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09 Aug 2022 15:10:54
Apparently, Hwang ui-jo wants a move to Wolves if a deal can be done despite an acceptable offer being received from Brest.
I think Ramos is their first choice though.

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09 Aug 2022 15:57:49
We should take that 40 million if it comes because then you can buy ramos and hwang however I would still love Nunes but its never going to happen

11 Aug 2022 19:20:56
Apparently he's had a change of mind, club have had acceptable bids from Wolves and Fulham but he's not keen on being 3rd choice @wolves and backup to mitrovic

09 Aug 2022 14:50:12
Rumours going round saying Notts Forest going to put another bid for GW got to be near 40 mill snap their hands off.

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09 Aug 2022 15:03:29
Definitely Dek, I would.

09 Aug 2022 15:53:16
Yes would as well Longmyndwolf 40 mill could get us the striker we need Ramos from Benfica then add another striker try going for Whang.Then alls we need is one or two MF and maybe a left back.

09 Aug 2022 17:30:23
Thats a good offer if its cash, maybe not so good if it comes with to many strings.

09 Aug 2022 18:51:33
From what I've seen of MGW, I'd take £4m never mind £40m,who in their right mind thinks he's worth more than what we paid for Jimenez,traore or even Collins who's just signed.
Total madness.

09 Aug 2022 20:04:11
You would sell mgw for 4 million, stop being silly I think his one of our best attackers right now apart from neto

09 Aug 2022 20:39:26
Forest - He’s got to be worth £50m, pay the price and I will drop him off on the way to Newark on Thursday!

09 Aug 2022 20:59:04
You base that on what Axel?
I'm not saying that he is worth only £4m, but he ain't worth £10m more than saido mane is he?
Take the money and reinvest somewhere else, his demeanor isn't right for me.

11 Aug 2022 16:29:40
MGW one of our own,maturing as a man and a player.Get off his back,he is class.

11 Aug 2022 20:45:21
But I don't get the impression that he wants to play for us Waterloo stand.
I'd sell, there's better out there for the money.

09 Aug 2022 11:29:27
Seems the Nico Gonzales rumour is gaining traction with Wolves allegedly in discussions with Barcelona to bring him in on loan initially.

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09 Aug 2022 12:39:24
He is off to Valencia I believe.

09 Aug 2022 12:41:16
Thought he was going to Valencia to replace our new man,Longmynd.

09 Aug 2022 12:59:07
According to Fabrizio Romano it is 90% done for Nico to go out on loan to Valencia for the season, no mention of us showing any sign of trying to do a deal. Just waiting for the paperwork to be completed for the Valencia move

09 Aug 2022 13:17:09
Valencia are in the hunt but Gonzalez is a Mendes client and we know what that can mean.
If that does happen along with Guedes, Neto, Moutinho, Neves, Sa all at the club does that influence Nunes's thinking?

09 Aug 2022 19:20:29
Pity that, but without an option to buy as seems to be the case, what's the point? I don't blame Wolves for not pushing it, we need to rebuild our team not develop Barca's players for them.

09 Aug 2022 06:32:27
Corbinou may play from the start tonight for Blackpool against Barrow in the 1sr round of the carabao cup.
Birmingham play Norwich.

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08 Aug 2022 09:40:48
Guedes to have Wolves medical
Goncalo Guedes is having a medical with Wolves today.
The West Midlands club agreed a £25m deal with Valencia to sign him last night.
The 25-year-old winger was left out of Valencia's squad to play Atalanta in a friendly on Saturday.
Wolves could sign two new forwards before the deadline. They are also interested in centre-forwards Michy Batshuayi and Ui-jo Hwang. From Sky Transfers centre

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08 Aug 2022 10:19:59
Got this from Korea JoonAng Daily (made me chuckle)

"Hwang Ui-jo still waiting as Wolves try to lowball Bordeaux

The Hwang Ui-jo transfer saga continues Monday with reports that Premier League club Wolverhampton Wanderers' initial offer for the Bordeaux top scorer was just 2 million euros ($1.5 million) with an additional 1 million euros if Wolves makes it to the UEFA Champions League"

08 Aug 2022 14:23:04
We could make that an extra €100m and still be quids in! 😂😂

08 Aug 2022 20:58:02
Would you sell Neto for Ramos?
With all the changes at the club it wouldn't surprise me maybe wolves know the limitations of some players.
It feels like the first season Fosun were in charge as they swept the market to sign players and sold players aswell.
What some sceptical fans forget is some of their favourites haven't led us to where we all want to be and that's European football year in year out.
Very intrigued by it all and I hope they make the right decisions.

