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01 Feb 2024 11:30:19
Theo Corbeanu leaves Wolves and he's on his way to medical as new Granada player.

Permanent transfer agreed and now being finalised.

From Fabrizo Romano.


1.) 01 Feb 2024 13:08:24
Expect to see 'Handsome' having a chunter.

2.) 01 Feb 2024 17:46:12
Good for him. He obviously wasn't going anywhere at Wolves.
No point wasting your life playing at Grasshoppers when you can play in the top division.

3.) 02 Feb 2024 06:05:05
Hodge to QPR on loan



22 Jan 2024 06:19:29
Greek side PAOK are in talks to sign Wolves' outcast defender Jonny Castro Otto.

It is a pity things ended this way with Johnny, but he chose his actions and has to own them.


1.) 22 Jan 2024 14:35:53
Do you think a starter would be treated as harshly as someone who Wolves want to get rid of?
This has a Real Madrid/Bale stench to it - trying desperately to get rid of a contract.
And why did he react that way? Is it possible he was wronged first by a disrespectful youngster?
Wolves should have handled this better rather than airing dirty laundry.

2.) 22 Jan 2024 16:55:29
Not sure how they could of handled it much differently to be honest Handsome?! They tried to contain it once it became clear they couldn't they had to address it (which they did whilst saying that's why he was dropped from the squad). I have to ask Handsome did you actually read what he did cause to be honest I don't think many players could come back from that?! Fights in training happen and aren't the end of the world but the fact that he spat at a member of the coaching team is pretty indefensible to be honest! How exaclty do you move on from that?! Would you want to come in every day and work with a subordinate that spat at you?! I've always liked Jonny but there's only one person to blame for the current situation and it's the man himself! Is there EVER an excuse for a grown adult hitting and spitting at a college?!

3.) 23 Jan 2024 13:48:10
If Lemina lost it and did that, what would you be saying?
Maybe Jonny has things going on in his personal life, too.
And what does "spitting at" mean? Did it hit them or was it 5ft short of the person?
Are all members of the coaching staff above players or just the head coach?

4.) 23 Jan 2024 13:48:56
Yes, there could be an excuse.

5.) 23 Jan 2024 14:28:13
I'd say its for the people that were there to make a judgement and that's precisely what they have done. Not sure why you think that it would have been any different for Lemina?!
Also you talk about excuses to get rid but did we need one?! He hasn't played regularly for well over a season now, this isn't the public sector and if they want to get rid of players they don't need to manufacture excuses (as we've seen before)! And OK there are possibly some VERY limited mitigating circumstances but I'm not sure why you seem to think you are in a better place to make a judgement on that than coaching staff that work with him every single day? And yes I would say that coaching staff are above players but frankly it shouldn't really matter! It also shouldn't matter if the spit landed (slightly concerned as to why you think it does), tell ya what Handsome you try doing that in your line of work and tell me how ya get on?!
Does make me laugh, some people just want to blame the club for EVERYTHING! Even to the point that a players vile behaviour is turned into a some hilarious conspiracy! Maybe GON and his coaches have things going on in there lives as well, ever thought of that? Ya still don't see um spitting at peeps do ya? ?

6.) 24 Jan 2024 13:13:14
Bullysboy, he has a contract. Wolves wanted him gone. They make a mountain put of a molehill.
Reminds me of Gareth Bale not speaking Spanish and how that became an issue when Real Madrid wanted him to leave.

7.) 24 Jan 2024 15:05:10
So I'm guessing that Jiménez or Nathan Collins didn't have contracts then?! Cause we got rid of them without any reports of them spitting or fighting with anyone?!
Look I'm sorry to see how far Jonny has fallen, he was a top player. But sometimes things don't work out, doesn't mean everything is a conspiracy. Especially considering that a) at no point has Jonny denied any of the (now public) allegations agaisnt him and b) GON has ALWAYS said that if he doesn't go he will be bought back into first team training. So I ask again, how else would you have liked the club to handle it exactly?!



21 Jan 2024 07:55:06
Villarreal are trying to orchestrate a loan move forYerson Mosquera. Apparently GON would like to take a look at him first before making any decision.


1.) 21 Jan 2024 10:19:24
Jack I commented on this in another thread.
Could it be the sweetener to get them to take Guedes?

2.) 21 Jan 2024 11:20:17
I didn't notice TFIG, apologies. It's a tough one really, esp given Guedes is only a loan with no obligation to buy.

But I believe YM will get good experience from the loan move, a higher standard of football than MLS.

