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20 Jun 2021 21:31:40
Most of the posts go to the Wolves Banter page

Also more posts are being added to the Wolves Discussion Posts page

18 Jun 2021 12:37:04
Apparantly Traore going to Chelsea £30million plus Abraham apparantly.
Again this is just hearsay i've heard.

{Ed002's Note - I would not hold your breath.}

18 Jun 2021 12:56:18
You said they was only looking at work permit situation about the last one I posted and look what happened next day lol :P
But banter aside i'm with you on this Ed.

18 Jun 2021 14:39:26
Rated, don't know where you got the Chelsea/ Traore/ Abraham rumour from. I'd be astonished if it were true.

18 Jun 2021 15:11:18
That’s the kind of deal we need to be looking at creatively (we may not get quite as favourable a cash adjustment mefinks) . If we’re letting our better players go to our competitors we should be leveraging for their better ones / promising ones. I still think Hoever was a great addition last year though his valuation in the Jota deal was clearly nominally more than it should have been.

19 Jun 2021 14:07:24
I think Chelsea are looking at a new RWB and are looking at Traore. Looks like they will sign Hakimi though. If PSG sign Hakimi I'd say they will definitely come in for him.

Personally I'd really like to keep Adama just to see what he could do under Lage.

19 Jun 2021 15:24:41
Big Traore fan but surely not a RWB at the top level. As Ken says elsewhere he needs to be told go out and win games.

Play freely - cutting inside beating his man (men) and driving into the box or going outside and putting in crosses for colleague (s) to convert.

When he is doing his thing he is unplayable and certainly good enough to play for anyone in the league/ Europe but hopefully it can be for Wolves!

19 Jun 2021 16:25:52
future, spot on my friend I'd try that before selling. He's never really played with the leash off!
If it works great we don't have anything to lose by trying if we do we may gain so much.

19 Jun 2021 19:56:18
Yeah I have to agree with Future here, signing Traore speficially to play RWB would be beyond foolish! Firstly it's a complete waste of his best talents and with his nomadic approach to the game he'd always be out of position. But more than that it would be like a lisence to give away silly pens. Tackling is not his forte and with his size wingers would just have to bounce off him to win um.

18 Jun 2021 08:58:29
According to Portuguese outfit UOL "Wolves are evaluating the possibility of signing former Chelsea and Atletico Madrid striker Diego Costa, with the 32-year-old Spain forward available on a free transfer. "

And so it begins. being continually linked with the same players.

18 Jun 2021 11:38:26
Debbie I think this one is a mis-quote. Jeff Shi actually said I'm going to buy everyone a coffee not I'm going to buy Costa.
Seriously if you've got money to burn and you want to upset your opponents he's as good as anyone!

19 Jun 2021 13:47:03
ROLF I'm in stitches laughing that much Ken your a legend mate would absolutely love to be sat with you at a game I can imagine how much I would be laughing keep it up mate your posts at least makes me happy and I'm sure more feel the same.

19 Jun 2021 15:11:11
Gag I wasn't trying to be funny really. It was just to highlight the absurdity of press speculation it's the same every year. If they have nothing or they half hear something they fill a column with utter tripe. Anything to fill space in a newspaper to show how well or ill informed they actually are. We know from experience that Fosun do the business quietly and you find out when it's done.

17 Jun 2021 14:50:16
Confirmed: Wolves announce the signing of Yerson Mosquera on five-year deal.

17 Jun 2021 15:34:39
USEFUL. I do see Lage using Coady as a midfielder again if he can assemble a good back four. All a guess?

17 Jun 2021 16:15:33
Iwas thinking the same TBG Sevlow46.

17 Jun 2021 16:42:16
Wolves technical director Scott Sellars says that Bruno was involved in the Mosquera transfer. So far, one in, and none out! Mosquera has played as a striker in the past so he knows where the goal is.

17 Jun 2021 20:14:02
Well some if the clickbait sites are saying Benitez has authorised Everton to move for Connor Coady. Make of it what you want but I agree with other posters, a deep midfield role with the option of dropping into a back 3 if needed would suit Connor and increase his developmwnt as a player.

17 Jun 2021 20:43:50
Fosun will hold on to Connor. Surely he is the CROWN JEWELS for Wolves at present. Worth 150 million and plays with heart on sleeve. He is more than special!
Selling Connor would be such a retrograde step especially now as he will be a central part of remoulding the team. So in my opinion Fosun should say “on your bike Benny”.

17 Jun 2021 21:16:49
Selling Conor would be crazy for a new manager the Club Captain is the heart of the club and he's topclass in his role. Though anyone who wants to play a back three would love him in the middle.
I said afew weeks back Bruno could play him in front of the back four because he reads the game so well and his passing range is top notch but we wait and see. Every player has a price but to sell him now would be daft. But hey who knows!

17 Jun 2021 21:20:43
Agree Sevlow.

17 Jun 2021 21:44:12
Like you say Arddunby "clickbait sites". Last week Nuno had the Everton job and every player and their brother were going to Everton. Benitez hasn't even been named as Everton's new manager.

17 Jun 2021 21:48:06
150 million? Can I have some of what you are on Sevlow? He's an excellent captain but will never make a premier midfielder as some suggest. It was Nuno who turned him into a top sweeper from journeyman championship midfielder.

17 Jun 2021 23:04:43
Of course that figure was just a snub Old Wulf. Would you sell Connor for 50 million now and have Wolves demolished to rebuild?

18 Jun 2021 03:17:34
I'd take 50m for Coady in a heart beat.
I love his character and his heart. I also respect wholeheartedly what he has done for the club both as a a player, captain and a person. However I feel he has reached a limit like some of the other players in the squad. I can't see him being an integral part of the team that gains champions league football.
He was great in a back 3 but his sweeping diagonal passes were sussed out once we lost our effectiveness on the flanks.
He looks terrible in a back 4.and he lacks pace.
He isn't isn't quick or effective enough as a defensive midfielder and he needs time to allow him to effect games with his passing.
50m could bring an experienced head and more nous both in defence and midfield. To think you could have Ben White and Palhinha from the sale of Coady.

18 Jun 2021 07:15:04
White and Palhinha for £50m? If we could, I'd snap them up but haven't Brighton just rejected £40m from Arsenal saying they want £50m and Sporting want £30m for Palhinha.

18 Jun 2021 08:45:30
17m for Palhinha Jas. Selling Coady could help buy two very good prospects. Buying a younger English ball playing defender and an experienced ball winning midfielder.
It's the sort of signings that would show our intent. Put into the mix Vinagre is want by sporting it makes the deal even easier.

18 Jun 2021 09:50:41
Sporting are reported to be interested in Vinagre so if we are after Palhinha there is probably a deal to be done. Though its rare that players we are constantly linked with ever actually come to us. Fosun usually keep it very quiet.