08 Aug 2022 21:26:58
What in gods green earth is going on at this club? That bench Saturday was diabolical and another player gone!

07 Aug 2022 23:48:28
Update# Guedes medical set for Monday, Nunes will sign by the end of the window neves new deal agreed for months now batshuayi close to agreeing loan deal but would prefer a move abroad ongoing talks coady to Everton is done traore could follow and Gibbs white good offer received wolves currently deciding to accept he has told club he will not talk about a new deal belotti is joining Roma there just waiting on sales/loans to announce him this is what I've been told by good sources and just feeding the messages onwards. wolves_hay_we

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08 Aug 2022 06:45:15
I was reading (when Wolves were apparently “interested in signing” Eldor Shomurodov) that Roma have to sell to buy.

08 Aug 2022 07:24:03
Hopefully MGM goes for a daft price and then I think we can conclude the Nunes deal, if it really is a firm possibility.
Desperately need a quality striker, if not 2!
However Coady going does not sit well with me.
There is re-building and there is re-building.

08 Aug 2022 08:24:19
That’s correct Roma are moving him on to Bologna and then that will free up the space they don’t need to sell but they have to keep there wage budget low as they don’t have the same ability for wage bills as the prem etc mgm to me makes sence a player refusing to talk about a contract if you can get upwards of £30 mill and re invest it makes business sence still a shame tho he had a lot of potential and coady I think is a special case as his been a great servant for the club and really pushed for the move

08 Aug 2022 09:05:09
Looks a little more positive on the transfers coming in front - let’s hope it’s not just rumours.

Conor Cody - has Shi and Sellars lost the plot! Everton season loan with option to buy, what planet are they on. Surely an outright purchase of £15-20m Everton are desperate - any truth of WHU interest?

08 Aug 2022 09:34:27
I my self don't want coady to go, I was disappointed when he didn't play against Leeds and his been at the the club for a long time.

08 Aug 2022 09:47:00
Thought wolves would of learnt there lesson with loan to buy Coady transfer to Everton,if that rumour is true.
The Traore loan to Barcelona was bad enough,if Coady wants to go which is understandable,then it should be cash up front only.

08 Aug 2022 17:19:18
If I was Wolves coach the first 2 games on the team sheet would be Neves and Coady. If they want a back 4 they could do far worse than a line up of Coady, Collins, Kilman and Jonny. If it's a 3 at the back then Coady, Collins and Kilman. There is no better captain in the premier than Coady, his presence in the team is priceless. He is a future top manager. They could also do far worse than play him in midfield, wou?d be an improvement on Dendonker.

08 Aug 2022 17:44:49
So signing guides to sell Pedro netto. if true.a joke. seems all nunos signings are going so don't be surprised to see neves go to man utd in the next 2 weeks. the team can't play as lage wants the defence to play, so when we start getting some good beatings, no coady no leadership in the back line.

08 Aug 2022 18:59:36
Can't help but agree with you demon,this probably my last post because it's become just to painful having any emotional feeling for Wolves. not because of not winning or playing poorly but having the heart and soul ripped out of the team for what? A system?
Lots of fans will disagree with me I'm sure but I have to get this off my chest.
1. Collins must be one hell of a player if you have to sacrifice the Captain for him.
2. This new system must be one hell of a system if you have to sacrifice your Captain for it.
3, this act of self harm ranks equal to the day Steve Bull had to retire and the relegation from the Premier League after Steve Morgan's overreaction to the defeat to Albion.
Conor Coady was stabbed in the back by Bruno Lage.
I feel it can only get worse and end in tears.
Very upset for the last.
All the best.

