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23 Jan 2024 18:17:08
I watched the game on TV this afternoon.
First let's address the ref and the Cunha issue/yellow card. Whilst it would undoubtedly be a total waste of time appealing it was clearly a horrendous error/piece of work by the ref!
Although the ref in the second half was ok in the first half he was awful and sadly let Brighton make a fool of him.
I had always assumed Brighton played lovely stuff and were super exciting.
What I didn't realise was how versed in the darker arts they are now under Zebri (sp)
In the first couple of minutes Estupian (sp) body checked a Wolves player to stop a fast break - free kick but no booking! Over the next 40 minutes Gilmour did this 4 times! Not once was a free kick given - presumably the ref didn't see as it wasn't the man on the ball he brought down but a supporting runner - in each case Cunha.
Perhaps hard to criticize the ref, who presumably didn't see the fouls, but the linesman and VAR must have - indeed Jenas, who pinned his Brighton colours to the mast pretty early on, commented on the 3rd that it was a clear foul but Cunha over played the contact (?) - so what were they doing?Whatever you think of today and today's ref we do though have a serious problem with refs and the bookings, (and presumably eventually suspensions), continue to mount up. Given the size of our squad this may hurt us.
Overall, despite Brighton having most of the ball and territory, a point was a little disappointing with Wolves having by far the better chances. Note however I would have taken it in a flash before the game.
Ratings Sa 7 - Had a calm afternoon and made everything look easy - some of it wasn't. Still not sure why so many Wolves fans don't rate him?
Doherty 7 - Didn't get forward as much as he normally does - presumably under instructions - but was solid at the back.
Toti 7 - Played well. Didn't look flustered or hurried despite the pressure Brighton applied at times.
Dawson 7 - Dominated the box and was strong. Showed good leadership. Not sure why he was booked.
Kilman 7 - Like Dawson was very strong. Both made countless blocks
Semedo 8 - Excellent defensively. Given our set up didn't do much going forward.
Doyle 8 - Worked v hard and made lots of challenges but was also calm and progressive on the ball
Lemina 7 - He was poor in the first half but got better and better as he worked his way into the game T . Great Engine!
Sarabia 6 - Pace of the game was hard for him but did ok
Cunha 6 - Missed a few chances and wasn't quite at his best, probably upset by the injustice done to him. Needs to put it behind him and we need to ensure that the refs going forward are made aware of what the opposition are doing illegally!
Neto 8 - So close to being a superstar. It would have taken very little for him to have been the match winner. Given he has only just come back from injury (again) I am really hopeful that we have a genuine star in our ranks - DO NOT SELL!
Bellegard 6 - Didn't really get into the game
Chirewa N/A Albeit on a brief performance showed maturity and discipline when called upon.

Flat marks across the team demonstrate just what a solid performance this was.
We are midtable but at the moment I'm looking up not down!

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23 Jan 2024 20:10:34
As always very much appreciated Thefutureisoldgold, An excellent post/read.

23 Jan 2024 20:31:50
Note it was stated Cunha was booked for constant infringements but when he was booked I am not sure he had actually committed a single foul?
In the move pre the booking however Cunha and Gilmour came together twice.
Fistly Cunha challenged Gilmour who went down and at full speed it looked like a foul but on the replay it was clear that Cunha played the ball and in fact not only was there no contact but there was at least 12 inches of clear air between them. Gilmour went down - fell over/dived - but regardless the ref seemingly and correctly gave nothing?
A few moments/passes later Wolves having won the ball were again breaking and Cunha was attempting to get up in support. Once again Gilmour aware of the danger ran over and shoulder charged him to the ground - a clear foul. Cunha was then booked.
Unsurprisingly he was unhappy and at half time you can lip read him talking to the linesman coming off saying "he fouled me". He obviously believed he had been booked for being fouled by Gilmour who was set on ensuring Cunha could not join in the Wolves attack.
The refs statement that it was for persistent infringments and the booking itself would be laughable were it not so serious!

23 Jan 2024 21:37:26
When Cunha was booked it was described as ridiculous by Mikey. Tommo and Tom King. The sad part is there will be no consequences for the referee and his assistants they seem to be untouchable. It's time that changed. it won't though mainly because there isn't enough of them available to cover all the matches.

24 Jan 2024 08:37:47
Thanks Future, I listened to the commentary but your assessment gives a fuller picture.

24 Jan 2024 16:25:55
For me Sarabia gave the ball away too easily and didn’t look comfortable.
There’s talk (click bait)? Of selling him on and looking at a winger from Sunderland (Clarke?).
Any thoughts?

