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03 Dec 2023 23:10:27
Most of the posts go to the Wolves Banter page

Also more posts are being added to the Wolves Discussion Posts page

26 Nov 2023 03:17:23
Ramsdale to wolves on loan in Jan with obligation to buy apparently.

26 Nov 2023 08:38:26
If this is true, then it suggests Sa is leaving

26 Nov 2023 08:52:52
No chance.

26 Nov 2023 09:02:55
Have any of you seen the recent video on YouTube (very popular US beer channel, sounds like Dudweiser) Ramsdale is being "interviewed" by Ian Wright and Ramsdale admits to "not being able to keep focused during a game, and will interact with fans" that comment wouldn't fill anyone with confidence.

Of course, this could be a certain corner of the media conflating two stories (if SA to Saudi is true, and Ramsdale being shipped out of Arsenal is true) and fabricating a story to generate clicks / interactions.

26 Nov 2023 09:28:28
Don't think we can afford his wages.

26 Nov 2023 17:33:59
Arsenal could pay some of his wages during the loan period, then potentially negotiate lower wages during contract talks (should any of this be true)

26 Nov 2023 19:12:02
An Albion fan in goal!

26 Nov 2023 19:22:48
It's a Daily Star story so that should tell you all you need to know.

26 Nov 2023 19:48:26
All highly unlikely but terrible fear is that it forms part of a wider deal involving Neto.
ps seen a note saying we value Neto at £60m, isn't that a bit low unless Ramsdale is included at zero as part of the deal - even then not sure?
Where would you value Neto Cf Havertz, Cuccerella (sp), Mudryk, etc etc etc!

27 Nov 2023 14:36:53
Future, I agree that if there's anything in the Ramsdale rumours, that might indicate a PX makeweight in the Neto deal. If it's Ramsdale in, Neto out, then it's Sa out to Saudi as well. We need to get at least £100mil for Neto and Sa and maybe get Ramsdale on a free transfer due to his wages.

27 Nov 2023 16:28:54
Wouldnt mind a Sa - Ramsdale swap - he is home grown and of course from a FFP persepctive it would be a fabulous swap at £40m (Note Ramsdale would have to cost less so that his wages are covered by the fee disparity)
As you suggest that means we would want £100m straight for Neto - just can't see how we replace him though even with that much cash?
ps enjoy the view tonight from the posh seats! I will be behind the goal in the cheap seats!

23 Nov 2023 18:09:50
Wolves are targeting Viktoria Plzen striker Rafiu Durosinmi (20) in a £7m deal for January and held fresh talks with the Czech club this week.

However the club are likely to face competition from a number of clubs including Eintracht Frankfurt.

-source John Percy-

23 Nov 2023 20:14:06
I wonder would Fabio Silva on loan sweeten the deal? if it is to be believed that we face competition from various clubs incl. Brighton)

23 Nov 2023 20:24:12
They're looking at a 17 year old from Mexico too I think mate.

24 Nov 2023 18:26:23
I fear that Fabio Silva on loan would sour any deal! It will cost us to see the back of him.

23 Nov 2023 18:09:06
Wolves linked with Viktoria Plzen striker Rafiu Durosinmi. 20 year old Nigerian. 16 goals in 60 games.

21 Nov 2023 17:15:45
Looks like Neves will join Newcastle in January after only 13 clubs voted against the idea. 14 were needed. I wonder who the 7 clubs were who voted in favour were 🤔

Apparently 7 clubs have lined up loan moves for players currently playing in Saudi Arabia to cover for players going to Afcon.

21 Nov 2023 20:53:52
My bad. Seems Wolves were one of the teams who voted in favour.

21 Nov 2023 21:06:30
Suspect your answer to the q in para 1 is in para 2!

21 Nov 2023 21:27:02
Wolves are reported to have voted against the new rule.

22 Nov 2023 08:58:33
Strange that we should vote in favour. This only helps certain clubs. It may all be a bit of an illusion anyway. A player coming back to the PL from Saudi might not be match-sharp in PL terms. Saudi is probably more like the MLS than the PL. Expect more chance of injuries for players coming back to the PL.