08 Aug 2022 19:21:41
Agree totally the only way forward now is a new manager. Results have been dreadful since February, most other clubs would have pulled the plug by now. I suspect the only reason he is still here is because the board can do what they like and he isn’t in a position to complain as no other club would have him

08 Aug 2022 21:29:40
Bruno must have no intention of going back to a back three,or he would have kept coady,but to get rid,when he knows he needs to play in order to get into England team for world cup. Is an insult to Connor,after all he has done for the club,just goes to show. Not matter if you give your all to a cause,your still treated like ****,
Lage may well be on limited time,
If that's the way he treats our captain,who now would accept the job,fosun get rid

08 Aug 2022 23:28:11
Some of you wolves fans are completely dumb and obviousky have no clue about football. Was Coady a great captain hell yh he was but was he a good defender no he was not he was bang average amd made lots of mistakes but his leadership made up for that. If you watched the game on Saturday you would of seen Collins was a huge upgrade on Coady he won every header and was solid but stupid errors by Ait Nouri cost us the game. Also Ciady was not forced out he chose to leave even though Lage wanted him to stay so they accepted his proposal out of respect for him as he would of been a bench warmer so shut up and stop crying we have to rebuild its just going to take time.

09 Aug 2022 01:42:16
Yeah I agree with Wolfman32, he was average but amazing leadership. Collins and kilman look like they will work and playing 4 at the back which Coady can't do gives us that extra man in midfield which with the right attacking players going forward will mean more goals which we need following from last years effort. We still need reinforcements to come in but guedes signing is very positive for us and signing him will keep neves at the club for certain.
Neto has to stay tho, he's offers similar to traore both very unpredictable and that offers confusion for the opposition as they won't know what to expect.
Take sterling you know exactly what he will do, hugs the touchline then cuts in on his right foot, so predictable and it's the unpredictability that can be the difference between a win or lose.

09 Aug 2022 08:23:53
Well, now we now be able to judge Lage properly.
My theory is Guo Guangchang, Chairman of Fosun International was over in Portugal to tell Shi his job is on the line. Seems no coincidence changes now seen to be happening with the squad after 2 years of inertia.
So the squad is being shaped to a system favoured by Lage. He has made a strong statement letting Coady go and I just hope his vision works for the team and us!

09 Aug 2022 09:56:58
Going to a back four was the beginning of the end for Nuno, we'll see how it goes now. Yeah it works for the like of Liverpool and City but it's possible they've got better defenders. It's not just about the central two either- take Ait Nouri for example, a typical modern attacking full back, good at going forward but not so much defending. With a back three (five) he's usually going to have insurance behind him- with this system he's exposed. And the benefit of a back four is an extra man in midfield, which is ironic as we are struggling to fill the positions as it is - let's face it, the likes of Ronan would be away (on loan again) if we had options. Another injury and he could be playing.

After losing Saiss, the priority was to be a CB in but with Collins in and Coady out we're back to square one. We're told that Coady goes because of going to a back four, yet he's played that position for England. And we lose a leader and mentor- a guy without whom Kilman's development wouldn't have happened, constantly talking to him through a game. I think we'll live to regret this one.

09 Aug 2022 15:02:15
I thibk you'll live to regret not trusting in the process @rugeleywolf2. Yeah Coady did play in a back 4 and was awful its just he had quality players in front if him to protect him the 3 at the back was killing us going forward. Yes his leadership will be missed and I also believe Moutinho should of been given the armband if his playing just because of the experience alone and he shows up the youngsters running round like a madman at his age. I love Neves but I just don't think he has the mouth to shout at players.

09 Aug 2022 22:04:12
A lot of refreshing comments above I agree with.
Coady, I loved him, leadership, ambassador for the club commitment, could not fault the lad, nothing but respect.
Footballing wise same as above marshalled the team, but individual ability, for me too slow, when required to play a high line could not cope, good in a sweeper role.
We are not back to square one with the loss of coads footballing ability, Collins is an upgrade with no disrespect to Coads.