24 Jan 2024 19:21:57
Jack Clarke, young winger/forward, quick, two footed and performing well in the Championship. Question is, can he make the step up?

25 Jan 2024 11:21:45
In reply to the above if Jack Clarke could make the step up, Chquinho has already proven that he can and he won't cost us anything!

25 Jan 2024 15:12:48
The young lad from Ipswich - Chirewa (sp) also looked completely comfortable albeit for only a few minutes at the end of the game.
Since GON brought him on one can only assume he is confident in him as well?

26 Jan 2024 07:17:33
Hi TFIG, yes I agree GON has done a good job with him in training getting him comfortable playing with the seniors and making him feel like he belongs on the pitch with them, looks calm on the ball.

23 Jan 2024 14:56:06
Looks like Johnny is gone, despite what happened I hope he can kick start his career, good luck to the lad let's not forget before his injuries he was one hell of a player.

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24 Jan 2024 21:33:44
Agreed Rated. I liked him but there must have been something in training that boiled his blood. I always saw him as a level headed player with no aggression so it seems out of character.
I’ll miss him as a reliable player. Not always perfect but who is?
All the best for the future Johnny.

22 Jan 2024 06:19:29
Greek side PAOK are in talks to sign Wolves' outcast defender Jonny Castro Otto.

It is a pity things ended this way with Johnny, but he chose his actions and has to own them.

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22 Jan 2024 14:35:53
Do you think a starter would be treated as harshly as someone who Wolves want to get rid of?
This has a Real Madrid/Bale stench to it - trying desperately to get rid of a contract.
And why did he react that way? Is it possible he was wronged first by a disrespectful youngster?
Wolves should have handled this better rather than airing dirty laundry.

22 Jan 2024 16:55:29
Not sure how they could of handled it much differently to be honest Handsome?! They tried to contain it once it became clear they couldn't they had to address it (which they did whilst saying that's why he was dropped from the squad). I have to ask Handsome did you actually read what he did cause to be honest I don't think many players could come back from that?! Fights in training happen and aren't the end of the world but the fact that he spat at a member of the coaching team is pretty indefensible to be honest! How exaclty do you move on from that?! Would you want to come in every day and work with a subordinate that spat at you?! I've always liked Jonny but there's only one person to blame for the current situation and it's the man himself! Is there EVER an excuse for a grown adult hitting and spitting at a college?!

23 Jan 2024 13:48:10
If Lemina lost it and did that, what would you be saying?
Maybe Jonny has things going on in his personal life, too.
And what does "spitting at" mean? Did it hit them or was it 5ft short of the person?
Are all members of the coaching staff above players or just the head coach?

23 Jan 2024 13:48:56
Yes, there could be an excuse.

23 Jan 2024 14:28:13
I'd say its for the people that were there to make a judgement and that's precisely what they have done. Not sure why you think that it would have been any different for Lemina?!
Also you talk about excuses to get rid but did we need one?! He hasn't played regularly for well over a season now, this isn't the public sector and if they want to get rid of players they don't need to manufacture excuses (as we've seen before)! And OK there are possibly some VERY limited mitigating circumstances but I'm not sure why you seem to think you are in a better place to make a judgement on that than coaching staff that work with him every single day? And yes I would say that coaching staff are above players but frankly it shouldn't really matter! It also shouldn't matter if the spit landed (slightly concerned as to why you think it does), tell ya what Handsome you try doing that in your line of work and tell me how ya get on?!
Does make me laugh, some people just want to blame the club for EVERYTHING! Even to the point that a players vile behaviour is turned into a some hilarious conspiracy! Maybe GON and his coaches have things going on in there lives as well, ever thought of that? Ya still don't see um spitting at peeps do ya? 😂

24 Jan 2024 13:13:14
Bullysboy, he has a contract. Wolves wanted him gone. They make a mountain put of a molehill.
Reminds me of Gareth Bale not speaking Spanish and how that became an issue when Real Madrid wanted him to leave.

24 Jan 2024 15:05:10
So I'm guessing that Jiménez or Nathan Collins didn't have contracts then?! Cause we got rid of them without any reports of them spitting or fighting with anyone?!
Look I'm sorry to see how far Jonny has fallen, he was a top player. But sometimes things don't work out, doesn't mean everything is a conspiracy. Especially considering that a) at no point has Jonny denied any of the (now public) allegations agaisnt him and b) GON has ALWAYS said that if he doesn't go he will be bought back into first team training. So I ask again, how else would you have liked the club to handle it exactly?!