18 Jun 2021 10:41:08
I thought the £17m price was last season and they now want £30m as he's had a very good season.

18 Jun 2021 14:06:29
Jas I thought it was 30m last year and had been reduced as he has less time on his contract. Ultimately Palhinha must want to play in prem as the rumours keep coming out. Maybe Wolves didn't want to pay 30m last summer.

18 Jun 2021 14:44:51
As much as I like Conor Coady there's no way on earth he's worth £150mil. Try a fifth of that. Say £30mil tops. He will stay at Wolves and do the same job for Bruno that he did for Nuno. No way would he go to Everton and the fans there would not like his Liverpool background.

18 Jun 2021 20:19:03
Deep I'd tend to agree with you re Coady valautions, although I certainly don't want to sell him!
However I was out with a die hard Leeds fan the other day and he was chatting about players he'd like from Wolves and there was only 2, Traore and Coady and he put a "value" of £60m on Coady!
Maybe we undervalue our own players?
Certainly it would appear we hugely underrate Traore who it seems is wanted by all the top sides in Europe and Leeds yet is considerd surplus to requirements by many Wolves fans - baffling as he is our best player by a distance!

19 Jun 2021 10:51:22
Future, I agree that Traore is our best player. I rate him north of £50mil. He's got speed and physicality, which Coady lacks.

17 Jun 2021 11:07:59
If Brighton can turn down a 40million bid for Ben White from Arsenal why should we sell Neves for 35million, I'm baffled.

17 Jun 2021 11:54:01
Maybe Uncle Jorge sets the sell on fee when we sign one of his clients.

17 Jun 2021 13:13:16
35m is the rumoured figure. Arsenal or the media do not get to set the price. Arsenal rejected Roma's initial bid for Granit Xhaka.

17 Jun 2021 13:26:49
As far as I'm aware we haven't accepted £35m?! Also what you are looking at here is the good old 'English Player Premium'!

16 Jun 2021 12:32:31
According to Jedward on twitter Colombian centre-back Yerson Mosquera will be our first signing.

{Ed002's Note - The club are checking on his qualification for a Work Permit.}

16 Jun 2021 13:27:42
Thanks Ed mate.

16 Jun 2021 21:07:01
Well at £4.5m - £6m for a 20 year old playing in adult football, albeit in Columbia, his price isn't mad and he is a RCB where we have a need so seems quite a rationale move?

16 Jun 2021 21:19:24
So weird cause reading some posters on these pages (not you Rated:) I thought we were selling off every player and bringing no one in?! Whereas with this player we seem to be signing a 20 year old who's been previously tracked by some of the biggest clubs in the world?! It's almost like Fosun aren't trying to completely devalue there own investment?! 🤣.

16 Jun 2021 21:47:30
BB - I sincerely hope no one thinks that Fosun are deliberately damaging the investment that they built so superbly over the first 4 years of ownership. Sadly the damage that was done last year - {and surely you have to accept that quite a lot of damage was done- no European football which there was the year before, dropping down the league after rising steadily, the loss of Nuno etc etc ) was merely the bi product of poor management decisions by Jeff Shi that do not need to be repeated!

16 Jun 2021 22:15:09
Not aimed at you Future (or most of the usual posters for that matter) as most have the sense to understand (like you) that Fosun may have made previous mistakes, but these were precisely that just mistakes! And let's be honest we are talking about one ill judged window which may not have even been there fault! As I've said MANY times people should read the article in the Athletic and realise that moving Docs on was Nunos choice cause he made Semedo his top target! Or that the club/ Fosun wanted to buy Dani Olmo (who is currently looking an amazing prospect) but Nuno overruled it and went with Mendes choice (Podence)! Whoever was at fault they were just mistakes, rather than this (frankly childish) conspiracy theory I've seen creeping on to here of some sort of fire sale to make a quick buck!
I would just say though Future that none of us on here can (definitively) say sacking Nuno was a mistake because we (all) have no real clue what went on there. I think it was a push before ya jump situation, they new he would keep applying for other jobs and when that's the case it's hard to develop a team. Also none of us have even seen what Lage is about yet?! There were Lec fans saying the club would regret sacking Pearson, they don't admit it now but some were definitely saying it at the time! 👍.

16 Jun 2021 22:28:20
ps Apologies to Jeff Shi the absence of European football in 2020/ 21 was not his fault we failed to qualify in 2019/ 20 when he was not responsible. Sorry!

17 Jun 2021 11:06:53
Future/ Bully, after four years of significant year-on-year progress, Fosun fouled up in the 2020 summer transfer window. In truth we had tempted fate with a small squad in those years but injuries finally caught up with us this past season. This is normal in football, long runs of luck are guaranteed to end. This does not mean that Fosun have lost interest! On the contrary. They have acted swiftly to replace Nuno. Just look at the PL teams from last season who are still without a new manager/ coach! This is just the end of the beginning rather that the beginning of the end for the Wolves/ Fosun project.

By the way I would appreciate a link to the Athletic article you mention.

17 Jun 2021 12:03:48
I don't think Nuno or Fosun failed last transfer window.
The teams that did better during the 2020/ 21 invested in British based players for example Villa and West Ham. However we lost one of the most prolific strikers in Europe before his injury in Raul. Even just after his injury we were picking points up for a few games Chelsea for example comes to mind.
But no club in the league could plan for the C.V. A combination of horror I juries like Rauls and Jonny doing a similar injury twice in a season just shows that's two players missing of that squad that took us to the Europa qf. Not to mention the changes and niggly injuries that other players had. Neto missed a 3rd of a season. That's Jeff's fault aswell? 😂 Come on at least give a balanced perspective of the past 16 months.
Nuno's style had got sussed out. I respect the man and what he did for the club more than any one who has served the club in my lifetime. But his ideas were stale and he failed to get the most of a squad that was still strong enough for better results last season. 2 years ago Nuno would have played the kids and they would have got results. Man city in the league Cup comes to mind etc etc. But Nuno lost his mojo last season.

17 Jun 2021 12:09:11
Deep - good post. V Churchillean!

17 Jun 2021 13:09:45
Madman. I agree with most of what you say with a but. Nuno has my utmost respect first as a man and then as a manager. Lost his mojo? I'm not so sure about that. I think he illustrated to Jeff that he hadn't got the players to change the style of play to a more attack and possession game. We certainly couldn't play a back four with any success but switch back and stay in the division. I think he made a point. I also don't think he signed his current contract without guarantees on budget, would you? It's plain that there was a total breakdown between Nuno and Shi so there was only going to be one winner. Shi made his decision we all have to move on I know but frankly I'd have expected more patience and understanding with last couple of years with little down time. Especially as one of Shi's comments has been the "we are ahead of schedule". A break and a bit of breathing space would probably have done everyone a bit of good but anyway, life! and on we go. Shi has work to do!

17 Jun 2021 13:29:37
Some good points/ posts gents, Ken I'm not sure anyone can rely on ANY guaranteed budgets. Footballs a business and like most businesses you MUST always adapt to your position in the market! 👍.

17 Jun 2021 13:30:53
Deep- I think you will need an Athletic login buddy, I will try to copy and paste it for you later (if I can:) 👍.

