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24 Jun 2023 19:45:33
Just watched 7 mins 46 seconds of pure gold on Wolves Facebook page, everyone of Neves goals, their is some beauty’s amongst them, well worth a watch to see what we have to replace.


1.) 25 Jun 2023 23:12:01
I watched it too 63.
An absolute amazing collection of goals and great to see the older gold strip from the Championship rather than the currwnt yellow strip.
We have been blessed to have Neves in at Wolves.He will rightly be remembe4ed as a great.



23 Jun 2023 21:05:15
Wow, where to begin where Neves is concerned, what a fantastic player to have graced our great club, all goals were out of this world but the best one for me must be against Derby, so blessed to have seen him play in the gold and black, all the best Ruben, it’s been a pleasure to watch you over these past six years, would love you to grace our pitch in the future,


1.) 23 Jun 2023 21:45:33
Class act

2.) 23 Jun 2023 22:18:25
Ditto guys. Gutted he's gone



14 May 2023 20:45:22
Jas m, wolves won’t let Hwang go as he is too important to the club to get into the Korean market genes the pre season tour their.


1.) 15 May 2023 11:50:08
I know, but this is now what football has become. Finances first, fans 2nd.



29 Apr 2023 16:15:24
This performance still shows how much work their is still to do not only to not only to preserve our premier league status, but how much work is needed for next season to make us more competitive in the premier league.


1.) 29 Apr 2023 18:14:58
Not wanting to be too positive but that sets up the next game nicely. Hopefully the players will want to put in a shift against villa and show we can compete. Also glad forest lost and it also helped Brighton’s goal difference. I’d prefer to see them in Europe rather than any of the so called big six.

2.) 29 Apr 2023 18:15:23
Big clear out will sort us W.

3.) 29 Apr 2023 18:53:01
The whole occasion worries me, its the attitude of players, are they thinking 'job done' and knowing they won't be old gold next season? Because they displayed a very lacklustre approach, didn't run didn't challenge let balls go misplaced passes and generally lacked passion. Obviously it became an impossible game and confidence was shot but we shouldn't have got ourselves in that position. Tactics from JL can be scrutinised and he has said he takes responsibility but the professional players didn't put the work in. When JL came he said they are given the script and then they have to perform it on the pitch well they didn't read or remember it today. I can only hope that in the glare of the molineux crowd they will find themselves and redeem things by beating the vile. Keeping the faith. COYW.

4.) 29 Apr 2023 19:04:21
Lopetegui as much to blame as the players.
There must be some kind of disharmony for one of the best managers we have ever had not to he able to get his players to perform.

We have proved we can play.

Roll on next season as been said a big clear out in the summer.
Lopetegui puts big doubt in my mind.
He's not afraid to down tools and jump at better offer somewhere else.

We may be looking for a new manager in the coming seasons or even next season.
The chopping and changing is proving it hardly works.

This result performance has shattered everything I was believing in.
I really do have huge concerns for our future.

5.) 29 Apr 2023 20:03:15
I don't agree Phil, today qe never turned up for whatever reason, LOP is the right manager and I think he will be here for a while.
Today was one of those days, we got punished for every mistake we made, this happens sometimes, I expected us to take nothing from game, but atleast compete, Brighton are a very good side and have proven scoring many goals all season. The biggest I have with today was team selection, that is down to LOP, but to give him credit knew at half time there was no way back, and gave a few some minutes.
It's easy to feel down over result, but overall the manager has done well since he came.
Onto the Villa now

6.) 29 Apr 2023 20:16:56
We just have to be philosophical about this blip on the road to a good team that Julen will build for us. One things for sure he will have learned something about them today!
Personally I shall pass on Match of the Day and tomorrow's papers and come to terms with it then look forward to Villa and I'm sure they will be up for that!

7.) 29 Apr 2023 20:17:42
The manager is the one bright spot this season.
Sadly has to work with the Sellers-squad.
They showed today what poor transfer decisions have been made in the last 3 seasons, with the exception of this January.

8.) 29 Apr 2023 20:29:19
I hope I'm wrong Sydney about lopetegui

9.) 29 Apr 2023 20:43:05
I understand your doubts Phil but he's a Premier League novice who will surely learn from this. The players also let him, the club and the fans down today so let's hope they all learn a lesson from this fiasco.

I can't believe we're still in 13th place.

10.) 29 Apr 2023 20:56:34
Sorry about the spelling, as good as our performance today!

11.) 29 Apr 2023 21:20:45
Brendan rodgers in.simple.this showing is embarrasing and totally unacceptable.j lop still doesn't know the best 11.and changes tootootoo much.hes too used to european style.

12.) 29 Apr 2023 21:34:26
Was you pretending to be a train then Bux? "tootootoo"

13.) 29 Apr 2023 23:27:03
Totally agree abbeywolf . That was a shambolic performance and maybe the kick up the backside that we as a club needed . We have been very blase about our chances of staying up and hopefully we will respond with a more professional performance next week . Its not nice to see us humiliated and Brighton's Twitter feed should be pasted all over the wall in our dressing room next week . We are not as bad as this result suggests and, in front of our fans next week, we need to show that we are not the bunch of pussies that today's result suggests . Over to you wolves players,??

