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13 Jun 2024 09:22:51
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12 Jun 2024 17:14:09
Can someone please tell me why we're haggling over a 10 million euros for Dia of Salternia I think how you spell it. Its quite clear Wolves want the player just pay the money and move on to the next target. Before people start we're is
the money coming from we have 15 players out on loan which GON could not believe sell them there's the money.

12 Jun 2024 18:14:58
That's not liquid money though. So many what ifs.

12 Jun 2024 18:21:38
We quibbled over the fee when we tried to sign Wharton from Blackburn. I believe we were 5 mill. short. He's now with the England squad and his value has trebled. So short sighted!

12 Jun 2024 19:07:20
Welcome to the pack Rodrigo,

12 Jun 2024 19:39:55
Didn't the club come out yesterday and say that they are not in talks with the player and have not made any contact with his club.

12 Jun 2024 21:33:15
The same Día whose own club sued him for refusing to come on and made his team play the final 30 mins of a league match with a man down?! Sounds like a gamble to me, not sure I blame the club for mitagating the level of gamble on this one?! 🧐

11 Jun 2024 15:48:14
Debet is now Wolves front shirt sponsor and is the biggest sponsorship Wolves have ever done its for 2 seasons how much don't know.

11 Jun 2024 16:09:54
Another sponsor they won’t be able to put on kids shirts at a time clubs are voluntarily scrapping deals with betting firms, you couldn’t make it up, is that really the best they can do?

11 Jun 2024 16:50:52
Are clubs voluntarily scrapping their sponsorship deals with Gambling firms?

Villa, Bournemouth, Brentford, Burnley, Everton, Fulham, Forest and West Ham were all sponsored by a Gambling firm last season. 10 of the remaining 13 teams, including us had a Betting firm as a sleeve sponsor. Therefore, 17 of the 20 teams had some sort of deal with a Gambling company.

11 Jun 2024 16:52:54
Must admit it raises a question mark evran Aday. I hope the moneys there to make it worth it!.

11 Jun 2024 19:11:37
Surely surely there are as good or better non betting sponsorship deals out there!
We all know commercial income is vital.we are not punching up to weight, let alone above!

11 Jun 2024 20:39:14
I can't believe people moaning. The biggest deal in the clubs history!
What wrong with that?
Everyone wants new player signings to improve the squad and we need external sources to increase revenue.

11 Jun 2024 20:56:49
If Debet is Wolves biggest ever sponsor deal then well done Wolves

11 Jun 2024 22:34:38
What clubs are volunteering to walk away from betting companies? Some people on here/wolves fans everywhere are embarrassing. It’s are biggest sponsorship ever which gives us more income but it’s a joke, we are signing a quality young player in Rodrigo Gomes but he’s no good otherwise other clubs would have snapped him up, we’ve got no money but we’ve just spent 15m before we have sold a single player! Without Fosen we are stuck in the Championship!

Ok they haven’t been perfect, have the Glaziers? Could it be worse? People jump on Fabio, It didn’t work move on! Neto may leave he may not, but for god sake stop moaning! You lot hate the squad we have… let’s have Keith Andrew’s etc again! We are blessed! See the positive…. Out of darkness….

{Ed001's Note - the Premier League clubs as a whole voted to voluntarily remove betting sites as advertisers on the front of shirts by 2026.}

11 Jun 2024 22:45:18
Yet again I get the biggest sponsorship deal in the clubs history, but you lot see the negative, let’s get Goodyear back, I don’t splash the cash like Forest did… sorry I’ll do better and get a points deduction next season…. I won’t do what Brighton do and sell there players for profit…. But you can slag me off because I brought one wrong player in Fabio! Shame I asked Ruben to join, with Diego, and Willy! Some of you love a moan, we won’t charge you more for a ticket but I bet you’ll moan when we don’t move forward as a club….

12 Jun 2024 10:57:12
Yep. 2 years away. Just because we along with others have a betting organisation as a sponsor doesn't make we want to go out and bet. Same as having a drinks company on the front of the shirt doesn't make me want to go a drink. Nanny state.