17 Jun 2021 14:12:25
Madman it is obviously a matter of opinion as to the success or otherwise of the summer 2020 transfer window but despite Nuno stating in the summer of 2020 that the squad was too small and unbalanced, as you acknowledge, we were still not able to cope with 2 injuries, one of which was known! .
Surely it is mad to believe that after 3 years of no injuries we would get the same in the 4th
We bought 6 players 2 RBs - to replace a player we sold, Doherty, 2 LBS to replace the injured Otto, 1 mid, Vitor, who Nuno never played (so clearly he didn't think it was a great transfer) and 1 forward who had to replace Jimenez when he got injured and surely you accept failed to do so - we got virtually no points in a 10+ game run until Jose ( who wasn't great either) arrived!
We bought 6 players but 4 of them were youngsters for the future, 1 was, (perhaps unluckily), permanently injured and only 1 was an experienced fit pro and he was merely a replacement for a player we sold so not really an expansion of the squad. Was this enough or wise?
We had an obvious need, and still do, for a RCB but didn't buy one an obvious need, (still do), for an experienced AM to replace Moutinho and brought in Vitor who Nuno didn't rate or want ( well he didn't play him! ) and an obvious need for an adequate back up to Jimenez - especially after selling Jota - and bought Silva who clearly was a long long way from being ready? It turned out we should have bought a replacement for Rui last summer not this as well but that wasnt obvious so is forgiveable!
You also talk about buying British based players as if that was not something we could do? I think WH and Villa bought succesfully both in Britain and overseas as did Leicester, Everton and Leeds
to name but 3 more as well?

17 Jun 2021 14:27:08
Interesting comments above about Nuno. Did his tactics get sussed out. Did he lose his mojo. Or was he let down by Jeff. Etc etc. It's also interesting that Crystal Palace and Everton both seriously considered hiring him but backed off. Apparently it's the size and cost of Nuno's backroom team that's the problem. Everton have Duncan Ferguson in place as a number two; would he have to leave to accommodate Nuno's team? Could it be that Jeff didn't think that Nuno and his team were value for money any longer? My guess is that Bruno Lage will come in with a much smaller team and work with Wolves own specialists. Leaner and meaner?

17 Jun 2021 16:04:43
Deep. Wolves will have to employ new specialists because we don't have any of our own for the first team squad.
BB I'm well aware that budgets can and have to change. After Raul got injured Nuno said we would get players in the January window. That's when the relationship with Shi broke down. I don't see Jose as Nino's pick but that's what he got. Rumours were that he was going to be sacked after the WBA game. Shi raves over Silva but he's got a long way to go yet.
I know it's all over and done with but it still angers me that they couldn't sort it out!

17 Jun 2021 17:05:24
Ken, we pretty much know that Jeff did the Silva deal. I don't know about the William Jose deal, but Jose actually seemed to be the ideal experienced and proven striker to provide alternative options to Silva. I don't think Nuno would have objected. It surprised everyone that Jose only scored once. As for other players in January, we brought MGW back in and also Patrick Cultrone, so Nuno got three reinforcements in all. Cultone was sent back on loan, why? At least MGW started to come good in the end. We should have done far better with the January reinforcements and this is when I think the Jeff-Nuno relationship started to break down. The shocking home defeat to Burnley would have been the final straw.

17 Jun 2021 17:57:54
Deep. I know I'm just quibbling over spilt milk I just think it's a terrible shame it's come to this! I hope it works out for us all mainly Lage because he's in the hot seat and there to be shot at! In l honesty I didn't think Jose was that bad he held the ball up and linked play quite well would probably have scored when he was brought down for the penalty against Arsenal. Plus I lost count of the number of times he got into space to score then didn't get the all important pass. Anyway that's the last time I'm going to mention it for which you can all breathe a sigh of relief! Unless it winds me up again that is!
I hope if Lage decides to play 2 up too in Raul and Fabio I hope they bring in some cover because we cannot be that vulnerable again!

17 Jun 2021 21:10:23
Here ya go Deep (and anyone else that wants to read Enjoy:) 👍

On the day itself the news came as a huge shock. Not even an hour after Nuno Espirito Santo had conducted his final press conference of the season — during which he breezily chatted about Sunday’s game with Manchester United and how the players will be spending their summer in preparation for 2021/ 22 — Wolves announced his departure.

In between he had called a meeting with the players at 1pm to deliver the news he was leaving. He was emotional, they were shocked — but not entirely. Behind the scenes this parting of ways has been brewing for several months.

It has been in Wolves’ thought process for some time that a new era might be necessary to refresh and reboot a team who have looked unrecognisable for the majority of the season, diminished by injuries and hampered by fatigue.

Nuno signed a new contract last September and was enthused by trying to instigate a new cycle, moving away from the well-honed counter-attacking style grounded on a solid 3-4-3 foundation based on rigid defensive organisation.

The players were tired going into the new campaign — mental fatigue was said to be at an “incredible” level after a 59-game campaign and a mere 30-day break between seasons for the division’s smallest squad — but Wolves actually started pretty well. They were sixth in November after beating Arsenal 2-1 at the Emirates, four points off the lead.

However that was also the night Raul Jimenez fractured his skull. Without their talisman and with Nuno having ripped up his textbook by introducing a new 4-2-3-1 system, which deeply unlike him they had barely worked on in training, they won one of their next 11 games, the nadir being a 3-2 home defeat to bitter rivals West Bromwich Albion in which Wolves looked rudderless.

Nuno is an almost permanent fixture on the edge of his technical area, prowling the touchline, but after withdrawing his captain Conor Coady and vice-captain Ruben Neves during a shambolic defensive performance, he sat motionless in the dugout watching his team’s identity erode before his very eyes. Something wasn’t right.

He was dealing with the personal trauma of being unable to see his family back home in Portugal and lacked his usual spark and energy. He had been the bombastic driving force behind Wolves’ ascent from mid-table in the Championship to seventh in the Premier League and a Europa League quarter-final, but this season was different, insiders felt.

His all-encompassing energy and drive just didn’t seem to be there and that was reflected in performances. It was considered by many at the club to be a strange move, completely at odds with his principles, that Nuno changed formation halfway through a season, especially when he persisted with it in the absence of Jimenez.

The Athletic understands that Wolves gave serious consideration to sacking Nuno after the West Brom defeat. Ultimately they judged he would be able to steady to ship and avoid a relegation battle.

Nuno yesterday announced he will leave Wolves after four years (Photo: JAN KRUGER/ POOL/ AFP via Getty Images)
After that defeat Nuno went back to basics. For the next league game, at Chelsea, 3-4-3 was back and Wolves did nothing but defend all night long, spare a counter attack or two. That theme continued for the next few weeks as Nuno oversaw a string of hard-fought, hard-to-watch but necessary results to keep Wolves up, which they achieved with six games to spare. Given all the circumstances at play, with key players absent and a small squad at his disposal, it was still a notable achievement. Without the squad’s “unique” bond, with its lack of selfishness and a willingness to solve problems without conflict, Nuno said, things could have been worse.

