29 Dec 2016 21:50:41
Paul Lambert would like to Buy Shane long, but the £10 Mill bid would be all his war chest Spent, that is all Fosun will give him next Month.

1.) 29 Dec 2016
29 Dec 2016 22:04:42
Yh right lime longs going to come to us if he does leave southampton it would be to another prem club.

2.) 29 Dec 2016
29 Dec 2016 22:11:27
If Long was willing to come, I'm sure Fosun would give PL the money no problem! However, I don't think the lad will drop a division!

3.) 30 Dec 2016
30 Dec 2016 12:51:35
Which Shane Long though?
Weren't there one from Reading we were after ages ago but he went elsewhere?

4.) 30 Dec 2016
30 Dec 2016 14:47:21
That's him. He chose the Baggies over us as we wouldn't pay the wages he wanted. He then left and is now at Southampton.

5.) 01 Jan 2017
01 Jan 2017 11:39:15
Shane long would be great but Jordan Rhodes and peter crouch would also be great . Caulker at the back and than look at teams like Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea to bring in loan players.