12 Jun 2024 15:36:05
So funny Black, in one instance you make the point that all betting companies are spending a fortune on sponsorship then in the very next breathe say that sponsorship doesn't work! Haha, someone should tell these MANY companies that it doesn't work (despite ALL research suggesting it does)! Priceless, I'm loving it (see what I did there) 🤣
Jeff grow up mate! You may make some good points but even if you do it will be lost in this pathetic need to write as a false third person! Also it wasn't just Fabio, you seem to have forgotten Podence (£17m), Guedes (£33m), Jordao (£8m), Hooever (£13m) between those players alone that's £106m! Are you honestly trying to say you don't think we've missed £106m?! Behave and try to start posting like a grown up please! 👍

12 Jun 2024 16:36:39
No I didn't say anything of the sort. I was suggesting that does it really matter who sponsors a team be it football, Rugby, whatever and that the name/sponsor doesn't influence me in anyway. If Wolves have as they got their best sponsorship deal ever then well done to Wolves, presumably Jeff Shi.
Maybe we should ask Disney to sponsor us because we wouldn't want to offend anyone in this woke world

{Ed001's Note - but it is not about offending people, are you really that unable to understand? Clearly you lack empathy, which is sad.}

12 Jun 2024 19:03:54
There was other stuff on Web regarding Debet which dosnt make good reading, that may or maybe false, hopefully the latter. That was my worry. It seems abit rich tho, vote against betting sponsors then accept the money. No doubt gambling effects an awful lot of people big time, I personally agree with blackfords, I've never consciously been influenced by sponsors but perhaps that's how it works? Maybe I have without realising it, my choice of soles on my shoes are 'goodyear'!.

12 Jun 2024 19:49:00
As BB has suggested with some people it obviously works and while some can have a daily fiver in the bookies on a horse and win or lose that's the entertainment for the day, others face the total ruin of family life. It's a complicated issue like alcohol in society. Personally I would rather the club had a more mainstream sponsor. I've always liked the idea of duracell as a club sponsor. Pink rabbit football advert!

12 Jun 2024 21:31:31
Me too ardunby, maybe we run out of steam at the end of the season too often for their liking?

12 Jun 2024 22:10:34
I think part of it is building our fan base abroad. None of the companies we get sponsored by seem to be from the uk, also correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think you can even access the betting companies that sponsor us. Not that I agree with advertising betting etc but at least our local fans can’t get enticed by them.

Curtis Jones

11 Jun 2024 11:39:14
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new player profile about, Curtis Jones

10 Jun 2024 21:54:37
Old Wulf
You are completely correct!
With Dawson we are 35 from 25 plus a few more from Var - so again edge of Europe
Without 11 from 13 - relegation battle/relegated!
Note their, (Neto and Dawson), games do largely overlap so hard to be definitive about who adds the value but without Neto we immediately don't score as many points but when Dawson goes as well our point collection all but disappears. Some logic there - Neto wins games. Dawson stops you from losing them
I must admit I excluded Dawson from my top 5 players in the squad that should be off limits for sales primarily on the basis that he is old and may now, following his injury, be on borrowed time. I guess I also don't believe that, despite his superb form over the last 12 months, we would get any significant offers for him and so - rather like the Lemina story - why on earth would we sell him?
I may be being a bear and he could give us another year helping guide Kilman and develop Toti but for me the 3 CBs are probably my number 1 area that needs strengthening in the first 11 and are fairly high up for improvement in depth.
Hence a little surprised at the signing - if it is a signing - of an inexperienced RWB for over £10m (for us this is likely to be a lot of money unless we either do something very stupid like sell one of our 5 superstars or we get very lucky and someone makes a silly offer for someone else - Sa or Kilman at over 40 a pop would be amazing)
Unless Semedo is leaving - again I don't think you will get much if any fee for him so why sell just to remove the wages, albeit large, of someone who may be the 6th, 7th or 8th best player we have - Gomes (R) is likely to be a back up RWB ahead of Doherty and Hoever ( if either remain). With all the other issues we are facing this seems to be a luxury that I'm not sure we can afford.
Although if he is as good as many are saying he is a very positive signing both for the future (when Semedo - who is after all old and in the last year of his contract - moves on/retires) and now as a back up/alternative if Semedo gets injured, suspended or loses form etc etc.
2 quality players in every position should be the mantra for all well run clubs - but we aren't a well run club and need to cut our cloth accordingly.
We do need at least 1 new GK - (hopefully Sa - again our 6th, 7th or 8th best player but old and seemingly in demand for silly money ( please!) - may leave, meaning we need 2) The chap from Liverpool looks an obvious and cheap replacement for Sa at between £10- £20m depending on what you read.
We need at least 1 and possibly 2 new CBs, (3 if Kilman leaves), at least one to be top quality. Yerson may do a job as one of the two but we can't risk him not hitting the ground running, (especially if Dawson isn't back to his best), as the senior new CB.
CM is strong
But we need one or preferably two new forwards - Adams could have been the central one of those (Whilst I don't disagree that Che Adams is not a great player he is a lot better than we currently have as back ups and is on a free. Beggars - and that is practically what we are it seems - can't be choosers! So once again be careful what you wish for.) and a wide player to provide competition to Sarabia as the back up.
Is this the alternative role for Gomes R?. (If he was a LWB I could imagine RAN playing further forwards quite easily and Gomes R slipping in at LWB but can Gomes R play RF as a back up to Neto?)
In other words even if Sa and Kilman stay - in which case we really are coppering up - we need 5 new players beyond Gomes R. It is going to be interesting to see how we cope this (last) summer before the bomb squad "drop off the books" next year and we hopefully return to a far better financial position!