14.) 30 Apr 2023 09:09:24
Phil, I think it more of todays score was a hard one to take, qhe .we go and take some points of the Villa next week you will feel much better about LOP.

15.) 30 Apr 2023 10:25:32
Yesterday was unacceptable, but we need to put some perspective in. Since JL came in Wolves form is top 8 with mostly a squad of players he didn't bring here. Even Man Utd have been on the end of a heavy defeat this season, for them it was to Liverpool but they still stuck with their manager because it was seen as a bump in the road.

Yes JL comes with a reputation for lacking loyalty to clubs, but loyalty works both ways. He has also managed at a much higher level than Wolves are at and other realistic managerial targets don't really look any better prospects. Clubs aren't loyal to managers very often and realistically JL will be gone within the next 2 seasons either to a bigger club, back to Spain or because we have a bad run and the trigger gets pulled. But if he can take the club forwards to leave it in a better state than when he joined that's all we can really ask.

Bad day at the office yesterday but his could be a good thing though is it may shine a spotlight internally on those who don't have the right attitude so they're moved on next season. I have no expectation of any player to be a Wolves fan, but I do expect every single one of them to represent the shirt with pride for the duration of their contracts.

16.) 30 Apr 2023 10:55:23
Having slept on it I still very cautious about lopetegui.
Hoping next season players who aren't into our project will be gone.
Yesterday has floored me.
Sydney Alex you talk sense.
Next game will show how the team reacts.
Fingers crossed yesterday was a one off.

17.) 30 Apr 2023 11:25:30
As ever Alexwolf you speak wise words, especially regarding JL. These players get vast amounts of money to perform for us, yesterday some didn't even seem interested. At one point I think costa was looking towards JL in bewilderment at what was going on. Nunes just wasn't (literally) other ball.

18.) 30 Apr 2023 19:52:50
In my opinion yesterday was a perfect storm. I was nervous before the game and expected the type of Brighton reaction that we were hit with. Tuesday evening, against Palace, the lads had given everything. A combination of emotional tiredness, complacency and likely not having been set up properly by the management team led to a walloping.
It’s fair to say the team isn’t that bad (though the result could have been much much worse) just like we’re not currently world-beaters when we win a couple of games.
Therefore the team, the management team and the club are a work in progress. Yesterday will be useful in the assessment of players to be retained, summer recruitment needs and learning experience for a management team still learning about the Premier League. Bright people learn from mistakes.
So let’s not get depressed but hope that the management team make good decisions for the transfer window that can blend the best of our current squad with suitable new signings and with the undoubtedly talented young prospects ready to be developed for next season.
Let’s keep the home form going and produce a performance against the Villa that resonates with the pride of us Wolves fans!



26 Apr 2023 06:59:42
Hopefully, Job done, back to the wall stuff in the second half, Neves immense, drove us forward all night, Lemina superb, onwards and upwards for Wolves now,


1.) 26 Apr 2023 08:20:06
Looking safe now. Hats off to Fosun for acting so decisively in getting rid of Lage and getting in JL in time to take advantage of the World Cup break. In truth I suspect it is the World Cup break that saved us by providing time for a reset.
Hats off too to those responsible for the January transfers. Great acquisitions in a notoriously difficult window. And of course a big thank you to JL and the players who did it under pressure on the pitch.

2.) 26 Apr 2023 11:07:17
Anyone hear Gabby this morning? He said Palace were safe as he feels that 37 points is enough. Bournemouth on 33 need 1 more win to be safe (36) but he still fears for Wolves as we don't score enough and are inconsistent.

3.) 26 Apr 2023 12:02:52
In the last 27 seasons 37 points would have relegated you on 8 occasions, Bournemouth went down on 40 in 2019-20.

So no we are not safe yet but are in with a far better chance than a month ago.

4.) 26 Apr 2023 12:14:31
TBH I thought we were lucky to get away with a win. After we scored the first goal (or rather they did) we started to defend for most of the rest of the game. Pleased with the win, disappointed with the way we played.

5.) 26 Apr 2023 12:42:07
West Ham went down on 42 points, however, WBA once survived on 35 points. One more win and we should be okay, let's not forget Leeds / Leicester dropped points last night and I cannot see Everton getting a result against Newcastle tonight, or Forest getting anything against BHA.

6.) 26 Apr 2023 13:48:46
Relying on other results does suggest that we are not quite out of the mire yet.

7.) 26 Apr 2023 15:35:13
Lopetegui is right in constantly saying in public, there is still work to do.

All change in the summer though!

8.) 26 Apr 2023 16:17:50
Debbie true and I don't think anyone has gone down on 41 Points either, so 42 is a real outlier. But as Winton says we don't want to rely on others.

