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07 Mar 2017 19:51:48
Line up tonight Ikeme, Doherty, Batth, Hause, Saville, Edwards, Saiss, Price, Weimann, Marshall, Bodvarsson.
Subs Lonergan, Stearman, Iorfa, Coady, Costa, Cavaleiro, Dicko.

Rated RKO

1.) 07 Mar 2017 20:39:02
Costa dropped for Weimann that is odd good though to see Saiss and Price together.

2.) 07 Mar 2017 22:18:22
Marshall sounds like a good player to me. If we can shoehorn him permantely into the midfield and get him on all of the free kicks, it could be perfect. We haven't had a driving midfielder like that for years.

3.) 08 Mar 2017 14:22:54
Marshall, Costa, Cav probably our best attacking midfielders. Saiss, Coady and Price for defending. It means we have to drop Edwards though. Which is a shame, because he doesn't deserve it. His style is perhaps not what we need right now, though.



27 Feb 2017 12:22:59
Ranerri is available would any of you like to have him at the Mol?
I'm hoping Lambert books up his ideas as i like him but i feel his days are numbered if things do not drastically improve.

Rated RKO

1.) 27 Feb 2017 12:46:48
I think his days are numbered, it's not a case of if, but when will Fosun pull the trigger? Lose Saturday he will be sacked imo. Worse record than Walter! He makes Jackett look like Sir Alex!

2.) 27 Feb 2017 14:13:10
Bring back Uncle Kenny. If only he'd have got Chris Wood it could have been a different story.

3.) 27 Feb 2017 14:26:15
Nooooooooo! 😨😨😨.

4.) 27 Feb 2017 15:02:22
Can't see Lambert being sacked tbh. Inherited a squad which was far too big and made up mainly of Mendes signings. Fosun took too much advice from him and have hopefully learned their lesson. We need a period of solidarity and a manager given a full pre season. Look at Sir Alex at United to start with. (And no i'm not making comparrisons between Sir Alex and Lambert lol) . Chopping and changing not the answer all the time. Be interesting to see what happens as regards players coming in/ out during the summer.

5.) 27 Feb 2017 15:17:31
It's not Mendes fault Lambert keeps pickin Saville and Batth, lumpin long balls up to a guy who can't win a header or time a jump. It's not Mendes fault were 20th in a mediocre league with a manager who's tactically inept and doesn't understand u have 3 subs available to u. And it's not Mendes fault we've had 5 games in February and lost all 5. And it's not Mendes fault Lambert has a worse record than Zenga! Time for him to go! NOW!

6.) 27 Feb 2017 16:49:29
Can see Ranieri being one of the favourites with Fosun who just love those Italians but, if the club want stability, Gary Rowett should win hands down. It's an absolute no brainer. There is basically no other candidate worth considering.

7.) 27 Feb 2017 16:57:02
Fosun should take a look at themselves before they become trigger happy IMO.
Paid 13m for Costa so they could double their money at the end of the season when we desperately needed a striker, creative midfielder and a CB.
PL left with dross to work with, namely
. all of which were instrumental in our Championship demise last time.
Bodvarsson couldn't score in a brothel and has only brought the Icelandic "clap" to Molineux!
Let's get behind PL and judge him on his own signings if he gets the chance.

8.) 27 Feb 2017 17:00:44
Totally agree with Paul Tamworth about Mendes. He has done little wrong and also unearthed a gem in Costa.

9.) 27 Feb 2017 16:44:21
keep changing managers has put us in the position we are in today . Give him the summer to sort out who he wants and then whine if the results don't come in after a few months .

10.) 27 Feb 2017 18:34:47
Agree with most of what Paul said but to change manager now would be a mistake. I'm not PL biggest fan and can't say I wanted here but I believe if fosun think the manager is right you can't just sack them after 3/ 4 months a manager needs 3 transfer windows in which to build is own team. Mendes has had nothing to do with the the Compton cosy club all getting new contracts I've said it before but to give these guys new contracts is a joke these players are all lower end championship player and that's exactly where we are. Fosun have a decision to make in the summer to back or sack but whatever they decide they need to let the manager be 100% in charge of all transfers not Mendes or Thelwell.

