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19 Nov 2019 06:38:30
No mention of Doherty by Alan Brazil and Ray parlour on talk sport this morning when they talked about Ireland's draw with denmark last night. Disappointed they was no mention but a lovely run into the box and super headed finish.
Rated RKO might be a good bet with Doherty first scorer Saturday against Bournmouth.


1.) 19 Nov 2019 08:00:20
I thought Doherty played well and brings more to the RoI team than Seamus Coleman does. Great header too.

2.) 19 Nov 2019 13:11:53
Couldn't give a flying what Brazil and perm parlour have got to say about Doherty just proves they don't know what there talking about.

3.) 19 Nov 2019 15:06:23
It's Talk sport, what do you expect. Should be re named Radio Man Utd.

4.) 19 Nov 2019 18:45:32
Just the media being the media, anti Wolves with the exemption of Shearer.

5.) 23 Nov 2019 08:07:57
Got to be top 6 or a London club to be relevant in the media.

6.) 24 Nov 2019 22:14:10
We are a top six club.



23 Oct 2019 13:21:41
Sq read Jeff shi interview in e&s. May put your mind at rest


1.) 23 Oct 2019 17:35:16
He knows better than Jeff it seems.

2.) 23 Oct 2019 18:19:30
SQ is a troll. He's been at it since the Summer transfer window.

3.) 23 Oct 2019 19:51:32
Well I given him the benifit of doubt if he wolves we all know what he should post if he doesn't, no more talk from me about him.
Think when times get bad (we draw at home and lose another centreback to injury) lol a certain 0.1% think we gona get regulated the club will be in ruins so on so on makes no sense but talking to villa and bluenose at work they say it the same for them just hope for those who got season tickets you int got that 0.1% sitting by you. FWAW.

4.) 25 Oct 2019 15:04:46
Can someone please translate Phil's comments into English for me although I perfectly well understand the percentages used.

5.) 26 Oct 2019 10:51:29
Sorry for my grammer old wulf can see that my bad grammer is more important to you than the point of conversation on this feed.

6.) 26 oct 2019 17:56:49
i read my post and only spelt relegated wrong and missed the s of the end of bluenose
so old wolf i take my apology back. if you need my post translating into english so you understand it you need your eyes testing. slating me on about a negative poster who someone has posted as a troll and me doing an honourable thing you should be ashamed to call your self a wolves fan we proper wolves fans don't slate our own we stick together as 1 ok! i'm upset rant over.

7.) 26 Oct 2019 21:40:46
Wouldn't surprise me mate if SQ and old wolf are the same person.

8.) 26 Oct 2019 22:00:23
I agree with you Phil that the grammar isn't important - I can understand what you're saying. But you can't seriously think they are the only two mistakes in your post. Surely.

9.) 27 Oct 2019 06:58:01
Thnks Rated RKO and CJWolf. yes you are correct cj I see my post not written the best.

10.) 28 Oct 2019 17:34:30
SQ sounds like Jack the Hat, a notorious WBA fan who regularly trolled Wolves.

11.) 29 Oct 2019 13:03:52
I've been a Wolves fan since 1968. I came on this site a few weeks ago and predicted we would be in a relegation battle. Perhaps Phil would like to read the Jeff Shi interview today! Less investment which possible means nothing in January-we already have a paper thin squad and arguably have now lost one of our key players through injury. Valid comments from a so called troll!

12.) 29 Oct 2019 15:57:11
SQ, my take on the interview is that, yes, Fosun will not be pumping as much as their own money into the club. It does go on to say that Wolves have grown due to the PL money so that they are creating more revenue to buy players themselves. The 20% stake they are looking to sell is so that more money can be generated by further investment and brand exposure.

13.) 29 Oct 2019 18:53:43
You are correct JAS M. My worry is no significant influx in January and we could be in serious trouble-I hope not but.

14.) 29 Oct 2019 19:16:53
Sq I have read Jeff shi interview today and can see where you're coming from to me a bit pessimistic but you are entitled to your opinion like everyone else.

15.) 29 Oct 2019 20:55:29
To be honest I wish I understood the business model more. To me it makes no sense whatsoever for Fosun to say on the one hand they want to be in the Champions League then on the other state they are reducing their investment.

