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09 Jun 2024 19:24:34
NEW: Wolves agree €15m deal to sign winger Rodrigo Gomes from Braga.


1.) 09 Jun 2024 20:30:26
If this deal can be got over the line it seems a good signing.

2.) 09 Jun 2024 20:31:14
Beat me to it mate lol, medical booked in.

3.) 10 Jun 2024 10:16:02
Sounds like we may have a good one, let's hope for a few more.



06 Jun 2022 15:58:07
Apparently we're being linked with Almoatasembellah Al Musrati from Braga. If we get him it'll be interesting to see if he gets his own song on the terraces!


1.) 06 Jun 2022 19:39:08
I hate this time of year.

If you're Portuguese you're linked with us

If you play in the Portuguese league you're linked with us.

If you've ever been on holiday to the Algarve you're linked with us.

Only when someone signs I take notice

2.) 07 Jun 2022 13:38:07
He'll need a big shirt to get that name on his back!

3.) 07 Jun 2022 21:46:07
Sporting want him to replace Palhinha - so we're linked to both and therefore looking more and more likely we are getting Palhinha.



02 Jan 2022 20:47:11
Oje Ramor on twiitter saying we're close to signing 20 year old defender Goncalo Inacio from Sporting CP. Ramor is a freelance journo, also saying Trippier to Newcastle is a done deal. Make of it what you will.


1.) 02 Jan 2022 22:18:41
He's the right age, plays in a position we are looking to fill central defence, Portugese played for Portugal at U21 so would fit the bill for a Wolves signing.

2.) 02 Jan 2022 23:26:39
Haha. This is the same player I recommended to Rated to buy in FM. I've had him for two seasons and he's a left footed CB and a wonderkid, absolute class! Mind you on that game Adama signs contracts and scores 10 goals a season so it's far from realistic! ?

3.) 03 Jan 2022 02:04:38
Yeah he's quality on FM22 BB mate sits in my back 4 nicely alongside Coady.




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23 Apr 2024 17:20:05
Multiple sites are stating that GON has been interviewed for the Liverpool job. So the board must have given permission for this. I'm a little dismayed tbh, I would have expected a little more loyalty (I know, it's football) and expected him to stay for a few years to gain experience away from the white heat of a Champions League club.


1.) 23 Apr 2024 17:30:57
Is one of the sources Alex Crooks. If it is, the its not true because that man hasn't got a clue.

The only decent ones are Fabrizio Romano and David Ornstein.

2.) 23 Apr 2024 17:42:13
Few things here Tim, firstly even if true (and it is a BIG IF as I don't believe it to be honest) that doesn't mean they are offering him the job does it. Secondly, whilst I agree that loyalty is important I'm sorry to say it but ANY manager outside the top four clubs is NEVER turning down an interview with them because they might only be asked once in their careers and if you don't have that level of ambition/self belief then you'll never get anywhere in pro sports anyway! Thirdly you mention loyalty, well I believe that GON did his badges at Liverpool and got his first job in management there (managing the youth team) so in fairness loyalty cuts all ways! Lastly, as I think others have already suggested I suspect he wants a new deal (which is why these stories are going round) and the sooner Jeff gets that sorted the sooner we can all relax a bit! ??

3.) 23 Apr 2024 18:05:22
Sorry, but not a chance. He hasn't the experience YET to manage a club like Liverpool. I suspect that when klopp leaves they could be in a state of turmoil for a short while similar to UTD when Ferguson left. It could ruin him if he was offered the job and was sacked shortly after if things didn't work out. Higher profile managers with more experience will be offered that role surely?

4.) 23 Apr 2024 19:46:45
There's not a cat in hells chance that GON will be the next Liverpool manager but I gave to disagree with the 'He hasn't got the experience to manage a big club'.

Pep Guardiola took over the Barcelona job with 'no experience'.
Xavi is now in the same position as is Xavi Alonso.
Ruben Amorim was 35 had 3 months as Braga B manager before getting the Braga job and leading them to a cup win.

