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29 Jul 2023 18:21:36
So much doom and gloom and negativity. When will some of you realise that this is the reality of life in 2023, not just for our football club but for everyone.
Gone are the days of spending freely on frivolous items. It's a cold hard reality I'm afraid and you simply have to get used to that.
We CANNOT buy in superstars, we CANNOT buy in non superstars that want ridiculous wages or agent fees.

We CAN bring on our youth, we CAN buy sensibly, and we CAN be competitive.
If buying your way to success is what you desire or want to follow, then there are plenty of other clubs around to watch.

Moan or despair all you like but it isn't going to change a jot. This is the future for the time being, for Wolves, for the economy, for all of us. The sooner you realise that and such it up the better for your mental health.
Let's be positive for goodness sake. We have some excellent players in our squad, we have a bloody good coach and backroom staff, and they need a loyal base of supportive followers to do the best that they can, not a fickle bunch of trophy hunters.


1.) 29 Jul 2023 19:32:52
Well said Porthminster

2.) 29 Jul 2023 19:58:28
Bang on the money Port

3.) 29 Jul 2023 21:03:27
I appreciate your thoughts, but there are gaps in your logic (respectfully).

2023 "Not just our football club" Brighton Hove Albion have a fantastic scouting system (irrespective of spending, as did Leicester and Southampton). Chelsea spent mental amounts of money on not so good players.

"We can bring on our youth" (1) there is currently two players from the youth system in the squad (how many have been loaned out?, Please correct me if I'm wrong with numbers )

To your final paragraph, we now have a smaller squad than last season, how is this progress? The glaring issue (as of the last two seasons) is a lack of a decent nr.9.

I fully support positivity, and getting behind the team / club. To that end I'm not knocking you. I think we'll be okay this season, but a top half finish is hard to imagine.

4.) 29 Jul 2023 21:59:53
There was Fraser, farmer, potts in squad today Debbie, but your right we can't function at this level without experience hence youngsters on loan. Its abit like living within the modern day, having the veg for your Sunday roast in the garden but if they ain't ready you have to buy some and the joint to go with it. Could have chicke breast could have side of beef depends what we can afford. Our number 9 situ may solved with sasa, who knows Fraser may prove to be the one.

5.) 30 Jul 2023 08:46:00
Porthminster great post and spot on.

No questions agaisnt your logic in the slightest.
Sorry deb you missing the point and are wrong in my eyes to question Porthminster.

But this is what this forum (social media) is about not my thing and getting too much I may be gone just vanish.
All I reading is my (our) club being put down.

Porthminster until you hear of the home crowd turning on the club you got nothing to worry about.

6.) 30 Jul 2023 09:14:52
No offence intended it's just how the social media how it is that is getting too much.
Love it on here but not enjoying what I have been reading the last months.



31 May 2023 13:54:26
I think we all need to put some of this FFP stuff into context before we start jumping to conclusions about what is or isn't happening.
I may not ha e this 100% correct but you will hopefully get my drift.
A club cannot make losses of more than 60m euro over a three year period - that's about £52m
Wolves made a profit (Yes, a profit) in 2020/21 of £18m, then a huge loss of £46m last year. Resulting in just £24m of headroom loss available for this last period May 2022 to May 2023.

Now just think what has happened during that period. Paying off a manager and his entourage, buying in a whole load of new players. It doesn't take a lot of imagination to see that we have probably topped the £24m buffer.
I do not believe for one single second that a professional amd shrewd operator like JL, and his agent Mendes, would not have been able to seek these very same figures and make the same conclusions.

As for what that means for the summer? Well it probably lends strength to the argument of "you can have whatever you bring in". I can't see ££££ being thrown at it unless we want to take on the sanctions afterwards.


1.) 31 May 2023 16:39:36
We could just spend £1b if Fosun released the money and when UEFA try and hit us with a penalty or sanctions, Fosun could ask for the same treatment as they've given Man City who have breached FFP rules 115 times over a 7 year period but have been allowed to appeal the findings which could take another 4 years.

