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01 Aug 2020 11:57:19
Ive had it from very good authority Jeff said to Nuno:
"Nuno what's all the fuss about, why do they want us to keep a player that doesn't want to play for us, plus we got 15m for him?
Why do some of our fans paint a doom and gloom picture of what has just been our most successful season since the 70's, do they just want us to buy anyone or take our time and select players that can improve the team, Nuno i'm confused are these supporters? "

Word for word honest :) .


1.) 01 Sep 2020 12:06:42
Yeah course it was.

2.) 01 Sep 2020 12:53:34
I've had it good authority that Nuno said " **** off Jeff and stop removing my tools of the trade to do the job". He also said " if you sell any more for peanuts my mate Mendez will find me another club"

3.) 01 Sep 2020 12:56:55
It was 13.4 million actually! I'm sure it was like that though! I'm sure there will be incomings soon. It's not been the easiest 6 months for anyone and I'm sure Nuno needed a bit of time out with his family. Though I bet he was working as well.

4.) 01 Sep 2020 14:26:15
I think we received 13.5 from Tottenham as bohemians would of got 10% Of the 15 million.

5.) 01 Sep 2020 15:41:22
Hatrick away a port Vale I was there lol. 😁

6.) 01 Sep 2020 17:25:03
So was I 😀
I loved de wolf as a player he was a class above everyone else when he was with us, and we have the same birthday!
Was gutted when he fell out with McGhee and ended up leaving.

7.) 01 Sep 2020 18:03:13
Superb De wolf was god👌
Happy memories The wolf Man there were good times back then nowhere near where we are today but still it was brill away games and de wolf was fantastic player for us.

8.) 01 Sep 2020 23:11:12
Used to love the way he stood over players after he polaxed them. haha
Tough fella. loved him.

9.) 01 Sep 2020 23:21:33
Lord thor so when do you think we going to sign someone. This month next month. Not looking to good does it when it comes to spending in terms a few quid. Tried to get the arsenal player on the cheap. Sold our player and ended up with nothing.

10.) 02 Sep 2020 10:01:05
Ended up with nothing, did I miss the window shutting over night then?! Get a grip! 🤣.

11.) 02 Sep 2020 10:43:41
demon, don't get me wrong, I would like the right player signed today, but realise its not that simple.
I personally feel confident we will get someone, but i'm not of the opinion if we don't sign anyone that the outcome is nailed on relegation.
We are not privy to what's going on behind the scenes and that makes us fans understandably nervous, but in all fairness we shouldn't know what's going on behind the scenes, i'm pleased to say the days of washing our dirty laundry in public seem to be behind us.

For me, Nuno and Fosun have earn't my trust over the last few years and as such i'm sure they are doing the best for Wolves.




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12 Feb 2021 00:01:07
Well not what was expected, and to be fair deserved.
I accept when I say to a colleague you need to doff the cap and he says what you talking about, I'm getting long in the tooth, but the team selection was clearly one of disrespect to the cup.
I like the cup there is only one really the FA cup, we are not likely to hit European places and despite the hopes of several doom and gloom merchants on here that I do not class as fans
we are not getting relegated, which leaves the cup!
Unlike my normal stance I am disappointed with Nuno on this one, he has chucked the opportunity of an exciting cup run away from the fans.
His team selection was a statement that said this is not important, unusually I think he has judged this one wrong in our position this was important to the fans maybe not so for he team but the fans yes it was important and feel a little cast aside on this one.


1.) 12 Feb 2021 00:19:15
It's hard to imagine wolves without Nuno now, but that was awful,
Southampton were on a terrible run of form, and Nuno steps in like farther Christmas giving away game s like presents.
Ralf must be over the moon, he's just won 2-0 with the worst defence he's ever managed.
God knows what will happen Sunday but every wolves fans patience is wearing thin
Rant over COYW.



25 Aug 2020 23:19:22
What would really be an asset to the England team would be for Southgate to do one.
Clueless, England will always be mediocre under him.


1.) 26 Aug 2020 09:46:17
He was the easy and cheap option.

2.) 26 Aug 2020 09:51:39
Easy and cheap but made Euro semi final with second rate team.

3.) 26 Aug 2020 10:25:07
Wow! We played two half decent sides Belgium and Croat! And lost! Never have such an easy route to a World Cup final again. Your like a lot on here Victory, u like losers and are happy with second best.