22 Nov 2023 12:57:00
I suspect it was clubs with foreign feeder clubs or clubs owned by the same owners that voted it down, Fosuns Swiss club?

22 Nov 2023 15:07:18
Still 13 is a majority so it should have really gone in theit favor.

22 Nov 2023 15:11:44
If that is the case it is indeed v v odd?
Why did Wolves bother with all the financial someresaults to stay in line with FFP, ie selling your best players and paying lower wages than your rivals, when all clubs need do is sell a youth team player - who you were going to release - who is in the books at zero to your sister club in a non regulated market (Note in our case Switzerland wouldn't help as I think they are caught by European FFP) for £100m or whatever you need to solve your problems?
Indeed why even pay transfer fees or salaries at all?
To improve your squad without falling foul of FFP your sister club in Saudi buys the player you want for whatever his price is say £150m. They then sell him to you on a free- no transfer fees on your books!
Wages well when the Saudi sister club signs a player they agree a wage - £25m a year - they pay £24.5m up front as a signing on fee.
When you buy him he agrees to earn the remaining £0.5m over the rest of the year.
Then next summer, (and each one for as long you want the player), you sell him to your Saudi club for what ever you need to solve any problems and buy him back for free after he has taken 98% of his annual salary up front again!
The game is now totally bankrupt and of course the authorities are clearly no longer in control with FFP officially dead!
What happens now?

22 Nov 2023 19:50:31
In fairness TFG (and I might be wrong here) but I think the vote was on an immediate change re loan system. I believe the FA has said that they intend to do something more long term moving forward. I suspect (but it's just a guess) that they will look to limit the number of non EU loan deals (say two per club). They put it to the vote and it didn't get the votes, not much they can do about that. So often the teams in this league look like turkeys voting for Xmas! Having said all that this league does seem to struggle with the term 'majority', all very frustrating! 😤

23 Nov 2023 01:02:24
BB you may well be correct but frankly what part of my note is wrong?
Surely loans can be banned all you like if they can simply buy and sell players in the way I describe?
What needs to be put in place is that no player can be repurchased within say a 12 month window by an original selling club and perhaps that should be extend to 3 years for trades between sister clubs.
Indeed perhaps trades, loans and purchases, between sister/connected clubs need to be banned full stop.

23 Nov 2023 19:16:25
Oh I entirely agree with you there TFG! I suspect they will bring in some way of making harder but they will only do it AFTER the big clubs complain, which I'm sure once Newc catch um up they absolutely will! Interesting turn of events where it's being suggested Rueben may not want to come back so soon, which wouldn't surprise me considering he's only just uprooted his young family! Also interesting that we voted in favour, does make me wonder if we felt obliged to?! I said at the time that we got a crazy fee for Rueben (considering he was in his final year), maybe the clubs worried about bitting a hand that fed them?! Who knows, either way as I've said before the whole system stinks! 🤢

19 Nov 2023 11:31:14
Being reported by the Daily Mail (I know) Sa off to Saudi Arabia for up to £40m and the club scouting for a replacement!

19 Nov 2023 12:32:01
Saw that Ard. An opportunity or a problem? I'm not sure.
Would love them to be thinking of a RB and pay that sort of money for the current incumbent!

19 Nov 2023 12:58:16
Sell him only if one of, Alisson, Ederson, Oblak or Donnarumma are his replacement. If not, no need to sell.

{Ed002's Note - None of those players are joining Wolves.

Jose Sa (GK) Wolves want to keep him. Mendes wants him to move on. The player will likely be interested in a potential move to rge Middle East will be. On the list for Michael Emanalo.}

19 Nov 2023 13:34:53
I think it's both Rugeley if the price touted is correct it's good money but getting an international quality replacement in may be easier said than done!

