23 Aug 2023 20:36:21
Apparently Neto, Cunha and Sa deals lined up ready to be completed before transfer deadline day.

Fosun are not going to reinvest the money and Gary O'Neil has to use the loan/free transfer market.

American consortium were interested but were told the cost was £400m. They wouldn't pay that money so a fee of £200m has been agreed but Fosun have sold the Assets.

Don't know how true this is but the Arab states aren't interested. So its the Americans or nothing.

1.) 23 Aug 2023
23 Aug 2023 21:23:15
Rumours also from one of the clickbait sites Semedo in the frame for Man Utd.

2.) 23 Aug 2023
23 Aug 2023 21:34:36
Where have you got this from?

3.) 23 Aug 2023
23 Aug 2023 21:59:08
I just don't get it though Jas, cause none of that would make any sense from either end (seller or buyer)! From Fosun pov they won't even get £200m once we are relegated. As for the buyer why would they want to surrender all the clubs best assets for pence on the pound before buying a Champ bound club?! Something does seem to be going on but I'm damned if I can tell what it is. Fosun are in real trouble throughout their portfolio (another property giant collapsing in China last week couldn't have helped). However the other side to that coin is that £45m is chicken feed compared to the rest of the struggling postfilio?! Who knows, I have to agree with you though. If we sell Nunes on the cheap it pretty much feels like it would be a death nail at this stage! ?

4.) 23 Aug 2023
23 Aug 2023 21:59:46
I’m new to the site - Jas is correct.

Sale has been agreed. New owners would not meet the original asking price so fosun are liquidating assets before completing the sale. Also, strongly rumoured centrally based non-playing staff have all been placed on notice of changes to contract which is another sure sign there’s a sale in the offing.

Not heard about other prime assets being sold other than Nunes before the window.

Identity of the new owners - guesswork - more than likely American to coincide with September launch of Wolves USA 1967

5.) 24 Aug 2023
23 Aug 2023 23:41:00
BullysBoy, I don't know how true these rumours are but I'm over in Tunisia at the moment and they are football mad. They love the PL and show every game for free. This is thanks to the Saudi influence. The big 6 are that way because of the way they are marketed around the world. I hadn't really seen this side of football until I landed here and saw just how dominant they are over here.

This was only reported because Nunes is linked to Man City. Had it been Brighton or Everton, it wouldn't have made the news. But it was explained that Wolves is valued at £400m. This includes players, stadium and training ground. What Fosun are doing is selling the players so the overall value of the club decreases. They are hoping that the sale goes through within the next 2 months so that the new owners can provide the manager with funds to buy new players. The sale of Neves and Collins covered the FFP loses so any additional sakes have been to line Fosuns pockets.

Even the report here said it was very confusing.

Another report I saw said that the new owners are in the process of taking over the club very soon and do not want to deal with Mendes at all and have therefore instructed him to move his players on. This would echo what another poster stated a few weeks ago about Neves wanting to stay.

It seems that Lopetegui moved on as he was not aware that Fosun were looking to sell. They weren't when he joined the club.

6.) 24 Aug 2023
24 Aug 2023 06:17:24
Fascinating information Jas and in my opinion absolutely plausible.
Looking at a proposed Nunes sale in the region of 50 million euros would only see the club show a slight profit after Porto’s 10%, agents’ fees and after comparing versus his amortised asset value after 1 year. We would obviously save > £8m amortisation for the current financial year along with his salary.
So what’s the point of selling Nunes to weaken a weakened squad? The main effect of his sale is to remove a large liability from the balance sheet.
£35m ish of contractual amortisation liability gets turned into cash / debtor.
Therefore I don’t buy the FFP thing just as I didn’t buy it on the night Fosun tried to spoon feed to Liam Keen and the press their alleged fact that we couldn’t bring in any players due to FFP.
Was there perhaps a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ with Nunes to let him go after 12 months? There has been persistent rumours in the press running over many months that he would go to Liverpool in this Window. Also Fabrizio Romano stated at the start of the Transfer Window to look out for Nunes news toward the end of the Window. Shocking stuff whatever the cause of this likely transfer (with insufficient time to action effective replacements) and this Transfer Window for our club is now bordering on the realm of gross negligence.

7.) 24 Aug 2023
24 Aug 2023 06:48:04
Whilst it does in part seem entirely plausible it would be very surprising but the amount that is reinvested will indicate fosuns current stance. It is very difficult to keep a player when pep comes calling, after all what player doesn’t want to challenge themselves with and against the best. So if he stays we will have a demotivated player at least for a period. Why I am having difficulty with it is that wolves would currently only receive a percentage of the transfer and the rest in instalments over probably the length of his contract. So all of the sales over this summer would devalue the asset for only a percentage of the final transfer fee here and now. That may only be half of the transfer fee. They would be losing a lot more with this fire sale than they gain

8.) 24 Aug 2023
24 Aug 2023 08:49:14
Just a thought but if I had agreed to buy something then the buyer devalues the item would I still buy it?

9.) 24 Aug 2023
24 Aug 2023 09:00:35
its a clear out sale thanks jeff shi

10.) 24 Aug 2023
24 Aug 2023 09:11:05
should now be hounded out of our club if they had said what was going on fans may have understood but this way battis mk 2

11.) 24 Aug 2023
24 Aug 2023 09:53:23
KingRichard, that's the point. No one wants to pay Fosuns asking price so their selling what they can and only leaving the bare minimum (ie Stadium and training ground). The incoming fees for players will go directly to the debtors.

12.) 24 Aug 2023
24 Aug 2023 10:51:43
It's all beginning to become clear now. We are in a bit of trouble.

13.) 24 Aug 2023
24 Aug 2023 12:55:24
we are jas told may be bull middle east group take over october

14.) 24 Aug 2023
24 Aug 2023 14:35:40
So if you buy the clubs including stadium, players and other assets, how would selling players not reduce the amount the buyers are bidding for the club?

15.) 24 Aug 2023
24 Aug 2023 14:40:37
Csb77 - I'd rather challenge against the best on the pitch during a game rather than on the training pitch.
Can you imagine looking back and giving up years of your 10 year career being a bench warmer.
Your grandkids ask how many goals you scored while with Man City and you tell them you just sat on the bench those years.
Talk about looking back with regret on your deathbed.

16.) 24 Aug 2023
24 Aug 2023 15:04:05
These big clubs think they can come to clubs and boss them around.nunes is worth nothing less than 70 million.to me city ffp are coming lololol.

17.) 24 Aug 2023
24 Aug 2023 15:15:03
Selling players (Assets on balance sheet) and getting rid of their wages ( future debits on an ongoing basis) the money received going into the company as current assets. If Fosun have made loans ( plus the £90million government loan) these could be repaid thus balancing out creditors.
That may be what a buyer would look for under due diligence to ensure they have value for the price they are willing to pay. Either way a buyer would have to take on the company debts unless it was liquidated which is highly unlikely.
It would be a good way for Fosun to claim their loans back so a potential buyer doesn’t have to cover them.
Brings the cost of purchase down as others have posted.
So maybe not as far fetched as we may believe?