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29 Jun 2022 16:50:53
So E and S reporting no bids been made for MGW.


1.) 29 Jun 2022 17:01:38
Also Mail reporting contract talks with Moutinho have broken down.
PLEASE let's have some positive news soon!

2.) 29 Jun 2022 17:45:23
Evening guys
Update from Tenerife
Sun setting on a beautiful day, not got much Wolves rumours today but take it we have made a couple of signings and Neves and Moutinho have signed new contracts.
Have spoken to my contact who said we have no immediate deals and given him a piece of my mind.
Anyway Mrs Realist got the gladrags on.
This evening on the karaoke it’s ……
Jocelyn Browns “ somebody else’s guy”
Hint hint ???

3.) 29 Jun 2022 18:04:19
There is no positive news. Total and absolute joke. I would be much happier if Fosun, Shi or whoever actually came out upfront and admitted there was no money to spend, or they were cutting back and would accept going down, because they could at least take the parachute money to clear the financial desk.

4.) 29 Jun 2022 18:19:44
Hate my dull life Thommo just having a cold beer on the waterfront, can’t find any news on any signings, perhaps you could update me before I slope off into the sunset AGAIN
My contact is bemused as he normally has an early heads up on signings
Anyway off for a well man check up with my medical team ????????? Laters taters

5.) 29 Jun 2022 18:28:44
SQ me too let’s get out of the greed league
Ply our trade at Cov, Blues, Blackpool,Blackburn
Get a pint at half time
Boo Shi and Sellers
Oooooh pure footy

6.) 29 Jun 2022 18:35:02
The realist your contact int one of those who's been to elevenerife?

Lol ?

7.) 29 Jun 2022 20:13:24
Thommo you ok surely you should be giving it the big gun
telling me I’m a low life with a dull life .
Where’s your signings boy.
I am the realist, we are nowhere near a signing.
Sorry for being crude but deliver before slagging off a genuine poster

8.) 29 Jun 2022 22:23:55
Sounds like your having a great time Realist and have got plenty of drinks down ya. Meanwhile, back in Wolverhampton it’s still only Wednesday!
Have another San Miguel pal and I’ll have a Bankss mild and we can both chill.



27 Jan 2022 13:21:30
Looks like Barcelona want Traore on loan but with no obligation to buy, can't see Fosun going for that if they need cash to buy now!


1.) 27 Jan 2022 14:13:14
Is Levy now the lead negotiator for 'Barca? they'm tekkin the proverbial.

2.) 27 Jan 2022 14:53:45
Easy way around that straight swap for Trincao Bruno rates him and that's good enough for me.

3.) 27 Jan 2022 15:35:17
Not a rumour, it’ll definitely be warmer sitting on the bench in Spain.

4.) 27 Jan 2022 15:37:15
I actually agree that it seems bizarre to me, also what would stop them from just offering him a pre contract on a free before he leaves?! I suppose the carrot here is that they are offering £9m more than Spurs, which only counts for something if they actually buy him! I would tell them it needs to be an obligatory sale at the end, but then what do I know about such things! ?

5.) 27 Jan 2022 15:40:56
@Arddunby BBC Sport and The Express and Star are saying "with an obligation to buy at the end of the season" E&S expand on that and say buy for 29m GBP.

6.) 27 Jan 2022 16:00:32
Debbie it seemed to me that Barcelona wanted a straight loan to the end of the season

This is from the guardian, it may be a fast moving story though:

Details of any transfer to Barcelona are being discussed. Barcelona want to take Traoré on loan with an option to buy, whereas Wolves would prefer such a deal to include an obligation to purchase him. With Traoré holding out for a move to the Camp Nou, talks are continuing to see whether a solution can be found.

7.) 27 Jan 2022 16:16:43
Fabrizio Romano saying that the deal is completed. Loan till the end of the season with option to buy for €30m.

8.) 27 Jan 2022 16:26:00
Agreed @Arddunby (hope I wasn't coming across as knocking you) this story will grow arms and legs before the truth comes out. That's for sure.

9.) 27 Jan 2022 17:14:11
The transfer fee in the summer is about equal to the Trincao fee so I assume a swap is going to happen. Not so sure we are getting the best of it though. The main thing he's not staying in England. Shame we couldn't keep him I just hope he's happy. I for one will miss him.

10.) 27 Jan 2022 17:27:19
Cannot believe they would swap Traore for Trincao, I know Traore can be inconsistent but he is light years ahead of Trincao . Perhaps Lage can see something about him but he has never produced much on the field.

11.) 27 Jan 2022 18:08:17
I’m hoping something involving Ricard "Riqui" Puig.

12.) 27 Jan 2022 18:13:30
Well Bruno wants Trincao and obviously sees something in him and that's good enough for me.

