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18 May 2022 16:09:29
Most of the posts go to the Wolves Banter page

Also more posts are being added to the Wolves Discussion Posts page

17 May 2022 23:00:02
Wolves plans for pre-season in the USA have been hit by the cancellation of the Ohio Cup, a mini tournament involving a couple of teams from England and Spain.
No reasons have been given but it may be because MLS approval wasn't forthcoming.
Wolves still plan to pre-season in the US though.

16 May 2022 21:57:08
Wolves are allegedly planning to bid for 19-year-old Argentinian, Carlos Alcaraz.
Others want him as well but for about £17M it might be worth a punt.
Very talented, but again will he lack the experience we need. Thoughts?

17 May 2022 09:47:57
May as well face it this is our transfer strategy for better or worse. It could pay dividends long term If we want experience we are going to have to scout out players that so many other clubs are after. Looks like we might be moving to a more South American recruitment strategy which fits the general latin cukture at tbe club.

17 May 2022 11:23:40
Ilkay Gundogan has been told he us free to leave Man City. Rumour is there are a number of clubs including us who are after him. Would be a real statement of intent by Fosun.

17 May 2022 13:12:32
We have got great future prospects within our squad/under 23s I think we could do with couple of ready made players

15 May 2022 18:22:05
I received a call this morning from a mate who knows saiss asking if I wanted a ticket in saiss's box!
As saiss is injured and wasnt on the bench he was in there with his young son we had a bit of a chat and he said he is leaving. wolves will only at the moment offer a 1 year contract and saiss thinks is should be longer.

16 May 2022 15:27:05
Tbh Chris mate I think it's obvious to every man and his dog/cat that Saiss is gone in Summer, he has already come out and said it.

15 May 2022 18:19:40
I received a call this morning from a mate who knows saiss asking if I wanted a ticket in saiss's box!
As saiss is injured and wasnt on the bench he was in there with his young son we had a bit of a chat and he said he is leaving. wolves will only at the moment offer a 1 year contract and saiss thinks is should be longer.

14 May 2022 17:05:05
Apparently, Jimenez may be moving on this summer and Wolves may let him go for £15M.

13 May 2022 23:21:25
Evening all, just a bit of info you may be interested in.
Morgan Gibbs-white has agreed terms with Crystal Palace after meeting Patrick Viera earlier this week. He will be the their replacement for Connor Gallagher and they hope to agree a few of between £20-£25m.
From The same source who witnessed the training ground bust up that lots of posters said didn’t happen.

14 May 2022 00:09:00
I thought Palace was trying to re-sign Gallagher again for next season and Lage wants to take stock of the loaned players before transfer decisions are made.
Even if Wolves have some definite done-deals for quality midfielders 'in the bag' I would have thought they would want to keep MGW, especially if Neves/Mouts are off.
Still never say never.

14 May 2022 08:32:09
I wouldn’t be surprised if that was true, didn’t MGW turn down the opportunity to return for the second half of the season? (I’m certain either Lage or MGW made a statement to that effect)

14 May 2022 09:34:55
If he doesn't want to be here then best to part company. Maybe he's matured since the covid lockdown party he was at down there but I suspect that is the route of the problem and how the club reponded.

14 May 2022 15:06:43
Should be less travelling time for the parties but I doubt very much if this is on the cards.

14 May 2022 13:29:51
Don't let rumours blind the truth is all i'm saying on the bust up.

14 May 2022 15:38:50
I think that was more to do with likely game time Debbie.

13 May 2022 16:01:25
Allegedly, Barcelona want to pay £15M for Traore.
However, Wolves want Nico Gonzalez from them, a 20 year old 'wonderkid' (yes, I know) so maybe a deal is on there.
Also some interest in a midfielder from Huddersfield according to click bait. I think it may be Lewis O'Brian.

13 May 2022 18:09:12
A good way to entertain yourself with clickbait rumours is to go to Google news, select Wolverhampton Wanderers and when past 24 hrs. and save the search. You’ll get all the clickbait rumours previewed, and you won’t have to visit the website.

13 May 2022 19:36:45
Another website claiming Traore will be sent back and Raheem Sterling signed on loan.

13 May 2022 21:18:03
Nice one Debbie, I'll give it a try.

14 May 2022 15:08:38
We'd have to get a diving board for the training ground Arddunby. There are rumours and there's the downright ridiculous.

09 May 2022 07:32:50
Quite a few links with us amongst other 3 usual suspects for Josh Brownhill from Burnley.

Think we've been linked before too.

Need someone in the engine room, not sure he's the answer but we need a tough tackler for sure.