11.) 27 Feb 2017 19:15:16
Weighman, Marshall are these 2 players going to inprove our side the jury is out, not seen nothing great about these two sighnings yet, when is our club going to be run right.
We are a worser side now than when Jackett run we and he played carp football in is final year, but he did not spend £25 million and he did want to sighn woods who as scored 20 goals for Leeds.
Lambert confuses every Wolves fan and says he is happy with squad and striker situation what's that telling you about is manager skills, Thelwell as to go for 1,the contracts he as given out don't make sense, shows he nows nothing about football and costing us big time.

12.) 27 Feb 2017 21:17:00
Give Lambert time, as for the comments on Woods, not long back when Fosun took over, Woods by many on here was considered rubbish, now he has scored a few we should buy him. a bit fickle if you ask me.
Our problem lies much deeper than lambert, far too long have we been buying players for the future, how many of them have we seen in the first team in the recent time?
Thelwell has been a major part of our downfall, its time for major clearout of our backroom staff .

13.) 27 Feb 2017 21:31:21
Seven of those "players" selected on Fri` took us down four yrs ago. Some have been given long contracts since Fosun took over. What is going on? History sometimes repeats itself!

14.) 27 Feb 2017 22:13:00
Relegation to League One already factored into Fosun's thinking. Helder Costa goes in June for big profit, along with a mass clearout, leaving the U-23 squad of today being the first team core next season. Ennis and Gibbs-White the energing stars.

15.) 27 Feb 2017 22:35:46
There's a challenge! Name the seven players?

16.) 27 Feb 2017 22:46:19
Totally agree Sydneywolf, let Lambert bring in a head of recruitment he trusts and get rid of the one guy who has failed for the last 4 years.

17.) 27 Feb 2017 22:57:28
Does anyone know when some of the injured players are coming back? cav, zyro, grayham when all are back be like having a new team in its self.

18.) 27 Feb 2017 23:39:42
Fosun want to buy the club Rio Ave from Portugal's Premier league. I hope they aren't thinking of jumping ship that soon.

19.) 28 Feb 2017 00:42:48
Wombourneron, who were the 7 players who played on Friday who played in the relegation team other than Stearman and Edwards? Ikeme, Doherty, Batth, Savile, Price, Bodvarsson, Costa, Weimann, Dicko and Coady played no part that season.

20.) 28 Feb 2017 01:55:51
Wombourneron. My apologies because Batth and Doherty played about 10 games each and Dicko plated 4 on loan and Ikeme was the keeper until he broke his hand.

21.) 28 Feb 2017 12:57:28
Wavid I thought you had seen a very prosperous future for Wolves? Moving stadium large investment are you now saying Fosun will sell? I doubt it very much this is a long term project it took Leicester 3 years to get promoted so let's not panic.

22.) 28 Feb 2017 14:31:36
l may be the local soothsayer, but you can't predict anything at Wolves, lol. For a long time now, l have seen massive things like the stadium changing, big time charlies arriving at Molineux and even a move to a new stadium.

I guess these things take time? Either way, the future is actually brighter than even I imagined previously. As for Fosun, I doubt very much they would sell, even after they do buy up other clubs around Portugal/ Spain or Italy.

23.) 28 Feb 2017 14:36:28
You are right DarboWolf, there is nothing to panic about. Even if Wolves got relegated, it wouldn't be a major issue with Fosun. Just give big (or small? ) Jeff time to build something really exciting here.

24.) 28 Feb 2017 20:49:30
Firstly I would get the players training on molineux and explain to them were the nets are, and get them shooting at goal, then come match day the away side will not now what hit them.
Hope and pray we don't go down, there as got to be 2 sides worser than we surely, then if we do survive Fosun must never let this happen again.



23 Feb 2017 10:54:21
Connor Ronan out injured now may not feature again this season article on E+S.

Rated RKO



14 Feb 2017 19:25:32
Sherwin Seedorf has signed for Wolves after impressing whilst on trial.

Rated RKO



31 Jan 2017 20:43:57
Can forget Jordan Rhodes he gone to Sheff Wednesday 9mil

Rated RKO




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08 Mar 2017 14:45:54
On the plus side at least our record for the biggest agg defeat for a English club in Champions league history has now gone it was originally a 9-2 loss to Barcelona.
Arsenal now hold the record after their 10-2 agg defeat to Bayern.

Rated RKO

1.) 08 Mar 2017 15:19:36
Lol, I'd still rather hold the record if it meant bein in Arsenals position instead of ours.



