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19 Feb 2017 18:24:29
Probably will never happen but would it be worth a try bringing in a player like Muriel or maybe someone with a lot of experience such as Berbatov?

19 Feb 2017 17:32:49
A few games this season we have played

Weimann costa

But when we play those 3 together I would rather see


Dicko costa

Because even though dicko isn't scoring he was out for over a year and he has lots of pace and strength so could cause trouble on the wing. weimann didn't he play as the number 9 for villa when he had that season under paul lambert where he scored 12? Goals if so give him a chance as the target man.

19 Feb 2017 13:38:40
Gr8 battling performance. Coady has to be first choice right back. Hazard hardly had a kick in first half. Costa brilliant again had Pedro not knowing what to do. Agree with PT 2 quality strikers and a centre half desperately needed.

19 Feb 2017 16:11:56
Think you are getting carried away wanderer1979,thought Chelsea could of gone up another gear if they needed to, the way they broke and found the spaces up front was very good and sooner or later you could see them scoring, we had our chance on 5 minutes and Saville missed when it seamed easier to score, Bodvarson got through some graft on is own with nobody round him, thought substitusions were made to late, should of been made lot earlier as there were big gaps appearing which Chelsea seamed to find with ease later in game, the goal that turned the match came to easy as tiredness seamed to creap in.
Well cup run is over, now to the serious stuff, surely we have to start winning at home, we have not scored a goal in 3 games.

19 Feb 2017 18:14:42
Sorry but the story of coady is win the ball and pass it straight back to the other side. or jack price plays a 50 yard beautiful pass and miss control it. nice lad but he is league 1.

18 Feb 2017 20:09:38
I don't think anyone can fault the performance tonight. if only Savilles shot was a inch to the right eh?
Pity wolves don't play like that every week. if they did we'd be fighting for play offs at least now.

18 Feb 2017 22:08:59
I think we do well against the top teams as they attack and allow us to do the same. Against defensive minded teams we struggle.

19 Feb 2017 08:51:17
Good battlin performance especially first half, Saville should of scored from there, second half Chelsea controlled it. Back to reality now, we're 19th in a mediocre league, two home games comin up 4 points minimum required and then it's a massive summer in the transfer market if we're seriously lookin at promotion. Two quality strikers needed a midfield enforcer and playmaker and a quality centre half.

19 Feb 2017 13:32:30
Completely agree with both comments.

19 Feb 2017 16:17:49
I also agree with you Paul, home record is awful we need to start getting points and start scoring goals, home record is awful, no excuses Lambert you are the one who said you did not need a striker, so on your head be it.
Interesting game comeing up against the blue Noses.

18 Feb 2017 19:39:25
Priority is staying up. sign quick thinking quality player early in the summer. get graham zyro, dicko, marshall completely fit. get rid of coady, Saville, gladon, saiss, silvio, caverleiro. keep costa and Doherty. Then smash it next season with 30,000 fans behind them!

18 Feb 2017 20:29:09
Quite agree staying up is imperative. What does annoy me is if they can play well against Stoke, Liverpool, Chelsea. Why so bad in the league? Kick up the whats it called for.

18 Feb 2017 21:39:10
Wednesfield, I'm SO glad you aren't by me in the South Bank. I pity anyone who is by you, wherever you sit, with your constant moaning and negative comments.

19 Feb 2017 09:33:17
Agree with you PT over the summer transfers! When you look at teams doing well, what have they got in common? Quality leadership at the top, buy quality, tried tested, proved they can do it week in week out.

They all have high budgets. As we all know it's not just about spending money but about doing it in the right places on the pitch with the right quality. We need backup to cover injuries! I hope PL is up to this?

Because this is where all this starts along with the supporting staff. It has to be quality right from the top down. Our next mini project is to stay in this league. That won't be easy! Our strikers between them all couldn't strike a match let alone score goals. This we all know is a fact. But also a massive problem for us fans. ⚽️👍😉.

18 Feb 2017 18:21:50
Pity wolves don't change there formation just like conte has at chelsea
Gk keamz
Lwb doherty
Rwb marshall
Lcb iorfa
Cb batth
Rcb hause
Cm ronan
Cm saiss
Ram costa
Lam cav/ graham
Cf bodvarsson
Would love to see us give this formation a try. got the players to do it.

18 Feb 2017 18:22:23
How can we lose to Wigan then do so well for 45 mins against arguably one of the best teams on the planet it beggars belief UTW.

18 Feb 2017 19:04:15
Should change our name to Wolves nil!
Lambert, you are boring me to death!
Why you never signed a striker in January is unbelievable and
will be your downfall.

18 Feb 2017 20:08:09
James38. got to say i'd like to see that team / formation also. Though i'd swap hause and iorfa around so that they'd be on there natural footed side.

18 Feb 2017 21:44:52
James your team is similar to the one I think should have played against Chelsea we need Saiss Cav Ronan not Batth Price Saville I mean we needed young hungry and signings from top leagues Batth Price Coady Stearman ok for Championship.

19 Feb 2017 00:05:44
Only problem is Cav is out injured till next month at least and Graham has just started training after a year out injured.