19 Nov 2023 13:39:42
I know Ed, the point I'm making is that we've got a pretty good keeper and we should be happy.

19 Nov 2023 14:58:11
Might not be so hard to replace actually, how about Ramsdale?

19 Nov 2023 15:48:58
DeGea is a free agent but will they join us.

19 Nov 2023 16:16:11
I think De Gea's wage expectations would be out of Wolves reach given trying to stay within the Premier League's profitability and sustainability rules. Now there is a benchmark (should Everton's ten points deduction be upheld after appeal).

Apparently he turned down a lucrative deal to play in the Middle East, 330k p/w.

19 Nov 2023 17:13:03
Ramsdale won't come because:

He's on £120k a week
Arsenal want minimum of £50m for him
He's a Baggies fan (allegedly)

De Gea was on £350k per week at Mab Utd. If he's prepared to earn a fraction of that then OK.

19 Nov 2023 19:15:56
Don’t rate de Gea, too many mistakes in him
Some decent numbers twos around…
Kelleher at Liverpool could be a good shout
Dubravka at Newcastle
Fabianski at WHU

19 Nov 2023 20:26:43
Henderson at Palace - currently injured.
However outside of the Prem there will surely be loads of goalkeepers, (who could adequately play in the Prem), that sadly I have never heard of that we could buy for a fraction of £40m.
The Croatian national keeper, Livakovic, who has looked decent on the addmittedly handful of occassions I have seen him - was signed this summer for sub £10m!.
Also didn't both Brighton and Brentford sign new number 1s this summer from the Netherlands with neither costing more than mid teens - ie a lot lot less than the putative £40m!
So whilst I am ok with Sa if we can really get £40m - which would solve all our FFP problems for at least a year! - it is too much to turn down!

19 Nov 2023 23:25:33
Is he good enough to play for Newcastle?

22 Nov 2023 08:34:05
Agree with you TFOG. The bottom line for me is that we can’t let Sa go in January before we have an excellent replacement signed up. Our reserve keeper couldn’t hold down his place at Bristol City.

18 Nov 2023 20:33:02
Wolves are now reportedly in talks with Hwang Hee-chan over a new contract.

The Negotiations are progressing positively.

This is thanks to a desire on both sides for the South Korean international to remain at Molineux.

19 Nov 2023 23:26:05
What's the point? Sa just signed a new contract.

08 Nov 2023 22:29:35
Heard wolves after az Alkmaar winger/striker ibrahim sadiq.saw him play Aberdeen in Europe match.he looked liveley player.West ham after ait nouri as well.reckon 20 million plus creswell.i say sod off

09 Nov 2023 06:26:21
Priorities for me Dazg are another Goalkeeper, definitely a RB, a proven Striker and maybe a another wide player,

09 Nov 2023 16:33:42
As Steven Tyler says- Dream On.

10 Nov 2023 19:55:26
Apparently Wolves are after a loan move for MUFC winger Amad Diallo

03 Oct 2023 14:54:03
West Ham after Semedo Aparently? Not sure January but he would turn 30 soon so be interesting to see what they would offer?

03 Oct 2023 18:50:18
Who do we have to replace Semedo if we use 4 in back? Doherty isn't really a replacement for Semedo since he plays differently. We are strong on left back, but right back seems more iffy, unless we stay with 3/5 in back.

04 Oct 2023 06:41:03
Well, no one wanted him this summer.would be surprised if a good manager like Moyes would be interested.

04 Oct 2023 19:33:36
It was slightly different in the summer cause we held off on triggering his extension until the last minute. So if teams were interested they would have been waiting to see if he was going to be availible on a free. Such a funny player, in some games (mostly the big teams) he looks like an absolute world beater! Then agaisnt Luton he looked like he was playing drunk! Under the current climate I think we need to keep him, Jonny is not the player he was so currently probs our best option 👍

05 Oct 2023 08:11:02
BB -agree a player who baffles. So much skill and composure on the ball and pace. Plus a v good 1 on 1 defender. But prone to lapses of defensive conentration, weak in the air and gets a nose bleed when he gets near the opponents box and so is largely ineffectual offensively.
He is almost a mirror image of Doherty whose strengths are Semedo's weaknesses and vice versa.
But if someone is willing to pay serious money for him - Newcastle paid a huge sum to Southampton for Livremont (sp) who is merely cover for Trippier then - as RB is probably the least important position in the team and normally easy to replace - Chelsea sold Livremont and Lamptey for less than £10m combined - he is probably the player we should sell to cover this year's FFP problem.
Agreed neither Doherty or Otto are long term options or probably even short term options - Doherty could do it if we stick to 3 at the back - but as stated we should be able to find a replacement for somewhat lower wages and fee!