Likewise Everton over the last 6 years.

{Ed001's Note - it is the Premier League and FA, not UEFA. UEFA already dealt with the charges but City dragged it out so long there a large number of the offences became time-barred. Hence why City only ended up with a fine, even though they were found guilty of over 60 of those 115 offences the Prem is now charging them with. Actually I find it annoying that the FA simply couldn't have slapped a punishment on them already for those charges as they were found guilty by both UEFA and CAS on them. CAS only said that UEFA should reduce the punishment as so many of the offences were time-barred. So surely the FA could just invoke a punishment immediately for those and then go through the proving process for the rest?}

2.) 31 May 2023 17:41:38
Absolutely spot on Ed001, it is like they are being given another chance to prove their innocence, why? The real question being, if found guilty (again) what will the punishment be, soft (financial) or draconian (titles stripped, relegation, etc)?

I understand the process with Everton, however frustrating, as they have to allow the independent panel time to reach their conclusions, much to the annoyance of Leeds, Leicester and Southampton I would guess?

{Ed001's Note - and there are real issues over who is the real owner of Everton to be resolved as well, with a legal investigation. So they might well be forced to hold off until that is completed so as not to prejudice any future trial. Though how they have only just realised Usmanov owns the club in reality is beyond me. More to the point it should have been investigated the moment he broke Premier League rules by buying Everton while still a large shareholder in Arsenal. It is not like it wasn't well known and that Moshiri didn't actually have any real money so couldn't possibly have bought Everton.}

3.) 31 May 2023 19:45:59
I'd forgotten about that Ed001, so pretty muddy waters all round. Although by taking out Everton on that point they would presumably impact Arsenal, now that would be against the rules.

{Ed001's Note - ah good point.}

4.) 31 May 2023 20:47:33
Eds, can you confirm something please. A lot of the reports about the financial issues involving Lopetegui and Wolves mention that FFP rules clearly state that a club can lose no more that £105m over a 3 year period. However the UEFA site states that this figure was amended to €60m due to the impact of Covid. So which is it? Because if the reports continually mention the £105m, then they clearly don't know what they are talking about.

{Ed002's Note - It is £105M - the £60M was an adjustment made for COVID covering a two year period. The PL rules vary to UEFA rules.}

5.) 31 May 2023 21:36:14
As we are asking questions (and I know from previous encounters you very much understand the rules more than the rest of us Ed:) but aren't the owners allowed to put in (something like) £95m per year? Or have I got that completely wrong? Sorry ?

{Ed002's Note - Completely wrong.}

6.) 01 Jun 2023 10:50:30
The irony with Everton's breaches is that if they hadn't overspent they may have had a better team meaning that the only way they impacted the relegation fight was by dragging themselves into it by bad recruitment - it certainly hasn't brought them any success.



21 May 2023 08:55:23
Players come, players go. WWFC continues.
A manager is there to win games, win points, that is the end of it. Get over the emotional stuff amd ask why we had so much bloody added time? You can guess it would have been over at 90 mins if we had been 0-1 down.
The game is rotten at the top.


1.) 21 May 2023 09:55:27
A lad in the pub after the game summed it up- Coote seemed like he was happy to play till dark as long as Everton got a goal

2.) 21 May 2023 10:37:44
No matter what said,Raul was treated disgracefully yesterday. The way he acted when he was overlooked to come on as a sub,just showed how much he cared about wolves and the fans,the manager was totally out of order,shame on you JL,it's not how we treat our heroes at wolves,we couldn't go down,so what's he thinking,
Sentiment,feelings go a long way in my book,

3.) 21 May 2023 12:48:58
If that's true Jas then they have extremely short memories.Not sure what's happened with Moutinho but not so long ago Raul was allegedly feigning fitness problems in order to be available for the world cup whereas we fans and Lopetegui were expecting total commitment to the club's full on relegation battle.