The ever posters slating Fosuns commitment despite an initial spend of 20M plus, as I said before a bit early, a bit rich going on previous owners.
We want all signings done in the first week to allow pre-season bedding in, shame the real world is not like your fantasies.

Hwang, Collins, Guedes all look like top signings, some may have issues with Hwang, but good business, and the potential of more.

Large has a history using a back 4, whilst i'm still not sold on Large this is perhaps the first season we see him able to exert his preferred style of play, I for one am happy to back that, knowing it is going to be a bumpy ride early days.

I have been Wolves since 1970 as a nipper, desperate for the glory days my dad always talks of in the 50's, under Fosun I can see a return, not as quick as we all would like, but its steady progress building the brand, sadly we missed the hay days where if the owner had the money he could buy a team, AKA Chelsea/Man City/Spurs/Liverpool/Arsenal. nope they closed ranks, now you have to build a fan base, a commercial enterprise a Brand, get the income before you can spend.

WOLVES onwards and upwards one step at a time.

07 Aug 2022 22:51:33
So the bbc are saying we have signed guedes, but nothing on the wolves page. Guess they give everyone Sunday off. I’m please we have signed someone else at least, guess that can put a few worries to bed.

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07 Aug 2022 23:46:31
All agreed Goatmark, he's flying in tomorrow for medical and to sign. May be announced tomorrow as well.

08 Aug 2022 03:05:06
Guedes coming in, is a good signing but heard Neto to arsenal which is a bad move I think he's quality and needs to stay. any thoughts on wether that's true

08 Aug 2022 06:36:46
Doubt that will happen Christopher Lage wants more then one top player for each position. More likely MGW will go to fund Nunes.

08 Aug 2022 11:35:02
Will Bruno loose the dressing room letting Coady go, I think it’s a bad move. He’s more than a player he’s a leader.

08 Aug 2022 19:59:55
Last season and the season before was dire.
Lage will live by the sword or die by the sword
He’s trying to put his stamp on the team and god bless him for that.
If you thought we would survive with the same tactics as last season nooo way.
Guedes for Coady
Collins for Saiss
Nunes for MGW
You choose and debate

09 Aug 2022 01:46:01
We need a different identity, the football was stale towards the end of last season and it's good he's putting a stamp on things and he hasn't lost the dressing room you can see how the players played very well for most parts considering the lack of depth.
Lage needs time and I think he will get it, not easy clearing out the crap, bringing in new faces, whilst changing to a new formation and tactics. Have a little patience least we can all agree on thing we will finish above crappy man utd😂

07 Aug 2022 22:00:48
Goncalo Ramos wolves keen to loan to buy benfica want straight sale negotiations on going

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07 Aug 2022 23:47:49
Guedes, Nunes and Ramos, now that would calm a few nerves.

07 Aug 2022 23:52:38
Benfica value him at £50million wolves already moving on to other targets

08 Aug 2022 06:19:45
@The Tinkerman 😂😂😂😂

07 Aug 2022 18:39:27
Guedes all done,medical tomoz

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07 Aug 2022 19:36:57
If Guedes arrives it will signal the departure of MGW. Bruno likes his inverted wingers and Guedes plays that role, where MGW has been deployed in pre-season and yesterday. Not sure it is his best position. I think he will go to Forest as Cooper is more likely to play him more centrally.
Very surprised that the talk around Coady is a year loan with an option to buy. Unless there is a hefty loan fee involved, it doesn’t make sense to me. We should be looking to get the money, while his stock is still high.
Striker is still the priority. We played quite well in parts yesterday but never really looked like scoring. Saves their keeper made were routine. Not sure how I feel about the names being banded about. Ramos is probably my preference but he is young and unproven.
Would love us to get Nunes, as he is the type of aggressive, running midfielder we desperately need. Bruno obviously doesn’t really trust Ronan or Cundle, and if Moutinho is out for a few weeks we are probably looking at two midfielders to fill the voids.