Who is going to invest the 50 million plus -IF THEY ARE NOT to be considered as the future overall buyers?

16.) 30 Oct 2019 07:46:49
The way I look at it is fosun said at the beginning it would be a 10 year plan to compete for title and champions league, we're in year 4 and have got 6 years left of growth and experience plus the remainder of this season. who knows how far we will go in the europa league. I have full faith fosun will make us great again like in my father's day in the 50's.




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19 Feb 2020 17:32:34
Listening to talk sport raving on about that haaland kid who signed 4 dortmund last month.
A question I would like to know the answer to is he quicker than our Adama toure. that Durham talk sport presenter said that haaland ran 60 metres in 6.64 seconds and I believe the world record is 6.3 something seconds.


1.) 19 Feb 2020 21:01:30
Good question, I would like to know what Traores is as well. That's speed is nuts! When you consider it with Usain Bolt's first 60m for his 100m record must have been around 5.78 seconds! I appreciate that working that out in such a way is far from accurate but still 😱.



19 Feb 2020 13:43:36
Hello all. I haven't been on here until now and have read all comments.
The reason my head went was because of my reply to Paul Tamworth I wasn't clear of what I wanted to say and I upset myself. The no relevance to fosun and transfer window was because the transfer window was finished and that I trust fosun are doing everything they can.
Regarding mental health I mainly post at work and I am always under immense pressure being a tool grinder in a contract toolroom in a different city to where I live. I post on here to relieve stress of work but not always as I sometimes post when not at work.
I am genuinely honest and like reading the posts and banter on here.
My upmost respect to all reading this and all wolves fans in wolvo/ UK and around the world.


{Ed001's Note - Phil, no need to worry about not being clear, most of us make mistakes when posting quickly. I do it all the time, even when I reread stuff back before posting I don't always end up saying what I mean. It is easy to make mistakes.

You should never be upset by a mistake mate, to err is human after all. It is part of being human is mistakes. We all have flaws and we all make mistakes. Being under pressure and stressed at work is enough for anyone to worry about, don't worry about it here. Your posts are fine.}

1.) 19 Feb 2020 14:23:40
Thnks Ed I am my own worse enemy.

{Ed001's Note - we all are that mate.}

2.) 19 Feb 2020 14:58:42
Phil sorry if my reply added to your stress, it was the way I read it, that at the time got my back up. Try and be more thick skinned on these forums and don’t take things to heart👍 We’re all Wolves but we’re not going to agree with every comment made. 👍.

3.) 19 Feb 2020 15:31:06
Agree Paul I do take things to heart when stressed thanks for your comments mate up the wolves 2nil to us tomorrow night

4.) 19 Feb 2020 16:00:37
2-0 will be sound mate👍 Take care and KEEP POSTING 👍.

5.) 19 Feb 2020 17:28:37

6.) 19 Feb 2020 18:09:33
Welcome back Phil.

7.) 19 Feb 2020 18:35:26
Nice1 Deep Throat.
Lol check out 3 guys on guitar singing wolves chants it's class think it was on Birmingham mail. FWAW.

8.) 19 Feb 2020 20:36:37
Good to have you back Phil and Pauls right fella you shouldn't take the stuff on here to heart (on-line generally actually) . Always remind yourself that the way/ tone you read something in could be an entirely different tone to the way it was typed/ intended. Pleased your ok though fella and right in time for a historical night of Euro footy! COYW ;)

9.) 20 Feb 2020 05:26:36
Sound as a pound BullysBoy11.



10 Feb 2020 07:23:22
Apologies to all your views and posts (whether right or wrong) are clear and to the point unfortunately mine are not.
Next chance I have I will run on the pitch and windmill like the Newcastle fan.


1.) 10 Feb 2020 11:19:26
Only posting again today and last sentence codswallop due to me being wrong and spoiling/ stopping people posting.
SO please ignore my stupid posts and carry on enjoying celebrating or moaning about wolves fosun the players etc etc.
Im a goner heads proper gone.

2.) 10 Feb 2020 13:17:01
No problem, no offence Phil. Keep posting. You're a genuine Wolves fan.

