27 Jul 2023 17:44:24
Aaron Cresswell deal is now off. Sky Sports are saying that an agreement couldn't be reach between the clubs.

1.) 27 Jul 2023
27 Jul 2023 18:58:20
Crikey things are that bad that we can't even afford a £5m player.Where has all the money gone?

2.) 27 Jul 2023
27 Jul 2023 19:34:17
5 million for a 34 year old esy ham squad player is too much.

3.) 27 Jul 2023
27 Jul 2023 20:04:44
It is a big fee. Good player, didn't realise he was 33. However look at Trippier, one of NUFCs best players last year and he's knocking on. That Saudi ownership should never have been a starter, especially as they are now trying to buy their own league. Our FA/EPL are corrupt money grubbers

4.) 27 Jul 2023
27 Jul 2023 20:14:37
If West Ham value him at £5m it's best Wolves walk away. He's barely a squad player.

5.) 27 Jul 2023
27 Jul 2023 22:21:09
Tripier and Cresswell are like chalk and cheese. Cresswell has good delivery but is slow and poor defensively according to West Ham fan contacts I have.