16 Apr 2023 07:25:47
Great performance and result. Its coming together now.
I have a feeling that we may be putting Everton down in our penultimate match, then spoiling an Arsenal party on the last day (obviously with Costa scoring, ha ha ha!)




08 Apr 2023 21:16:42
Crystal Palace and Bournemouth will be the king makers (or doom-makers) over the next few weeks. They play 7 and 5 of the bottom 9 respectively.


1.) 09 Apr 2023 15:24:33
Just had a gander at Leeds v Palace.
Wow palace winning 1-3.
Surprised me.
After our win yesterday obviously can feel a lot if not 100% relaxed seeing other games involving teams around us.

2.) 09 Apr 2023 18:06:48
Bottom 9 starting to spread out we need another couple of wins and we can probably relax

If we play like we did yesterday we should be fine and it would cap off a good recovery if we caught up Chelsea!

Leicester in deep trouble now it just shows how teams can go from hero to zero




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31 Aug 2023 09:20:03
Presumably there is no such thong as a 'football transfer ombudsman' to sanction fair value.
If Doyle were to become a worldie and have a market value of, say, £100m, presumably there would be nothing stopping us selling him on in the future for £4.3m with two or three 'unlinked' players coming in the opposite direction?
Are we seeing the start of a new trading pattern between clubs?


{Ed002's Note - I don't understand your second sentence. Values are put on all players where they are part of an exchange for the purposes of compensation to the club or clubs who trained him.}



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29 Aug 2023 12:58:14
Too true. Its a tough one.
At the momwnt we have no hard strong leadership in the boardroom to pull people (or deals) into line. That's our weakness.
I'm very hopeful for GON, he seems a responsible down-to-earth grafter. But he needs a strong and settled hierarchy otherwise, as you say, others may follow suit.




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29 Aug 2023 10:01:52
I'm sorry BB3 but I have to disagree.
This is now about psychology. If the city transfer doesn't materialise then we have a dysfunctional unmotivated and potentially disruptive player in the squad (on huge money) and that can then have a very negative impact on the rest of the team, morale and performances.

He's already decided to miss training and strike so don't expect him to change his stance and suddenly become a Wolves legend.
What will then happen is that in the next window or at the end of the season, he will be offloaded, but at that stage other suitors will know that we want him out and his market value will be depressed as a result.

So, as I say, for me, just get him out bow, for whatever you can get for him otherwise the other impacts could be more costly that an extra few million quid.
Just my opinion amd I know others will view it differently. Cheers




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28 Aug 2023 20:24:19
Predicted it a week ago.
It's what happens these days.
Just do the deal.and let's move on.
Who cares whether it is £50m, £60m, £70m. Just move on.




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25 Aug 2023 14:33:48
Well said Deep Throat.





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17 Sep 2023 18:15:30
Jesus, when will people learn that you can't just change a manager and expect to be amazing the following week.
All this BS about changing a manager after 5 games. Give it a rest, change your tune, try to look more than just one step ahead in your binary world!
We run out of steam yesterday against a team with am amazing attack, whole we couldn't convert our many chances in the first half.
That's it.
Move on, next week Luton.




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14 Sep 2023 16:36:28
Love this.
Hope he gets some opportunities and takes them with both feet, head, shoulder, knee, whatever!




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03 Sep 2023 23:18:44
I've never bought into this idea of not playing some of the gifted younger kids. Give them a go. That lad at Brighton looks good enough amd how old is he?




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30 Aug 2023 17:19:58
Good deal.
Problem child removed.
Hard hungry British kid coming in wanting to prove himself, and we now seem to have a degree of working capital to add a few new faces.
Right, on to Palace!




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27 Aug 2023 14:22:01
My view is that the hierarchy are decoupling the.selves from the shackles and influences of Jorge Mendes.
If Nunes goes (and I think he will and probably should) then I'm not sure if we have many others in the JM camp - I'm sure others will point out who they are if any.
Personally I think the previous use of JM was a good move for Wolves but we became way to reliant upon him, his over priced recruits, and his exorbitant fees, all with a huge impact on FFP requirements for the club.




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