10 May 2022 14:27:19
I really hope that isn't true. Brownhill is bang average, a top end Champ CM on a good day! Luckily we very rarely sign players we are tied with! 👍

10 May 2022 16:12:24
I can't disagree with that bullys

Just feel with not getting European football the pool of players we draw players from will change.

I'd love a Palhinha or Sanches they seem more unlikely without that extra pull. I hope I'm wrong. Another one was Kondogbia from Atleti

Going back to the champ days someone to complement a Neves type. You do look for someone in the mould of an Alfred Ndidye to provide the balance. Especially in a two.

Will be an interesting summer for sure.

05 May 2022 00:06:19
The rumour is that Raul and Jonny had a bust up with Lage in training last week resulting in them being dropped for the game against Brighton.

More likely Jonny was given a rest after playing a few games after a long term injury and Jimenez was left on the bench as his partner was heavily pregnant and could have been required to leave at a moments notice.

I'm sure the truth will come out in the end.

05 May 2022 09:49:26
You're usually the voice of reason Jas. The usual suspects always reappear after bad results, claiming all sorts of intrigue. They go on and on, knowing that a broken watch is right twice a day. Bruno out? One day he will be gone, he won't be in the dug-out when he's ninety.

05 May 2022 13:26:11
Also Podence is injured but can play through injections but is unwilling.
I total understand where he is coming from he played through injury before and made it a lot worse so he most likely doesn't want to risk that happening again.

05 May 2022 14:43:57
I used to speak to Jamie O Hara (when he got blamed for everything). He played most of the season we got relegated to League 1 injured but because he was our best player, he was asked to play with oain killing injections because a 75% fit O Hara was better than a 100% David Davis and Tongo Doumbia.

05 May 2022 23:07:04
Jas M, I always find you the voice of reason and like me you find the negative posters an annoyance. However, in this case unfortunately the rumours are true and I know this for a fact from someone who witnessed it. It was not a major scrap but there was enough of a melee to halt training and for 2 players to be sent back to showers before Bruno and a member of the coaching staff left the pitch.
Sometimes these things can clear the air and the players are rejuvenated but clearly on Saturday this did not happen.
The information I have is that Bruno wants a clear out of some of the established players and feels some of them have become stale and wants fresh blood. This could see Raul, Dendonkar, Coady, Boly, Saiss, Moutinho all leave and Neves sold this summer.
This is not me being negative and I fully support Bruno but I am telling you it did happen. Tim Spiers has tried to address it by limply saying he was there a few weeks ago and they are a tight bunch. He’s right which is why lots of them were not happy about it!
Either way, it is something that happens regularly at clubs and teams either come out stronger or the manager loses the dressing room. Let’s hope it’s the latter. I believe in Fosun and I believe in Bruno but maybe it’s time for a shake up if we want to push on.

06 May 2022 07:24:44
It happens at most clubs. If it has then so be it. I'll support the club no matter what.

06 May 2022 12:55:43
Me too Jas!
Tbh honest I think Bruno needs the opportunity to do things his way and he will need to owners to back him. I will be right behind the team whoever is on the pitch but I have to say I’m quite excited by the thought of a change of system, style and personnel.
Of course it could all go wrong but we have to shake things up slightly if we are to challenge the big boys.
I love Neves but has he gone as far as he can with Wolves?
I just hope we can end the season positively and go into the summer with optimism. A win against Chelsea and Man City would certainly do that!

06 May 2022 12:55:44
Just a shame it happened when it did. Very difficult to never argue with people you spend so much time with though. I think Coady's body language against Brighton was the indicator for me that something had happened. Sad, but also exciting to see who we get in the summer.

06 May 2022 14:08:53
Sad to say I think Coady may have realised his place is in danger if we play a back four and I can see him being at Newcastle next season. Shame as him and Neves are up there as my favourite Wolves players ever.
Still, onwards and hopefully upwards.

06 May 2022 15:52:41
Dust up or no dust up, although it looks like there was one, but so what? Man United have practically been having them during matches! Fernandes and Ronaldo can really throw their toys out of the pram in full view of a packed stadium and millions watching around the world.
It will all be forgotten at Wolves for now if we put in a decent performance against Chelski. But, not quite forgotten. There is a time and place. If Bruno wants to make changes, I for one would love to hear them. He must have his reasons.

08 May 2022 03:19:20
I actually think that with Coady it's just about adjustment. Is there any reason why that with a bit of practice he couldn't be the answer to replacing Moutinho?! Don't get me wrong he won't ever be at Moutinhos standard (the only genuinly world class player I've seen on his day in the old gold), but I can't see why Connor couldn't play CM in an 4-4-2, he has the range and the vision. Not saying it would definitely work but with what he brings to the dressing room I'd always give it a try before looking to sell! The guy is a born winner and SO good for the dressing room and players like that ain't always easy to find! COYW 🐺

08 May 2022 09:36:53
I agree BB it also gives the option of dropping back to a sweeper in a back 3 if we need to change shape.