But the rot had set in. Fans began to seriously question him for the first time and the club took note. For all the good work Nuno had done, they felt given the money spent and the talent at his disposal performances should have been better.

A source close to the club says: “There has been a few problems there since October. Players were questioning things about Nuno’s approach. He didn’t lose the dressing room, but they were wondering whether he was as good of a manager as people were making out. There’s a real lack of structure and leadership there, too. Kevin Thelwell (the former sporting director) was very good at bringing departments together, he was very good at managing processes, but things haven’t run as smoothly since.

“It goes as far down as bringing together the medical team and the players, basic things that used to be very clear in the past. ”

Fosun began to look elsewhere and it seems Nuno did too. Jorge Mendes, Nuno’s agent and close friend (and of course a close friend to Wolves), began talking to other clubs to explore the possibility of where could be an option for Nuno’s next move, should he leave Wolves this summer.

Chairman Jeff Shi spoke to Nuno at the beginning of this week before Wolves’ trip to Everton and a parting of ways was agreed, believed to have been instigated by Wolves. While the timing of the announcement, before Sunday’s final game, wasn’t ideal, too many people were beginning to share the news and it was felt it couldn’t be kept secret any longer. As far as statements about a departing manager go, the one Wolves released on Friday lunchtime was about as positive from both sides as it gets and that reflects the amicable nature of Nuno’s exit.

For Wolves, acting now rather than dithering and perhaps seeing things take a turn for the worse next season was at the forefront of their thinking. But Nuno is also believed to have come to the conclusion that it was the right time to leave. He had anticipated that a Champions League level club may have approached him by now, preferably in England, but in the absence of that there was a risk he could damage his reputation should this summer’s rebuilding job (with a small budget in terms of net spend being offered to him) not go to plan.

“It’s just the end of a cycle, ” a source close to today’s developments said. “It has been four successful years but he decided that the right time has come to go out and close this beautiful journey. That’s all there is to it. ”

They added: “The decision to leave Wolves was not due to the interest of others clubs. He will now consider the future, but there are no clubs behind this decision. ”

The Athletic understands that Nuno is not in the running to become the next Tottenham Hotspur manager.

The below graphic charts a stark decline in Wolves’ offensive and defensive output. Yes it has been a beautiful journey, but the current season has been a real struggle.

A source close to the dressing room says: “It was a bit of a surprise, the timing of it, finding out today, but (overall) it wasn’t a massive surprise. A few of the players had been suggesting it was on the cards for a few weeks and he was considering whether he would or wouldn’t go.

“It’s going to be a weird couple of days and Sunday it going to be quite an emotional day for him. You’ll see that at the end of the game – emotions will overflow. ”

Recruitment had also been an issue. Nuno had the final say on new signings and tended to side with Mendes options rather than those put forward by the in-house recruitment team, often against their advice. For example, Spanish international Dani Olmo was available in January 2020 but Nuno sided with Mendes client Daniel Podence from Olympiakos instead, with Olmo going to RB Leipzig. When sourcing Matt Doherty’s replacement last summer, Nelson Semedo was very much Nuno’s number one choice. In fact he was the player Nuno craved more than anyone during that transfer window. At this moment in time, with Semedo having struggled to adapt to the intensity of the Premier League, it’s not been a successful move.

While Nuno has been incredibly popular with his playing staff, his departure won’t be a devastating blow to some at the club who have grown weary of his moody and occasionally terse demeanour. He could be snappy and abrupt. He’s very much been a head coach fully focused on the first-team but, other than getting involved in the final stage of transfers, hasn’t managed other aspects of the club. He didn’t attend a single under-23 match during his four-year tenure, for example.

His overall record, though, was nothing short of remarkable. To contrast the carnage of 2016-17, when Wolves flirted with relegation from the Championship as Walter Zenga, Paul Lambert and the best part of 17 players came and went, with 2017-18 when Nuno assembled a Premier League-ready team, playing football that had rarely, if ever, been witnessed at that level before, shows the stunning job he did. To then register consecutive seventh-placed finishes in the Premier League, beating every top six club bar Liverpool along the way, was simply dreamland for Wolves supporters, many of whom will tell you he’s been their best manager since Stan Cullis.

He leaves with his demigod status intact for many, with his face and name still plastered graffiti-style around the city’s streets, having forged a legacy on and off the field for a football club and a city that doubted it would ever hit those heights again. In January he gave £250,000 of his own money to help combat food poverty in Wolverhampton. His legacy will stand the test of time.

Wolves will also miss his backroom team, whom it’s believed wanted to stay at the club. Fitness specialist Antonio Dias has introduced world-leading rehabilitation and injury-prevention techniques to make Wolves the envy of the Premier League in terms of their injury record, while “mind coach” Julio Figueroa was a key ally of the players for his approaches to psychology and mental wellbeing.

So what next? It’s believed that Nuno has no other job lined up at this stage and was happy to go into the summer without one, allowing him time to return home and finally spend time with his family. Wolves plan to move quickly to hire his replacement and the chances are he’ll be Portuguese. They admire Porto boss Sergio Conceicao but he’s out of their reach. Paulo Fonseca, about to leave Roma to be replaced by Jose Mourinho, could well be an option, while ex-Benfica manager Bruno Lage has been strongly linked for some time.

“Moving forward, I don’t know what the club are going to do, ” a source close to the dressing room says. “I don’t think they’ll hang about in terms of the application process.

“I think Jorge will already have a list made up for them. They’ll just go similar, another Portuguese manager will come in, work with the squad we’ve got and see what he can do. Otherwise there could be complete upheaval in terms of staff, players, philosophies and what have you. ”

Wolves are now at a crossroads. Do they hire an attack-minded, possession-based head coach to manage a squad designed to do something different? How attractive is the job if players need to be sold this summer to generate funds? Is Mendes still fully on board with the project? Or do Wolves, with technical director Scott Sellars and the recently-hired “strategic player marketing manager” Matt Jackson now two key figures behind the scenes, move away from the Mendes carousel?

There has certainly been a change in tack from the ownership in terms of growing the club and the brand being a huge priority, while at the same time spending on the team (in terms of net spend) and the stadium has been rowed back, with a Molineux redevelopment on the back burner for now.

Wolves have struggled this season, with some players questioning Nuno’s approach

A source close to the club adds: “There’s a pragmatism that breaking into the top six on a regular basis is going to be incredibly difficult and requires huge investment. That ambition is still there, but it’s more of a long-term view now and the focus has switched to growing the club as much as the team, to set the foundations to create that long-term success. Leicester are where Wolves want to be but their owners have been there 11 years, they’ve won the league and had Champions League football which took them to another level. It won’t be easy.

“There’s a feeling that this has still been a good season given all the problems they’ve suffered, but Nuno leaving does feel like the natural end of a cycle, as it might for a few of the players who’ve been there with him for four years.

