26 Oct 2017 07:13:28
Newcastle and West Brom are interested in signing Wolves' 24-year-old defensive midfielder Conor Coady. Taken from the s*n.

1.) 26 Oct 2017
26 Oct 2017 07:19:06
Could be some truth in this. Newcastle have been tracking him since last season. Don't think he'd want to leave us though?

2.) 26 Oct 2017
26 Oct 2017 08:32:26
Recently signed a new contract I think. Why go to a second rate Premier side when he will be there next season anyway with a quality one? Tell them on your bike.

3.) 26 Oct 2017
26 Oct 2017 10:28:22
Sell. coady. no way. his drive and passion is inspiring to all the team. great leader and its a pleasure to watch him play so determined. he's exactly what the fans want to see win lose or draw.100% every game. first on team sheet. for me. what a team were becomming. may it continue all season. forever wolves.

4.) 26 Oct 2017
26 Oct 2017 20:53:04
Now is not the time to be selling the most improved player in our team although everyone has their price.

5.) 27 Oct 2017
27 Oct 2017 15:54:19
Liverpool fans are calling out to re-sign Coady. He went through the Liverpool academy.

No way will Coady leave Wolves. He is a smart cookie. He knows how much Nuno has improved him. In Nuno he trusts. Nuno can take him to the top. He can be our Stevie Gerrard.