25 Sep 2023 22:09:15
I was seriously underwhelmed when we appointed GON. After all Bournemouth, a modest club, had had a good look at him and decided he wasn’t up to it. But now we have him and I would suggest (for financial and performance reasons) have no realistic prospect of getting anyone better. I think we have to stick with what we’ve got at least to Christmas It’s going to be a bumpy ride. Let’s hope all we want for Christmas is not Big Sam!

1.) 26 Sep 2023
26 Sep 2023 06:21:55
Agree Innocent, no half-decent manager will work for Shi, so we are restricted.
Hobbs did a brilliant job in getting O'Neil.sadly now he has met Shi, his frustration is beginning to show!
When he goes, what happens next?!

2.) 26 Sep 2023
26 Sep 2023 07:32:23
I said this just after Gary O'Neil was appointed. Rob Edwards will he the next Manager.

I really hope GON succeeds. I think he will.

Apparently, Lopetegui engineered his way out of Molineux as he wanted the Chelsea job but Shi wouldn't allow him to talk to them. By the time he put the wheels in motion, the damage had been done but Pochettino had already been installed.

3.) 26 Sep 2023
26 Sep 2023 09:03:57
A brilliant job in getting oneil!your kidding right.a bmouth reject.please

4.) 26 Sep 2023
26 Sep 2023 10:47:17
Buxwolf, if you are referring to my comment it wasn't referring to O'Neil as such, it was that Hobbs could persuade anyone to work for Shi!
When he goes, I think many will be shocked that no one will take the job unless a big financial safety net is guaranteed.

5.) 26 Sep 2023
26 Sep 2023 12:09:22
Jas, Lopetegui was at the Chelsea v Villa match on Sunday in one of the hospitality suites. Make of that what you will.

6.) 26 Sep 2023
26 Sep 2023 12:47:04
If true Jas (and with the way him and his staff have hung around it seems likely) then Jeff is an EVEN bigger fool than I thought! We were never going to stop our manager from going to Chelsea! What Jeff should have done was encouraged it and rinsed the compo, then we would have made money from the situation rather than having to pay compensation to lose a manager we didn't want to lose! Madness! ?

7.) 26 Sep 2023
26 Sep 2023 13:04:03
I think that's what he tried to do but the interview with Balague made sure that his position became untenable.

8.) 26 Sep 2023
26 Sep 2023 13:40:49
23 Sep 2023 23:06:33
I usually try to be positive but there ain't much to be positive about at the moment. Seen it before in previous relegation campaigns and we are well on target for another one. Break the bank and get NES back