“This can be a real opportunity for the club to have a head coach who’s going to play how the fans want and how the owners want. There’ll be lots of movement this summer and yes there’s not a massive budget but you’ll find that’s the case for most Premier League clubs. But any new manager coming in will want to spend. ”

It’s been an unforgettable four years. Nuno, with his close relationship to Mendes and his alignment with Fosun on blooding youth and planning meticulously for long-term growth, was a perfect fit.

Without each other can Wolves — and Nuno — hit those same heights again?

15 Jun 2021 12:30:13
Heard Neto and Nuno had a falling out before Nuno's departure, if true then unlikely Neto will join Everton if Nuno gets the job.
This is only hearsay btw.

15 Jun 2021 13:12:08
With a fractured patella months from being mended, Neto won't be going anywhere next season.

15 Jun 2021 13:29:26
Doesn't stop the press and one or two believing the press though OW mate.

15 Jun 2021 14:32:49
Wasn't there a rumour that Nuno had a falling out with Neves and Boly whilst at Porto and it didn't stop them from following him to Molineux.

16 Jun 2021 10:21:36
Did Nuno fall out with Bennett, Douglas, Cav, Costa, Jota, Doc, Afobe, Catrone, Jeff, the project and the Club? Seems like such a nice bloke as well.

16 Jun 2021 11:03:52
There's no smoke without fire. Nuno had issues with some Wolves players, but there again this happens in every team. It's easy to think that a warm and generous personality such as Nuno will get on with everyone but that's unrealistic in football. He's not a saint. If he had issues with an usually large number of players, that might be something else.

16 Jun 2021 17:16:26
They was not purchased by nuno . Mr 10% bought those players in and will continue to do so unless Jeff grows a pair very quickly .!

14 Jun 2021 12:28:12
Hi. I know I always see rumours on here where the person says they have heard it confirmed that this or that is going to happen. Well I have info from the Security guards at Compton. Neves def Arsenal for £35 million and (as we know ) our stopper is off to Roma.

14 Jun 2021 13:06:54
The security guard on the outside. How would they know?

14 Jun 2021 15:50:12
may be someone told him, verbally. Don't shoot the messenger. It could be a load of rubbish.

14 Jun 2021 18:06:00
Smell that it smells a bit like bs to me, I highley doubt the security guard would know.
No pop at you goggs mate you're just passing on what you got told.

14 Jun 2021 20:06:00
Good to hear neves ain't been that good if can get 40_50 million for him happy days should be able to get upgrade on him and change.

14 Jun 2021 21:45:46
I'm not shooting the messenger. I just don't understand how the security guard outside would know. 😃.

14 Jun 2021 21:49:17
Plus Rui to Roma isn't a simple deal. Roma have to get there accounts in order as well. Will they want to invest in an over 30 player? Obviously what Jose wants is a completely different matter.
Same with Neves if Neves wants to leave I can't see wolves chaining him to Compton and releasing him for matches. 45 is triple what wolves paid for him plus that's 4 Pedro Neto. 😂 I think Neves will stay unless he has European football offer.

15 Jun 2021 07:47:54
The phrase a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush comes to mind. This easy to say but v hard to do upgrading for less money is a lovely idea but the history of clubs selling diamonds and buying several lumps of coal is long and wide.
Liverpool succeded with Coutinho but Shearer for Dixon and Speedie or Bale for lots of players only 1 of which, Ericksen, was a success, are much better examples.
Would you rather have Jota or Hoever and Silva or perhaps Jota or Vitor, RAN and Marcal. Each of these swaps balance out and don't have a balance. They also almost certainly increase the wage bill as well.
Before we sell our better players be careful what you are wishing for. We many not see their like again!

15 Jun 2021 11:56:49
The Bale comparison is a little unfair. They brought 7 players 6 of them played a role in Spurs success over the last 7 years. Mainly champions league football and finals. Levy is the main protagonist at spurs. He puts more pressure on the manager and players. Maybe being a fan of the club you own is a hindrance. Spurs just chase vanity projects every few years they need a stadium to compete with arsenal. When they should have saved some money and spent a fraction of that money on two or three players and won something.
Just saw the gossip on BBC that Leicester are close to signing soumare from lille. I am sure wolves put a bid in for 40m in 2019. Wonder why he didn't fancy it.

15 Jun 2021 12:50:54
Strange how when any of our players are linked with moves away some fans start pointing out that “he isn’t that good anyway”, last season was an injury hit nothing of a season where Nuno decided to play mainly negative football through necessity rather than choice, to criticise him or the players for the situation the found themselves in is a little unfair, we’re still in the Premier League which was an achievement in itself, should’ve been ready to go again in a few weeks time, but for some unknown reason, it wasn’t to be and the Club took a giant step backwards.

15 Jun 2021 13:12:59
Madman - I'm not a spurs fan so can't really comment in detail and frankly wouldn't argue with you if you said it was a good or bad deal.
I made it they bought 8 in and 5 were gone (at a loss) within 2 years Fryers, Soldado, Chirches, Capoue and Paulinho. don't think Nacir Chadli lasted much longer leaving Ericksen a clear succes and Lamela still there but v ordinary?
The obvious one for Wolves fans would be the sale of Robbie Keane in 1999. We bought 6 players and Akinbiyi and Oakes could be said to have been ok or even better but Keane, well he was a bit better than ok wasn't he?
If we hadn't sold him maybe a front pair of Bull and Keane would have brought Prem football a lot earlier than we eventually got it?
The point I'm making though is that it isn't easy to sell high and buy low. We are arrogant if not foolish to think we can do it consistently and if even half the rumours coming out about the club are true then seemingly this summer we are planning to do it more than once!

15 Jun 2021 13:43:43
The future is old gold. You aren't wrong. As I said those players were important at the time. Chadli, Eriksson and Lamela were important signings at the time. Obviously how can they replace Bale though? 😂 As I said in previous post they just needed to make a sensible plan and stick with a manager. But they did it the Spurs way.
I understand what your saying with Keane could say the same for Lescott and build a team around both players. However we do do have links with Mendes these days. Apart from that first transfer window when they had two weeks to find a manager and 12 players. How many players haven't been a success? Surely it's good that Goncalves won the portugese league this season. Mir had a terrific season in Spain. Just shows what Fosun are building both with the first team and academy for the club overall.
I'd trust the club to reinvest 60m from some sales this summer for Bruno. But I reckon there is a larger fund available.
They are selling well and buying even better players. To think a Barcelona right back is playing for Wolves. I understand the defensive issues but his forward interplay with an unsettled team was good for his first season in the prem.
To think a top 20 wonder kid has moved to wolves.
Let's get behind them and see what they can deliver this summer.