07 Aug 2022 20:01:03
I have seen little about the injury to Moutinho, does anyone know what's happened to him? thanks

07 Aug 2022 21:02:43
Personally we should play gibbs white centrally or kind of same role he was doing at Sheffield but if a bid of what there saying nearly 40mil comes then I would snap there hands off and look at another attacking options and definitely a goal scoring midfielder

07 Aug 2022 22:03:15
Don't disagree Wolfthistle/Wolvessida if an offer off £40M comes in for MGW, then sell him and put the money into Nunes. Then bring in a Striker, job done, that would then become a very good window.
Having said that it would be a shame to lose Coady but it looks like the role Nuno created for him is going as we transition to 4 at the back. Personally, I'd like him kept, but if he's not going to get game time I suppose he'll go.

07 Aug 2022 22:10:57
I still think we need 6 players Guedes excites me but the club need to provide Bruno with options on his bench.
The subs getting yesterday were Bueno, Cundle and Campbell .
I think with the signing of Guedes who I expect to be a replacement for Traore.
We still need a cb (not confident of our cbs playing as a back 2), wing back, attacking midfielder, forward and Striker.
Although why not give Traore the wages he wants sign him for 3 years and try to get our money back next year whilst strengthening our squad and bench?
Wouldnt rule out keeping Cutrone as well and get him imposing himself on the opposition as a front 3.

07 Aug 2022 17:44:36
Couple of updates from Fabrizio Romano:

(1) Gonçalo Guedes joins Wolves on a permanent deal, agreement finally completed. Guedes, expected to fly on Monday to undergo medical and sign as new Wolves player. 🚨🟠 #WWFC

Long term contract agreed, €32m plus add-ons to Valencia. Here we go.

(2) Everton are set to sign Conor Coady, agreement in principle with Wolves - going to be a loan with buy clause also included as reported. 🔵 #EFC

Personal terms almost agreed, Coady wants the move. Details discussed while Onana will be announced as new Everton player soon.

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07 Aug 2022 19:54:38
Very sad news regarding Coady the heart of our club in my opinion, I would like to thank him for his contribution to our clubs history and wish him and his family all the very best for the future, another sad day in my life as a Wolves supporter.

07 Aug 2022 20:13:30
Motinhio kicked the ball.shooting with his left foot awkwardly apparently.and bruno told him not to shoot.i think he sez that to every player tho🤣

07 Aug 2022 20:37:58
Thanks @Buxwolf - wrong thread.

07 Aug 2022 23:26:30
Looking at all these comments. I see the frustrations and even the anger at Coady going but has he begged to stay? Has he come out and said he will fight for his place? No he is jumping ship to a club that ironically plays 3 at the back as deep down he knows he can't play in a back 4, a true leader that loves the club as much as he does would do everything he could to stay, so many wolves fans on here are so fickle! I also see Fabio scored again this afternoon. but he is another player we need to write off as he didn't score 20 goals in his first season.time to wise up ladies and gentlemen.

07 Aug 2022 23:59:57
I regularly read these pages, some of you regular posters on here are a joke. This is a rumour page, yet when rumours are posted you slate the poster like you are in the know, then two posts later you repeat the rumour but from X source like its gospel.
I notice if its a "regular poster" it receives kudos from other "regular posters" makeing this site very clicky, a bit of an exclusive club.

Abby I always love your enthusiasm been missing that recently, I agree with your post and several other non "regular posters" that have stated early days to make snap judgments.
Yes we would all love deals to be done and dusted on the first day of the window, but life isn't like that.
Its unbelievably foolhardy to hear shouts of fosun out, are you mad, or just very young!
We are one game in, 37 to go, the window has not closed yet, on the back of the most successful Wolves team in decades, I for one am prepared to give Fosun the benifit of at least the first 10 games.

08 Aug 2022 10:02:16
Totally agree with everything you have said Lord Thor.
Clicky is putting it mildly. It's like an exclusive club for certain members only.


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