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28 May 2017 11:18:24
The new coach, whoever it is, is looking to bring in 6 players. This will include 2 defenders to replace Stearman and Williamson, 2 midfielders so that Price and Saville can be moved on for a fee, 1 striker and a keeper. The likes of Morgan White and Conor Ronan are to kept away from the 1st team and will be loaned out to lower league clubs to gain experience. Mendes, Shi and co have already spoken to the club's about player availability. The board will present a list of 20 players to the new coach and say pick 6. He will have no say on the players himself.

28 May 2017 09:14:33
Con this Santo spake English?

28 May 2017 09:41:02
Better than you can write it Rosie 😉😉.

28 May 2017 10:13:56
Think it's fair to say, he speaks better English than Lambert does.

28 May 2017 07:28:07
No wonder Lambert hasn't walked out yet like he did at Colchester Norwich and Blackburn, no it's not for his love of the club it's for a near million quid pay off. Nearly over now he's nearly gone 👍.

28 May 2017 07:35:15
Come on Fosun take him to court for fraud! Impersonating a coach! 😂.

28 May 2017 09:46:38
Well said Paul.

Money under false pretences, with a smarmy grin while he did it too.

27 May 2017 21:21:00
I wonder if Santo will have a clause in his contract!?!?

27 May 2017 22:29:05
Nice one.

27 May 2017 15:52:36
Well it's over most internet sites/ papers so who knows.

27 May 2017 23:52:20
Mendes again. Do we want the same crap at our club?


27 May 2017 15:42:37
I cannot believe the negative comments on this site. Wolves are trying to a manager who has managed at Valencia and porto.
Not millwall

We have an association with one of the largest agents in the world. Not moxey

And owners are one of the biggest business, s in the world. Not Morgan

If we all embraced the future and stopped lingering on the past perhaps we would become a successful club as opposed negative moaners.

All I want to do is support the club for them to have a new hero and to be entertained.

27 May 2017 15:57:45
Practically what I said earlier Eogg52, I think a lot of our fans are stuck in a mediocrity rut! Change scares them.

27 May 2017 16:04:17
Agreed Eogg and Perfect, thanks. "Change is the price of survival"!

27 May 2017 16:56:52
It needs a total change

Sack the dj!

Entertain us a bit .

27 May 2017 16:58:25
I don't think everyone is being negative! I think most people have done their own research and formed a similar view. Porto to 2nd place in the league and leave by mutual consent. Most successful folks stay longer than a season and Valencia good 1st season followed by a bad second one that Valencia fans clearly say Mendes was to blame and santo for allowing the big influx of mediocrity into their club and then selling their star player to Man City. Why would any wolves fan be happy about hearing accepting the sale of their best player when your trying to build a team?

27 May 2017 17:26:53
But do you think wolves fans can be happy we naturally like to have a moan.

We have been a mess now for so long that it gets frustrating. Since the Albion thrashed us and McCarthy went nothing has been the same.

I believe that the manager is totally unknown to us and I can't see how he can know our league. I would love to see him get paul ince as his assista.

27 May 2017 17:44:41
I don't mind who we bring in as long as the style of play changes.

I don't believe lambert can attract players.

27 May 2017 15:09:32
Does anyone else feel that Wolves are loosing our cherished identity and becoming just part of a portfolio of business interests for our current owner, and that we may well be better off without Fosu, Mendes and co?

27 May 2017 15:37:39
Dunno bout the last bit mate. only time will tell on how serious fosun are but I definitely agree with you about the first part. shame some of the others on here can't see it.

27 May 2017 16:39:51
Times changed, we're not in the 60's, Footballs changed, wake up! It's not a sport, its business, big business.
You talk about our cherished identity, did you choose to omit our famous history because what have we really achieved since the 60's.
Sir Jack God bless him was Wolverhampton and since selling the club we have really become a bit of a joke. A succession of under achieving managers, bad management at all levels. Its time to move forward.
Fosun are new to football and to date have done no better than the Morgan/ Moxey regime. Like you I'm concerned about the degree of influence Mendes has over the club, but at the same time have a degree of optimism that things will work out and the promised land is around the corner.

27 May 2017 18:46:16
Good post Mathmo 👍.

27 May 2017 21:22:55
If it is not a sport just a business why bother going.

27 May 2017 22:29:33
To us the fan it's a sport, a religion, something in our blood that gets to us so emotionally because we care so much! A true fan only has one team, win lose or draw, whether it's promotion or relegation you can't change, their your team for life! Now an owner will have feelins for the club but to them it's more business, the more successful the team the more money they generate! The Coach/ manager will always try their best as that's the way to bigger and better jobs, the better the cv the bigger and better the job! But it's us the fan who feels it the most. Owners Coaches Managers come and go, but we're here till we die! I love Wolves nearly on a par with my Mrs and kids. That's why I go Studley Wolf.

27 May 2017 13:59:45
Just seen Daffy duck coming out of Molinuex he told me manger job now gone it's all a bit quackers in there.

28 May 2017 10:33:15
You bin with that puddy tat again?

27 May 2017 11:54:01
Can only guess that Lambert took a stand in January that he wanted control over transfers during that window. If so he created a contest with Mendes that he was never going to win unless he got us promoted. Lambert could maybe influence Jeff Shi but Mendes could influence Fosun. So Mendes wins and has final say on transfers. The coach will be accountable for results but will Mendes be accountable? My hope for the future is that Mendes and Santo work together to build an attacking sure, they should be able to as they are mates. My further hope for the future is that we build around Bright Ronan and Graham even though they are not Mendes signings. Good luck Santo the page has turned and you've got my full backing.

27 May 2017 15:18:46
My hope is Fosun wake up and smell the coffee where Mendes involvement is concerned. He's a football agent, not a coach or manager and that is where his responsibility should end. Bring players to the clubs attention but let the manager/ coach decide if the player fits into his teams jigsaw. Then he can fox trot Oscar until he is required to look out for another piece of the jigsaw! Just my opinion, and I suspect if you asked all club managers you'd get the same sort of response! Football manager aren't agents are they?

27 May 2017 15:40:11
Blimey Wolvescoast do you ever have anything positive to say. We have one of the worlds richest companys who own us, the worlds best football agents who has 100 players at his disposal, & still not good enough for some. Maybe we should bring moxey and morgan back to make you happy. Have faith in Mendez and Fosun. Wolves are biting back.

God Bless🙏🙏🙏.

27 May 2017 16:20:35
Time will tell. Hope I'm wrong. 👍😉.

27 May 2017 11:47:59
Wonder how many season tickets we've sold.
Wonder if Lambo has had his contract terminated and who could be the next manager.
Wonder if Helder Costa is staying.
Wonder if we are aiming for play offs or automatic.
Wondering if we could ever be the pride of the midlands again.

27 May 2017 14:58:09
Wolverhampton Wonderers.

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