3.) 21 Jan 2024 12:55:58
No need to apologise.
That wasn't what I was saying.
poorly drafted by me
No I was merely reinforcing your point and agree a good loan move could be just what he needs.
Hearing lots of good things about him but as a mid table side still battling both on the upside - maybe a chance of Europe - and the downside - a fall off in results could still see us dragged in to a relegation battle albeit highly unlikely now - we don't have the luxury of putting him in the team this year ourselves but maybe next?

4.) 21 Jan 2024 14:44:56
With Dawson turning 34 in May, I think next season YM should be blooded into the team. He has the attributes of making a good defender. So this loan will help his development.

5.) 21 Jan 2024 23:06:34
Agree with Ford, if Villareal want him it would likely be with a fee agreed and we don't want another Pedro Goncalves situation! If he's up to a sqaud spot then we definitely need the extra cover back there especially (like Ford says) as Dawson ain't getting any younger (or quicker for that matter:) ?

6.) 22 Jan 2024 22:59:32
Suppose this is the debate with buying players now or waiting for the summer.
Personally I don't think Mosquera will become a first team player.
Guedes needs to be moved on as his value is falling off a cliff.
I would take young Noha Lemina as a different option off the bench and bring him home to his family.
Ekietite looks good but I thinks it's too big a gamble in this window.
But as you both say Dawson is getting older maybe it's best to keep the most funds for the summer then look at our options.
Young Lemina on a small fee and wage.
And let's see what some of the youngsters can do as we finish the season.
Ps. I know 2 players would probably get us European football just don't think the funds are there to stay within FFP



17 Jan 2024 07:23:39
Wolves are considering a move for 22-year-old Albania forward Armando Broja, 22, whose Chelsea future is likely to hinge on whether they sign a striker this month.


1.) 17 Jan 2024 11:23:53
He looked excellent when at the Saints and for a short period when he went back to Chelsea but that form is well over a year ago.
Injuries and a lack of consistent game time have meant that his performances have not reached his former levels for some time now and talking to Chelsea fans even though they have major problems up front they do not rate him.
Previously people were talking £40m for him now I think he would be somewhat of a gamble and particularly at that price.
Maybe a loan with an option might be the way forward because if he could recover his former levels he would be a v interesting acquisition but if he doesn't he would, at £40m and commensurate wages, be an expensive white elephant!
Have previously suggested we look at him but now not so sure.

{Ed002's Note - Armando Broja (S) Torino, Besiktas, Fulham, Crystal Palace, Milan, West Ham and Napoli remain keen. Brighton or Wolves may offer another option to keep him in the Premier League. Chelsea do not wish to loan the player and will look to discussions before the summer, but have discussed a part exchange with Benfica.}

2.) 17 Jan 2024 11:58:29
Tks Ed - Totally understand why they wouldn't want a loan and also understand, given his former form as a powerful goal scoring mobile CF, why so many clubs would be interested.
My concern is that following a fairly lengthy injury he doesn't seem to have returned to his previous levels yet- however I only see Chelsea infrequently on the TV and even then he has not played regularly (although that in itself is a worry given their well noted problems with Jackson form and Nkuku (sp) injuries).
That however is Wolves problem, if he was firing on all cylinders we would not be anywhere near signing him, so everything we do has to have an "issue" that puts off the clubs higher up the financial pyramid to us.
Guess it depends on how we could structure the deal for us perhaps a chunk of the fee could be perforance based - although totally understand Chelsea will not be keen on that but will want the vast majority of the fee to be a clean unconditional payment.

{Ed002's Note - He is a very good player but the Cruciate Ligament tear that kept him out for a season was followed by a small injury that led to him missing a couple more games. Chelsea are giving him minutes as he eases back to full fitness just to be careful. If there were loan, as you mentioned, it would be dependent on Chelsea adding a striker this month - which is of course possible and something may happen in the coming days there. Broja has the advantage of being Home Grown as well.}

3.) 18 Jan 2024 18:58:59
Now read that suggested price is £50m - unless that is highly conditional i.e. say £10m down with rest paid over the next few years dependent on various things - performances, our league status etc etc it would be a no for me.
Too much risk that he never returns to the levels we would require



06 Jan 2024 08:51:57
Nottingham Forest are interested in Wolverhampton Wanderers and Portugal goalkeeper Jose Sa. According to Football Transfers - the article itself is actual puddle water.


1.) 06 Jan 2024 10:47:17
And also recycles Pap from summer 2023.

2.) 06 Jan 2024 15:11:02
Article does mention the summer and "previous interest"




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20 Feb 2024 06:32:59
Sunderland have sacked Michael Beale, it's safe to say thankfully he turned down the Wolves role.


