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09 Apr 2017 09:59:34
Apologies to everyone if I've come across as being a know all and bullshy. I am very passionate about Wolves and perhaps try to get my point of view across a little strongly and dismiss others opinions at times. We are all managers on this site and have our own opinions of running Wolves.

Yesterday's game was poor and whoever is in charge for next season they need massive help from Fosun, the spine needs ripping out and replacing, I think the last two games have shown were a one man team and without Costa were very average. Anyway I'm sure the Futures Bright The Futures Fosun. 👍.

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09 Apr 2017 11:49:48
Very accurate assessment PT good to see you back. From reading the interview with Shi they have already identified who they want and hope to conclude their business quickly.
Us armchair managers have to sit back and wait and hope.

09 Apr 2017 11:53:52
I think we're all are desperate for it to work Paul and all us fans want the same thing
And yes agree a lot of things are wrong down mol but it's only been a
season hopefully learnt from mistakes.

09 Apr 2017 11:55:38
We can excuse this season as a learning curve but no excuses next season. Play off a minimum.

09 Apr 2017 12:41:43
Paul tamworth nice to see you back and no apology is needed for being passionate o always read your posts don't always agree with them but I respect your opinion.

09 Apr 2017 12:46:39
We're all passionate mate i think many of us were just ribbing you.
Although i'll leave my management skills to football manager 17 on pc lol.

09 Apr 2017 13:21:30
Thank you.

09 Apr 2017 14:12:54
Paul I know your passionate mate, we all are. I think it's hard to get opinions across without some people taking them the wrong way. I really wish we could of done it this year, but we need some more costa's across the whole pitch, which got me thinking about bruma, maybe the reason why we want Bruma is to push Cav as a striker? Paul it's good to see you back. :)

09 Apr 2017 16:23:42
Paul, as all of the above say, we're all passionate about the club. Good to see you back.

09 Apr 2017 16:41:18
Thank you all and il try harder to be respectful of others opinions as we all support the same team.

09 Apr 2017 16:43:55
Welcome back mucka that's now 9pts from 27pts against the bottom 5 this season, this is a joke and clearly not good enough for us we need more consistency from our players there are far to many of them happy just to be part of the club and have no real ambition of getting promoted. Hopefully Lambert will clear these players out in the summer and bring in some players with premier league ambitions just because a player comes out of the academy or is a local lad doesn't mean there any good fed up of mediocre players, playing for our great club time for more quality please fosun. UTW.

09 Apr 2017 23:08:35
Yes the future's bright well brighter than last season even though most of the team is the same I want to see Bod knock a few in now because he is a strong player in this division yes we need a better CB but we have lots of CMs surely we can get two good ones from them.

09 Apr 2017 23:51:35
I would like to see coady given a run at centre half, played there for Liverpool in the youth and for sheff Utd. Got all the attributes to make it work, good in the air, knows how to defend and could be the ball playing centre half most teams crave. If not coady then saiss, played really well for mortician there at the ACN.

10 Apr 2017 10:22:52
We have a lot of sorting out to do after losing again to a bottom club, it's happening far to often know for we to be a promotion team, and it as to get sorted out quickly.

After another disappointing display against an average championship team like ourselves, there's no getting away from the fact that we need replacements, without Costa and Cavilaro playing we look a very ordinary side again like Kenny Jackette last days in charge teams, the whole team was awful Dicho still looks way off the mark, Edwards and Evans very ordinary in midfield, defence needs sorting out and goalkeeper other than that there's nothing else to moan about. After all that I have said we will most probably beat Brighton if he plays our strongest team.

11 Apr 2017 10:16:03
Welcome back PT. Agreed about the current spine. GK CM ST is the same as 4 years ago and we've declined. Yet most have been rewarded with new contracts! Ikeme, Edwards, Evans, Dicko. B4 anyone states Ikeme didn't play. I know but we need better to challenge him, eventually replace if we are to progress. 10-12 (mainly CM) out need 4-5 with premier experience or quality in as we don't have any who could do it week in week out in the premier. Even, IMO, Costa!