06 Oct 2023 10:57:59
Hi TFIG, we still have Lembekisa who started to look good and the Colombian lad on loan in America who is due back soon I think.

27 Oct 2023 01:22:25
You've got to love it, papers are carrying a story of 'Newc shock move for Neves' but WHERE I ask you is the shock?! Half of us keyboard warrior wannabe footy journos where calling that VERY 'shock move' when he left (myself included)! It was always a blatant way to sign him around FFP rules when it happened and if WE new that all the journos new that too! I hate it but you have to admire Newc, they are going to compete with City at their own game! Saddly for the rest of us in the footy world (and it's a damning indictment BTW) that 'game' is now the best cheat wins! Best league in the world, well as Jim Royale would say 'my @rse'! Biggest sports washing joke, I'm afraid that's what we've become! 🤢

27 Oct 2023 23:10:09
BB - under current rules I'm not sure that Newcastle/their owners will actually have done anything wrong?
Clearly the Newcastle owners could own a team in 2 other arenas, South America, Australia, USA etc etc. Each of the 2 teams could buy, for vast sums, one of the best players in the world and put them on mind blowingly high salaries. They could then lend the 2 world class players to Newcastle with Newcastle paying a fraction of their wages.
This would allow Newcastle to have 2 world class players in their team for minimal cost effectively emasculating FFP in the Prem.
Of course there may be issues for the other teams owned by Newcastle's owners. They would be paying for the superstars, (fees and wages) not playing for their team in South America, Australia etc but turning out instead for Newcastle. But that won't impact Newcastle?

01 Nov 2023 19:42:27
Oh I quite agree TFG (as usual:) according to the current system they are well within the rules from what I can tell. Although I do wonder if they will bring in some kind of limit on loans outside the EU (or some other device to make it harder). Also it still doesn't make it right though and as I say we do seem to have become a League where the mantra should be 'best team at exploiting the loop holes wins'. Classic example is the sheer disgrace of City very pubically calling for the FA to hurry up with their investigations whilst purposefully forgetting to mention that they have thrown every legal hurdle at the case fully in the knowledge that some of the charges become time barred.
Just abit sick of it all to be honest buddy, we sell our best players to play by the rules while others just flaunt them cause they are better/have the means to get round um. I've been saying it for years but I really am falling out of love with this not so beautiful game. World Cup 2034 'given' to Saudi, give me a break it just gets better and better!
Sorry for the whining but I'm just sick of the only teams trying to play fair being the ones who seem to be peeing up the proverbial rope! My whole life all I've heard peeps say 'well the bubble will burst' and I'm not sure it ever will. Everytime it comes close the powers that be just find a way to quietly pump it back up again, usually using some form of well washed blood money! 🤢

02 Nov 2023 19:56:45
BB - v v sorry to hear that. I know exactly how you feel but at the moment I am re-engaging with the game - primarily through watching live games all over the place but mainly at lower league grounds.
Real fans, real football - no money anywhere!
However I accept that what are you saying is v true and frankly is getting worse! At least in the 70s teams stood a chance and Ipswich, Derby, Norwich, Southampton, QPR etc etc all had moments in the sun.
Maybe that is why the debacle after the miracles of Nuno and Seville hurt so badly and I have been so bad tempered/intolerant on here these last couple of years!