13.) 28 Jan 2022 00:23:51
I smell a loan signing on the way with potential option to buy and it ain't traore

14.) 29 Jan 2022 20:51:53
I'm with Ray on this one, can anyone honestly say they've seen ANYTHING from Trincao to justify a £30m fee?! I accept he may have potiential but £30m is a big transfer for us and as we learnt with Fabio spending that on potiential isn't without its risks. Don't get me wrong I think Fabio will eventually be a good player for us. But I also think with where we currently are if we spend £30m it should be on a player that can literally take us up a place in the league and not three years later (for example Sa this season). Ironically the kind of player I'm describing is the one we are sending to Barca! ?




Arddunby's banter posts with other poster's replies to Arddunby's banter posts


10 Sep 2022 13:42:08
Interesting clickbait articles saying Chelsea and Man U looking to poach Matt Hobbs our head of recruitment. So somebody thinks we're doing something right by the looks of it.

Looks as if we may be initially identifying the right players but the club isn't always an attractive move for whatever reason.


1.) 11 Sep 2022 11:55:08
I think part of the reason Wolves (and some other clubs) is the cities themselves compared to Milan. Madrid, Verona etc aren't as attractive. London, Manchester, Liverpool clubs (and some others) have the advantage of the image. Buy new players a thatched cottage in Cheshire and they'll be happier. I think these are part of the reason players hesitate.

2.) 11 Sep 2022 12:18:53
Nooo, tell them it was all Scott Sellers work.
He is the man they want.



25 Aug 2022 21:07:42
Linked to an Argentinian kid Maximo Perone (think that's spelt correctly) 19YO.


1.) 26 Aug 2022 18:55:26
Eva's grandson! ?
Maybe there's a song there somewhere?

2.) 26 Aug 2022 20:41:13
Ken I hadn't thought of that Its one of the click bait sites, his club are copa libertadores semi finalists which is hindering any possible move as naturally the club (who I can't recall) want to win that. Probably nothing will come of it.

3.) 27 Aug 2022 11:10:15
Still full of it today! No doubt Arsenal will sneak in at the last minute and Nick him!
It's Velez Sarsfield the club.

4.) 27 Aug 2022 12:27:26
Yes that's the club, I suspect these stories are being leaked by the players representatives to alert other clubs or for a payment from a reporter for the story. If that's the case not much we can do really.



01 Jul 2022 11:00:40
Jonny Philips Sky Sports article, a good trip down memory lane for those of us of a certain vintage, and a reminder of just how bad things got!


1.) 01 Jul 2022 11:54:26
Just read that Arddunby, dark days indeed, still at least those lads featured got to represent the club and they seem to be very proud of that.
Bringing things a bit more up to date:
Correio da Manhã claim that Wolves are now ‘prepared’ to make the required offer for Nunes.
It’s claimed that Fosun will submit a bid worth €45million (£38million) plus €5million (£4million) and that Nunes will be a Wolves player soon.
I've no idea how/if they know that for sure but either way come on Wolves, if you're going to do it, get it done.

2.) 01 Jul 2022 12:43:21
I’m not buying all this ‘look where we were’ stuff as an excuse for our current multi billionaire owners not to invest and that we should just be grateful to be in the premier league getting battered 5-1 at home to Man City and 3-0 at home to Brighton who themselves were playing at the Withdean a few years ago but finished above us with owners who have a fraction of our owners wealth.
Look where other clubs in the premier league have also been over the years but are now more progressive than us.

3.) 01 Jul 2022 12:53:39
Long probably needed to ascertain will the player sign if we meet the asking price. No point in bothering otherwise.

4.) 01 Jul 2022 13:10:53
Nothing achieved by looking where we’ve been, when we going to start moving again.

5.) 01 Jul 2022 13:39:04
No news is good news, silence is golden oxley.

6.) 01 Jul 2022 14:12:07
Could say the same nothing achieved by going on and and on how bad our club is at present.
Each to their free world and all that.
If the worst case is happening then me personally will deal with that when/if it happens.
We haven't kicked a ball yet over a month till season starts so know one knows what will happen for us next season unless someone's got a time machine.

7.) 01 Jul 2022 15:32:59
Doesn't matter whether the owners are multi billionaires or not. Unless it's related to infrastructure can still only spend within FFP rules which is driven by generated income.

The model to follow should be Leicester's, but even they had a disappointing season this season. As far as I know even they haven't signed anybody yet. Neither have Utd who have lost players and have an expectation to improve on this season.

Building a top 6 club doesn't happen overnight and we can't do what Man City and Chelsea did. The next step is damned difficult and clubs with more top flight seasons than Wolves have tried and failed. If all you ever do is look at the bad side you'll end up driving yourself mad. As Phil is essentially saying - what will be will be.