1.) 20 Feb 2024 07:16:09
Hi Ford,
Beale was Sellars and Shi's choice as Lopetequi's successor.
Thank goodness Shi now has no control over the Footballing side of the business!
I wonder how he is getting on with raising the $100 million investment target he has been set by his bosses?.

2.) 20 Feb 2024 09:17:19
I posted about his sacking last night. He’s obviously not as good as he tends to believe he is

3.) 20 Feb 2024 09:29:21
Good point Rugeley. That's his prime role. Let's hope any failure doesn't result in the forced sale of our star players.

4.) 20 Feb 2024 10:08:59
Does make me laugh when peeps keep assuming that Shis role at the club has drastically changed when there's been absolutely no communication to that effect. He has been Executive Chairman since 2017 and at no point has that changed. I think what's actually happened is that Jeff put FAR to much faith in Sellars and allowed himself to be led by Sellars decisions (on both manager and transfer policy). Now we have Hobbs in Sellars recruitment role and he is doing FAR better work. But any notion that Gary wasn't Shis choice is entirely nonsense and only said to turn Shi into the pantomime villan (just like the role many used to assign to Moxey)! I'm not Shis biggest fan but does make me laugh that all positive changes are accredited to Hobbs and all the negatives are just assumed to be big bad Shis fault, is that how most businesses REALLY work?! Or is it far more likely a collaborative approach over which Shi has final say? Just saying (and never thought I'd say this) but maybe Jeff deserves a little credit as well for getting GON into the role? Jeff was certainly the one taking the hit and facing the media when the story broke but now it's gone well Hobbs gets all the credit, is that fair?!

5.) 20 Feb 2024 10:39:15
For all those people who slate Heff Shi, please remember that he was the one who appointed Nuno, Lopetegui and GON as well as authorising the signings of Patricio, Neves, Mourinho, Raul, Cunha, Dawson, Neto etc.

All we seem to concentrate on are the negatives but he has overseen all of the recent good times too.

Also Rugeley, I didn't realise Wolves wanted Beale to replace JL, I thought he was the preferred choice when Lage went.

6.) 20 Feb 2024 12:08:17
Beale's CV is pretty weak. Did Wolves really have interest in him just because of his QPR work? I discount his Rangers work, because I could lead Rangers to at least 2nd place in SPL.

{Ed001's Note - Wolves went after him before he went back to Rangers, it was while he was at QPR, just after having been an assistant coach at Rangers under Gerrard.}

7.) 20 Feb 2024 13:52:49
When we have lost points in the past when shi was in question many times our players missed absolute sitters in front of goal time and time again wrong pass made or cross too deep or in row z.
Imo they should of got critisied the same as Shi has been.
I put this out there 3 4 years ago and ended up in heated angry disagreements so therefore I know what I believe is logical if not correct and prefer to keep stchum as it brings me to a right downer.

8.) 20 Feb 2024 19:24:52
IMO Shi's problem is that he dosnt communicate well with us the fans. He explained that in an interview he did a little while ago, more or less saying that whatever he said could be misinterpreted or he'd have to be hiding his true feelings. I can understand that but he does put himself in at odds by keeping his distance.

Phil I agree, players should carry their share of the blame at times. We do criticise them, they obviously know when they've let us down, but they're very well paid professionals who we'd expect to be able of doing the simple stuff, in the speed of the game its not so easy though. Hwang skied the effort (was possible offside) on Saturday, but he met it on the shin, wasn't really at fault but we thought it should have been in. Traore (adama) was abit hit or miss, or miss or hit, on that front, and devided our opinion of him yet he holds the same number of assists as Neto in a season to date (or at least until the spurs game). Dawson IMO as been key to our successful games yet he makes a mistake and some call for him to be replaced. That's football, we know balls bobble, fall awkwardly or spin away and concentration is a key when doing as the manager says. Samedo is prone to losing that I think and again he devides opinion, sometimes excellent sometimes poor. What I'm saying is, I guess, that nobody is 100% all the time, players can only do their best and if they drop below that we'll let em know. There have been those happy to take the money and that's where the management structure comes in, discipline is key and the pack mentality essential. Johnny, (who I liked immensely ) was given short shrift and out. Sounded harsh given his dedication but if it split the squad then Hobbs and GON weren't having it. I think we've now got the unity back everyone working for each other, and every player working for us the fans. We're in a good place. We've changed players, we've changed managers, said goodbye to much lived players. We've changed our recruitment and backroom staff but Jeff Shi is still here, he's taken a lot of criticism with little praise. He keeps his head down and dosnt respond, I think maybe he should be respected for that.