09 May 2022 11:32:42
Good shout on cm for Coady BB mate, when we signed him he was originally a CDM so he knows the cm role well.

03 May 2022 19:53:09
Wolves currently have about 12 potentially 'oven ready' players on loan at the moment:
Traore, Gibbs-White, Cutrone, Jordao
Bolla, Kawabe, Campana, Jeong, Ronan,
Bonatini, Dadashov and Moulden.
I'm sure there are more younger players not listed here.
Personally, I'd like to see Gibbs-White, Jordao, Kawabe and Campana back with us, however, I think Lage is planning to look at all of them to some degree. Any preferences?

03 May 2022 20:30:49
I'll go with Jordao and Campana for sure. Ronan worth a chance as well, MGW if he wants to play for the club to. The reason I say that is todays comments about being scarred from last seaaon. Traore we may have to take back for a season. Bonatini is not good enough and Cutrone just wants to be in Italy and that's fair enough. The others I don't know enough to comment.

03 May 2022 20:56:13
It is easier to say who will be sold on rather than be kept from that list, here is my order (sold)
(1) Traore (doesn't want to sign a new contract, highest valued player)
(2) Cutrone (never wanted to sign, been poor in La ligua and Serie A)
(3) Campana (Ripping it up in MLS, can't see him doing that in the PL, given his Grasshopper Stats)
(4) Ronan (his next step seems to be away from Wolves, sadly)
(5) Bonatini (do not need to explain, however, his goals contributed to us gaining promotion and he almost clinched a club record that season)
Just my thoughts.

03 May 2022 21:36:56
Good thread Long but please don't use the term 'oven ready'! 😂 I only say it because we all now know that what that term REALLY means is a decade of confusion and financial crisis before the oven even gets to the right temp! 😂😱

03 May 2022 22:13:16
Bullys given some fans thoughts on Wolves transfer windows of late I think 'confusion and financial crisis' sums it up pretty well. 😉

04 May 2022 06:53:15
One player not mentioned longmynd sarkic' if Ruddy leaves keep sarkic'.
Maybe off your list as he is currently injured and back with us.
He was excellent for Birmingham before his injury.
MGW Ronan I most fancy.
Campana I would loan him again to Miami to keep him on song so he has the best chance at the world Cup for Ecuador.If he shines in the world cup his worth will increase.
Dion Sanderson I am not sure but works love him to make it as he is local wednesfield lad.

04 May 2022 07:29:39
Sorry typo would not works.

04 May 2022 08:28:17
Ryan Giles I want back too just thought of him.

04 May 2022 09:30:45
Phil I wasn't sure about Sarkic, injury wise. Giles I'd left in the younger category but I must admit I completely forgot about Dion Sanderson. Unforgiveable considering I was born and raised in Wednesfield and my brother went to school with his aunty Tessa Sanderson.

04 May 2022 10:20:10
Just go on Google as search Wolves FC and look at under 23 players . There are more than you realise, including full back Like Matheson who they paid Rochdale 1m for him, and quite a few more, some names I have not heard of.

04 May 2022 10:34:27
Basically guys, we have some hidden gems. Some at the club and some out on loan. It's time to prune the numbers back. If they're out on loan with no chance of making it to the Wolves first team squad, then get rid. Some of the names are good enough in my opinion. Sometimes we can't see the wood for the trees.

04 May 2022 10:39:41
One I've heard, podence not injured, won't play for wolves again and has asked for transfer, due to another fall out with Bruno lage. we will see in the coming up fixtures. Sounds like lage is a right bully if true, at this rate we won't have any players and can you honestly see found pumping money in. no I can't either. maybe the club will be sold

04 May 2022 14:31:00
From the clubs perspective Deep that's a good thing, a bit like growing on plants in a greenhouse with someone else paying to heat it, although the vast majority won't get to showcase themselves in the Prem with Wolves.

Demon, that's a leap, from Podence having a spat with Lage to Fosun selling the club. Don't forget Wolves will have their FFP relaxed this summer, a rebuild will be necessary and Fosun have shown willing by recently writing off a £100M loan.

04 May 2022 19:49:42
I'll believe it when its been confirmed as true.

04 May 2022 23:59:55
Podence has spent half this season on the physios bench! He must have a lot of bust ups if that's what all his injuries have been about! 🤣

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