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29 Aug 2020 12:42:47
Next article listed on Sky sports website, just under the Lionel Messi stories is a feature all about a certain Matt Doherty, how well he plays his position and how he will fit in a Spurs, as jimmy Greaves (Spurs legend coincidentally) used to say “it’s a funny old game”.

Oxley Moor Ron

1.) 29 Aug 2020 12:57:53
Does it mention that Doherty himself wanted the move on the advice of his agent? Would you have a player at the club whose heart wasn't in it or would you move them on to bring someone in who is prepared to give his all for the cause?

2.) 29 Aug 2020 14:13:04
You took the words right out my Mouth, Jas, loads of people moaning about selling him but He's the one who wanted to Go.
He wasn't even a Great Defender, good at going forward but not the best at the back.
Move on to better things.
Adios Doc.

3.) 29 Aug 2020 16:25:52
The advice of his agent. Jorge Mendes who just happens to represent Mourinho and a few more Wolves players as well, wonder who’ll be next in line for a little advice, Nuno maybe?

4.) 29 Aug 2020 17:07:53
If Doherty wants to go, well and good. What’s slightly irked me is in an interview a few days ago MD said (not a direct quote but more a less) “it’s been a great ten years, here’s hoping for four or five more as ten more are unrealistic”

Not “btw I want to leave, thanks all the same” I get there are no loyalties in football, but that was a very dishonest statement to give.

5.) 29 Aug 2020 17:21:54
Oxley, I think you need to check your facts as Doherty is not represented by Mendes but by World in Motion who also represent Conor Coady and Ryan Bennett. Surely you realise that Jorge Mendes is not the only football agent.

6.) 29 Aug 2020 17:29:49
I think the Moor Ron part probably sums up Oxley.

7.) 29 Aug 2020 19:11:52
Check it out lads, stated all over the place he recently signed with Mendes.

8.) 29 Aug 2020 19:36:58
No mention of it on Gestifute list of clients but funnily enough World in Motion list Doherty as one of their clients. Lesson to be learnt here is, don't believe everything you read in the papers.

9.) 30 Aug 2020 06:18:44
I wish Matt Doc all the best don’t get many players stick with a club for 10 years spurs will get possibly a good 3/ 4 years out of him at the top of his game if we get AMN he’s got 10 at the very top at least plus like Traore and so on will be plenty of room for him to improve under Nuno plus he’s good enough anyway.



15 Feb 2020 00:38:48
Wonder why the whole of the ball has to be completely over an actual line for a goal, throw or corner but only a fraction of a player touching a non existent line super imposed on TV screens in a different county is deemed to have committed the “offence” of being offside.

Oxley Moor Ron

1.) 15 Feb 2020 09:13:10
Good point.

2.) 15 Feb 2020 16:21:40
I hadn't thought of that.

3.) 15 Feb 2020 20:00:11
Excellent thinking Oxymoron. Doubt Mike Riley and co. Will be interested in giving us an explanation though. Us fans who keep the whole industry going with our hard earned cash are ******* nobodies as far as they are concerned!

4.) 16 Feb 2020 13:22:16
The answer is the PL have put a total incompetent in charge of our football rules. Let's face it why have they created different rules compared to the rest of the football World? Fact.
Is to hide the total incompetence of our referees? Non on FIFAs list.
Is it to do away with referees altogether so some faceless wonder can dictate to the game?
Or is it a set up to protect the Big 6 from us newly promoted TEAMS? LOOK AT THE STATS WHO HAS LOST OUT AND WHO HAS GAINED. FACT.
He who pays the piper so the saying goes
One very angry paying fan.

5.) 16 Feb 2020 14:43:59
I have lots of sympathy with all these comments. It seems typical of the FA to cock up a good idea, to make the game fairer, whereas rugby has succeeded in that aim, and there is clarity in the decision. I like Ron's point. Change the offside rule so the whole of the foot must be offside. no other body part counts. Then let the ref on the pitch decide if he needs assistance and guidance, but he decides from a full screen replay which all can see.

6.) 17 Feb 2020 10:26:10
Good point Oxley but the whole of the ball would be difficult to relate to the whole of the heel. That said, I agree with you. Apparently UEFA advised the PL against getting too forensic in offside decisions. My guess is that next season the PL will fall in line with UEFA, but too late for our disallowed goals this season.