9.) 21 Feb 2024 06:38:57
Good post Abbey I said too much already on this topic.

Feeling down just thinking about it.

10.) 21 Feb 2024 11:25:29
Chaps, sorry I see some aspects of our Club differently to others.
The facts over the last 7 years speak for themselves and I have outlined them many times, so will not offend by repeating.
Suffice it to say, I believe Mr Guangchang has Wolves interests at heart.
Hobbs has done a wonderful job.
Despite the criticism of him for appointing O'Neil, it has been a brilliant decision.
Now Hobbs and O'Neil have control of squad development, I for one as a Wolves fan, feel very optimistic again about our future.
Especially if our CEO secures the $100 million investment Mr Guangchang has given him as a target.

11.) 21 Feb 2024 11:54:59
Very noble of you Rugeley I for one appreciate that.
I didn't see you on here 3 4 years back when I got into heated debates of which I don't want to repeat again especially with you Rugeley as it means so much to you how Shi is.

Can I ask where did get the information from regarding shi £100 million target as I haven't seen that anywhere.
I have seen fosun group looking for investments of which 80 million could be given to us wolves football club.

12.) 21 Feb 2024 13:07:22
But if Hobbs is the saviour of the club, why still give no credit to Jeff Shi? After all it was he who appointed him to the position.

13.) 21 Feb 2024 15:37:48
That's fair enough Rugeley, I entirely accept we all see things differently and also as I said I have previously moaned about Jeff.
However I do have some follow up questions. Firstly what exactly are 'the facts' over the last 7 years, cause it is a pet peeve of mine when peeps use the word fact when what they actually mean is assumpiton/opinion?! From what I can see the club have been SO secretive about how things have worked internally over that period then I am struggling to find where these 'facts' are coming from?!
You also mention criticism for hiring O'Niel but I didn't see Hobbs doing any interviews to answer this at the time, on the other hand Jeff did many! I also have to question your perspective on all this. You say that you believe Guangchang 'has Wolves interests at heart' without seeing the cruel irony at such a comment. Guangchang makes a guest appearance at VERY most 15% of matches (in real terms probably 3-5 games a season). Whereas Jeff moved his entire family to the city and still spends a large proportion of his working hours in Wolverhampton. Yet you feel like the guy popping by for a guest appearence has more care for the club than the guy who moved here?! Sorry fella but if these are the sort of 'facts' your referring to then I can't help but question if you are being entirely fair/realistic or even (frankly) grown up about this?!
As I said originally I'm not Jeff's biggest fan and for the record I actually think Abbey is bang on point here. Jeff's problem is not that he doesn't care, it's that (like most footy Execs) he struggles to communicate effectively and that makes fans like yourself assume/say he doesn't care.
Just my opinion and like you said we all see things differently. Could I just ask though that you post some links to where you get your info from (re: O'Niels appointment and raising £100m) and please no forums just actual journo articles. Like I said if it's a fact it should be easy to find but for some reason my Google must be broke as all I can see to support those theories is other fans assumptions?! Cheers ??

14.) 21 Feb 2024 18:56:59
Evening Fellow Wolves Fans,
Not sure if anyone is still following this thread, but as a few of you have been kind enough to respond, I feel I need to answer the queries.
Phil: it was reported as circa 100 million dollars being the objective - many mainstream finance sites. One source Bloomburg 7th Feb.
Jas: point fairly made regards Hobbs appointment.
Bully: Apologies, I have to go out, but happy separately to run
through the FACTS of the last 7 years.
GON appointment - Wolves website 9th August. One quote,
"Hobbs has spent the past ten days searching for Julen
Lopetegui’s successor"
Shi was in China when the interviewing process being done.
Didn't meet GON until after came back.
GON critism - see many W