19 Feb 2017 13:55:20
james 38 marshall could not play in any formation worst thing lambert has done is sign him according to blackburn fans he is one of the reasons they are doing so badly kep him out until he is match fit I say!

18 Feb 2017 17:47:32
Chelsea putting a strong team against us Willian Hazard Pedro Costa I would have started with Saiss and Ronan rather than Price who I rate and Saville but he is against his old club so maybe something in that. Would like to see Williamson and Cav out there but perhaps not fit.

18 Feb 2017 14:05:20
Quote from today's Mirror (betting page) "Molineux is a lovely place, but it isn't a tight, super noisy, intimidating place for visiting clubs". so I'm not the only one who thinks so, been like it far too long!

18 Feb 2017 08:41:27
Strongest team possible today Lambo! As long as I see 100% commitment and passion from our team I will not moan! As long as Lambo sets them up properly and puts round pegs in round holes which is what he gets paid for, I believe we can get a result today! Mighty Wolves 2 Chelsea 1. 👍.

16 Feb 2017 08:50:11
I can't believe Lambert can sit there and say Saiss can't get in the team because of how well the other lads have performed. Apart from 2 good cup wins what have the players rewarded with new contracts shown us?

16 Feb 2017 11:30:25
Correct JDW, they've achieved nothin! imo if we lose to Chelsea and Blues Lambert will be sacked! Remember in 2019 the Chinese have the rights to the Premier league for 3 years so Fosun will want us in there! Failure won't be an option to Fosun.

16 Feb 2017 13:29:14
Yeh he says that about Saiss when we've lost 4 out the last 5 but he plays Marshall who's half fit at best? Lamberts borin me now with his total Bo--ocks! Lambert start winnin games and keep your gob shut! Actions speak louder than words!

16 Feb 2017 14:10:06
Also why play Marshall at right back when he apparently wanted to leave Blackburn because they played him at right back. Would love to see Saiss back and give Iorfa another run at right back. Also change to a 442 formation instead of one up top and the defence hoofing it forward to the smallest player on the pitch.

16 Feb 2017 18:03:26
Well said PT and PW. I'd like to see Hause at the back with Williamson again too with Iorfa and Doc. Put Ronan and Saiss in the middle, Costa/ weimann on wings Bod/ Dicko/ Bright up front. This one man up front is ok when you've got midfielders who can slice defences with a decent through ball and play it on the deck to feet. It most certainly isn't going to work launching high balls up to Dicko on his own? Hope we do better against blues than last years game on the telly at Molineux.

16 Feb 2017 20:13:46
In total agreement, let's hope Lambert takes notice.

16 Feb 2017 21:03:05
Have to say that Lambert as confused me on is comments after Wolves games, he seams to talk a right load of crap.
Did not expect to hear the load of crap he as been saying about Wolves performances, it's as though he thinks we have not had the rub of the green, when in reality we were awful at Burton and against Wigan, did we have a shot at goal and these are bottom sides, also the Newcastle match no shots on goal, football teams have to score goals to win matches, we don't even shoot at GOAL, BEWARE CHELSEA WE ARE DUE FOR SOME SHOTS AT GOAL, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

17 Feb 2017 12:35:55
The way to rectify the lack of shots on goal would be to play Ronan in the number 10 position. This along with playing Price and Saiss in midfield, Costa and Weighman on the wings, and Dicko or Jon Dadi up front. Regretably we don't have anyone else to play up front but I feel Ronan at number 10 would put him in a good position to have a few shots. The defence for Chelsea game would be Ikeme Coady, Williamson, Hause and Doherty.

The above team for Chelsea would be the best available in my view. On the bench I would have anyone except for Saville and Evans, but knowing Lambert both of these players (if you can call them that) will probably be in the starting eleven.


17 Feb 2017 22:26:59
our team cannot play a normal 442 because the defence is far to weak/ inexperienced thus we always play with 2 in front of them which is half the reason we are not scoring goals now we need to hopefully carry on playing on the break and have a good cup run make sure we don't get relegated get rid of thelwell get rid of tony daley who (in my opinion overtrains the players and causes more injuries than he prevents ) then buy a spine . centre half. cmd. centre forward 3 players build around them!

17 Feb 2017 22:23:26
Some good lineups there yes I would try Saiss, Williamson, Hause, Ronan as the spine but for Chelsea maybe this is one for Cav in a 451 Bod up front.

17 Feb 2017 23:52:48
How can you say our defence is inexperienced? Batth, stearman, ikeme and doc have been there years and we play pretty much 10 behind the ball anyway as we are always defending. You say hit them on the break all the time so if we are playing high tempo on the break then players need to be super fit so there goes your TD out! So do we have to play on the break? Why can't we dominate teams like they do to us with possession? Our cup run will be over tomorrow then it's back to the league. How many excuse do people want? We aren't performing and our squad isn't good enough. End of rant.

18 Feb 2017 11:44:31
You are right pompey wolf, I have tried to pick my best 11,and I have to admit I am struggling, we are putting round pegs in square holes because we have not got players good enough in there original positions we are still playing with k. jacketts players except for a couple, which tells me why did we get rid of him if we were still going to play these players.
Just hope we don't go down and sort it out for next season, because even Jackett finished higher than the last 2 managers in league and he had no money to spend.

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