11 Apr 2017 17:08:08
Regardless of what many think, we were never going to achieve anywhere close to kenny jacketts position in the championship in the two previous seasons compared to this one. 1st we had a squad that had 3/ 4 years together under one manager. The club is going in a new direction for one we are using a formation that is more reminiscent of mick mcarthys premier league planng with deploying doyle upfront by himself, he has got the core of the team to finally understand it, so bringing new players in from abroad its a case of fitting with the team rather than everyone learning a new system. We have a core we just need 3/ 4 game changers not even necessarily starters. A strong minded cm even someone like fabien delph jack rodwell or will buckley (find the ones who never got chance to prove themselves) get a cb a leader someone who can teach hause and iorfa as weather we like it or not they are the future, we can be buying players then moving them on after 2/ 3 seasons. Iorfa has had a week season but I would of prefered keeping goldbourne and moving doherty to right and I think the leaks would of ceased. Its vital paul buys two central players mid and def. Wings are covered with excellent cover. (Ivan, helder, jordon g, micheal z. ) I mean bod needs two seasons min as does dicko 6 weeks of no pressure just learning how to play off each other and wingers. Then we just make a move for a patrick bamford or a abraham on loan for the bench someone who is wanting to prove themselves to there own clubs. As the passion our players have for wolves isn't strong enoughto take us to promotion. Look at seasons we have been promoted we've had players who would give there right arm for a point and the other for a win. Eg. Henry we can doubt players abilities this season but they were good enough the motivation and enthusiasm wasnt. Ever since the newcastle game and shelvey incident wolves lost it. Ever think our little minnows iorfa hause started seeing $$ signs.

11 Apr 2017 21:39:26
Forget players from this country, Talisca is the striker we are probably in talks with and Bruma is another Fosun want to bring on. Fosun are only interested in earthing other gems from Portugal now, like Costa.

11 Apr 2017 22:39:20
Really, so you wouldn't want Abraham or Bogle?

12 Apr 2017 10:44:56
They aren't interested in Abraham or Bogle, so why mention them? They want expensive young Portuguese players that will come in on loan with a view to signing permanently after 6 months.

12 Apr 2017 17:33:12
Wolves011, Abraham yes, Bogle no.

14 Apr 2017 11:14:25
Paul you can say what you want, it's only a rumours forum and anything is better than the bull rumours we get on here specially during close season.

08 Apr 2017 21:58:46
It's a rollercoaster supporting Wolves lol, oh well.

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08 Apr 2017 21:18:38
If we would of had afobe from the start of season along with a cm that season we would of gone up fact. we do not need wingers we have the best in the league. we need 2 out and out strikers 2 all round out and out midfielders a left back and a phil jagielka at cb and drop Ikeme.

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08 Apr 2017 22:27:55
No point going on about Afobe. We didn't want to sell him, he wanted to leave.

08 Apr 2017 23:05:24
Wednesfield, drop Kemes, and play who in goal?
Lonergan is not up to the job in all fairness, Borgoyne is still a young lad who's learning his trade.
At the moment, Ikeme is the best, by far, goalie we have.

09 Apr 2017 09:03:02
Look at Fulham since they bought Kmac. Wolves would have been in that position had they kept Sako, Afobe and Kmac. I would quite happily have all three back.

09 Apr 2017 14:15:01
Disagree, would rather not have Sako, costa in my opinion is better. Afobe, was going to go anyway, what we need is the front partner for dicko.

09 Apr 2017 16:33:31
So you're basically saying you want Sako back then lol.

09 Apr 2017 16:36:44
On a different note, Wolves are back in for Talisca. If the Turks receive 21 euros, he can go. Wouldn't be surprised at this at all if he can't get a Premiership work permit again.

08 Apr 2017 12:44:52
What do people think of Jeff shi's interview.

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08 Apr 2017 13:45:34
Honest and to the point imo. Nice to hear he made a mistake with Zenga and acted apropriatly by getting rid. The only down side was he seems to have Faith in Therwell.