15.) 21 Feb 2024 20:00:43
Thanks for the reply, even if it was somewhat lacking in any actual facts.
So firstly I'm assuming you mean Bloomberg and looking at the article literally the second sub heading says 'Amount of capital being raised hasn't been finalised' so basically all this article actually says is that Jeff has been tasked with increasing revenue streams (in fact more through the eSport side of things rather than the club but I'm sure you read the whole article). Which considering increasing revenue streams is basically the top remit for his role (again a role which hasn't changed since 2017) then this doesn't really tell us anything especially new/different. In fact when you actually read the article (which again, I assume you did) it becomes fairly obvious fairly quickly that the $100m is an arbitrary figure used to make a catchy headline (it must be cause why else would they set the figure for an English club in US dollars or £80m in our terms seems an odd amount, no)?!
As for your one quote (again not a fact, to be honest it's not even really a quote) I'm not really sure what your point is? Hobbs role is recruitment so of course he was creating the short list! Who would you want making that shortlist the guy who's spent his life working in footy recruitment (Hobbs) or the guy that comes from a business conglomerate. And Shi may have been in China when the interview process was being done but they do have a little thing called the Internet these days, I reckon it's not beyond the realms of possibility that Jeff was also on board with GON appointment but hey if that doesn't fit the pantomime villain role you just go with what works for you!
So just to check basically Jeff's damned either way? If he let's Hobbs do the job HE hired him for then Shi gets no credit. But when things go wrong (like they did with Sellars) then that's also on Jeff as well cause he doesn't care?! Seems fair then?! ?
I notice you haven't mentioned the stuff on Guangchang, I wonder if he'll be 'interested' enough to attend another match before the season ends?!
I appreciate the effort getting back to me fella but so far I've yet to see ANY facts! So when ya get back in later feel free to ping some this way, I'll look forward to it ?

16.) 21 Feb 2024 21:13:37
Apologies to responding to some of the above views on Shi. However, as many will guess, I hold strong views on his "contribution" to our wonderful Club. Just one last time, the chronology of Wolves ownership under Mr Guangchang and his two co-directors (NOT Fosun, as many keep saying):

Purchase in 2016:
1. They promised £30million on players and they delivered

2. Our sister company, GestiFute were brought in to secure a manager, Santo, done in May 2017. Plus players signed that got us promoted back to the Premier League in Nuno’s first season in charge. Dalrymple was retained to run the Club and Shi appointed to learn and be the owner's representative.

3. Gestufute and Santo brought in Portuguese Internationals like Patricio and Moutinho. Plus the likes of Neves, Jota and Coady. We finished 7th and into Europe that second year.

4. 3rd season we gain finished 7th and reached the quarter-finals of the Europa League, falling to eventual winners Sevilla.

5. Then the "dark" years, Dalrymple sacked along with other key senior figures, as Shi deemed capable of running everything himself.

6. Santo then leaves frustrated as he wanted to continue building the squad. Lage brought halfway through that 4th season and we finished mid-table.

7. The summer transfer window was a disaster, which as we ALL seem to agree, was signed of by the CEO. £200 million spent in a knee-jerk way, right at the end of the window. Lage according to people within the Club not being involved at all. Including players which cost too much and didn't want to be with Wolves ie Nunes, Guedes, Kalajdzic (sadly very injury prone) etc. So we had a manager demotivated and dysfunctional squad. So Lage sacked, as results were dire. Only 10 points at Christmas.

8. Mr Guangchang, with the help of Mendes secured Lopetegui. Hobbs now in place and jointly, with limited money, brought in players like Dawson Gomes and Lemina. Our fortunes change and against all odds, we survive!

9. Over the summer trouble is brewing in paradise, Lopetegui accuses Shi of broken promises and walks out (bit like Santo).

10. On the eve of the 2023/24 season, Gary O'Neil replaced Lopetegui as head coach, with Wolves embarking on their sixth successive Premier League season.

17.) 21 Feb 2024 23:36:26
Just a couple of mistakes that need to be corrected Rugeley.

Darylmple was not sacked. He left the club as he was facing an internal investigation.

Gestifute is not a 'sister' company to Wolves. Fosun have a 10% shareholding in the company. This was the reason that Leeds complained about us and the EFL found that Wolves and Gestifute were not directly linked to each other.

Bruno was NOT brought in mid season.

There is more to Nuno leaving than simply becoming frustrated with Shi. The biggest factor being not being able to see his family who were living in Portugal due to the restrictions during the Covid pandemic. Also, the Raul Jimenez injury really scarred him mentally and he needed a break.

Lopetegui was recommended to Guo by Shi in 2016 but Spain came calling and the club missed out.

18.) 22 Feb 2024 06:06:40
Thank-you for reply Rugeley given me food for thought.
But I adamant the failure of our players in the final third and in front of goal should of been critisied the same as shi has been even more imo.