Even if we were rattling around in the conference, Wolves is still our club for better or worse.



26 May 2022 11:03:25
Looks like we've lost out on Marquinhos from Sao Paulo gone to Arsenal instead.


1.) 26 May 2022 17:30:40
Ah but we are apparently taking him to court! Interesting!

2.) 26 May 2022 18:09:49
Only just seen that Ken, seems we had a pre contract agreement. Maybe a good one to miss out on if he has behaved like it appears.



25 Jan 2021 12:19:52
Lampard sacked, interesting to see how they respond against us on Wednesday.


1.) 25 Jan 2021 12:37:18
Often the players will play much better in order to impress the incoming manager.
Hopefully I'm wrong 🤞.

2.) 25 Jan 2021 14:22:18
My fear to NikNak.

3.) 25 Jan 2021 14:33:39
Yes it was the worst scenario possible ahead of Wednesday.

4.) 25 Jan 2021 16:15:14
A win on Wednesday would be massive for a number of reasons.
1. Stating the obvious but 3 points are 3 points and the sooner we are ‘safe’, the better.
2. Need to arrest present worrying decline ASAP.
3. Much needed confidence boost for all but from some individuals in particular, none more than the captain.
4. A high profile win, especially with increased interest following Lampard’s dismissal, and hopefully a move up the table, might just help persuade any player we are trying to tempt to join us, in the final days of the window.

5.) 25 Jan 2021 17:28:57
I reckon a draw against Chelsea but there no reason why it's not possible we get a win.
Its football anything is possible. 😀
No harm at all being glass half full.
We got games coming thick and fast hoping we go on an undefeated run with mostly wins the odd draw won't be too bad.

6.) 25 Jan 2021 17:49:29
Agree mate, now's the time to beat them, can't wait for kick off,
2-1,for us, netto 1st goal.

7.) 26 Jan 2021 06:57:27
I got horrible feeling that this result could have big impact on Nunos and wolves future, poor defeat and relegation battle, Nunos term with us likely to be over. Convincing win with Jose to come and we start climbing again. Nuno smiling again and we regain our confidence. Chelsea as you've said will be playing up for the new boss, a crunch game, a pivotal game. I'm more nervous over this one after the performance at chorley when, quite frankly we looked clueless, and nuno seemed as if his heart was no longer part of the pack.




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10 Sep 2022 10:31:37
Early in the week it looked like the Dendayer deal had stalled with the player wanting a better deal. Not sure what the current situation is.




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06 Sep 2022 17:20:46
Prefer Sturridge to Carrol but it looks like Bruno prefers a bit of height in the CF role.




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06 Sep 2022 12:04:41
Looks like we're not prepared to pay enough for Dendayer to.




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04 Sep 2022 16:59:40
Diego Costa? Trouble is he's been without a club since the January window so fitness may be a serious issue.




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01 Sep 2022 21:11:50
Sky Sports saying B Traore deal done medical shortly, personal terms not expected to be a problem.





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27 Sep 2022 11:24:34
Alex, Longmynd considering we were relegated from the group anyway I agree, its hard to see what he was trying to achieve. If we were even trying a completely new system you could justify the same players in different roles but it just came over as a run of the mill pre season runout. If ever there was a chance to blood players in a competetive match against better quality international opponents Germany certainly and arguably even Italy was the match to try it.




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26 Sep 2022 17:26:05
Looks like money was the issue then. An international still in his 20's would rather play in the UAE than the EPL!




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25 Sep 2022 20:36:50
The top Premier league sides are international select XI's. Maybe at England level players that are good at club level don't appear as good due to the players around them. For example is any England striker that could be paired with Kane as good as Son!




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25 Sep 2022 16:49:14
Longmynd, I'll hold my hand up to lifting the figures from elsewhere its not my research.




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25 Sep 2022 11:52:03
Weĺl these figures were made available recently. I haven't verified them but if nothing else it shows how patient Fosun and the fan base have been so far. Granted most of these managers were operating at second or third tier.

Final 14 games of every Wolves manager in the last 30 years (league only):

Turner: W6 D3 L5
Taylor: W4 D4 L6
McGhee: W4 D4 L6
Lee: W3 D4 L7
Jones: W4 D5 L5
Hoddle: W6 D5 L3
McCarthy: W3 D4 L7
Solbakken: W3 D2 L9
Saunders: W5 D1 L8
Jackett: W4 D6 L4
Zenga: W4 D4 L6
Lambert: W7 D2 L5
Nuno: W4 D3 L7
Lage: W1 D5 L8

Unless something starts to click soon (before any potential negotiations with an alternative coach -whoever that may be- develop past a point of no return) I can't see Bruno's tenure lasting much longer. I do hope that someone is lined up if Fosun decide to go down that route.




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