The thought of Michael Oliver sitting in some cupboard with screens in front of him, trying to find fault with a Wolves goal is objectionable to all of us.

7.) 18 Feb 2020 17:21:20
Some very good points. Sadly, after 65 seasons of following football, The lack of brain power and common sense from the game's administrators still has a retarding effect on genuine progress. Will it change for the good in time for next season - don't hold your breath!



02 Oct 2019 19:51:55
Rob Edwards has left the Club to work for the FA who’s next?

Oxley Moor Ron

1.) 02 Oct 2019 22:46:22
Hopefully negative fans who slate players.

2.) 03 Oct 2019 19:28:19
Negative, there’s a word we could apply to the Manager, his tactics and the players this season.

3.) 03 Oct 2019 19:56:24
We've won our last 2 games. Long may Nunos negative tactics continue.

4.) 03 Oct 2019 20:24:02
Make that 3.

5.) 04 Oct 2019 08:07:24
Unbeaten in four.

6.) 04 Oct 2019 09:35:14
Brilliant win hope that shuts a few up, turning the corner.

7.) 04 Oct 2019 14:06:27
Great result, Nuno got it right but surely we can’t be expected to watch that type of football at Molineux, we have to start on the front foot and give forwards a reason to be on the pitch, Raul’s beginning to show signs of frustration, making runs then seeing the ball played back into our own half. Just want to see us play like the home team at home, ten behind the ball is for games like Sunday (and maybe at Anfield) .

8.) 04 Oct 2019 14:24:09
He got his tactics spot on I think, knock it around the back, try to silence the crowd, that didn't really work, subs worked at tonight, changed the game, very good away performance, tight at the back, nicked a goal.

9.) 10 Oct 2019 18:35:31
Nuno negative? I think a few fans are. Seventh in the PL last season, in Europe this season. Just beat the reigning PL Champions. Other clubs want to poach Nuno. If this is negative, keep it up, I love it.



12 Aug 2019 17:22:21
The Premier League will regret sterilising the game in this Country, if you can’t celebrate a goal after a quick glance at the ref and his assistant with the flag, then we might as well all watch on TV. The Premier League should play no part in ruining the greatest spectator sport in the World.

Oxley Moor Ron

1.) 12 Aug 2019 19:17:01
Agree 100%.

VAR is 100% correct but at the same time totally, completely and utterly wrong.

To paraphrase an old Morecambe and Wise story : VAR - the box they buried football in.

{Ed001's Note - it is not 100% correct, there were at least 2 goals I saw scored at the weekend that it should have disallowed for fouls in the build up but they only looked at the offside. It was meant to be used to check for fouls missed in the build up.}

2.) 12 Aug 2019 20:41:34
VAR might be taking enjoyment out of the game. But many people have been complaining about referee decisions for a very long time.

It wasn't VAR that cost us the goal so much as the new rule about handball. Without VAR, a vigilant ref would still have disallowed that goal. Although last season it would have stood.

Let's be honest, we wouldn't have wanted an illegal goal to have stood if it was against us.

3.) 13 Aug 2019 12:48:37
But var missed the blatant shirt pull on Boly though, pic in sightings.

4.) 13 Aug 2019 15:04:44
Yes, it still isn't perfect. Or rather the dude watching it isn't.

5.) 13 Aug 2019 19:42:07
Complaining about referees is part of the game. and they love it, makes them important, VAR”s trying to make ‘em redundant.

6.) 13 Aug 2019 20:09:45
Especially if that dude is Jon Moss! And guess who's got the Man U gig? I don't think I can take all this nonsense this season! And aren't they ( the proper refs) supposed to watch it on a tv monitor before getting it completely wrong?

7.) 14 Aug 2019 23:46:43
Dude watching it was Jon Moss, guess who’s reffing our game against Man Utd.



15 Feb 2019 14:43:52
Hope Nuno’s treating Sunday’s game seriously and doesn’t make unforced changes, no second chances this time, extra time and penalties. Just go and get the job done and try to stay on our bench!

Oxley Moor Ron

1.) 15 Feb 2019 21:23:58
I fear there will be lots of changes again!

2.) 15 Feb 2019 20:58:02
Haha yes that's right about Nuno.

Apart from Ruddy and probably Saiss and Traore I think he will start with the usual 11

I see Guardiola is saying Newport are a strong team and it will be a tough match because they are better in some areas he's already making excuses not like Nuno who just gets on with the job.