19.) 22 Feb 2024 07:44:45
Hi Jas and Phil,
Phil - totally agree on the players! I have posted many times our
lack of quality in front of goal
Jas - in response:
Dalrymple - I guess non of us know the full story. Suffice it to
say. The Athletic, 17 Nov. "One of the most surprising
departures of Fosun’s tenure came last summer, when popular
managing director Laurie Dalrymple abruptly left the club."
Immediately appointed CEO of the very successful Harlequins
Rugby Union Club.
So not sure about an internal investigation.
Gestifute is not a 'sister' company to Wolves – It holds a 15% share and
is technically a subsidiary of Fosun.
Bruno was NOT brought in mid season – You are correct, June 2021
Santo – family issues I am sure didn’t help, more cemented his decision
Lopetequi – Agree, it went back to 2016. However, it was Mendes (Lopetequi is a client)
who recommended him to Shi. Not a Shi initiative.
I have prepared a full chronology of Club activities since 2016, with mainstream media sources included,
maybe post another time.
Putting personalities to one side, we need a CEO who drives commercial income to develop the team.

20.) 22 Feb 2024 08:46:53
Hi Rugeley my beef is if players had done what they should of and lots of times ridiculous how they didn't score or put right pass in then things would of been totally different.
Shi wouldn't of been up for the amount of questioning and criticism as he has.

The clear and obvious mistake was the signings of silva and guedes but same again these two players haven't done it in matches.

I think we have a super super academy with players coming through the only big hurdle is giving them first team playing time of which will either save in transfer fees or put their saleable price up.

Also we have virtually changed squad/team and now we are back with energy and high expectations for future seasons to come.

21.) 22 Feb 2024 10:07:52
Problem is Rugeley there is absolutely no way to know how much of ANY of that was Shis involvement and how much was Guangchang. Answer me this, who is in charge in the dynamic Guangchang or Shi?! Ultimately Shi is just a company man, who is just delivering the bad news for what ever he's instructed to do higher up the food chain (so by Gunagchang). You mention Guangchang securing Lope (without Shi) but again sources please, cause that is again pure conjecture! Tell me this then why didn't your saviour Guangchang step in to stop Lope leaving exactly?!
So again and again it seems somewhat bizarre to me how you attribute blame or credit of different decisions with zero real knowledge/evidence of how that truly played out (which none of us have)! For example you talk about Gestifute bringing Coady in but he had already been at the club for over a season, you mention Gestifute being bought in to secure a manger again completely re-writting how that actually happened! Mendes was part of Fosuns original bid (as was Lope before he got a better offer), it was the idea of using Gestifute alongside a club which Fosun seemed sold on!
So sorry but the term fact is being used VERY liberally here! What you seem to mean by fact is your opinion or actually more accurately your complete assumption of how things have gone behind the scenes in a VERY secretive industry! Sadly your 'assumption' also seems to be tainted by the need for a pantomime villain, one bad man who's made all those bad decisions and somewhat incredibly survived in his role despite it (guessing that's ALSO Shis fault and not Guangchangs either ?:)?!
Sorry fella but I'm afraid that just isn't how big businesses operate in the REAL world! ?

22.) 22 Feb 2024 11:18:58
Hang on Bully, I think "selective" choices might work both way, if I may say so!
Hopefully you do agree Guanchang is the principle share holder, right?
Back in 2016 when Wolves changed hands, Shi was a junior marketing employee in the Fosun empire. Not very likely to have extensive connections in the world of football (you would deem that as conjecture, I say fact).
In 2015 Fosun invested in Gestifute, so one assumes Guangchang felt after a good period of involvement, he could trust Mendes to make top contacts at coach and player level.
Coady wasn't a Gestitfute signing. He joined Wolves in 2015, before the Club purchase.
So a few misrepresentations of the various situations, if I may say so.
Anyway, you feel Shi has been a good commercial manager, which is our biggest bone of contention.
I don't feel the CEO has done enough to generate enhanced revenue as stated back in 2022 and now 2024 as being a goal for the Club.
Limited money, restricts squad development.
One thing we do agree on.we both care about Wolves!

23.) 22 Feb 2024 11:20:25
Phil, there are many good things about the direction the Club is now taking.so let celebrate the positives and ignore the negatives!

24.) 22 Feb 2024 11:57:11
I think Shi has been no different to any other commercial manager, or are you seeing other clubs leave us behind in terms of increasing levels of turnover year on year?!
What I don't get is how you've consistently assigned blame to Shi for the ALL recruitment side of things then refuse to give him credit in the same area, regardless of the realities of the situation. And your quite right, that is conjecture and might I suggest you have a check on what the definition of a fact is please ?
For example in one instance you say Shi played no part in Lopetegui coming right, you specifically know that it was just Mendes and Hobbs involved there, correct? How then in the next breath can you tell us that Lope left cause of Shis broken promises?! If Shi took no part in Lopes recruitment how then has he even MADE promises much less broken them?!
Do I think Shi could do better, sure but then who couldn't?! Do I think he's the reason behind every bad recruitment decision this club has made, frankly I'm not sure it's even possible that one man has that much reach?! Our fans have always needed someone to blame, used to be Moxey and now it's Shi. For the most part it's just human nature but I do get a little bored of people telling us the 'facts' of it when really it's just their (jaded) opinion ?