08 Apr 2017 15:52:47
Agree Costa, the weak squad has been built up over a few years. Who else is there to be accountable?!
Currently 2 down to BC, this, with one or two obvious exceptions, is a mediocre Championship Squad, not only low on ability, but low on character.
Hope Fosun allow Lambert to make some serious signings in the summer.

08 Apr 2017 17:22:44
Jeff certainly has all the rhetoric, let's hope its all backed up in the summer with the quality signings promised.
Poor old Walter though, well and truly thrown under the Zenga bus!

08 Apr 2017 12:26:51
Shi interview is positive. but I seem to remember a similar one in the summer. let's carry on doing the talking on the pitch. i'm sure lambert will bring in the quality needed. if costa gos he gos. re invest the 30m he is worth in new players. Remember raheem sterling cost 50m with no end product. ok premier league and the championship are different leagues but what costa has done he would have done to any player. if we sell for 20m we have been done over.

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08 Apr 2017 09:20:41
I heard last night that Jeff Shi, Paul Lambert and Thelwell have had a meeting and identified players to buy and that contact has already been made with the club's and representatives with a view to open negotiations as soon as the season finishes so that everything is completed before the end of May. This was based on the Jeff Shi interview but having read it, I can't see where he said it. Anyone else see or hear the same?

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08 Apr 2017 12:22:14
Yes it's on here mate if you read down, he says they have already.


08 Apr 2017 12:23:59
Expect Sako and Afobe to be in there as I noticed them mentioned in the interview. Shi and Mendes love the loan market, so expect many European players we've never heard of again.

08 Apr 2017 14:44:54
Are you Sakos wife or something Wavidsmith? Sako will never be coming back to Wolves and neither will Afobe time to accept reality mate.

08 Apr 2017 18:29:56
If they do sell Costa, the biggest reality is that Sako will be coming back.

06 Apr 2017 12:30:21
Heard a rumour that Molinuex will be called the Thomas Cook stadium from next year. anyone shed any light on this?

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06 Apr 2017 12:39:26
Don't just book it. Thomas Cook it.

Not heard this rumour but TC is a Fosun group company. If the Mol is going to be renamed we need to get a whole load of dough out of it to help with the revised FFP regulations.

There were rumours early in the season that Molineux would be moved to a new site eventually.

06 Apr 2017 12:54:15
Part owned by Fosun so logical they become club sponsors.

06 Apr 2017 15:18:09
great win for wolves but please wolves stop winning I have jaw ache.
I had heard paul tamworth was offered a olive branch by naming the stadium in his name but he turned it down.

06 Apr 2017 19:05:56
It will always be the molineux to me.

07 Apr 2017 09:44:03
Absolutely StuuCorbett!

07 Apr 2017 13:34:46
Always be Molineux,
Always be South Bank.

07 Apr 2017 15:41:30
And should always remain Molineux!

07 Apr 2017 19:03:49
Gee wolf.
Sorry to hear about the jaw-ache but I hope it continues, for all the right reasons.

I hope you haven't climbed any trees to cut off an olive branch for Paul Tamworth. You were seen climbing a few trees last summer when the takeover was rumoured. Stick to the car park surveillance. Let us know if you see face-ache Moxey skulking around. He's looking for a job but I think he jumped ship too soon when Fosun took over. Don't call us Jez, we'll call you. Like never.

07 Apr 2017 23:21:07
No word of a lie I saw a man who looked just like Moxey in Nando's Wolverhampton tonight.

08 Apr 2017 09:30:02
Having a stadium name change is new to football to enable owners who own these companies get around financial fair play, look at Man City for example. But a club with our history it would be hard to swallow for me. If it did change I would prefer to keep the word Molineux in there somewhere, and have the kit sponsored by whatever the sponsor is, for example if it is Thomas Cook, "Thomas Cook, Molineux" it would still be known as the Molineux.

08 Apr 2017 10:31:18
I agree with the above posts but if it brings in the funds and helps with ffp I can see the benefit of the move. Would be nice to keep the name molineux so how bout abbreviate the name so would be the TC Molineux.