3.) 16 Feb 2019 14:09:15
I query if Pep is making excuses at all. First if all I think he is playing mind games in complimenting the opposition. It makes them better disposed to the visitors. Secondly he is motivating his players so that they don't under-rate Newport. Man City will probably win 5-0.

4.) 16 Feb 2019 18:12:55
Maybe but Nuno doesn't do that either not publicly anyway.




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22 Sep 2020 04:45:50
Don’t think for one minute the penalty decision would have been given at the other end even after a VAR check, a Wolves player would have been seen as initiating the contact to earn a penalty.

Oxley Moor Ron

1.) 22 Sep 2020 15:33:15
Not sure about at mate, I'm the first to cry big club bias but that was a pretty stupid challenge and a pretty clear pen for me! It goes back to what I said about Saiss not being a natural CB, he has all the physical attributes (no doubt) but mentally he doesn't have the patience in the tackle. All he needed to do was stand off De Bruyne and show him down the outside, the ball was going nowhere! Yes De Bruyne initiated contact but only cause he's a VERY good player who knew exactly what he needed to do to get a pen, Saiss is the fool for letting him do it to be honest. Ah well, onwards and upwards.



19 Sep 2020 06:54:17
Be one hell of a signing if they get one better than Jota, this transfer didn’t happen overnight and must have been ongoing for some time which would explain why the lad’s not been on to of his game for a while, Jota hasn’t been “moved on” he’s an outstanding talent who’s been targeted by one of the top Clubs in World football who can take players from almost anyone and we’ll miss him.

Oxley Moor Ron

1.) 19 Sep 2020 08:50:51
Agreed Ron he must have been a player Klopp has been watching all season that guy doesn't buy on impulse or take players from the sale rack good luck to Diogo I think his game will suit Klopp.

2.) 19 Sep 2020 09:07:09
Interesting article by Johnny Phillips on just who exactly runs the transfer business at Wolves.

3.) 19 Sep 2020 09:47:27
Wolves I think, are committing transfer suicide. Expect transfer requests and moves for Jimenez Traore and Neves. If Jota can go to a supposedly bigger club. what's good for the goose. Also forget posting any longer about Telles he is going to Utd or PSG.

4.) 19 Sep 2020 10:05:17
SQ, I understand your concerns regarding Jota and Doherty being sold only to be replaced by young, largely untested players but you seem to forget that 3 years ago we signed 2 young, untested players named Jota and Neves who went on and had a decent impact at Wolves.

5.) 19 Sep 2020 10:17:29
Best Jota moments; THAT goal v ManU, hat-trick v Leics, brilliant assist for Raul v Spurs . Good Luck, Diogo Great memories!

6.) 19 Sep 2020 11:29:37
I agree with the posters saying this has probably been ongoing for a while and was probably also dependent on the young Liverpool defender agreeing to a move. Looks like the speculation about Traore to Liverpool was correct apart from the name, it was Jota.

7.) 19 Sep 2020 13:40:41
SQ ; read the article by Johnny Phillips, interesting part is he only talks about recruitment.



17 Sep 2020 14:08:51
Think we all keep an eye on how our ex - players are doing, as Wayne Hennessey had to take a penalty at Bournemouth the other night with a chance to win the shootout I was hoping he didn’t fail, he put the ball on the spot, paced out his run up like a fast bowler, turned, run as fast as Traore and. kicked the ball into the sea. 😁.

Oxley Moor Ron

1.) 17 Sep 2020 15:32:56
Lovely description Ron. Made me chuckle! Goalkeepers pen.



06 Sep 2020 10:52:45
ED002 ; when Matty Cash was being mentioned I asked why we would be interested in Championship players (2/ 9) and it was pointed out that I wasn’t getting, the, FFP situation, perhaps you could run through it again for us, think there might be a few more of us who don’t get it.

Oxley Moor Ron

{Ed002's Note - Wolves have been punished for being in breach of FFP and aside from European squad size reductions for two years out of theree (if Wolves qualify), the fine (much of which is deferred), Wolves have to comply with a €30M maximum break-even deficit (losses covered by the owner) for the year ending 2020 and an aggregate break-even by 2021/22 for financial years ending in 2019, 2020 and 2021. So the club cannot simply keep spending as much as they have been on wages and transfers - money needs to be raised through sales and getting players off the wage bill.}

1.) 06 Sep 2020 11:54:45
I'm thinking best to let Jeff Shi worry about it! When you're dealing with bigger numbers I suspect it can be a bit easier. It makes it harder for rich people to come in and buy their way to the title like Chelsea did. You couldn't do that now. Though very creative accountancy is no doubt going on.