02 Nov 2023 21:55:37
Ah don't be silly TFG old buddy, no need for apologies. We have had many a good debate on here but I'd honestly NEVER say you've been bad tempered or intolerable! In fact more often than not I'd say engaging and interesting 👍
Pleased to hear your finding the love for the game again in the lower leagues and I think you may have a good shout there fella. I may try and catch the odd game myself now you've said it, cause like you say I'm abit done with the Prem. I'm on the old IPTV, cheaper and somehow less frustrating! Keep enjoying those lower league games buddy and keep on posting. Least we aren't having to moan about the club/performances as much these days, credit where its due GON long may it continue 👍🐺

08 Nov 2023 22:36:41
West ham after ait nouri as well apparently.they reckon 20 mill plus cresswell will get him.i say sod off

01 Oct 2023 13:26:54
It's started already. Neto being linked with Arsenal according to The Mirror.

01 Oct 2023 14:35:53
Neto has 7 goal involvements already, I think, so i'm not surprised.

Arsenal definitely would have been better off with Neto, instead of overspending on Havertz.

01 Oct 2023 17:34:35
Arsenal won't be the only ones chasing Neto in January, he is pure class when on form. They say every player has his price, which applies to Neto too. Breaking went for around 100 mill. so perhaps that would be a good starting price for Pedro. Don't know about you other fans but I would not swap him for Grealish. I might for Haaland plus a few quid though!

01 Oct 2023 19:01:38
Already started Blackford? I seem to remember Arsenal were supposedly interested during all of the transfer window just passed. So hardly surprising he's being linked again after his start of the season.

01 Oct 2023 21:41:36
Sorry my post should say Grealish .

03 Oct 2023 07:34:18
According to BBC Football gossip page Liverpool, Aston Villa, Arsenal, and Athletico Madrid are all interested in Neto.

03 Oct 2023 08:24:11
Liverpool going to swoop if Salah goes for 150m it's also reported. We can look forward to this from now to the window. How much will it take for fosun to cash in is the worrying thought.

03 Oct 2023 11:29:17
I read that too Abbey,
If we can do a Brighton and sell for huge fee and have replacement or replacements then I feel that's what we may have to do.
We have chiquiniho whether he can get to the standard of producing assists and goals regularly is another matter.
Or buy top quality in with the funds.
Or just keep Neto and reinforce in January.
It's a long way to January so I just talking possible outcomes no big deal at present as we don't know where we will be come January.
One thing is certain no Premier league game is easy so as I've posted numerous times wait till 10 games in before passing judgement.
What's imperative for me is to have consistent performances the season will then be hopefully OK results wise.
We've changed most of the old guard in the squad and the new breed is still in early stages so imo theoretically we are only going to get better.
Question is or was or has been will we come good before its too late, going on man City performance and GON post match Prees conference it looks to me we will come good.
It's been posted that we have the quality in the squad just a matter of getting them to gel.
I feel we will have some gems coming through from our youth in the next few years as I believe it's one of the big directions the club have being set going through.
But football is a results business and results is what we need more of.

03 Oct 2023 12:27:12
Lets face it. Every man and his dog will be rumoured as been interested in Neto. It's just Journalists trying to give them selves some status. The Mirror and all the rest of the rags will sight every team is interested in every player for the next 3 months.

03 Oct 2023 15:34:46
Right now January is 10 to 12 games away and Neto doesn't have a good fitness history. Yes he's flying now but he's had 2 seasons of bad injuries, let's see how the season plays out up to Christmas.

03 Oct 2023 16:19:58
Recycled paper trash as usual.

04 Oct 2023 03:15:06
If Neto stays fit and continues with this form, it's obviously going to be difficult to keep hold of him.

We can only hope that in that case, we demand the kind of fee that other clubs seem to be able to demand for their star players. If Caicedo, Mudryk, Antony, Højlund, and Mount etc can sell for £65-110m, then Neto has to be in that ballpark too.

08 Nov 2023 22:40:31
The jokers on arenal fan TV reckon they'll get him for 25 30 mill.they want him for back up for saka.tell em sod off bids start at 70 mill.

27 Sep 2023 16:11:50
Gary O'Neil will get the Sack after the next 2 games, Man City and Villa, making excuses after lastnite humiliation against an Ipswich team who also played their reserves, looking at Shi's face at lastnite game with Hobbs they have seen enough. GON is not good enough for us, he is out his depth in the Premiership. Get Nuno back he knows the club and majority of players, fans will unite with Nuno.

