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03 May 2022 08:25:49
Source transfer tavern.
Ivan Toney Brentford.
If we get him I would be very very happy just what we need.
Woukd be perfect signing.
Clearly its click bait the source.

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03 May 2022 16:08:03
He wouldn't be a bad signing by a long stretch. Definitely feels like a rumour that starts by someone saying who they think we should sign. pundit types ect.

It's a massive summer for sure. Deals will be done in lots of areas I'd bet

03 May 2022 16:24:40
I would love us to sign Toney but it's unlikely for two reasons. Firstly he's already turned us down once! Secondly (and this is actually the real issue) he's young, good and English I'm afraid that means BIG money! I suspect somewhere between £30-60m, I can't see Fosun paying the English player premium when they could just sign a Benfica B team player for a tenth of the price, that's what they like doing! Still I REALLY rate Toney so I would LOVE to be wrong on this one! 👍

03 May 2022 17:59:48
If Erickson stays at Brentford next season I suspect Toney will to.

03 May 2022 21:05:38
Brentford is the new Sheffield United, had a good first season but will be found out in the "tricky second season"

04 May 2022 19:55:28
Podence - Ankle/Foot injury - ruled out this weekend
Kilman - Ankle/foot injury - out for season
Semedo - Thigh injury - ruled out this weekend

If none of them play this weekend, I would say it most probably because they are injured and not because of some unsubstantiated rumours of a fall out.

04 May 2022 22:48:53
There's absolutely no chance of getting Toney for the reasons outlined by Bullys but I thought that he failed a medical rather than turning us down. We clearly need a goalscorer up front but if we do sign someone in that position then it will almost certainly be someone who has never been mentioned.Raul was out of the blue,for example.

02 May 2022 07:36:39
Manchester United sent a senior scout to watch Portugal midfielder Ruben Neves play for Wolves in the their 3-0 defeat to Brighton on Saturday - hopefully Neves done enough to ward off any interest 😂😂😂 (from the Brum mail, enough said)

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02 May 2022 13:13:35
Every cloud has a silver lining

Hi ho lol

30 Apr 2022 23:32:51
Bruno Large has left wolves . Confirmation in next 24-48 hours

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01 May 2022 09:33:47
Well a picture on twitter of Bruno supposedly taken at Manchester airport at 9.01 this morning! After a defeat like that you'ld think that an inquest with the players would be underway straight away bank holiday or not!

01 May 2022 10:15:09
With four games to go and nothing to play for, it would be an odd time to sack a manager.

01 May 2022 10:46:44
Nuno had an amazing team spirit, all that seems to have gone, they no longer play with a smile on their face even Conor Coady. When the likes of Jiminez, Jonny and Neto are sitting on the bench there is something badly wrong. Hwang, Dendonker and Ait Nouri should certainly not feature in the next game.

01 May 2022 13:57:55
I highly doubt it but if he has who can blame him with those lazy good for nothing players who need to take a good long hard look at themselves.
They think other clubs will want them? Who'd want players who only turn up for their paycheck?
Imo apart from SA none of them should be paid this week.

02 May 2022 15:32:52
Ray, yiu do realise that Jonny and Neto are not yet fully fit and Raul is out of form.

02 May 2022 17:09:36
Yes I realize they are p?aging themselves back to fitness, but half fit they are an improvement on some. Not fully fit Neto is a massive improvement on Hwang, Ait Nouri can't defend so prefer Jonny. The situation with Raul is more complex but I would prefer to see him up top with Si!va because it is impossible to see where else goals will come from.

03 May 2022 14:35:30
So I'm guessing that was like a Mars 48 hours then?! Got to love the Tinkerman, always with the rumours and never a single one right! Well not unless they've already read it on Sky! 🤣

03 May 2022 14:57:01
What a load of rubbish.wheres this exciting attacking football this manager promised.no different to when nuno was in charge,but we trusted nuno,loved the guy.when I go to home games now,I seem to be leaving earlier and earlier.utter rubbish.somthing has gone on in the dressing room. You can tell that by sum of the players attitudes

04 May 2022 11:21:15
A Mars 48 hours Bullys? 😂 Sorry only just seen that, brilliant.

30 Apr 2022 22:06:04
training ground bust up on Thursday and players had to jump in to stop a fight between Bruno and Raul and Jonny.
More arguments on Friday resulting in Raul and Jonny being dropped today.
Players clearly voted with their feet today with the worst display since Fosun took over! the next few weeks will be interesting

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01 May 2022 09:27:58
Bost up, ay it.

01 May 2022 13:59:05
Raul was dropped due to form, Johnny was dropped as we still need to be careful with him after such a long injury.
None of what you said happened.

03 May 2022 06:00:39
Ratedrko,funny that I heard the same thing yesterday.something has gone wrong in the dressing room.maybe it's what a lot of us said from the beginning, Bruno lage simply is not good enough.wheres this exciting football we were supposed to have,we have looked crap since trade left.end of

04 May 2022 09:43:31
Don't forget podence has had a bust up with lage as well, he ain't injured, I've heard he's told lage he will not play for wolves again and wants out. we will see if any truth in it in upcoming games

27 Apr 2022 21:05:16
Wolves are in 'advanced talks' for the summer signing of Shakhtar Donetsk winger Pedrinho.

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28 Apr 2022 09:46:42
Looks like Trincao isn't being kept then.

