even when lying on the ground. He is versatile to move into other positions. Also, we have other central mids to cover his role.

29 Feb 2024 13:36:48
I didn't see it that way newjersey, this game I think we dug in and did a rehearsed job of keeping brighton out. Granted we were looking a little short in going forward until neto and sarabia arrived but we were putting in the hard graft, SU we were devoid of ideas at times, I think you mention an instance when Dawson was standing on the ball not knowing where to.play it in that game. Brighton are no easy team even without some 1st choice players and given the team selection last night I think we deserved the win albeit with a tad of luck!

29 Feb 2024 15:03:37
I also thought we did well to win that game, Brighton didn’t really have many chances imo. Although it would be nice if we had some young players that could fill the gaps created by injuries. A bit jealous of the likes of Brighton or Liverpool who have the faith in their youth players. For me hwang hasn’t looked right since he came back from the Asian cup, gon maybe putting too much on him. Didn’t look 100% fit to me. Hopefully the injuries aren’t too bad and we get back to full strength. It’s a bit fingers crossed for the rest of the season.

29 Feb 2024 16:44:16
Abbey. I wasn't saying Dawson was devoid of ideas in SU game. I meant he didn't need to do anything with the ball because nobody was pressuring him so he just stood there waiting until SU woke up.
Brighton had several good opportunities on goal and we lucky to escape. Our defense was under quite bit of pressure and chaotic a few times. And Brighton playing their young players with not much experience still made it tough on us. Both games 1-0, but different. SU little chance to score on us and we just killed the clock, Brighton pressured us, we couldn't hold the ball or get the ball out of our own third, except with a long clearance.

We got lucky yesterday and some of our players need rest. i'm not confident v Newcastle. I think our lineup will be different than what we have been using last few games. I want Lemina as a false 9, unless Fraser gets a chance.

29 Feb 2024 17:35:00
I agree with most of your comments Jersey but I wouldn't play Lemina up front he's too useful in midfield.I think it's time to give Fraser a try either starting or coming on as a sub.He can't be any worse than Bellegarde or Hwang.I'm not criticising either of them but they are not centre forwards.

29 Feb 2024 17:41:17
I don't really want him up top either, but he could probably play as false 9 like Cunha so we still get his midfield help. My opinion we have to give Fraser a chance now with our injuries piling up.

29 Feb 2024 18:22:29
I wasn't suggesting he was devoid of ideas newjersey I was suggesting that no one was giving him options. Without cunha then as it stands/as GON sets us out, hwang is the only choice. I like fraser but I think he's more a finisher than 'creater' and we're not playing to that, unless it's pushing for a late goal.
Certainly hwang has been out of the action in the last couple of games though.
I actually fancy our chance of something v Newcastle, although St.James can be very intimidating.
Bellegard as done well in my opinion apart from hesitancy in front of goal, he needs to get confident in striking early.

29 Feb 2024 19:37:37
If I recall when Fraser played in the pre season games, he struck up a good partnership with Cunha creating and Fraser finishing.

29 Feb 2024 20:39:48
No one has mentioned it but I thought we owed a lot to Doyle last night. His work rate is phenomenal, he must have covered every blade of grass twice. We may have more skilful players but he more than makes up for it with his work rate.

29 Feb 2024 11:48:17
I recall the last time we played Coventry in the quarter finals of the FA cup at Molineux in the early seventies, we beat them and went on to lose to Leeds in the semis.
I have a strong feeling that we will beat them again, this time going on to the final.

29 Feb 2024 15:51:27
You know lostcity I remember the Leeds semi but recollection of Coventry game gone, my age I guess. Leeds were my pet hate then, I didn't like their 'cheating' ways and felt we were hard done by.
Coventry always hold memories for me, their old Highfield ground and the birdcage centre, not being from Wolverhampton we used to go to Coventry when wolves were away on a Saturday and odd night game. Always had to pay for the 'locals' to watch our car!. Lol. Like you I think we can get past them again, although it won't be easy, and then who knows? I'd love to see us lift the cup one more time, this could be my last chance. I've always said if we got to Wembley final I'd take my boy, I'd love to be able to do it before it was too late.

29 Feb 2024 18:36:36
Hope it happens Abbey. I was four when we last won the FA cup, so this could be my last opportunity to see Wolves win it again. Hope we can do it.

29 Feb 2024 19:14:06
I always remember playing Coventry in the late seventies at Molineux when their fans ran the length of the pitch from the South Bank to the North Bank where the Wolves fans were gathered. Wolves fans surged forward and one of them jumped on to the pitch and took them all on!

01 Mar 2024 15:26:44
I've looked up the Coventry game and seeing the highlights remembered it all right, the penalty when Richards was taken out and hibbets finish in front of the North Bank particularly lostcity. It said the attendance was over 50000 and seeing everyone crammed in there brought memories back of trying to get in front of a barrier to lean on and the jostling of celebrating a goal. There was the toilet roll still blowing around the pitch and I could almost smell the waft of fag smoke in the air. How times have changed to the 30000 seated, careful what you say, atmosphere today. Throw a bog roll now on the teams arrival and you'd be out. But the mol, despite the changes, still holds the greatest home fans in the league and remains home to my sporting love.

28 Feb 2024 22:25:05
Wolves have had some heavy losses against Brighton. 4-1 at Molineux earlier and 6-0 last season. Delighted to win 1-0. Defend well, don't concede a recipe for success.

29 Feb 2024 02:18:57
Very lucky again though had Steel hit that attempt right it would have gone to extra time, but a scrappy 1-0 win against Brighton is a fantastic result.
Although imo once again that dirty so and so Gross should have been sent off, I hope oneday he comes across a Kevin Muscat type player see how he fares up then.

28 Feb 2024 21:49:37
Another ugly win but we dug in deep and defended pretty well. I just hope that Chan is not out for to long but that doesn’t look good and I hope Mario is ok and Gomes to who was holding his hammy. How do we set up for Newcastle? A quarter against Coventry. That is a must win now to get to the semis. COYW

28 Feb 2024 22:23:49
This one was a controlled dug in. Well done.

28 Feb 2024 22:26:37
I saw it as a great game. GON managed it perfectly. Most great wins are with less possession as proved again tonight.
Think Gomez is fine. Knew he was going to be subbed. Hwang didn’t look at full strength so hope he’s ok.
Lemina was a true wolf. Reminded me a bit of Bully who would never give up. Passion and a quality finish.
More to come …

28 Feb 2024 22:40:41
We're starting to look a bit dodgy without Cunha and having to become much tighter at the back, but 3 good results now without him.

29 Feb 2024 09:09:43
Yes arddunby, I'm afraid hwang isn't an answer, I know he's been struggling with jnee/hamstring problems but he hasn't looked comfortable, by that mean positioning wise. He's not a straight out No.9. and he's been hanging back from deliveries. Cunha is definitely missed and has return will see a team performance raise.

29 Feb 2024 15:32:52
I thought Gomes was just stalling.

28 Feb 2024 21:46:53
Yes!, What a great week. And home v Coventry in the 1/4s.

28 Feb 2024 21:01:15
Brighton more possession than us. They look more likely to score. We're getting pulled all over the pitch. Need Neto and Sarabia on.

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