27 Sep 2023 16:37:36
Nuno won't be coming back, Shi is the one who needs to be removed, whatever has gone on from end of last season seems to be dragging on, the wheels cannot just fall off, O'Neil seems to have abig job on his hands with a small back room team . It would be great to see him get ahead, I just don't feel it at minute, fitness seems to be a big issue. Rant over, I have kept my opinions to myself As I like to be positive, Hoping for a miracle At the weekend, or it going to be along day all round to watch it

27 Sep 2023 18:41:36
Nuno is on a 6 figure salary we can not afford him so stop with this Nuno back nonsense it is never happening.

27 Sep 2023 19:03:27
Kally1, why did Nuno leave in the first place?

What has he done since to suggest he will be a success here again?

We need to get behind Gary O'Neil. We may not think he's the right man for the job but whilst he's here, we need to back him 100%

28 Sep 2023 08:09:42
Nuno left because he asked for money to build the squad and was told no.hed taken us as far as he could without investment and selling players like jota.its after his 3rd ssn we shudv backed him but we ended up with lage and look atus now

28 Sep 2023 09:32:46
We would look a bigger shambles than we are if we said goodbye to GON after so little time in the position. Having said that I don't feel he is the answer to our problems, he doesn't have the experience and his non existent cv will not give the squad any faith that he can steer them forward. He will lose the dressing room soon if he hasn't already and it will be a rapid spiral downward after that. Tough fixtures coming up with no real expectations of gaining any points, it will go from bad to worse as the players morale disappears.
It's a matter of timing for the club, GON will depart sooner or later I just hope that negotiations are already underway for his successor.

28 Sep 2023 12:27:24
Every manager has had a problem with Shi.does anyone think that will change with a new one?
The Club is a basket case. The 4+ years of Shi's direct control have been a disaster.
The 3 years under Dalrymple and the then senior team.success.
After that, we have been spiraling back to the Darkness.

28 Sep 2023 12:56:22
Jeff is out of his depth. Gary O'Neil is still learning but Jeff thinks he knows it all. There is a difference.

29 Sep 2023 01:54:12
Nuno will never come back, Shi will never be replaced its a Chinese business run by Chinese managers Shi might be a good businessman but knows nothing about football, he relied on Mendes for our transfer business and dspite a few good players we got a lot of players who didn't want to be here but it brought them to the notice of other premiership clubs. O'Neil is on a three year contract which will have to be paid out if sacked and who wants to come to a club with a budget of zero.

29 Sep 2023 06:24:13
BondiWolf, you are being too kind to Shi saying he is a good business man, the 7 years of facts say not!

29 Sep 2023 15:04:26
Get J.Lo back he still living in the area.

29 Sep 2023 16:31:15
Jas Mann Nuno was pushed out by Fosun, sold Jota and Doherty and then bought Fabio for a ridiculous fee. Nuno didn't want to leave, so don't know where ya coming from with what's he done then, been Spurs, won the Saudi Pro league last season and sitting top of the league this season,

29 Sep 2023 16:39:43
Wolves sold Jota because they had a healthy Neto.
You can't predict injuries.
Are we missing Jota this season?

29 Sep 2023 17:55:30
Hi everyone. Used the site for a long time but never posted so please be gentle . I would have Nuno back in a heartbeat since he left we seem to have lost the togetherness as a football club. He was the heart of the team the team that played the best football a lot of us had ever seen at the golden palace

30 Sep 2023 13:51:26
Nuno had a dream he built the football team for big Jeff to turn it in to a nightmare . We will be lucky to get away with 5 nil today

30 Sep 2023 17:19:04
Won't get the sack now Kally1

30 Sep 2023 18:02:56
GON obviously lost the dressing room!

Talk about negativity, try supporting if you're a supporter. The doom merchants have been silenced, or perhaps this was a fluke and we're still going down. As was said on the commentary we were the better team today.

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