2.) 06 Sep 2020 14:38:30
With you on that Ken. There is some juggling to do with big numbers and timing. No doubt Fosun have the skills to help sort this.

3.) 06 Sep 2020 15:03:40
Regarding FFP and it based on income and sales etc . if we hadn't got such a c**p new design for the new shirt we could have a few more quid in the till. Will save my £110 ( home and away shirt) until we get a decent designer!

4.) 06 Sep 2020 15:33:57
It's fine not to like it Wozza (I don't especially) but let's at least stay realistic! I highly doubt that previous away shirt sales would even cover Fabios signing on fee! Yes every little helps but I doubt one weird shirt design is going to especially hit the balance sheet! 🤣.

5.) 06 Sep 2020 16:24:28
This has been discussed in depth previously but.
In 2019 we made just over £20m profit.
In 2020 - only the club and its accountants know as results are not made public until October. However as a result of the virus, the lack of an FA cup run and the increase in wages and contract amortisation following the expansion of the squad in 2019/ 20 - the accountants state we spent £90m in the summer of 2019 - offset by the European run and surely an expansion of our commercial revenues as we become an established Prem side the bottom line will probably decline to a small number which ever sign + or - is in front of it.
In 2021 we obviously don't know how we will go on the pitch and what cup runs we will have. We also don't know how long the virus will impact gate revenues. However unless there are major salary uplifts or further major signings profits should be substantially increased from 2019/ 20. Player contract amortisations will have effectively peaked - note contracts are amortised over the life of the first contract but the amortisation is amended and extended if as with Neves he signs a new contract before the old one ends so for example both Neves and Saiss and anyone else no longer on their first contract are actually costing us less than previously. Silva will only cost us his wages plus £7m pa as he signed a 5 year contract costing us £35m. But commercial revenues shouldcontinue to march forwards and player trading profits should be v substantial - Doherry will be £13.5 as he was obviously in the books at zero given his 10 year tenure whilst Cav and so for Example pre player trading profits we should be one knows yet.

6.) 06 Sep 2020 16:33:43
Fat finger sorry
Cav and Costa will both be in the books at modest sums but were sold for significant ones. Even Cutrone will contribute if we sell him this year for the same price he was bought at as his contract will have been amortised considerably over the period he was a wolves player.
Consequently as I have said all along meeting the requirements as laid out by ED above in 2020/ 21 will not be difficult.
We cannot spend as we did the past, £90m in 2019/ 20, but given we now have a strong squad surely no one thinks we need to/ are going to. But buying 2 or 3 players in the £15m-20m range is possible. (Selling Doherty covers the contract amortisation in 2020/ 21 for 2 Silvas! )
Growing the revenue base - shirt sales being a v v v small part of that - of course accelerates the process but at the moment FFP is a hindrance but not one to get to carried away with!

7.) 06 Sep 2020 17:31:42
Useful post future. Thanks for the input, helps the clarity.

8.) 06 Sep 2020 18:16:16
Well explained! Thanks.



05 Sep 2020 10:46:01
As we’re going to start the season with a weaker squad than last season a mid - table finish will be an achievement, anyone who thinks otherwise probably didn’t notice that in fact we only beat two teams in the top half of the table (Man City, twice and Spurs, away) without improvement it’s going to be a struggle to reach the magical forty points.

Oxley Moor Ron

1.) 05 Sep 2020 11:29:46
You should direct your concerns directly to Fosun and tell them what to do.

2.) 05 Sep 2020 11:38:31
Mollie Oxley is making a perfectly legitimate point. The same one I have been making for weeks. If you and the rest of the positive brigade can seriously make points as to how and why we are not weaker than last season I would love to hear them. Bear in mind the following. No incomings. Doherty gone. Nuno not signing a contract. Fosun not spending. Fosun not speaking. FFP.?

3.) 05 Sep 2020 11:43:41
My thoughts are the only way we will struggle is if we have 3or4 major injuries.
You don't go from a really efficient well drilled team to a team that will struggle.
This is based on us not signing anyone.
There is going to be signings so on top of what we already have I dis agree.
I did last weekend think we would of signed someone this week.
We haven't so the doubt in some gets stronger I understand that.
I have posted recently there's no Europe and Nuno will have more time between matches on the training ground I really do think that makes a difference.
There's always going to be hurdles to get over and it's got to the point now where more and more fans are losing faith in our team our style our identity.
If we struggle I will be gracious and say I was wrong but I really don't think we will struggle.