08 Apr 2017 14:21:00
Great minds think alike local wolf 👍🏻.

04 Apr 2017 23:24:26
Zyro and grahem to come yet. I'm like a kid ay xmas waiting for the window to open. can see lambert bringing in well known quality. a pre season got dicko well be up there.

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05 Apr 2017 09:33:27
Compared to 12 months ago the future has been transformed. Fosun may have messed up in early season but they are on track now. They will expect promotion next season. The nucleus of a decent team is in place. We need to clear the deadwood and make a few shrewd signings. Lambert is up to the job.

05 Apr 2017 10:40:31
A win on Saturday and we can really just think about next Season!
Probably just about there anyway, but great to have a sizable period of time to sort out the 1st team squad.
Apart from Lambert upping the quality in the Squad, I really hope Fosun have a plan to transform the rest of the Footballing Structure.
To lead that, we need someone who can create a Premiership strategy and just as importantly, deliver it to support Lambert!

04 Apr 2017 15:59:38
Been told that Puma could be on the way out and Li-Ning one of a couple of companies in talks.

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04 Apr 2017 16:59:48
A few seasons back Li-Ning were providing the kits for Sevilla, Espanyol, Malaga and Celta Vigo.
Would make sense for Fosun promoting Wolves in China and if they produce a retro kit like this for Wolves I'd definitely buy it.


Obviously in old gold with a black trim, and my personal choice for the second kit would be the reverse, all black with old gold trim.

04 Apr 2017 17:41:48
I guess our second strip will be a silver Li-Ning colour. I apologise in advance for that terrible joke.

04 Apr 2017 18:44:55
I'm sure someone posted a few weeks ago that they were ITK and said Adidas were the new manufacturer and Club Med was the new sponsor. Can't remember who posted it but if they're reading perhaps they can provide some insight.

05 Apr 2017 08:04:52
Well who would ov guest it 5 on the bounce very happy dicko on the score sheet think Mr lambert can make use a better team with a good preseason under his belt we could ov sacked him 5 games ago but we haven't and it's a bloody good job well done to the lads UTW.

05 Apr 2017 08:09:31
I also remember Adidas getting talked about recently Jas. Seems talks are still ongoing.
Silver wouldn't actually be a bad choice for a third kit Clive, better than lime green anyway!
For a full retro third kit how about original St. Luke's colours?

05 Apr 2017 18:47:20
We haven't had a black kit in a while, we could do with one.

05 Apr 2017 19:05:26
Although I like the idea of a silver kit I really liked our white away kit from not too far back.

06 Apr 2017 11:09:19
Don't you mean old gold. We are not dundee utd.

06 Apr 2017 17:40:58
Wolves011. Orange? Anyone from Portugal?

03 Apr 2017 22:47:53
Today, one paper has reported that Arsenal and Chelsea will fight for Helder Costa's signature this summer. Another has reported that Costa is desperate to re-sign for Monaco and wants to leave England, and the last paper has reported that Costa wants to stay and help us to promotion next season. I think I'll wait for official comments from the club from now on as it seems the press ain't got a clue.

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04 Apr 2017 06:23:33
Praying its the latter jas! got to build our team around Costa.

04 Apr 2017 09:28:45
Like I keep saying Helda Costa decides what he wants to do, if he wants to help we for another season to get to premier then fantastic, if he wants to play in higher league then so be it, the ball is in is court, one things for certain though what I like about our football club, if he did want to stay we can afford him.

04 Apr 2017 14:24:35
That's the great thing about Wolves now. If Costa wants to stay, we will keep him. 3 comments:

1. If Moxey was around he would sell Costa for sure for "footballing reasons". I've heard several times that Moxey was on a cut of transfer profits.

2. Moxey also bought expensive houses and rented them to Wolves players.

3. Moxey's wife also had the catering concession at Wolves.

How's that for 3 conflicts of interest? Nice little earner for 16-17 years.

04 Apr 2017 14:29:07
Just a suggestion or 2. Get an interview with Costa or would he stay till next January to see IF clubs position is up near top of league. IF NOT LET HIM GO AND PUT AN ADD ON CLAUSE ON HIS DEPARTURE. pay him whatever he wants!


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