25.) 22 Feb 2024 12:00:45
Absolutely Rugeley,
I'm more just the football played and the quality players now in sink with superb team spirit.
The board the internal running of the. Club are way out my comfort zone.

So yes I celebrate with you Rugeley and everyone else all day long as you say we all agree everyone one of us loves Wolverhampton WANDERERS football club.

26.) 22 Feb 2024 16:53:44
Well said Phil!

27.) 22 Feb 2024 16:56:36
Bully.you are have a different perspective on what makes a good General Manager. Let's leave it there.



04 Feb 2024 18:02:48
Thinking aloud here, everyone is banging on about De Zerbi (who is a good manager) he currently is on nine wins, GON is also on nine wins, factor in the points Wolves lost because of poor VAR decisions, and factor in Brighton has a much stronger squad - who is the better manager?

I'm personally glad GON is flying under the managerial radar, I'm hoping he is given the time to build something special with Wolves, it certainly feels like he is.


1.) 04 Feb 2024 18:46:38
Very true Fordhouses. Add in the lost points (conservative 7, possibly more but I lost count) due to wrong VAR/ref decisions and we would be sitting 6th and fighting for Europe.

2.) 04 Feb 2024 20:12:42
Marco Silva, Sean Dyche, Thomas Frank and Vincent Kompany all regarded as better that Gary O'Neil too but the table doesn't lie.

3.) 04 Feb 2024 21:14:28
I don't really care if we go under the radar. As we've avoided any breach of ffp I'm just hoping we can keep our best players and improve the squad further in the summer.

4.) 05 Feb 2024 08:28:39
By who exactly Jas? Not sure that's the case.



26 Jan 2024 12:08:26
Big news coming out of Anfield, has anyone checked in on Ed001? :)


{Ed001's Note - I am alive, but in shock!}

1.) 26 Jan 2024 13:44:59
Is it true that his last game will be against Wolves?

{Ed001's Note - well potentially. It is the last league game yes.}

2.) 26 Jan 2024 15:29:52
So Liverpool say goodbye to Klopp
Will their grieving ever stop
Ed001 is still in shock
Their board will need to take stock
"I've run out of energy" he did claim
I know what he means, I feel the same
Still life will go on that's for sure
Who'll be next, the role does have it's allure
Will it be Pep or Pochetino
They'd better hope its not Mourinho
Klopp seemed to think that City were peerless
Thrown in the towel Jurgen or still fearless
They bring players in, spend money like water
Imperious or just FFP lambs to the slaughter
Time will tell I'm sure the truth will come out
Just like the Post Office I have no doubt
Still for now Liverpool will be the focus of the press
Speculation rife, will it leave the club in a mess
A bit like Utd when Sir Alex retired
Or have they found the one they desired
Either way change can be refreshing
For them It may not be so depressing
Equally we could see a change in the football scene
With Everton forced down if the League gets mean
Liverpool in decline may become a thing
Without the energy Klopp did bring
So for Ed001's sake let's hope they find the one
Whoever it is, just don't nick GON.

3.) 26 Jan 2024 15:34:57
He's said the club have been aware since November but now is the time to tell the fans. No doubt Steve McManaman will be even more iritating than usual on TNT Sport.

It will be between, De Zerbi and Alonso. An outside bet will be Emery from Villa.

4.) 26 Jan 2024 16:34:58
Lopetegui will be hoping for a call.
Thankfully GON is too inexperienced.

5.) 26 Jan 2024 18:16:00
Xavi Alonso has less experience than GON. I just think it's too soon for him to take over. The lure may prove to be too great, but I think Liverpool need an experienced manager. As long as they leave GON alone, I'm happy.

6.) 26 Jan 2024 20:20:29
It's much too soon for GON. They'll want a proven Manager.

7.) 26 Jan 2024 21:21:44
Jas M Di Zerbi or Emery? Are you serious?

8.) 27 Jan 2024 08:45:59
Yes I am.

9.) 27 Jan 2024 09:45:35
I think Emery is a very good shout.

10.) 27 Jan 2024 12:12:55
I hope Liverpool go for Jose Mourinho!
By the way, Fabio Silva is on the bench for Rangers in the lunchtime kickoff today. He really should be scoring for fun in the SPL.

11.) 27 Jan 2024 13:23:55
I agree Emery is a pretty good call.