24 Feb 2017 23:02:27
As much as i like Lambert i'm left wondering why he only used 1 sub tonight when there were better players on the bench than on the pitch, why not get Saiss on and Wilson, he needs to start sorting his subbing and tactics out and then in the Summer a huge clear out is needed and some quality bought in mostly a striker, keeper, defender and play maker.
On the plus side Dicko finally scored let's hope he finds his streak again now.

Rated RKO

1.) 25 Feb 2017 07:48:52
No creativity No penetration No positives! Lamberts as clueless as Jackett! Time for change now or were going down! Saville should be done for fraud claimin to be a footballer! Bodvarsons headin ability is nil, timing is woeful. I'm not wastin my time going through the rest of the dross but u get the picture! TIME FOR CHANGE NOW!

2.) 25 Feb 2017 09:15:36
It's no good dominating a match if you can't strike! ⚽️👍😉.

3.) 25 Feb 2017 11:38:22
The only positive was ND crossed the picket line and scored, albeit against 10. We are now in serious trouble. Hi Ho Silva please!

4.) 25 Feb 2017 12:13:19
Forget Dicko as I said there were no positives.

5.) 25 Feb 2017 13:24:10
Lambert out basically.

6.) 25 Feb 2017 14:34:10
Leeds top scorer 22 goals
Our top striker 2
It's simple we needed a proven goalscorer,
Wasn't addressed and we are on our way to league 1.



22 Feb 2017 15:49:55
I was thinking with the amount of injuries we get, maybe it's time to start looking at the fitness coaches?

Rated RKO

1.) 22 Feb 2017 19:22:41
Tony Daley cannot be blamed for the injuries suffered by Dicko, Graham and Zyro as they all occurred during a match and nothing to do with the coaching.



18 Feb 2017 20:09:38
I don't think anyone can fault the performance tonight. if only Savilles shot was a inch to the right eh?
Pity wolves don't play like that every week. if they did we'd be fighting for play offs at least now.

Rated RKO

1.) 18 Feb 2017 22:08:59
I think we do well against the top teams as they attack and allow us to do the same. Against defensive minded teams we struggle.

2.) 19 Feb 2017 08:51:17
Good battlin performance especially first half, Saville should of scored from there, second half Chelsea controlled it. Back to reality now, we're 19th in a mediocre league, two home games comin up 4 points minimum required and then it's a massive summer in the transfer market if we're seriously lookin at promotion. Two quality strikers needed a midfield enforcer and playmaker and a quality centre half.

3.) 19 Feb 2017 13:32:30
Completely agree with both comments.

4.) 19 Feb 2017 16:17:49
I also agree with you Paul, home record is awful we need to start getting points and start scoring goals, home record is awful, no excuses Lambert you are the one who said you did not need a striker, so on your head be it.
Interesting game comeing up against the blue Noses.



14 Feb 2017 23:00:54
Some consitent things from the lasy 3 managers:
Batth, Stearman, Ikeme.

Rated RKO

1.) 15 Feb 2017 11:30:09
That should of said last not lasy stupid tablet lol.




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16 Mar 2017 13:29:25
Karanka has gone from Middflesbrough today @derbywolf.

Rated RKO



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03 Mar 2017 19:32:30
1877 i think you got a player mixed up ate as Graham has not played this season yet or am i missing something?

Rated RKO



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26 Feb 2017 11:23:16
Good hope he tears into them and gives most their p45, rather see the youngsters play than most of the overpaid lazy rubbish in our so called first team.

Rated RKO



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25 Feb 2017 10:40:34
Only a rumour but apparantly they turned up to training hungover.

Rated RKO



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02 Feb 2017 15:04:51
Essein also free agent.

Rated RKO




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22 Mar 2017 15:37:33
Wolves have approached Paul Tamworth for role as manager :P.

Rated RKO



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19 Mar 2017 17:10:37
Austin - dream on i think tbh
But the rest yes.

Rated RKO



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19 Mar 2017 11:58:25
I was starting to turn on Lambert but look at his two signings Marshall and Weinmann both cracking signings i think.
I'm undecided at the moment if i want Lambert here next season i will wait until the end of the season and see how he does.

Rated RKO



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17 Mar 2017 11:43:20
Keep your chin up Gee wolf mate. i lost my mom in 2015 and if ever you need someone to talk to just shout.
All the best to your mom and your family mate.

Rated RKO



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16 Mar 2017 13:56:30
No that's Kranky :P.

Rated RKO