Sometimes you don't need the experience, just the will and desire.

I am one of them who thought GON was too inexperienced for the Wolves job. Would I want him out? No. He's doing a tremendous job.

5.) 24 Apr 2024 06:22:09
Reported that he has dismissed this silly rumour.
"O’Neil quickly dismissed that suggestion (Liverpool links) and said his concentration was “100 per cent” on Wolves as they target a strong finish to his first season in charge.
“I have not seen anything. I have not spoken to any football club.”
Source: E&S
Early days, will be an interesting summer!

6.) 24 Apr 2024 07:55:07
And only this morning it's reported that Arne Strop is the favourite for the Liverpool job (feyenoord I think). The press will chuck put loads of things to spark sales/clickbait and sell ad space.
I agree with bully's tho give GON a new contract asap and as bully's said we can breath a sigh of relief and look forward.

7.) 24 Apr 2024 10:57:08
There is no way that Gary is going to Liverpool. Frankie is more likely to go to Hollywood!

8.) 24 Apr 2024 11:48:32
Yes not even a full seasons experience at a single club and less than two years EPL experience in total!

I imagine GON is ambivolent about these rumours because even if they haven't been deliberately leaked like the Man U one a few weeks ago, they don't harm his negotiating position.



23 Jan 2024 17:58:11
Just read that Phil Hayward has re-joined us after leaving for LA Galaxy in 2019. He now heads up our performance and medical department.

Is it a coincidence that for the first few years under Nuno and now this season we seem to be experiencing far fewer injuries than almost any other team in the Prem?

Apparently he's also the man responsible for the team wearing daylight glasses before night games so that the player's body clocks don't start shutting down their metabolism for the evening.


1.) 24 Jan 2024 09:46:34
Heard on the radio yesterday that Liverpool were trialling the Glasses tonight before the Fulham game and as such, will become trailblazers by becoming the 1st PL team to use them!

Absolutely pathetic by the press yet again.

2.) 24 Jan 2024 09:50:44
Tim156, the CEO of the company that makes the glasses confirmed in an interview that athletes in America use them, especially College Footballers as the research showed that the body starts shutting down after a prolonged period of activity.

Phil Hayward was working at one of the colleges who used them and saw the benefits and so brought the idea over with him earlier this year and Wolves have been using them all season. But Liverpool beat us to it if you believe the press.

3.) 24 Jan 2024 14:22:44
It didn't work to well away at Ipswich then Jas!

4.) 25 Jan 2024 11:18:42
Our injury record under Hayward's two stints has been excellent. Surely no coincidence?
Has any other Prem team got a better injury record this season?



27 Dec 2022 14:06:24
Just a few thoughts over the last few days:-

If Everton do get relegated, does Coady sign for them? Would he want Championship football, could he come back to us?

Our injury record under Nuno was 2nd to none, going a whole season with a paper thin squad and no major injury issues. Under Bruno, the complete opposite. Was this the luck of the draw or do the sports scientists have such a huge influence on how injuries pan out? Does anybody know JLo's record with injuries?

How was Jeff convinced to OK the departure of so many experienced players for so little, and spend so much on players with no Premiere league experience?
We have come so close to losing 4 or 5 years progress in a blink, have we turned things round in time?


1.) 27 Dec 2022 15:00:05
Great Post, Tim. Possibly a discussion for ever. Amazing amount of 'back- up' staff we had yesterday! Double Nuno! FWAW.

2.) 27 Dec 2022 16:39:50
I read an article about Bruno cutting corners on fitness checks etc so might have caused more injuries. Also he got rid of the lunch hour where everyone gets together, it’s no wonder the team spirt went out the window.

3.) 27 Dec 2022 17:47:45
From the reactions and looks on faces yesterday when RAN put it in they seem to be of a kindred spirit again, let's hope that that and a strong partizan home support will carry us to another 3 points over the red mancs on sat. COYW

4.) 28 Dec 2022 02:12:19
From what i've read online I can't help but feel Lage was out to sabotage us.