15 Jun 2021 14:51:16
I got nothing against neves he has done well for 3 years and OK the 4th and yeah I thought after jimenz injury we would struggle and I'm happy we stayed in the Premiership but if we get 40_50 million for neves you trying to tell me we can't upgrade him on that? I think you forgot how much we payed for him a 3x profit if get nearer the 50 million which is exactly what FOSUN do and do it good we had 4 years out of him and brought some excellent football at times but if you can't see that then all I can say is "YOU SHOULD OF GONE TO SPECSAVERS"

15 Jun 2021 15:01:47
Madman - good post!
I really hope you are correct on all counts and will - as we all have done for more years than I can count in my case and in far worse circumstances ( Div 4 springs to mind! ) - get behind whatever is done and whoever is wearing the shirt!
Up until last summer I wouldn't have even blinked at the statements you made as we were going in the right direction and v fast!
But as I have said numerous times (and Oxley expresses the same view above) I do think we massively messed up last summer and whilst I am perfectly happy with Semedo, (not quite as much a you are though? ) the "Wonder Kid is def not "top of my pops" or even top 20 and I fear won't be any time soon - v v hope i'm wrong as we are v committed to him (transfer fee and wages! ) .

15 Jun 2021 15:51:57
Giant - Could and perhaps should if we get £50m but Silva £35m and Vitor £20m on last year's form aren't fit to lace his boots. Do that again and we are relegated.

15 Jun 2021 16:16:03
Nothing wrong with changing the bath water now and again to freshen it up. I just hope when you chuck the bath plug away as well you need to be certain you get the right one to replace it. On that we will have to wait and see. I very much hope that Jeff has got this right because if not as we know getting to this point wasn't a quick or easy journey!

15 Jun 2021 19:06:06
No I agree silva we brought because shi think he is a very special player and could be a diamond in the rough he wasn't brought to play but to learn from jimenz and watch how he plays and were he puts him self IMO he needs a season in championship and get goals and do the movement he needs to best help the team but time will tell and shi was bold enough to pay price and he has more money in bank than I'll ever have so I'll leave that up to the professionals they don't get there status for no reason FOSUN ain't no mugs so TRUSTINFOSUN.

15 Jun 2021 21:26:32
Giant Silva has more money in the bank than virtually any 19 year old. Wolves seemingly no longer do though as seen by our statements re having to sell to buy.

But Fosun are as you say defintely no mugs, you don't run a multi billion conglomerate without being v v switched on.

However the evidence would seem to point to Shi being a prize one and as I wrote earlier if Lage isn't an immediate success he won't be able to blame Nuno again for his failings and will be promoted to that job in Juneau.

15 Jun 2021 22:25:15
thfutureisoldgold. If he has got it wrong baked Alaska will probably be the least of his worries!

15 Jun 2021 23:13:20
Future I think that we all new that FOSUN like to buy players devolpe them and when they get to numbers like 40_50 million sell and go buy similar players devolpe them get them playing week in week out and sell for 3x what we payed so at some point we are going to lose 1 or 2 stars the main thing is getting them off wage budget and making 3x what they paid for instance if both traore and neves are sold and say we get 90_100 million and fosun invest that money in the team and get the money no players at make weight straight cash I pretty sure we will be getting players in and going by fosun usual deals be at least 3x 30 million players with potential to be sold 3_4 years down the line at 70_80 million and repeat process as I've said many times FOSUN brought us out of dark days and brought exciting football so until that declines I have every faith that they now what they are doing and are still as committed as they always have been few will have surprises after this euros and we will all love them again some used to still being let down by former owners promising us the world and delivering nothing FOSUN set a plan and will stick to it as they say Rome wasn't built in a day but then again I wasn't on that project LOL.

15 Jun 2021 23:25:52
G.a.g I hope very much you are right in your trust in Fosun. I remain to be convinced that this is the right way to go and I'm not saying that for any other reason than I'm just reserving my opinion for the time being. I didn't do handstands when Nuno came in so I'm not about to now. Managers earn loyalty and respect by the performance of the team on the pitch.

I hope he is brilliant I really do for us all. We shall find out over the coming months. I think we may be in for a few more shocks yet and I'm ignoring all the speculation because that's all it is. Facts and actions are more important. I thought his arrival was far to low key an interview with the press should have happened instead they just kept their heads down!

16 Jun 2021 21:36:37
Giant I am certainly not going to argue with you if you and everyone else knew what Fosun's strategy was/ is. As I see it the only player we have sold for anything like that sort of sum was Jota and he wasnt sold in my view due to some cunning plan but because he was the 4th ranked wide player behind Podence, Neto and Traore and so was unlikely to get many minutes on the pitch.

When someone offers 35% of your annual turnover for a reserve player it is madeness to turn it down.

However I am highly sceptical that Silva, the player bought to replace him, is ever going to be worth £105m, ie 3x £35m, indeed today I am far from certain we would get anything like the £35m we paid for him!

But its a v nice idea and as you say Fosun have done us proud - even 13th in the Prem is amazing from where we were.

For me though in the summer of 2019 I was hoping the upward trajectory would continue but ever since Shi has taken sole control - sacking Dalrymple and Thelwell who over saw the uptick - its all been downhill and it is now essential that this disappointing trend is reversed or we will struggle this year.

Fingers crossed that Shi has learnt his lessons!

16 Jun 2021 22:08:30
future. It would be nice if he was as good as he thinks he is frankly . The current connection to this 20 yer old lad is a start but he's hardly likely to have the experience required to be anything other than a bench warmer for while anyway. Not many of that age are Premier ready. On a positive to take a chance for 5-6 million I wise the Silva money last year was nuts and so far is being pr4oved to be.

16 Jun 2021 22:31:50
Summer 2020 sorry!

17 Jun 2021 02:56:31
Ken when I read your posts they alwways seem so reasonable but when I read mine back I sound like a right old ranter!

17 Jun 2021 09:32:48
future. I usually, when reading my own later on think I bet he's a right miserable old git then I realise it was my post. Repent at leisure as they say! On the subject of being a misery it's lovely today, so much cooler, I can't take the heat anymore used to love it!

17 Jun 2021 10:54:42
Ken as you can tell from the time stamp it was a long and heavy day yesterday - far too hot and thus .
Today its been raining hard though so been round checking all the water butts and filling buckets and watering cans as well ready for the next hot dry spell!

17 Jun 2021 14:06:27
Yesterday was tough, the heat and air quality took it out of me. I was still up and about at 2am before I gave in and closed the windows. The downside of Oakham is being on the freight railway line from the Midlands to Harwich/ Felixstowe. A lot of which moves at night. Passenger services are quite light hourly during the day on the Birmingham/ Leicester to Cambridge/ Stansted route and a couple of London trains a day. So hot weather is a mare overnight.

13 Jun 2021 20:36:29
What's happened to all the posts?

{Ed002's Note - They take them down and paint them in the summer.}

14 Jun 2021 09:18:45
Ed02 reminds me of my army days being sent to the stores for a tin of white paint to paint the last post 😁
So many rumours about Wolves players leaving and Nuno raiding the squad for Everton ( if he does actually go there)
Obviously uncertainty during this transition and the Euros making things linger on.
I think that everyone is just waiting to see what the plan is.
The press speculation is, of course, unsettling.
Nowt we can do as supporters but just put trust in the new coach and the executives who run the club.