9.) 26 Apr 2023 16:53:27
The FiveThirtyEight website suggests we have a 1% chance of relegation, with Everton, Nottingham Forest and Southampton championship bound.

10.) 26 Apr 2023 17:11:45
Here's the current best odds relegation table.Take solace from the fact that bookies don't give money away:
Southampton 2/15
Forest 2/9
Everton 10/11
Leeds 7/5
Leicester 9/5
Bournemouth 10/1
West Ham 100/1
Wolves 250/1
Fulham, Brentford, Palace 500/1
Chelsea 750/1
Let's all lump on those 750/1 shots. Dreams sometimes come true!

11.) 26 Apr 2023 19:13:08
Jas M: In relation to Gabby-and I assume you are referring to Agbonlahor? Are you asking us if we share the same opinion-OR-citing both him and his analysis as a contradiction in terms. If Palace are on 37 points and feels they are safe and that number is enough; Wolves are on the same number but he feels that isn't enough? Sense? I have to stick to my prediction and say we will be relegated-call that observation what you will

12.) 26 Apr 2023 19:40:26
The fact that he felt Bournemouth would be fine on 36 points, Palace fine on 37 points but we would go down even though we've got the same points as Palace. He just really hates us.

13.) 26 Apr 2023 19:41:09
But seriously, do you really think we'll go down?

14.) 26 Apr 2023 19:51:17
Then surely you are having a bet at the above odds QS?

15.) 26 Apr 2023 22:05:20
It gets a bit boring hearing supporters of your own team constantly saying we will get relegated. I’ve been on here for about 4-5 seasons and it’s the same people every season. And when we stay up they say nothing till the next season where it’s doom and gloom. Just to remind you your supposed to support if you are a supporter. I think we all know what to call your observation QS and I scraped some of it off my shoe earlier.

16.) 26 Apr 2023 22:56:50
Nice one Goatmark1

17.) 27 Apr 2023 07:27:30

So you can't criticize only applaud, is that it?

I was asking Jas M if he felt the comments by the so called pundit added up and he gave me the answer. I then pointed out that I have to stick by my original prediction which was made pre-season and not become hypocritical.
My reasoning also-last night's Forest result is not clever,; still means we are in the mire with less winnable games.

18.) 27 Apr 2023 08:00:26
But are you having that bet, QS? If not, why not? 250 times your stake money is surely a lifetime opportunity.

19.) 27 Apr 2023 08:05:00
I'm not going to say we're 100% safe because mathematically we aren't. But logically speaking do you believe Wolves lose all 5 remaining games and 37 points is the final total? Nothing wrong with that assumption it is indeed possible.

However do you then believe that if we ignore West Ham and Bournemouth that our of Leeds, Forest, Leicester and Everton that at least 3 of them are going to pick up at least 7 points from their remaining games when so far they have all averaged less than a point a game and have some tricky fixtures coming up? If we do throw West Ham and Bournemouth in they also still have work to do if all the teams below them start picking up a big haul of points.

I'm not having a dig, just trying to see the reasoning.

20.) 27 Apr 2023 10:11:08
Tbf QS I’ve never seen you applaud only criticise. After the Leicester game you said the palace game was win or bust. Well we won but still your saying we go down but you don’t want to be a hypocrite. Also you made your relegation comments before the forest result so I’m not sure how that affected your reasoning.

21.) 27 Apr 2023 12:20:53
Well we've, all been shaking like a dog having a poo (sorry lol)
But sure now we'll be alright.
Next season top 10 minium




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08 Jun 2024 20:14:32
Wise words as usual tfiog




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03 Apr 2024 17:42:45
For the first time you could see and hear the frustration from O Neil in his interview after the Burnley game, could he possibly walk if he is not backed in the summer, he has built up his reputation and would get another job no problem.




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02 Sep 2023 08:57:12
Have to agree. A dam sight better transfer window than we all expected, a little bit more optimistic for the season now, let’s get behind GON and the team .




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27 Jun 2023 07:23:18
Agree longmynd, it’s all about ffp and money




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24 Jun 2023 12:41:52
Can’t agree more bullysboy, the squad has needed overhaul for some time, and now with a decent manager and Hobbs to, maybe a decent squad capable of a top half finish might materialise,





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19 May 2024 16:35:01
Surprise surprise, VAR has a say, will we be targeted next season, looks like it .




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13 May 2024 10:36:31
Shi is like Jez moxey was, the front man for the main man and can only advise




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11 May 2024 09:38:44
So emotional




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03 May 2024 19:38:27
Officially a wolves player 1st July so presumably not available tomorrow


{Ed007's Note - If the guy has been on loan to you this season and fit there's no reason he isn't available mate, that just means that on the 1st of July he becomes a permanent signing for you as you can't register a player outside a window - unless he was a free agent at the end of the previous window - and the earliest you can register a player is the 1st of July.
Technically he is still on loan to you and that loan contract won't technically end until June 30th.}



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30 Apr 2024 20:02:18
Sarabia for me, goal against spurs




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