15 Jul 2021 18:25:18
Nice to see the announcement of the signing of Jose Sa on a 5 year contract.
That means so far cost wise the outs and ins about balance out. I certainly hope that's not it! All very quiet on the gossip pages as well. I know they always keep things quiet but after the disaster of the last couple of transfer windows a few comments from Jeff Shi as to where we are going would be nice. I'm sure I'm not the only one concerned!

1.) 15 Jul 2021
15 Jul 2021 18:45:35
Welcome Jose Sa, didn't see that one coming Ken 🙄.

2.) 15 Jul 2021
15 Jul 2021 19:13:04
Yeah complete surprise NikNak! 😀😀😀.

3.) 15 Jul 2021
15 Jul 2021 19:20:52
Check the till, Ken. We sold Patricio and bought a younger model and still got change of £3mil. Cool or what?!
Should we let ITK know gently, or wait for him to read it on News Now? I don't want him to not be in the know. He can then tell us.

4.) 15 Jul 2021
15 Jul 2021 19:26:20
Just like trincao big shock.

5.) 15 Jul 2021
15 jul 2021 19:31:29
think most of the non actives some will still be on holidays mate it will probably start the mad rush after a couple of friendlys were bruno will get to see who he needs to get in if our squad ain't up to what he wants the more you read about bruno the more excited i'm getting the calibre of players that sing his praises and say he is a excellent manager and coach is amazing good things are coming.

6.) 15 Jul 2021
15 Jul 2021 19:46:20
Deep we'd already spent 4.5m on a centre back. Roughly balanced so far!

7.) 15 Jul 2021
15 Jul 2021 19:53:31
Fingers crossed you're right giants, but I tend now to avoid the opinion, ITK, and would be great. Of course they are all clickbait and I know it's taken me a while but I've got there in the end. I only take notice when the reports come from someone sitting in a tree outside Compton!

8.) 15 Jul 2021
15 Jul 2021 20:08:49
We are a month out from our opening match with the foxes, Jeff Shi and staff really need to close out any other transfers coming out way so they can join in and build as much chemistry as possible.

9.) 15 Jul 2021
15 Jul 2021 20:19:44
Rumours of Nuno after Boly and Podence. After Spurs failed chase for Kounde from Sevilla.

£25m for Podence apparently.

Thinking about it would fans accept £40m for Boly and Podence?

I think that would be a great way of generating funds to think that's £40m towards an experienced CB and CM.
Palhinha and Tarkowski or Dunk anyone?

10.) 15 Jul 2021
15 Jul 2021 21:11:38
Siiisenor my thoughts exactly. Don't want an undercooked start to the season, I suspect its going to be tough one. I hope I'm wrong!

11.) 15 Jul 2021
15 Jul 2021 22:46:27
Ken - RAN cost circa £10 didn't he so with the new CB and the 2GK trades we are fair bit out of pocket so far - or are their other trade i'm missing?
Madman - yes to the pair but suspect that they might cost upto £40m each not the pair.
Podence is a difficult one to call - he was injured/ out of sorts for much of last season, is lightweight and frustratingly inconsistent but on his day - which he showed particualrly in the early part of the season - he is brilliant and v v creative - possibly a little out of step with most of our team perhaps but brilliant and would be v hard to replace. so £25m might be light for his undeniable potential.
Boly suffered from C.V. last year and struggled to get his mojo back - was that the start of an age related decline or a short term blip.
He is the best out and out defender at the club so would like to keep and add to rather than sell and def only would sell if we get a gtee'd player like the two you mention.
Given his age £15m might be fair but if he gets back to where he was that too might be light
But Madman i'm a Wolves fan so undoubtedly biased!

12.) 15 Jul 2021
15 Jul 2021 22:56:54
I agree! It's not just wolves though, anybody rumouring our players like Arsenal, or Tottenham either need to make a serious bid or stop lingering around because that's stopping us from making transfers. Tbf the season might start off a little shaky since we have some tough opponents the first 3 weeks and we have a new coach, but hey if we could manage to pull some victories that would be great!

13.) 16 Jul 2021
15 Jul 2021 23:33:05


Its interesting how the club is looking to refocus the funds and salaries to other parts of the squad.

They have replaced Patricio. Found a back up for Neto on loan. Brought a promising CB from Columbia. And finalised a deal for a young LWB that did okay on loan last season.

But what does Bruno want now? Surely he has plans on his defence and midfield. Not forgetting all the forwards we have been linked with.

I think the club have been true to there word saying they need to be 'creative'. They are trying to save money on young player loans made last season. And move previous large salaries to reinvest funds more evenly through squad.
I expect Moutinho, Podence and Boly to leave as part of this restructuring.
I'm unsure on Neves and Traore i'm guessing its down to contract and whether they are in brunos plans.