14 Jun 2021 11:21:46
Its called good weather it gets people off phones and computers, about as rare in England as England winning an opening match in a tournament!

14 Jun 2021 11:45:05
Exref how can you say the club is in transition. We got no players they all being sold. Are fosun getting their money back before they sell the club.

14 Jun 2021 12:07:08
I meant the posts which had been posted yesterday and taken off.

{Ed001's Note - someone pointed out something that shouldn't have been posted by a poster who should have been deleted and I couldn't edit just his without it making a mess. I forget who did so or I would be thanking them for spotting it.}

14 Jun 2021 12:54:17
Phil : “what’s happened to all the posts” - Would imagine most fans are preparing for the next batch of disappointment, which after three fantastic seasons started just about this time last year, they’ve already stepped it up a notch and they’ve hardly started yet.

14 Jun 2021 13:04:07
Demon, if you're a Wolves fan, don't be so dramatic. The club is obviously in transition. So far not a single player has been sold, but some will go and some new will come in. So what? If you're not a Wolves fan, that explains everything.

14 Jun 2021 13:07:44
You've been rumbled demon. Christ, you must be bored? Has WBA found their new manager yet?

14 Jun 2021 13:19:01
Thnks Ed001 I realised now why the posts had gone.

Oxley I see perfectly clear what you are saying.

demon I'm hoping/ praying your gut feeling is wrong.

Arddunby can't argue with what you say.

14 Jun 2021 18:06:37
Ah Demon the light of these pages so positive he is.

14 Jun 2021 18:50:57
Deep Throat mate Demon isn't a Wolves fan he has been rumbled by a few on here now.

13 Jun 2021 17:54:23
Raphael Leao being linked to wolves. 22 year old Portuguese forward 25-30 million. Mended is his agent.

13 Jun 2021 20:07:40
During the 1990 world cup in Italy
The Scottish team visited an orphanage, "look at their sad little faces with no hope" said Paulo age 6.

14 Jun 2021 09:46:39
Leao is going to Everton. Who in their right mind will want to come to the wolves now. Selling all their best players. Madness.

14 Jun 2021 23:39:30
Who exactly have they sold Demon?

12 Jun 2021 13:45:48
Rumour on news sites is that Saiss is to be sold. Not saying it's more than a rumour.

I personally would love to see him go. I think he gets pulled out of position too easily and gives away far too many freekicks.

This would mean we need another player though. And would mean another "transition" season.

12 Jun 2021 15:29:48
They are all being sold. We are going down.

12 Jun 2021 15:38:17
It’s looking grim.

12 Jun 2021 17:35:05
So right one player might be leaving and we relegated 2 players leave we league one right. 3 players leave Northern Premier here we come. Sack board, sack manager.

12 Jun 2021 19:26:40
Demon give it a rest mate yeah we all know you're not a Wolves fan.

12 Jun 2021 19:55:27
Bring back Morgan and Moxey. We're doomed.

12 Jun 2021 21:45:41
New manager, players go. Stop panicking.

12 Jun 2021 22:22:29
HOLD UP A MINUTE ask yourself this when have fosun ever let us down? The days of Morgan I would agree with you but we all new players would be sold but until fosun let us down then you can get on there back but until that day arises this negativaty does not make sense if players go they will not be sold cheap and I'm sure BRUNO will have been aware who wants to leave then I say thanks for your service but I don't want players who don't want to play for us so get best price and lower wage bill nothing more to it than that I would think you all would want players that want to be here nothing wrong with anyone leaving if they don't see a future with us good luck to them.

13 Jun 2021 07:51:04
Everyone has their opinion but jeez we're going down, its looking grim is way too far negative.
Rumours say Traore and neves to be sold if this is true the money for these 2 players will be re invested into other players.
Will be sorry to see neves and Traore go but it's not going to ruin us if they are sold.
I reckon £70/ £80 million for them which can get us some quality players.

Have faith in fosun because the doubters will be proved wrong (again) .

13 Jun 2021 08:33:32
Could we please have some declaration from Fosun on their intentions for the future. Are we to have an entirely new team for next season? Going to need 10-15 players if the rumours of exists are to be believed. What about quality? Selling Portugal’s number 1 keeper and replacing him with an uncapped Portuguese keeper - will that be the trend? What are they thinking? I’d like to know ahead of judging them.

13 Jun 2021 09:32:55
It's called change, the new manager will want to stamp his own style. This means players will go and new ones will come in, maybe youngsters. This might represent a pause while things settle down but to assume the worst is premature to say the least.

13 Jun 2021 09:58:54
My word what a needy bunch some fans are! I don't understand what people are expecting Fosun to actually say?! Their position has rarely changed so what would they say exactly 'Hi everyone, you know the plan we discussed this time last year, guess what it's still the plan! We just felt we needed to touch base cause some of our fans seem needier than a teenager in love?! ' 🤣
People talking about rumours but I notice they aren't stressing about the players we've been tied with signing (Rafa Leao, Guedes etc) cause they have the sense to know those are just rumours. So then it's only those that have been said to be leaving that are assumed to be true?! Its like half the posters on here in close season just want to hunt for the negatives, SO tedious! 🙄.

13 Jun 2021 10:19:37
Fosun have always made it clear they have a long term interest in Wolves and that hasn't changed. They have realised however there are significant challenges to compete at an elite level and FFP restricts where they can invest. In terms of the playing squad the approach is the same as it was. Buy players that have the potential to be developed and sold on for profit, which will increase the asset value of the club and in the long term allow for more resources to be invested into the playing squad as a whole. This is coupled with their efforts to increase Wolves as a brand and build the fan base abroad for merchandising purposes.

To expect Wolves to regularly challenge the top 6 after 3-4 seasons in the premier league is unrealistic when there are clubs with established revenue streams, established squads and more financial muscle.

As it stands Wolves are a trading club. Players will come and players will go. Who they are is just media speculation until the club announces any done deals. We can't judge anything on transfer activity until we see the team sheet for the first game of the new season.

13 Jun 2021 10:37:49
All I agree trying to be balanced is v hard on a subject that is both full of opinions and views (and v few hard cold facts) and which is so passionately thought of.
Fosun are defintely not stupid and will not intentionally do anything that would damage their investment and further decline/ relegation will hugely damage it!
So we can be certain that everything will done in an effort to maximise success within the parameters allowed: FFP and (if they exist? ) any financial restrictions placed on Wolves by Fosun/ Chinese authorities.
Clearly Nuno going was part of this as Shi or Fosun or both thought he was no longer taking the club forwards.
However humans are involved and mistakes will/ may be made so no guarantees can be given.
Personally I think letting Nuno go was a major one but he is gone and so let's look to see what the new man can do before venting too much spleen over matters.
Hopefully he, Lage, will be backed (within parameters) to rebuild if and where required.
But Giant Fosun/ Shi DID clearly let us down last summer with a truly awful transfer window that left us completely unprepared for what happened in the season ie injuries. So whilst I don't for one minute think they intended it to be debacle ( deliberately destroying 3 years of success in one shocking step) nor do I think they have/ will deliberately let us down again this summer they are both human and let's be honest v new to running football clubs.
If the transfers were all Nuno's fault - seems highly unlikely -then I guess to some extent they are forgiven as he was suppossed to know what he was doing but do you really think he wanted the players he was given and then promptly refused to play?