21 Jan 2024 07:55:06
Villarreal are trying to orchestrate a loan move forYerson Mosquera. Apparently GON would like to take a look at him first before making any decision.

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21 Jan 2024 10:19:24
Jack I commented on this in another thread.
Could it be the sweetener to get them to take Guedes?

21 Jan 2024 11:20:17
I didn't notice TFIG, apologies. It's a tough one really, esp given Guedes is only a loan with no obligation to buy.

But I believe YM will get good experience from the loan move, a higher standard of football than MLS.

21 Jan 2024 12:55:58
No need to apologise.
That wasn't what I was saying.
poorly drafted by me
No I was merely reinforcing your point and agree a good loan move could be just what he needs.
Hearing lots of good things about him but as a mid table side still battling both on the upside - maybe a chance of Europe - and the downside - a fall off in results could still see us dragged in to a relegation battle albeit highly unlikely now - we don't have the luxury of putting him in the team this year ourselves but maybe next?

21 Jan 2024 14:44:56
With Dawson turning 34 in May, I think next season YM should be blooded into the team. He has the attributes of making a good defender. So this loan will help his development.

21 Jan 2024 23:06:34
Agree with Ford, if Villareal want him it would likely be with a fee agreed and we don't want another Pedro Goncalves situation! If he's up to a sqaud spot then we definitely need the extra cover back there especially (like Ford says) as Dawson ain't getting any younger (or quicker for that matter:) 👍

22 Jan 2024 22:59:32
Suppose this is the debate with buying players now or waiting for the summer.
Personally I don't think Mosquera will become a first team player.
Guedes needs to be moved on as his value is falling off a cliff.
I would take young Noha Lemina as a different option off the bench and bring him home to his family.
Ekietite looks good but I thinks it's too big a gamble in this window.
But as you both say Dawson is getting older maybe it's best to keep the most funds for the summer then look at our options.
Young Lemina on a small fee and wage.
And let's see what some of the youngsters can do as we finish the season.
Ps. I know 2 players would probably get us European football just don't think the funds are there to stay within FFP

19 Jan 2024 16:34:56
Theo is coming back. Is it just to go back out on loan somewhere else or to add depth to the team.

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19 Jan 2024 20:52:35
It's because Grasshoppers is no longer owned by Guo's wife and the new owners are looking to move the club in a different direction.

19 Jan 2024 21:31:45

19 Jan 2024 22:47:51
Theo Corbeanu

18 Jan 2024 11:49:12
According to Italian journalist Fabrizio Ramano Wolves are mulling over a move for Servette striker Chris Bedia who only has 6 months left on his contract. They have competition from Werder Bremen and Bologna he's scored 16 goals in all competitions this season.

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18 Jan 2024 17:56:06
He's just been unveiled as a Union Berlin player.

18 Jan 2024 18:01:03
From the Swiss league but is 27yo and not playing higher level football at his age concerns me. If he is cheap, maybe, but otherwise I'd pass.

19 Jan 2024 11:30:22
Not a rumour but a possible option: Simon Banza.
Presently at AFCON with DR Congo but plays for Braga in Portugal. They have scored a lot of goals this year and main source is Banza - 14 goals in 15 league games! Probably one of Jorge’s

19 Jan 2024 14:03:23
Petar Musa also in the mix.

17 Jan 2024 07:23:39
Wolves are considering a move for 22-year-old Albania forward Armando Broja, 22, whose Chelsea future is likely to hinge on whether they sign a striker this month.

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17 Jan 2024 11:23:53
He looked excellent when at the Saints and for a short period when he went back to Chelsea but that form is well over a year ago.
Injuries and a lack of consistent game time have meant that his performances have not reached his former levels for some time now and talking to Chelsea fans even though they have major problems up front they do not rate him.
Previously people were talking £40m for him now I think he would be somewhat of a gamble and particularly at that price.
Maybe a loan with an option might be the way forward because if he could recover his former levels he would be a v interesting acquisition but if he doesn't he would, at £40m and commensurate wages, be an expensive white elephant!
Have previously suggested we look at him but now not so sure.