3.) 10 Feb 2020 15:41:50
Keep posting Phil mate you're one of the good ones on here.

4.) 11 Feb 2020 15:30:13
Phil mate this is a forum, there is no right and wrong (unless your debating with me, joke obvs;)!
As long as you have a genuine interest in constructive chat/ debate then PLEASE don't give it a second thought fella! We all make mistakes when writing, just a day ago I was writing about how Adama LACKS pace?! ;) The thing is you are MUCH more likely to notice your own mistakes (we are all the same on that) so it might feel like your making them more often than others but trust me you aren't!
Hope your ok though fella, the strength of the wolf is in the pack! COYW ;)

5.) 11 Feb 2020 15:50:56
Phil I realise that this may be a long way from what you meant here fella but I have to be honest I can't get that last sentence of your second post out of my head. So whilst I'm sure you were not talking literally or seriously and you were more making a flippant comment on a forum BUT as you are a bloke (gonna guess middle aged no offence meant) you are in a category especially prone to not seeking help with mental health issues. Please don't take this the wrong way because it is only meant with care but on the very small chance that final sentence was in fact a (small) cry for help then please call this number: 0300 123 3393
They are called Mind and are a mental health charity, I realise this is left field and probs not needed at all but we are a pack and if one of us needs genuine help then we are all here to help ;)

6.) 12 Feb 2020 09:20:41
Come on let’s get a grip! This is a message banter rumour board for Wolves fans. Not a Samaritans hot line. Talk about snowflakes! Have a good look around u there’s always someone worse off.

7.) 12 Feb 2020 11:01:16
Paul- grow up fella, that's precisely the sort of attitude that MAKES people not seek help when its desperately needed! Haha, snowflake is such a pathetically macho term for people who's only crime is caring but hey as long as you feel like a big man?! What a lovely way to live life, there's always someone worse so why try and help anyone?! How lucky your friends must be, god help them if they ever need support!

8.) 12 Feb 2020 11:27:05
Too easy to throw the mental card in as it is the racist one. Il definitely agree to disagree with u Bullysboy ❄️.

9.) 12 Feb 2020 12:05:27
'Throw the card' what a lovely view you have of equality! I can just about guess your age and background from the above comments! Haha, no wonder you don't understand basic discrimination! With that in mind like you say I think we should leave it there, I learnt long ago not to argue against idiocy. I find you generally get pulled down to their level and then get beaten on experience! Still though Paul least you feel like a big man, well done big man! 🤣.

10.) 13 Feb 2020 07:26:32
If anyone feels they need to talk to someone, please contact me as I have access to a number of agencies who could assist.

11.) 13 Feb 2020 09:51:31
Cheers Jas, I know my responses may have been seemed a little dramatic but I have to be honest I have seen first hand the damage done when people don't get the help they need. I'd sooner look silly and over the top and offer help where it may be needed than miss a chance to reach out to someone in need ;)

12.) 13 Feb 2020 13:22:57
A lot of people seem to play or 'throw cards'. The racist card. The sexist card. The political card. The mental health card. But, the one that really matters is the latter one. That's life and death. I should know, as a mate of mine struggled for years. Just when everyone thought he was over it and thriving, he did it. We all think now that he was waiting until his life was in order so that he didn't leave a legal mess of paperwork for his family to sort out.

13.) 13 Feb 2020 13:24:30
Better to be safe than sorry BullysBoy II.
Brave to post it mate.

14.) 13 Feb 2020 20:06:10
Cheers guys, mostly for restoring my faith in the peeps on here. I'm sorry to hear that Deep, that's brutal mate. I had a similar situation and saw the devastation the lack of treatment left behind. It's something I feel strongly about (as you can probs tell from my slightly over zealous response to Paul) . But it's a VERY real fact that the mental health provision and understanding in this country can be shocking so when I get responses like 'people have it worse' or 'pull your socks up' I snap because it shows SUCH an ignorance to the realities of the issue! Anyway sorry Paul, I didn't mean to offend but you touched a nerve.
For all that said I hope your doing well Phil. Please continue to post buddy cause no one's here to look for mistakes (and let us know your ok;)