13 Jun 2021 11:14:19
Alex - v good post!
Clearly Nuno had got the club massively ahead of schedule and was performing miracles on the wage bill and transfer budget - competing as you say with clubs we had no "right" to compete with.
Sadly this ended in tears as injuries and mistakes in the market meant the miracle to some extent popped and the club (or perhaps it was Nuno) didn't handle it well.
Consequently we begin again with a new manager.
Fingers crossed.

13 Jun 2021 11:21:53
Fosun have form for stripping the club of all its players. Remember when Nuno arrived and they got rid of 18 players. Then they only allowed Nuno to sign 12 players so in effect our squad was robbed of 6 players.
Just to reiterate, the players Fosun allowed to go during Nunos 1st season are: Stearman, Saville, Gladon, Iorfa, Ebanks Landell, Bodvarrson, Williamson, Lee Evans, Mason, Edwards, Lonegran, Dicko, Jordan Graham, Prince Oniangue, Deslandes, Price, Zero and Marshall.

The inferior players Fosun signed are: Miranda, Douglas, Bennett, Neves, Boly, Ruddy, Norris, Vinagre, Jota, Mir, N'Diaye and Afobe.

It clear to see that they do back the manager.

13 Jun 2021 11:38:24
Thanks TFIOG - the unfortunate thing with Wolves at the moment is if a transfer doesn't work out there are less resources to absorb the impact that has, whereas at a club like City or Utd they have more depth and can afford to move a failed transfer on at a cut price with much less consequence. Hopefully one day Wolves can reach that level.

Good post Jas - it made me smile a bit. I remember the outrage from some fans when Dicko was sold. It didn't work out too badly for us in the end.

13 Jun 2021 12:39:09
Alex, I get your thoughts regarding the likes of City, Utd, Chelsea etc. They need bigger squads because of the extra competitions they play in year in year out. We managed to get into a Euro comp and found that in the latter stages in both Europe and at home, we looked a bit lethargic. If we were to qualify for Europe soon, the squad will not be as small as we will have learnt that the squad cannot cope.

13 Jun 2021 13:08:09
Jas- yes it is clear that they spent good money in all of the years that Nuno was manager and that in the year you discuss above the 12 bought showed a pretty good hit rate and certainly a major upgrade vis vis the 18 exited.
Think we did ok the next year as well didn't we?
Interesting to see that only 2 of the 12 are still in the squad (plus vinagre and ruddy? ) . It obviously gets harder to find players who can improve you as you move up the league ie Afobe was great in the Champ for us but didn't cut it to the same degree in the prem (albeit for Bournemouth) .
I hope you are correct on your assertion that the squad will be bigger as last year we pretty much ran out of players. Even amongst the inadequate number of players we currently have many come with caveats: old, injured, not good enough, (yet? ), up for sale etc. Consequently the numbers we need to add if we are to increase the size and quality of the squad are quite hard to get your head round.
Given the limitations of FFP and Fousun's budgets this will require an even better year than the one you identified above.
fingers crossed.

14 Jun 2021 09:17:41
Jas, You're absolutely right. I got the feeling when we were in Europe the expectation from the board was we may not get to the group stages or beyond it and so the investment wasn't made, in case we had a bloated squad of players unhappy at not getting enough game time and costing additional wages. There was a cautious and reserved approach to it.

If the expectation level from the club is higher next time we qualify for Europe (yes I'm optimistic it will happen again one day), then I think we would recruit additional players within budget to compete on more fronts.

14 Jun 2021 13:38:30
Alex - Whilst what you say is very calmly and sensibly stated and I obviously don’t want to put words into your mouth or misinterpret what you said but it is quite a sad read and I thought I was the bear.
It seems as if you are saying the club got vertigo. We had overperformed by so much they couldn’t quite get their heads round it and weren’t willing to believe it was possible that we could continue or even go further. This meant – and to be fair to you the club did announce as much – they were taking a breath so to speak and were happy with a slight step back.
Sadly, saying that is easier than doing it and they made an awful mess of it.
Consequently, we haven’t taken a slight step back but a major one. The decisions made last summer, when, {although we had a modest net spend due to the cash (and profits) generated from previous purchases – in line with the strategy you described}, we actually spent a lot of money, continue to impact – and will do for several years. Not only did we make serious errors in the transfer market but we compounded them by handing out ridiculous contracts that will hamstring us for the foreseeable future.
This debacle has now cost us Nuno as well.
Many posters signed “In Nuno we trust” what a shame Shi didn’t!

14 Jun 2021 16:02:13
TFIOG, I think it was a case of Europe was seen as a bonus at the time and a chance to blood a few younger players to either make the first team or sell on. Whether the strategy worked or not is debateable, but it did give Neto more minutes to develop, and I think the same would have happened with Shabani and Jordao if not for their horrible injuries.

For me it's too hard to say how majorly the club may or may not have gone backwards at the moment. Yes we dropped 6 league places. Yes some players values may be lower, although with current worldwide events that to a degree is out of the club's control. Some of the players retained may blossom under the new coach, with new team mates, and with an extra year of PL football under their belt.

The problem with an upward trajectory is there is always a ceiling and the chance for regression before progressing again.

The main money spent if I'm correct was Semedo and Silva. Personally the jury is still out on Semedo as I can see a player there, but at times not for the price we paid. I do genuinely believe we will get our money's worth on Silva in time. The other transfers were loan to buys and if we don't want them we don't sign them. It gives the option of 3 more loan to buys for the coming season.

There's going to be a reshuffling of the pack and it could go a number of ways depending on the ability of the new coach and the players pulling on the shirt at the start of the new season.

14 Jun 2021 17:06:06
Alex - another v good and calm thoughtful post!
I think we disagree on just 2 things: firstly I think we were still on an upward trajectory and with v little tweaking, [I detailed what I thought needed doing last summer, last summer and have reiterated regulalrly since and still stand by it} and probably less money being spent we could easily have been higher this year or given the horrific injury crisis at least as high. I really felt the squad and v importantly the system was still good enough to challenge.
Secondly whilst I think Semedo will be ok although over priced and overpaid I am far less certain of Silva who I believe was massively unconditionally overpriced and is ludicrously over paid.
Yes RAN, Vitor and Jose were loans and can, (and in some cases will), go back. The only other signings were Marcal - the best signing if he was only fit but he isn't and the youngster Hoever bought as cover for Semedo probably for too much money but may be he was wrapped into the Jota deal?

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