12.) 27 Jan 2024 13:53:34
You do realise that Unai Emery owns a club called Real Union which Villa owners are partnering with and Emery virtually has a job for life with Villa?

13.) 27 Jan 2024 16:28:45
I had forgotten E, but a job for life in football management? I suppose whatever this agreement is it may turn out to be a brilliant move creating unparalleled success and stability at Villa Park.

Alternatively it could turn out to be an arrangement that ultimately one or both parties bitterly regret.

14.) 27 Jan 2024 16:35:32
Why does that mean he's got a job for life at Villa. Is this like Fosun owning a % of Gestifute therefore we only rely on Jorge Mendes for players?



25 Jan 2024 16:45:52
What is Wolves plan B in terms of the striker search? The Express and Star is not worth a monthly / annual subscription fee.

If it means complying with FFP then I'm all for it, let's we what happens to Forest / Everton (again).


1.) 25 Jan 2024 17:22:32
Looks like Gary is now hinting that there will be no incoming players this window for financial reasons. I'd take this with a pinch of salt. He may be trying to drive asking prices down. I can't believe we haven't identified a new striker at an affordable price, as we have let two leave on loan. But January is a notoriously expensive time to buy a striker.

2.) 25 Jan 2024 17:24:23
Plan B is to not sign anyone and leave things as they are for now Jack.

3.) 25 Jan 2024 19:01:09
Habit diallo on loan from Saudi club is the latest news fordhouses jack. I can't give anything more as I don't know the player, but apparently several ligue 1 teams are interested too. Just reported on news now.

4.) 25 Jan 2024 19:32:12
Prior to Saudi Arabia he was a regular scorer for Strasbourg, Metz and Brest, but 2 in 16 for a Saudi club and probably on a massive salary in to the bargain.

5.) 25 Jan 2024 23:32:23
I'm not sure Gary knows what a Plan B is.

6.) 26 Jan 2024 02:50:04
The main goal for this season was staying up which now looks likely, the plan is for some serious cash to be available in Summer and start to push for top 6.

7.) 26 Jan 2024 06:45:02
Since Fosun have taken football matters away from Shi, we have steadied the ship in a way that was beyond my expectations.
We are in good hands with Hobbs and O'Neil, whatever happens this transfer window.
Not forgetting Lopetequi, who pulled off the "miracle of Molyneux"
last season.

8.) 26 Jan 2024 09:22:52
There is no Plan B!

9.) 26 Jan 2024 13:13:56
And all this time I thought we were on plan M.

10.) 26 Jan 2024 18:59:43
What a ridiculous comment, Handsome.Lets hear your justification for it then.



03 Dec 2023 18:40:01
Not a rumour, more.of a question, I think Dominic Solanke would fit well into the Wolves team, what are your thoughts?





Fordhouses_Jack's rumour replies


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23 Feb 2024 10:25:03
Talk Sport in the morning tends to be Ally McCosit / ALan Brasil / Gabby "Aston Villa-centric" Agbonlahor. I pay no notice to Gabby, he talks so much nonsense.




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10 Feb 2024 08:49:28
Does anyone else wonder about the wider impact of curbed PL spending?, clubs across Europe etc know PL sides are willing to pay top dollar for a target. That all but disappeared in January.




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31 Jan 2024 21:22:38
A couple more of the gossip sites are reporting medical tomorrow and will be present for the Utd game.




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30 Jan 2024 14:33:16
I wasn't being sarcastic - TY Rated.




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30 Jan 2024 14:32:59
Whoop whoop!





Fordhouses_Jack's banter replies


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01 Mar 2024 02:56:10
Yesterday Darren Bent and Andy Goldstein had a piece about how good Gary O'Neill is on TalkSport.

Simon Jordan is also a big fan of Gary.




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25 Feb 2024 15:44:00
Not a very good watch, in fact dire, but, beating a side set up not to lose or concede many goals is always a good thing.

Up to eighth. Happy overall.




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23 Feb 2024 17:28:48
Have a look for a guy called Stefan Borson on YouTube. He's a football finance expert, he used to advise Man City. He gives very a clear explanation on PSF (formerly FFP), it's pitfalls, and inconsistencies.

Very interesting watch, though I have to warn you, football finance expert Simon Jordan also features. So you'll have to suffer his hyperbole and musings.




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22 Feb 2024 10:55:11
Alex Crooks is a bluffer in terms of transfers, he pretty much regurgitates Fabrizio Romano Tweets or whatever they're called now.




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18 Feb 2024 17:42:20
He's sadly an injury prone player, and his constant injuries will only devalue his worth when being sold, he clearly isn't in Gary O'Neill's plans.




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