14.) 16 Jul 2021
16 Jul 2021 08:44:50
Madman - you can't argue with that. All the deals so far look smart/ creative if you like.
But as you say what is key is the big 2 deals still needed at CB and CM.
Yes Moutinho will surely leave freeing up a big slab of salary but not sure we have the bodies to let 3 go and only 2 come in.
We need a bigger squad so I d keep the other 2 and try and add at least the 2 mentioned.
But we all know that will cost money we may or may not have.
Hence this summer we may need to be creative again or look at very short term sol'ns until the finances are ( if they are as the noise intimates in a poor place) sorted out again. Are there any frees out there or players at the end of their careers available for nominal sums looking or one last pay day - (we can use Moutinho salalry? ) Giroud for example would have been great. I know i'm undoubtedly overly optimistic if I think that sort of player will come to Wolves sadly.
Thrashing about randomly and in no particular order and limiting myself to Prem league players (as I have no knowledge of overseas football) now that CP have bought the young lad from Chelsea Guehi, Dann and Cahil will not be resigned. Could they do a job for a year maybe. Sean Duffy is back frm Celtic and surely won't get a game at Brighton even if White is sold - cheaper than Dunk for a year?
I know these are bargain basement players but if we now have no money?
Of course if we have money then we can raise our expectations and the 2 you mentioned before Tarkowski and Dunk would be great.
Lindelof or Laporte might be a bit of a stretch but Bailly is prob available and Ake could be a steal.
In Mid Ziyech is available as surely is RLC and others, Gallagher? . At MU Greenwood or James might be sent out on loan for game time?
Milner might be allowed to leave on a free for solid service if Liverpool add players and surely we would be favourably looked on- might ask for Phillips on loan perhaps as well?
Sorry not that well thought out but its not easy to find quality players for nowt.
If I know of them so do all 19 of the other Prem League teams.

15.) 16 Jul 2021
16 Jul 2021 10:17:37
future. I apologise for forgetting RAN, pretty careless mislaying a wing backisnt it! Slapped wrist for that guys. But I guess the general direction of the conversation is still that we appear to be suffering from short arms and deep pockets so far. Though if fit we can put a decent first team out there. Let's hope no one gets injured!

16.) 16 Jul 2021
16 Jul 2021 10:56:59
I don't think we would only buy two players. We would buy a known cb and cm. Then supplement squad further with players from benfica, Barcelona.
Alot depends on Moutinho, Neves and Vitinha in midfield. One needs to give way for Vitinha. Or we leave Vitinha for the more experienced duo. I can see Wolves playing similar to England with either two holding midfielders one ball playing midfielder (Neves) and one ball winning midfielder (palhinha) . Then a box to box midfielder such as Gedson Fernandes. So in effect 4213 or a 433. Just so we still protect back 4.
Your right some of the players you mention are well worth a shout.
Id say Cahill, Dann, Milner and Duffy aren't even looked at due to age and wages for there age.
Laporte, Lindelof, Zouma, Ake, Bailly and Umtiti are dependant on those clubs finding replacements. Although I would argue this is a fantastic summer to buy great talent at good prices.
Dunk and Tarkowski obviously have a premium. Ben White would be amazing but his head is set on Arsenal.
Not sure how Ziyech would fit in with our forwards. Maybe a loan would be a good idea.
Dont forget we also have these academy players that need to make the step up as well:Marques, Otawosie, Morgan gibbs white.
Suppose the next two weeks we will see what the club are planning and how Bruno sets up his team.

17.) 16 Jul 2021
16 Jul 2021 12:05:06
Madman, I'd be surprised if we didn't have a minimum of three academy players established in the first team squad this coming season, Otasowie, MGW and at least one other. But we are short of experienced quality players in certain positions. OK, such players might prefer more 'glamourous' clubs but we can offer an opportunity that bigger clubs can't, where they might never get a look in. Sign for Wolves, get plenty of starts, get noticed and if they really want, move on in 2/ 3 years. This process worked well for Jota, Jimenez, Traore and Neves. Playing for Wolves really elevated their profiles.

18.) 16 Jul 2021
16 Jul 2021 12:51:43
Yes deep throat I agree. I think the clubs got to move the players on that they want to whilst also paying big for the players they need.
If they move on Boly, Podence, Cutrone, Mir, Moutinho.
It would be good to see one or two defenders mentioned above and
Palhinha with Vinicius. And maybe Robinson from fulham. For me that is the club rebalancing the squad.
But will the club spend more? Are any of those Bruno signings?
Not forgetting we are still after the young attackers from Santos and Benfica. All exciting in my opinion. And to think we may have jonny and Neto back by December.

19.) 16 Jul 2021
16 Jul 2021 13:01:59
I also don't think bringing unproven players to the club is the problem. I enjoy watching the young players develop. Especially Jota and Neves even Neto. Its the fact some supporters have tasted success for the first time in years and want more. Which isn't a bad think of course I have that hunger for the club and community. But there is a massive gap between us and the top 6.Whether that is match day revenue, commercial revenue, success, and just having control over big decisions since 1992.
The club needs to gambke on some top players at some point. We have been linked to Ruben Dias, Pepe, Zinchenko, Kessie, Olmo even John stones and not completed the transfers for numerous reasons. That needs to change this summer for us to progress. We need European football each year for the next 4 years and a trophy would be a bonus that is success and increasing the profile of the club.

20.) 16 Jul 2021
16 Jul 2021 13:06:06
good thread guys!

21.) 16 Jul 2021
16 Jul 2021 18:01:44
Interesting to see that there are many comments about acquiring existing Premier league players but surely the last several years show that is just not how Fosun and their advisers work. Unless there is a complete about turn, any and all players brought in will be from further afield and probably a left field at that.

22.) 16 Jul 2021
16 Jul 2021 20:13:50
Your right old wulf
Its just from rumours that they are available.
In reality can't see Brighton selling Dunk and Ben White. Maybe 1.
Laporte, Ake and Sterling were for sale from city earlier in the window not sure after Euros.
West Ham have been after Tarkowski for a while. So it seems he is available at the right fee.
Man utd are after Varane so youd assume Bailly or Lindelof will be available.
Davison Sanchez is available from Spurs. As they failed to do a swap plus money for Sevilla cb Kounde.
Barca have loads of players available as they need to cut the salary budget.
But you are rights there will be loads of players in Spain and Portugal we will be monitoring.