5.) 28 Dec 2022 11:38:22
Coady is an interesting one Tim. Was he 'let go' to improve his chances of going to the World Cup, even though we all knew Southgate wouldn't play him, or just 'let go'.

He was very quick off the mark with his love of all things Everton imo and he initially did well for them. So the question is would Lopetegui want him back? For a back 3 or Captaincy abilities, maybe, for a back 4, doubt it.

On the injury point I think the Medical Dept has/is seeing changes for a reason but I also believe that Lage lacked the ability to manage injuries in the best interests of the player. He thrust Sasa straight in without any time to pre-condition himself for the Prem and probably made other players return too early as well. I know several of the departing players felt his man-management in general was poor.

Let's be honest Jeff doesn't really have a clue and responds to the advice given to him. Unfortunately, he assembled that particular team of advisors so is he culpable, well yes.

6.) 28 Dec 2022 13:52:09
Rated, not necessarily, maybe a little naive and inexperienced, but let's not forget football is an unforgiving business, if Bruno sabotaged us he sabotaged his own CV in the process.

7.) 28 Dec 2022 15:15:23
True Arddunby mate,
at 2am I tend to get odd thoughts lol.

8.) 28 Dec 2022 17:23:47
If we go to a back three
Maybe,Colin's toti kilman definitely need nunes in midfield with neves

9.) 28 Dec 2022 17:52:02
I don’t agree that Bruno was terrible. He did win a league title is some style and discovered Joao Felix who adores him!
Lage was given the wrong players in the market at the wrong time and had no control over who was signed by Sellars when!
Nuno walked due to the same issue. He had a list of signings that Sellars vetoed!
I wish Bruno every success but he’s gone as has Nuno and it’s the age of JLo

10.) 29 Dec 2022 09:25:00
Mikey - don't totally disagree. Sellars (Shi?) set him, (and Nuno), up to fail not only as you say by consistently terrible dealings in the transfer market but also by insisting we moved away from the "system" that Nuno used and under which we tended to win to a system/shambles that with the players we have was never going to be a success and indeed resulted in lots and lots of losses!
Maybe Lage could have used subs better, tweaked the shambles better, man managed bette etc etc but in reality he should - like Nuno - have said let me manage properly and if refused the authority to do so, walked!
However he needed the job, hopefully JL has already made this clear and he doesn't need the job so maybe Jeff is finally listening - hopefully from an office in Shanghai!



23 Oct 2021 10:27:00
Just listened to TalkSport previewing today's game. The 'pundit' said how badly Leeds have been hit by injuries and mentioned 3 players. No mention of our 4 out (Bolly, Neto, Jonny and Jordao) . Where do they get these 'experts' from? Surely they have researchers to get the facts right too.
Not just limited to the radio either. Most pre match articles state Leeds' injury woes.
Rant over.
2-1 to us today, mainly because of Leeds' long injury list, oh and we've got a better team may help too haha.


1.) 23 Oct 2021 10:57:44
and Mosquera! Worrying news about Neto, seemingly won't play this season! FWAW and Mind the gap.

2.) 23 Oct 2021 12:00:44
Football focus I wonder if wolves get a mention I hold my breadth most likely all about Leeds.



03 Aug 2021 20:52:06
Well, that's four hamstrings this close season. Are our new sports scientists up to it? Has Bruno started too much training too soon and overworked them?


1.) 03 Aug 2021 21:21:09
Makes you wonder Tim.
Once a hamstring goes they seem to have a habit of recurring.
Hope this is not the case with our lot.

2.) 04 Aug 2021 09:29:29
Apparently on Sky, Lage has a vision-glad he has because the rest of the club are walking blindfolded to the Championship. Pre-season performance is a disgrace to say the least.