4.) 26 Aug 2020 11:02:16
I can't understand Southgate even selecting Dirty Harry knowing that he faced charges. The suspended prison sentence indicates that the charges were serious. Typical Man U to get Harry a 'human rights'lawyer. Human rights? Give me a break! Whose human rights? The guys Harry punched? Harry needed a criminal lawyer for criminal charges, and it all backfired. Sounds like Harry's lawyer is no better at defending than Harry is.

5.) 26 Aug 2020 13:54:48
When Southgate missed that penalty for England, the quickest way out of Wembley Stadium was South Gate.



19 Aug 2020 00:02:52
I will start by saying this is not a dig at Traore.
His pace is frightening and he has come on in leaps and bounds this year.

However my personal view is we played a more attacking game pre Traore.
We had more runners into the box and a far more fluent style of football, probably because we didn't have Traore.
Maybe we over committed hence the poor results against lower teams, and Traore alllows us to sit back more compact and use him as the outlet.
But I can't help but feel we played better football pre Traore.


1.) 20 Aug 2020 09:54:01
Lordthor, Glad to see I'm not the only one that thinks Traore is more of a liability than a Help to our team, he's sometimes to slow to make decisions and by the time his brain gets in gear the balls gone and we're defending again.
If a big bid comes in for him l won't be to disappointed.

2.) 22 Aug 2020 00:46:39
V interesting post. Certainly post lockdown in many games we seemed bereft of any sort of attacking ideas beyond give it to Traore. Given he was double or treble marked much of the time it is not surprising that not a lot came from this - particularly as he nearly always goes to the outside and the best we can hope for is a cross into a virtually empty (of Wolves players) box.

But two things to note - this year when he played regularly (last year he didn't) we scored more goals and conceded less - surely a good thing - finishing with more points and far closer to our rivals for the top 6.

Secondly last year especially in the second half of the season Jota was excellent this year sadly he has been v poor and has effectively disappeared for long periods.

Consequently as you say we have lacked runners - note the midfield virtually never goes forward and only Doherty actually offers any sort of goal threat outside of the front 3 - and did seem to play a more conservative game.

Perhaps next year Neto or Podence might offer a variation and a more positive approach down the left and Vinagre ( or even better Alonso from Chelsea? ) might add to the attack more than Otto did.

ps to the poster who suggested selling both Jimenez and Traore I have previously written why we shouldn't sell each of them separately but as a pair- WOW!

Where will the goals come from then? £160m may either be used to try and find suitable replacements (That won't be easy! ) or subsidise the parachute payments after we are relegated - having scored virtually no goals all season.

Be careful what you wish for!

Whilst FFP does mean we may have to sell certain players to allow for a freshening up and expansion of the squad these should be players who are readily replaceable or are weaker members of the starting 11 - NOT the virtually irreplaceable stars of the team!




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02 Feb 2021 23:56:13
Wow, what a crap thread, thank the good lord for Bullysboy.
Clearly we are having a confidence issue, good players playing poorly and the signs are there, the rush to pass a ball even if its to know one, even under less pressure than you would expect, its clear the players are feeling the slump.
Bullysboy, absolutely on the money, this cat be fixed by an influx of players, we have good players they don't need a further dent in confidence what they really need is the fans!




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07 Jan 2021 00:31:03
I think we all may need to reign in our aspirations a little, its not exactly been a normal cash generating season for any club.

Apart from the lack of fans revenue, wolves are also one of the teams that I believe have suffered from not having the fans present where as other clubs may have benefited from baying mobs.

I think this season was earmarked by Nuno as a season to develop and change and the ensuing mayhem has not helped.

Im not concerned about relegation it won't happen, but likewise hopes of big buys I also do not believe will happen and if we make 10th that will be suffice for me, I see next season as a season to push higher, and I also believe that is what the plans always were, prior to this debacle of a season for all clubs.




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07 Jan 2021 00:13:57
I agree, the media always hit clubs outside of the "big six" with their good players could go to a "big" club.
Its poor reporting looking for cheap headlines.

As far as Traore goes, I am in the i'd like to sell him boat.
I do not rate his reliability for making the right choice on the pitch, if it be pass, cross dribble.
I do not think he has the footballing brain required, if it was a dribbling competition, hands down :) .