11 Jun 2024 16:51:04
It remains to be seen how yerson will adapt to the prem Tfg. His disciplinary record on pitch hasn't been too clever in the past, as I recall he was sent off along with podence during the first half on a friendly pre season in spain, and I believe he was also dismissed in the first minutes of a game in the Americas, a little 'reactionary' perhaps?. Last thing we need is a player sitting out for 3 games here and there. That said, I do like the look of the guy from the little I've seen.

11 Jun 2024 17:18:33
Abbey - do not disagree that it would be foolish to rely too heavily on him. Hence as I stated above we need a leader CB to effectively replace Dawson who surely can't go on to much longer or preferabbly play alogside him for a year whilst Toti matures and we see how good Yerson is.
I'm hopeful Yerson can be at least a squad member next year but as you say it would be a gamble not to buy another established CB who would be expected to start in the first 11 not just be a squad member

11 Jun 2024 19:59:26
Totally agree Tfg. Reading today we've an interest in olypiakos defender Campra?, or similar name. Apparently he's well regarded.

12 Jun 2024 15:28:38
Ah TFOG so nice to have a little more common sense round here again buddy!
Won't surprise ya to hear that I agree with pretty much everything you've said on both posts (this one and rumours re:Lemina) 👍
We definitely can't afford to lose the few high quality players we have and like you said without Neto we just don't score! Also entirely agree on the need to replace Craig, great player but he's not getting any younger. I think we should have been in for some of these free cbs that have been going but then I also expect those clubs that have got them will be offering HUGE contracts so maybe it's just not realistic for us?
Like you've said if we start the season and haven't signed another cb and another striker then I will be somewhat concerned for our ongoing Prem survival! Eitherway just good to see ya back and posting buddy 👍

10 Jun 2024 21:43:50
If as increasingly strongly rumoured we land this Braga young winger Gomes, do we know if he is primarily left rather than right?
And if so do we think that might be a strong indication we would be happy or want to sell RAN?.Who I rate and hope we keep

11 Jun 2024 13:15:40
Does Gary know if he’s left or right?

11 Jun 2024 15:12:20
I think I read left.

10 Jun 2024 21:31:56
Looks like we may of made our first signing according to BBC pending his medical. Rodrigo Gomes.

11 Jun 2024 15:25:32
Watched a YouTube piece. Seems to be able to play on both sides.
With Ait-Nouri (if he stays) on the left, this kid on the right we have players who will drive at defences.
1 or 2 options in the middle, could be in for a few more goals!

10 Jun 2024 08:43:56
Did any of you Bikers join in for the Dave Myers day in Barrow?

10 Jun 2024 09:22:24
Yes I did. Didn't do the whole journey. Birmingham bike museum to Knutsford.

10 Jun 2024 14:21:58
A youtuber I watch did he reviews food but his face is a mess as he got drunk and decided it'd be a good idea to run down a huge hill and he fell over and faceplanted himself lol.

Top 10 - All-Time International Teams

10 Jun 2024 07:39:21
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Top 10 - All-Time International Teams

10 Jun 2024 19:56:06
Interesting choice, no ones going to argue with brazil 70, I agree England 70 are better than 66.

Holland 88 and Argentina 86 although I would say the later were Maradona Plus 10 are Interesting omissions.

11 Jun 2024 10:15:50
Holland 78.kempes argentina wer just too good on their own soil.but arry aan and jonny rep wer shooting in from everywer.

09 Jun 2024 19:08:55
Watching Canadian Grand Prix with George Russell leading. For those who don't know George is a massive Wolves fan! Come on George!

Players Currently Linked With Glasgow Rangers

09 Jun 2024 07:39:27
{Ed's Note - MrRangers87 has posted a new article entitled, Players Currently Linked With Glasgow Rangers

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