3.) 04 Aug 2021 10:54:50
Well I'm not negative and a lot can still happen on the transfer scene but at the moment with losing both c backs it's looking dim. I feel the c backs. midfield and striker situations should have been dealt with before now and I know friendly games are not to be taken seriously but put into context and we've struggled against some poor opposition. Its only my opinion and I hope I'm wrong but as it stands we're in for some battling. teams who we overtook have now overtaken us cus their transfer activity has come to fruition. Vile. leeds. everton. west ham. & Palace. burnley and Newcastle seem better equipped than us. as I say it's onl my opinion which I'm entitled to and I'd die for wolves but I'm really worried at the moment.

4.) 04 Aug 2021 11:48:26
As BB pointed out on another thread the loss of Phil Hayward to Galaxy may be an issue with injuries I also think losing Thelwell was a serious loss on the transfer side of the club. So from the side that won promotion and got us into Europe, head coach/ team manager, sport scientist/ fitness head, technical director/ head of recruitment and managing director are no longer at the club!

5.) 04 Aug 2021 12:42:46
Jesus H Christ, let's kick a ball before we all start the doom and gloom, we still have the same defence as last season to start this, so not all lost, Boly is the big miss, the new lad has not been tested yet at the top. pevel so don't put too much pressure on him just yet.
We have Raul back in squad and as of yet we haven't lost anybody our stars, so what's with all the negativity.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but this board is becoming a very negative, if the last 18 months hasn't taught us anything I d9nt know what will, Wolves will be a different kettle of fish with the fans in grounds, let's see what happens by game 10 before we make assumptions, get behind the team instead of writing them off before the first whistle has been blown.
It's going to be very different to what we have been accustomed to over the last 3 or 4 seasons, so let's embrace it and see if we push on .

6.) 04 Aug 2021 13:05:00
Thing is though Sydney the transfer window will be shut by game 10.
I expect there are transfer negotiations ongoing and player's on the verge of signing but these are tense time's, especially when the villa are throwing it around like confetti.

7.) 04 Aug 2021 14:23:19
Here’s some positivity. I’m going for 4 points from our first 3 games, the doom and gloom on here is getting a bit boring. People constantly saying players aren’t good enough and we need to buy a load more. We have a good squad and some good young talent that will improve. Just because someone wasn’t good enough last season doesn’t mean they won’t be this season.




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07 Jun 2024 18:33:26
Rumours seem to be gathering momentum. I've seen it mentioned that he fancies another crack at Champion's League. I really hope he stays, but if he really does want the move, there's no point in standing in his way.




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31 Jan 2024 20:44:32
According to Football Insider, he's flying to the UK and will be attending the game tomorrow as well as having a medical. No idea how reliable F.I. are.




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20 Dec 2023 16:52:18
He can't be one of the best young talents around can he? He turns 28 in March!
Or am I just approaching my prime at 65?




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30 Sep 2023 18:02:56
GON obviously lost the dressing room!

Talk about negativity, try supporting if you're a supporter. The doom merchants have been silenced, or perhaps this was a fluke and we're still going down. As was said on the commentary we were the better team today.




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30 Aug 2023 22:31:30
Rejected apparently





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08 Jun 2024 14:36:17
But we need a squad! plus he's free. Never a starter but we need bodies and not just development players.




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01 Jun 2024 19:58:33
It was Southampton, not Fulham. apologies.

mario lemina 1

mario lemina 2




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01 Jun 2024 17:15:54
Lemina was reckoned to be trouble last time he was in the Prem with Fulham, (no idea about elsewhere), but he turned out OK!




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17 May 2024 21:47:10
Doesn't look like the filth will get their day at wembley. Oh well, never mind.




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24 Mar 2024 09:32:46
Only 2 players got an 8 rating in the Times - Paqueta and Gomes, none for England as per. Well done Joao.

I was happy with Southgate until recently, we were so close to winning something. He's just not able to manage a game. His initial set up yesterday seemed ineffectual, it needed tweaking. Individually a few of the England team played well but we were never a threat in open play yet nothing was altered it appears. As said above, like for like subs. GON is far less experienced but he alters setups mid game more often than not.

It's too late to change now, but I think he'll walk in July, if not I think we're wasting the most talented England squad ever.




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