15.) 13 Feb 2020 21:01:11
No offence taken, perhaps my response was a bit bullshy, but as an employer I had an employee try the mental health card and we bent over backwards to help, havin to make sure we contacted him if not at work, learn all the do’s and dont’s, find out what meds he was on etc. But we found out he was liein and was takin the piss. This went on for a couple of months but we became suspicious when he wouldn’t let us see his medical records, as we needed to know his meds in case anything happened in the work place. So this is the reason I became sceltical, and so all I can do is apologise to people with genuine problems but I will always be sceltical after this. It is a very difficult issue to deal with and we paid him while he was off to help. Hopefully he was only a small percent as he has let people with true problems down.

16.) 14 Feb 2020 13:24:38
Paul, I had a similar problem with one employee. She was always given special treatment due to her claimed depression. We had to be so careful about employment law, so we asked her doctor to confirm if her depression was a disability under the law. The employee would not permit her doctor to reply to us! Catch 22. In the end all we could do was to play safe and assume that she had a disability. Finally she resigned claiming constructive dismissal and we heard from her lawyers that she was taking us to a tribunal. We put a firm defence in and never heard another thing ever again! If she was faking it for a big payout, that's terrible and in effect fraud. If she really had depression our conscience was clear as we always bent over backwards to treat her better than anyone else at work.

17.) 14 Feb 2020 14:16:46
Paul, there are 2 types of people in this world. Those who genuinely need help and others who lie and cheat to beat the system. Unfortunately you had contact with the latter. I personally have seen the devastation that MH has on society.

I work in an industry where I see horrific things on a daily basis but i am never offered support but simply told to clock off and go home to my wife and kids and unwind. Luckily my employer has recognised this is not acceptable and have now put measures in place.

18.) 14 Feb 2020 13:55:05
Very true Deep Throat, it’s a very tricky situation to deal with, and u do take the persons word, he was havin a lot of time off and when he realised it wasn’t washin with us he left. The good news is we weren’t left out of pocket and I hear he is employed elsewhere. So the out come worked out well for both parties, but I won’t ever give the guy the time of day as he has made me a sceltic and has let down the people with true problems.



04 Feb 2020 07:04:17
Make my day tomorrow come on Coventry beat them horrid thick as a short plank bluenose brummies


1.) 04 Feb 2020 08:49:23
No offence intended to Birmingham wolves fans just out numbered with banter at work.



29 Jan 2020 06:50:24
Ennis notched for Doncaster last night Cameron John also played.





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31 Jan 2020 11:17:53
Thnks guys
I'm singing wanderers reject
Wanderers reject
To the brummies
Bennett umm makes me think we could have a surprise centre back signing today.




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31 Jan 2020 08:51:43
Anyone heard about Bright going to Birmingham? One of the bluenose at work mentioned it.




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30 Jan 2020 05:30:30
Top bloke TettenhallToad.
I didn't realise you got it wrong but holding your hands up is proper fine of ya. Be good if SQ and others who I do know got things wrong did the same. Yes my fellow wolf happy days




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28 Jan 2020 11:02:58
Roll on Feb 1st and let's get the real talking done on the pitch match day and shut these doubters up once and for all.




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28 Jan 2020 01:24:16
Old Wulf good shout I agree with you 100%





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21 Feb 2020 11:12:38
A lot closer than I thought BullysBoyll.
Roll on Sunday I think we win 5-0 another clean sheet and 5 goals taken from 9or10 good scoring chances.
Maybe a little optimistic but it's only down to the feel good factor.




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21 Feb 2020 10:37:23
Pretty sure jota having scored in the championship I think 17 b4 we signed jimenez but not 100% certain I wait if someone posts the answer.
Up the wolves watch out Norwich




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21 Feb 2020 10:34:45
Pleased jota back on the score sheet.
Great result and few have mentioned the last few games or so neves is due a worldy. Doesn't take an expert cus that's all he does except penalties but it int arf great when neves scores 😁




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20 Feb 2020 05:26:36
Sound as a pound BullysBoy11.




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19 Feb 2020 18:35:26
Nice1 Deep Throat.
Lol check out 3 guys on guitar singing wolves chants it's class think it was on Birmingham mail. FWAW.