{Ed002's Note - Armando Broja (S) Torino, Besiktas, Fulham, Crystal Palace, Milan, West Ham and Napoli remain keen. Brighton or Wolves may offer another option to keep him in the Premier League. Chelsea do not wish to loan the player and will look to discussions before the summer, but have discussed a part exchange with Benfica.}

17 Jan 2024 11:58:29
Tks Ed - Totally understand why they wouldn't want a loan and also understand, given his former form as a powerful goal scoring mobile CF, why so many clubs would be interested.
My concern is that following a fairly lengthy injury he doesn't seem to have returned to his previous levels yet- however I only see Chelsea infrequently on the TV and even then he has not played regularly (although that in itself is a worry given their well noted problems with Jackson form and Nkuku (sp) injuries).
That however is Wolves problem, if he was firing on all cylinders we would not be anywhere near signing him, so everything we do has to have an "issue" that puts off the clubs higher up the financial pyramid to us.
Guess it depends on how we could structure the deal for us perhaps a chunk of the fee could be perforance based - although totally understand Chelsea will not be keen on that but will want the vast majority of the fee to be a clean unconditional payment.

{Ed002's Note - He is a very good player but the Cruciate Ligament tear that kept him out for a season was followed by a small injury that led to him missing a couple more games. Chelsea are giving him minutes as he eases back to full fitness just to be careful. If there were loan, as you mentioned, it would be dependent on Chelsea adding a striker this month - which is of course possible and something may happen in the coming days there. Broja has the advantage of being Home Grown as well.}

18 Jan 2024 18:58:59
Now read that suggested price is £50m - unless that is highly conditional i.e. say £10m down with rest paid over the next few years dependent on various things - performances, our league status etc etc it would be a no for me.
Too much risk that he never returns to the levels we would require

16 Jan 2024 17:08:58
It's now going round Liverpool and Arsenal are after Ait Nori Arsenal have had a bid rejected Wolves want 50 mill at last put a proper price on our players and don't get bullied.

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16 Jan 2024 17:46:42
With Bueno and at a stretch Toti covering LB if we have to sell someone RAN would be one you would consider.
Note we would have to pay out the £10m fee owed to his former owners to take complete ownership of the player so the FFP profit would be £50 less £10 and the unamortised element of the intial £10m fee so would be in the order of £35m.
Clearly huge!
Could we look at doing some sort of swaps with Arsenal especially if Sa is off to Saudi for £40m as rumoured!
If he went as well we would be so far ahead of FFP we could sign Fabio and Guedes again - only joking!

16 Jan 2024 17:56:58
Isn't there a 50% sell on clause in his contract?

16 Jan 2024 22:36:25
Jack - yes but we can buy it out for £10m

so if we sell for more than £20m it is sensible and obvious to do so

17 Jan 2024 06:08:59
TFIG - as I understand it the sell on clause only applies to a mark up on profit? Correct me if I'm wrong.

17 Jan 2024 10:12:46
I like the lad and he's still young, so depending on GONs favoured formations if the lad is open to a move, it means we can keep Neto and get a reasonable return it nay be a good move for all concerned.

17 Jan 2024 11:32:40
Jack not certain. I thought we onwed 50% of him and had to pay either £10m to buy the other half or we only received 50% of the fee.
In the case of the amount we would pay to his former owners if we don't buy the other half of him depends how you define profit as well.
Is it the fee over his initial purchase price? Or the fee over twice his initial purchase price? Or over his amortised purchase/50% price.
Guess if we sell him for £50m frankly it is a great deal for us pretty much however you account for it.

15 Jan 2024 14:01:04
Just read a tweet from Fabio Remano suggesting that Renato Sanches is looking for a new club as he is no longer required by Roma.
We were heavily linked last not too long ago

{Ed002's Note - He won't be moving to Wolves.}

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15 Jan 2024 15:41:53
Sanches is our new Anderson Talisca.

15 Jan 2024 22:24:16
Noha Lemina and a striker would be great business IMO.
Someone like Ekiete would be good on loan.
To think we could have Neto, Cunha, Hwang, Ekiete, Silva and Lemina as forwards in the summer. 😍😍😍

16 Jan 2024 13:15:32
Sorry Madman but why on earth would Ekitike be good on loan? He's nowhere near match fit.

16 Jan 2024 13:44:16
Why is he not match fit? Is he injured or coming back from an injury. I thought he just wasn't being selected.

16 Jan 2024 22:04:20
If he's not being selected how can he be match fit? Match fit means you are playing matches.

17 Jan 2024 06:05:46
Reserves/U21 games. If your thinking is correct, we'll never get rid of Jonny as he isn't match fit and therefore a big risk to any potential buyer.

17 Jan 2024 16:12:32
That's comparing chalk with cheese.My comments related to the prospect of a loan deal which I see little advantage to Wolves in because he's not first team ready. Jonny is available for sale and would cost a comparative pittance and suitors know what they'll be getting.