4.) 05 Sep 2020 11:59:07
Phil 789. Fair comment. I too will be gracious and admit if I am wrong. I hope I am.

5.) 05 Sep 2020 12:25:19
Sound SQ let's see how the future unfolds.

6.) 05 Sep 2020 12:30:50
You need to realise that these are great times to be a Wolves fan! Look where we were. These are not exactly easy times are they. No need to get all Corporal Jones yet! Couple of weeks all will be good. If not I'll get a big humble pie!

7.) 05 Sep 2020 13:18:19
SQ, the only player we have lost is Doherty. OK, we will be without Jonny for the the majority of the season but we have Ruben Vinagre ready to come in. He was originally signed as a LWB but saw his opportunities limited due to Jonny's form. I agree that Doc is a big loss but we have some highly rated youngsters who could fill in until the end of the transfer window next month if required. Add to this the fact that at this stage, although subject to change, we have Shabani and Jordao who are extra players from last season and we also have 3 players currently back from loan who will most likely move on but are available in the interim, namely Miranda, Bonatini and Bennett. The likes of Csoka, Marques, Matheson, Nya and Otasowie are all defensive minded players and highly regarded and at some point need game time. Just because they're young doesn't mean that they ain't good enough.

8.) 05 Sep 2020 13:54:54
What's the point in complaining until the transfer window closes. I just don't understand why you all can't have a bit of patience. we'll be alright don't worry.

9.) 05 Sep 2020 16:12:49
Who's going to cut up the humble pie?

10.) 05 Sep 2020 16:21:59
Personally I think we'll see topsy-turvy results all over the place For all teams this season, certainly to begin with. Players react differently without/ with a crowd and ref decisions too. Trying to call positions now is going to be totally random, I think we'll see some big upsets and surprises.




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23 Sep 2020 14:20:26
Thought we might struggle to get an upgrade on Doherty and a few on here we’re suggesting Championship players, so where do they go and sign one from, only Barcelona ( it is the Barcelona in Spain isn’t it) wow. it’s nice to be wrong. sometimes.

Oxley Moor Ron



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11 Sep 2020 15:24:57
Wonder what name Tamworth Paul will come back as?

Oxley Moor Ron



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30 Aug 2020 12:36:10
Can any Wolves fan even begin to imagine that Nuno sat down with the powers that be and suggested selling Matt Doherty? Decisions made over the Managers head only have one outcome, looks like a change in Fosun’s ten year plan. Out of darkness cometh. another false dawn.

Oxley Moor Ron



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29 Aug 2020 19:11:52
Check it out lads, stated all over the place he recently signed with Mendes.

Oxley Moor Ron



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29 Aug 2020 16:25:52
The advice of his agent. Jorge Mendes who just happens to represent Mourinho and a few more Wolves players as well, wonder who’ll be next in line for a little advice, Nuno maybe?

Oxley Moor Ron




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22 Sep 2020 04:31:53
NES : you don’t get booked now for trying to initiate contact with an opposing player, what we used to call diving and cheating is encouraged by all top coaches, the players who are good at initiating contact gain penalties and free kicks around the edge of the box and are called “brilliant”, ”genius”, adored by commentators and pundits and handed Man of the Match trophies.

Oxley Moor Ron



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19 Sep 2020 13:40:41
SQ ; read the article by Johnny Phillips, interesting part is he only talks about recruitment.

Oxley Moor Ron



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18 Sep 2020 20:48:52
Nuno signs a new contract then decides to sell another of his star players, not really the best way to try closing the gap to the top six, if he’s not in agreement and Jeff’s selling his players from under him, he’ll be off to a big Club somewhere in Europe.

Oxley Moor Ron



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18 Sep 2020 18:33:51
Thought those days were well and truly behind us, when players we’ve sold come back to play against us, Cav, Costa, Doc and now Jota, didn’t think “the project” was to become a feeder club for the big boys.

Oxley Moor Ron



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14 Sep 2020 16:53:21
Big Clubs will still get the big decisions though, even with no crowds, referees are programmed to give penalties at Anfield and Old Trafford.

Oxley Moor Ron