28 Apr 2022 11:48:46
I like him and I hope we sign him. Like Semedo who people didn't rate last season, I think he'll blossom next season.

28 Apr 2022 13:06:54
@ Jas M - have you read Bruno's comments on Trincao today? more a less "good but could be better" (reading between the lines).

28 Apr 2022 15:50:25
Debbie, I've read the same article. I think Lage will start him in the majority of our remaining games just to see if he can cut it.

28 Apr 2022 18:58:58
I don't want to trash Trincao but at the moment he reminds me of Helder Costa. Costa on his day had his unplayable spells in a game but sadly they were few. I remember a cracker of a tearaway goal, away to Spurs, to seal a great 3-1 victory after we had conceded first. I think Harry Kane got booked for diving or fouling Traore. Costa was let go by Nuno. It takes more than skill to succeed in the PL.

30 Apr 2022 09:25:57
Was that the game where almost all thw spurs plays got booked and took it in turn to foul adama?

30 Apr 2022 11:20:09
You're right cblocko23, they took it in turns to foul Adama. I'm only surprised the Spurs manager didn't join in too.

27 Apr 2022 18:11:49
I see the latest clickbait is Neves would love to go to Barcelona even if it was a loan!
I wouldn't lend them a library book frankly! Jeff was stupid letting Adama go without guarantees they are a slippery slimy club to deal with. Money up front or f off in my opinion!

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27 Apr 2022 20:35:51
As you say Ken, clickbait. Neves doesn't need to go 'on loan' to any club.
There'll be plenty queuing up for his services should the opportunity arise and pay top money, which Barcelona can't afford. That, of course may also be a contributory factor in the Traore affair.

27 Apr 2022 21:12:18
Now being 'linked' to Spurs by anther website who suggest Neves could take his game to the next level there. Yeah, like Doherty and Nuno did.

27 Apr 2022 21:38:48
Surely not Spurs he wants top 3 or the big European clubs but hopefully will stay at Wolves

03 May 2022 06:03:22
Well if neves goes,lage will follow because it will prove found have no plan or ambition

26 Apr 2022 16:11:41
Reliable source in John Percy guardian stating there is serious interest in Goncalo Guedes this summer from us and that he could be got cheap. (This one isn't anything new)

We are after a young Striker. Hugo Ekitike mentioned but has lots of interest from other teams

Lastly that we are after a ride sided CB with Kilman moving over to the left side

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27 Apr 2022 09:42:34
I don't think we need a young striker we have plenty of youngster's, we need a goal scorer added to the squad

27 Apr 2022 15:17:11
We need a 20goal a season striker, just think where we could have been this season if we had one in the team.

27 Apr 2022 18:06:01
If Bruno is going to play Max on the left which is not a problem I would expect that he intends to play Yerson on the right as he clearly regards him as having great potential. Whether this is the right thing to do who knows! Clearly Bruno loves developing young players, no doubt that's why Jeff appointed him. I am yet to be 100% convinced by Bruno. He's done very well but next season I hope he can really put his plans into action but the transfer window this summer should be interesting. Better had be in fact!

22 Apr 2022 20:48:03
Scouts were watching Porto last night they were watching a few players one being Vitinha, we won't get him now though as his value has soared and he'll go to a CL bound club.

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23 Apr 2022 10:53:17
Was it Nuno’s idea not to sign Vitinha or FFP restrictions? (I’m struggling to remember)

23 Apr 2022 11:09:39
I think Nuno was swayed by the £20m asking price. Out of the 19 games he played for us, he had one good game. He weren't good enough I'm afraid. He may be better now but he was not worth the £20m Porto wanted at the time.

23 Apr 2022 11:51:49
Could say the same about Silva and the £35million price tag Jas mate and he is starting to come into his own now.
I think Vitinha it's one of those situations didn't do enough at the time but when given a proper chance elsewhere started to shine.

25 Apr 2022 18:08:53
Vitinha won't be going anywhere near a Champions League club unless it's Swiss or another Portuguese etc. Don't believe the hypw folks. I've watched many of his games for Porto and haven't really noticed any improvement from the lightweight player we all witnessed last season. In some respects he's quite similar to Trincao. Not good enough for a decent Premier league team I'm afraid and unlikely to make the necessary progress in my opinion.

27 Apr 2022 11:19:21
The reality about Vitinha may be that he is playing in a less-testing
league than the Premier League. I would change my opinion only if he moves to the PL and looks good. Until then the grass is always greener.

19 Apr 2022 11:28:14
Richarlason has asked his agent to find him a new club, I'd take a punt on him

{Ed002's Note - Not going to happen I am afraid.}

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19 Apr 2022 13:24:08
Too inconsitent tbf plus if anything he'd go to a club in Champions league/ European league.

19 Apr 2022 16:11:49
Richarlason Roma written all over him.

19 Apr 2022 16:22:13
I like him richalrson but agree with Ed002 and Rated we won't get him.

20 Apr 2022 16:10:29
Decent enough player but we have Raul Hwang Neto Podense Fabio and a couple of youngsters coming through so probably not an attractive option for him

08 Apr 2022 19:03:45
No Podence or Dendoncker in the squad? Assuming injuries or illness but that's been kept quiet.

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08 Apr 2022 19:56:05
Dendoncker has a virus and Podence us out with a foot injury.


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