17 Jan 2024 21:20:09
I think Ekitiete on loan with an option would be fine he is an interesting player and would compliment our forwards.
If it doesn't work out he can go back to Psg.
I'd sign Noha Lemina though he needs his family around him and he looks a worthwhile purchase as well.
Note I believe we can't loan two players from same club so we would have to buy Lemina.

14 Jan 2024 20:19:29
Some so called expert was on radio earlier stating that he was reliably informed that:

Everton will win their appeal against 10 point deduction but be given a 4 point deduction following the latest PSR report as they breached by £100m.

Forest to get a 6 point deduction for breaching by £62m

Wolves to be deducted 15 points for £2m breach.

Arsenal are £200m over limit and Villa £250 but both have been shown leniency because they will potentially end up in Champions League positions.

He stated that all 3 will launch an appeal and that he has heard that the PL want Wolves out for some reason.

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14 Jan 2024 22:34:07
That's just mischief making. They can't get away with giving forest 6 point deduction for 62 million breach and WW 15 points for 2 million breach. They'd be sued to death. We have to wait and see what tomorrow brings. Cut the speculation.

14 Jan 2024 23:06:51
Jas M you nearly gave me a heart attack!

Information on BBC stating Everton and Nottingham Forest expect to be told that they have exceeded the ‘’ffp loss levels ’, another report stated possibly Fulham and Aston Villa as well. Here’s hoping Wolves did enough with the sales at the start of the season.

15 Jan 2024 01:03:11
This has to be some sort of a conspiracy rumour. There is no way that could be true? It just would make no sense for docking so many points compared to others? And why does the PL want us gone?

15 Jan 2024 06:26:46
Latest from the Athletic is Everton and Forest will be told they have been found guilty today.
Both knew it was coming and have already prepared their Appeal cases.
All the conjecture should be cleared up in a couple of hours.

15 Jan 2024 06:45:24
Fingers crossed 🤞

15 Jan 2024 07:18:54
Only online resource reporting Wolves and breach of FFP is the iNews, while a lot more are carrying the Everton / Forest story.

As for the PL wanting Wolves out, that's 100% toilet water (aimed at whatever "expert" made that comment)

15 Jan 2024 10:52:10
Obviously until our accounts for the 22/23 season are annouced it is only speculation but the rumour in the Telegraph was that we would/have lose/t £65m in 22/23.
Given prior year figures of £46m loss in 21/22 and £21m profit in 20/21, (Note both these figures are also impacted by Covid - fixtures moved from 1 year to another amongst other thngs - and thus may attract some "allowance"), we should be comfortably inside the £105m rolling three year losses allowed?
Note this £105m is made up of £5m pa of straight forward losses and £30m pa of owner back losses - given Fosun wrote off more than that I assume that counts as "backing".
There are also adjustments allowed for certain things like ladies football, academy work etc etc
Please be aware however that the sale of Nunes, Neves etc are in the year 23/24 and thus are not included in these figures.
Those sales were made because in 23/24 our FFP position will be made up of the £46m loss in 21/2 the £65m loss in 22/23 and whatever outcome occurs in 23/24.
Simple maths says £46 + £65 is already more than £105! Hence we have to make a small profit, >£6m, this year 23/24 and the sales were designed to ensure that.
Again it is unclear if we have done enough as obviously a large chunk of our income is results dependentand thus unknown until the end f the season in May 24.
Hopefully management are on the ball and that will determine our activity this Jan i.e. do we have to sell Kilman or Neto now!
Next year 24/25 the £46m drops out of the 3 year cycle leaving us a £65m loss and this years >£6m profit ie we have a fair bit of wriggle room so may not have to sell anyone in the summer and could even make apurchase or two!
All above based on grey assumptions as I am not privy to Wolves finacical affairs beyond the published accounts.

15 Jan 2024 11:08:31
Great research there, futureisoldgold.

15 Jan 2024 11:32:01
Here here echo Deep Throat reply.

15 Jan 2024 12:20:44
future. Thank you, even I can understand that! Makes a change!

15 Jan 2024 13:25:53
Keen did a article stating Wolves owners expect Wolves to pass the ffp.

16 Jan 2024 02:25:13
I don't know how trustworthy the source is but on twitter the Wolfpack has announced 10hours ago that wolves are clear of ffp following transfer sales etc

{Ed001's Note - it would have been announced if they were in trouble.}


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