28 Nov 2020 15:53:55
Nino complaining about fixture congestion and playing too many games. On our day we can beat anyone but we are inconsistent. We want to be back in Europe so a solution could be to rest players for the league and go all out for the FA Cup.

1.) 30 Nov 2020
30 Nov 2020 06:50:19
Played well against Arsenal last night. Good result, just hoping Raul is okay.

2.) 30 Nov 2020
30 Nov 2020 10:17:53
Operation for fractured skull. Wishing speedy recovery for him, football out the window in regard to that. Get well Raul!

What a night to make you a proud fan though. Biggest show of resolve I've seen from this team.

3.) 30 Nov 2020
30 Nov 2020 11:59:17
Only watched the game this morning so bit late with comments.
First well done Rated - called for 4 2 3 1 and got it and didn't it do well! {Semedo in fact played so far forward it was almost the 3331 that I suggested - or am I being optimistic}
Unlike many posters on various other Wolves sites I didn't think the Jimenez incident was anything other than a clash of heads {other posters were calling for a card - red - for Luiz}
But not happy with the "penalty" - don't blame the ref as it was v fast and hard to be sure in real time but Andre Mariner { fresh from a poor game last week when he certainly didn't cover himself in glory with a weak and less than balanced performance} should be thoroughly ashamed of himself for missing, despite having the option to watch it in slow motion a often as he liked, what in fact was a clear foul. Why indeed was he given Wolves twice in a row particularly after a poor game when he had seemingly favoured the opposition the week before and in a fair world, obviously not the one in which we live, what punishment should he receive. A player would be removed from the firing line after two games as poor as that - so will he be suspended?
Surely he won't be given a Wolves game again this year?
Moans - didn't finish game off - still missing a fair few chances and retreated for last 20 + minutes into a passive negative shell that has cost us so often in the past I'm not sure why we still do it.
Pluses - lots. Marcal v v solid and despite RAN's positives surely Marcal now plays on the left of defence either in a 3,4 or 5.
Neto and Podence continue to be excellent indeed improving- "new" system seems to help them. Traore continued his 2nd half re Saints performance - almost back to best and despite my earlier negativity have to say Moutinho was superb again but this time for the whole 90 mins not just the last 25
Little shout also for Silva who, with his first meaningful minutes, did ok.
Patricio - 7 {had nothing to do}
Semedo - 6 {see comments of previous games - although even better going forwards than normal}
Boly 7
Coady 7
Marcal - 8
Moutinho - 8
Dendonker -5 {was not as involved as normal and surely needs to improve his finishing}
Traore 7 (still frustrates and also should be doing far better with his goal scoring chances)
Podence 9 ( not sure why he came off! )
Neto 9 (superb! )
Jimenez - n/ a
Silva - 6 ( ok. v composed and linked well - hopefully his nose for goal will mean that a few of the half chances that came his way will be converted in the future)

4.) 30 Nov 2020
30 Nov 2020 13:32:39
35million for Silva . WHY?

5.) 30 Nov 2020
30 Nov 2020 14:31:07
Give him a bit of time only 18, they obviously see something in him to shell out that sort of doe.

6.) 30 Nov 2020
30 Nov 2020 15:59:29
Bad news on Raul. Do we need to dip into the market or can we adapt?

7.) 30 Nov 2020
30 Nov 2020 17:33:34
Personally I think we will bring a striker in.
My preference Ivan Toney.

8.) 30 Nov 2020
30 Nov 2020 18:33:24
I think it's a little early to start talking replacements. too soon comes to mind.

I don't think Ivan Toney will ever make an elite level player.

If we go for anyone I truly hope its Matheus Cunha brazilian from Hertha Berlin. He will be truly world class in couple years . Plus linked with us before.

9.) 30 Nov 2020
30 Nov 2020 19:17:23
I reckon origi on loan if he gets the ammunition he could score 10 league come January.

10.) 30 Nov 2020
30 Nov 2020 20:37:14
Origi is a very decent shout on loan. Is there any ruling to get an emergency early loan for situations like this.

11.) 30 Nov 2020
30 Nov 2020 21:47:02
Tedski- Was Rooney worth £25m to United after 3/ 4 months in the squad then!? Mind you, retrospectively was £25m a lot to pay for a player that went on to break the clubs high scoring record?! Of course I'm not guaranteeing Silva can/ will do that but I am pointing out that your complaint isn't about the player (Silva) its about investing in potential! Always going to be a gamble, always going to divide opinion BUT to suggest that Fabio should have repaid his fee within 16 weeks at the tender age of 18 to be honest is laughable! Don't get me wrong one day you may be right but let's wait and see before judging the value eh?! 👍
Personally I was VERY impressed by how much he'd already come on from the first app. Held the ball up well and played a big part in a goal and should have had a VERY good/ selfless assist if Adama could finish! 🐺.

12.) 01 Dec 2020
01 Dec 2020 06:29:12
Very happy to wait for Silva to shine. It's just that 35M (I read somewhere that was cheap) and being called a 'generational talent' conjours up images of a Messi a Ronaldo or a Zidane. He doesn't really seem much better in his playing position than any other 18yr old at Wolves.

Something isn't quite right. It has to be that he hasn't settled yet and still getting to grips with the physicality and pace of the English football amongst other things. Nuno, Mendes, Fosun and the scouts can't get something like that wrong.

Good luck to him. He will definetly get chances in the team now.

13.) 01 Dec 2020
01 Dec 2020 16:48:02
Toms Tatters : A “clash of heads” is an accidental coming together when two (or more) players are actually challenging for the ball, a player who runs ten yards directly at an opponent arrives after the ball is headed away not only endangering opponents but even himself is at the very least “reckless”and needs to be looked by the “powers that be”, Luiz needs taking out of the game for a few games for the safety of himself and others.

14.) 01 Dec 2020
01 Dec 2020 20:01:53
You must have been watching something else then Oxley. It was a clear accident but luckily Raul is on the road to recovery.

15.) 01 Dec 2020
01 Dec 2020 20:55:09
Behave Oxley! 🙈 I can't stand Luiz and think the guys a donkey but I don't think he could have done that intentionally even if he wanted too! It was only reckless cause he miss timed the jump but that happens especially on corners! Thank god no one at the club has taken the same line as you cause it would be embarrassing. Coady said it himself, it's a game there are risks! Doesn't mean someone has to be at fault. Besides which I would point out that Rauls head was in the same place (which was kinda the problem), so just because Raul came off worse why then does that make it just Luiz fault?! I wish Raul nothing but good thoughts and a speedy recovery but if you want a sport without risk get some chess on TV! If there's contact there's risk simple as that 👍.

16.) 02 Dec 2020
01 Dec 2020 23:47:42
Defo accidental clash of heads however Luiz hand in Jimenezs mouth was dirty play imo could of ripped his jaw out too.

But what's important now is Rauls recovery and health.