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18 May 2022 16:09:29
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18 May 2022 14:21:13
We can put the bust up rumour to bed now Lage has basically laughed of the idea of a bust up, he said "yes there are some minor disagreements but any unhappy player we sit down and have a chat to resolve it, there is no mutiny and we are a close bunch."
This is from Molinuex news.

18 May 2022 15:57:14
I'd question Molineux News @Rated RKO - they just copy and paste other news articles, and don't even dress them up as their own. Oddly they don't cite the source like most clickbait sites do.

18 May 2022 08:35:12
Wolves it's madness,madness
I call it madness,
But this is madness then i'm filled with gladness,
It's going to be rougher,
It's going to be tougher,
And I'm not (?)gona be the one to suffer.

Taken from Madness (Prince Buster)

18 May 2022 15:16:28
All that's left of these dreams I hold.
Is a band of gold.

Freda payne (band of gold)

Get Sunday out the way phil and it's the next exciting (?) Phase. No matter what we'll still be a band of gold mate.

18 May 2022 16:04:28
Yes Abbey mate we all are old gold always.

Review Of The Day 17th May 2022

18 May 2022 07:39:29
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 17th May 2022

17 May 2022 22:50:36
Congratulations to the U23's for beating Norwich, on penalty's, in the PL2 play off semi final.
They will meet Stoke in the final, at home.

18 May 2022 06:13:29
Indeed longmyndwolf, Buenos 5th goal in as many games, asst. Luke Cundle. A wing back in a Doherty mould? I really am looking forward to the final, next Monday I think. Well done lads.

17 May 2022 20:50:16
Watching MGW currently. Not for me I'm afraid. Nice pass but too lightweight. Not strong enough on the ball.

18 May 2022 06:16:02
He was getting rave comments on my text commentary raging, they seemed agreed that 'wolves have someone special' in MGW.

18 May 2022 07:41:14
Not for me at the top table of the Premier league. I'll put my hands up if I'm wrong. Did well on a few occasions with his skillset but has no core body strength at all. Took his goal well but his poor penalty signalled the end for Sheff Utd.

18 May 2022 14:24:02
Best player on the pitch last night although there is a huge difference between Premier league and Championship but I agree with what one commentator said "right now MGW would walk into that Wolves team."
I did laugh though when he said "MGW would be the best midfielder at Wolves" erm not quite as for me Neves and Moutinho are light years ahead of MGW, but MGW certainly seems to have the potential to be one of our best midfielders in time.

17 May 2022 13:44:26
Received an email to renew my season ticket by midnight Friday June 8th which is…err, a Wednesday, seems they need some improvements in admin as well.

17 May 2022 14:29:10
Sure it wasn't 8th July as that's on a Friday?

17 May 2022 09:43:37
I know we all have gripes with how the preferential treatment the top six clubs get from pundits, granted Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp are great managers. Nobody is talking about the job Eddie Howe has done with Newcastle United. Just a thought.

17 May 2022 13:28:02
Fair comment Debbie, he has got them going in the right direction. Having said that he could hardly do much worse than his predecessor.

17 May 2022 13:46:16
Klopp is yes but Pep no he has always had an unlimited chequebook until he does it with a small budget I will never regard him as great.
Eddie Howe is great he has done it in the past with little budget and has turned Newcastle into a decent team too.
Another even though he is a plonker at times is Thomas Frank the job he has done with Brentford has been outstanding.
And our very own Bruno took a team in poor form, had little money and at one time had us knocking on the door of the top 4.

17 May 2022 15:00:01
Graham Potter at Brighton worth a shout as well.

17 May 2022 09:28:42
Just heard an interesting piece regarding clubs looking to break into the top 6.

In a nutshell, it said Wolves have got the model right as if you look to invest too much money into the playing side too quickly, you risk dividing the dressing room as new players will be on astronomical wages compared to others which will cause issues. Also, if the outlay if the club goes up, the only people going to suffer is the fans. The example they gave was Newcastle. The average wage of the 1st team squad is approx £50k per player per week. If they invest in new players as the fans want, that wage goes up to £150k per week which will mean the club fall foul of FFP. Solution increase ticket prices and merchandise prices.

17 May 2022 09:47:48
It's very true Jas. You also see it where clubs described as "family friendly" start getting accused of losing their soul for becoming more corporate to increase commercial revenues.

Remember under Martin O'Neil when Villa tried to break the top 6 and ultimately failed. The cost cutting afterwards when the money ran out cost them their Premier League status eventually.

17 May 2022 11:14:45
Alex Leeds as well under O Leary can't remember the season about 20 years ago, but the finance seemed to be based on making the Champions league, its taken them 20 years to get back from that. Without wishing to use foul language look at the Prem seasons WBA clocked up during that time, just taking the money and if they had to go back down then they came straight back.

17 May 2022 12:56:19
@Arddunby as I recall the whole Leeds situation was based on them winning the CL Final, they made it to the CL Semi-Final (knocked out by Valencia).

"Doing a Leeds" is a phrase that is synonymous with the potentially dire consequences for domestic clubs in financial mismanagement. Investing heavily to win the CL. However, in the process, the club built up large debts and suffered a financial meltdown after failing to continue to qualify for the competition.

17 May 2022 13:15:43
Other clubs have been stung too - Portsmouth not so long ago, you could even make a case for Derby in just trying to reach the PL.

17 May 2022 13:39:02
I think that's why Fosun from the 'get go' talked about a 10 year project. First priority is to get the club into the Prem, second, keep it there and third, push for Europe.
I think players will be more relaxed about joining the club now they'll feel we are an established Premier League with a business model that is secure going forward and an ambition for European competition.
I know Fosun starting talking more lately about a 20 year plan but that was due in part to Covid and probably the time it will take to fully redevelop the Mol.

17 May 2022 14:13:56
Debbie, 'Arry Redknapp coined the phrase 'Doing a Wolves' to describe a double dip. Mind you, he was famous for keeping the dressing 'fresh', meaning lots of fat brown envelopes. He was tried for fraud, due to a Swiss bank account in the name of his dog. I always wondered what his cat was worth!

17 May 2022 15:01:25
Debbbie I recall that now thanks.

17 May 2022 07:45:04
Anyone else embarrassed last night with the coverage after the game. A new low for me in that Carragher and Neville warbled on about Arsenal far too long. A few token references to Newcastle and even one of them was about Ant and Dec. I really want us first and foremost and other teams to wipe the floor with these so called top 6 sides.

17 May 2022 12:02:40
Didn't see the game raging but I've been fed up with one sided reporting not only on sports programmes. After our trouncing by City and DeBruyne scoring spree, the breakfast news merely covered the spurs arsenal match to come that night. The money is in these city sides the names like renaldo are them and that sells. I read more about Nuno in the national press in his short spell at spurs that in the 4 years he was with us.

Review Of The Day 15th May 2022

17 May 2022 07:39:15
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 15th May 2022

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