Im not about to slate his effort or commitment, I do not believe any footballer actually doesn't try to do their best, just some don't achieve it.
For me Traore unbalances the squad and sorry to say i would like to see a decent return for his sale.




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07 Oct 2020 09:32:08
Future, I do not believe its a case of what's now gone wrong at all.

It is a case of a new style of play as Nuno has said numerous times of late they are trying something new a few new ideas.

To me it is clear we are going through a transition period, I think Nuno set up the old squad and tactics to reach where we are from the championship and 7th was as far as he believes that style will take us give or plus a position or two.

I believe he is now looking at playing a more attacking style further up the pitch more akin to the top 6 clubs style of play.

If you look at the normal style we sit back compact defend everyone knows their job inside out, and then hit on the break.

Look at our last 3/ 4 match's no compact defence midfield not in tune with the defence it is simply not the same shape despite starting positions, its a bit of a mess, and i believe that's because the players have been given slightly different instructions that they are, as a team struggling with, that's why I say we are in for a rough ride for a time, until as before the players get used to and understand the new system Nuno is introducing. Patience people :)




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07 Oct 2020 09:31:45
Great transfer window, some real class brought in, doc, Jota, Vin all go with my best wishes for the future.

I believe what has come in will prove to be upgrades on what has gone out, usual classy business done by the club can't wait for Nuno to get to grips and gel them in, not expecting overnight success definitely new tactics style of play, this will take time as we have seen a lot of work to be done.

Cant wait until it starts to click. Patience is a virtue and as a long in the tooth Wolves fan I have that in abundance, 40yrs at the mol does that to a man lol.





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20 Feb 2021 01:40:57
Sharesum, I agree the Donk is a better midfielder than defender, I actually think he is an awesome midfielder, wins so many headers breaks up so many attacks and is a quiet workhorse.
I also think like today he set up so many attacks from him winning the ball but in addition attacked forward when he had the space very rare for any of our defenders to do that.
But agree better in midfield, for me better than perhaps Mout or Neves at times, i'm not going to give you stick its your opinion, and that's what is great about football opinions.

On todays 3 points a huge 3 points, could have been 1 or even 0, but it wasn't, I felt a slightly improved performance over the whole game, slightly more confidence, baby steps.
As I have said before relegation talk was nonsense, we have a team full of talent but lacking in confidence, this will take time and hard fought results to restore.
All in all a great result that will help the players restore some much needed confidence.
6th spot only 7 points away hehe.




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15 Feb 2021 14:37:18
Wolfthistle, some good points I agree with, Traore our marmite player :), non existant in the first half, and like you say playing inside gave him more space but also allowed Neto more space and for some strange reason Traore remembered how to lay a ball off in the second half :) .

Im not prepared to give up on Jose just yet, I thin he needs more time, seemed wrong runs at the wrong time, this may take a while to get right.

For me confidence is the issue at the moment, you can see it on their faces, only once Neto scored did you see a few smiles.
Looks like it is all very hard going for the players as well as the fans, it will come right again.




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15 Feb 2021 14:22:44
TFG, I often both agree and disagree with your posts as I do most posts, but I still enjoy reading them so do continue.

I do not post very often, in fits and bursts, generally when relegation or sackings are mentioned :)

I also love to hear from AV or Baggies fans on here, it just brings home how Wolves are clearly of more importance and of greater significance to them than their own clubs.




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12 Feb 2021 00:37:42
Wise comments Jacko, iv been here since the mid 70's these are golden days no doubt about it.
Im sorry to say Nuno 100% to blame tonight shocking decision to throw away the cup.
But anyone shouting for Nuno's head needs to give their heads a wobble, best managerial stats for decades and this with a struggling Wolves championship side not a dominant premier one.

Crap season to date, not the only team feeling this, not the only team missing the fans, but because of the culture Nuno has created our players are missing it more than most teams.

Cant wait for this season to end and a "normal" season with fans to begin, the future is bright the future is old gold.




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12 Feb 2021 00:27:21
TFG some really valid points.
For me sadly Nuno intentions clear he threw this away with the team selection.
Asking players to perform to their usual standard or even judging them is pointless with this team selection, pushing on the revised front line again very harsh on them with 20 mins to go in a game.

Im not going to lay the blame or criticise players performances tonight, I just feel its unfair with the squad selection for support.
Unusually for me I lay the blame 100% on Nuno for this one, total disrespect for the cup and fans tonight.