29 Nov 2015 09:39:00
Looks like QPR are considering a move for Jackett. Surely Jackett will have to give it serious consideration if it happens. I believe he has already been advised that offers will be considered for Afobe in January and that most of the funds will be used to subsidise the club's running expenses. Obviously no longer term guarantee can be provided regarding Jackett's employment as new owners may want their own man. Jackett does find the current working relationship with Thelwell difficult and clearly believes future progress at the club is unlikely without spending some real money, something that is unlikely in the current situation. He does still have positive feelings for the club and has a belief in the future potential of the younger players coming through. But Jackett is well aware that football is a short term business and that given the spiral of no wins and reducing attendances he could easily be sacked long before the youngsters break through. Jackett has no fear of the sack as he has confidence that he can land another job. But QPR is an opportunity that would appeal if he was given assurances regarding taking Gallen and access to funds. Although Wolves would initially resist the approach if the offer appeals Jackett would simply resign. Other factors that may influence Jackett's timing is access to the January transfer window at the new club and concern that staying longer on a sinking ship may damage his marketability. In the event that Jackett leaves Wolves may well consider as a short term option promoting current First team coach Rob Edwards into the position of Head Coach. This was intended to be the longer term option but many at the club feel he is ready now and would of course have the support of Thelwell.

1.) 29 Nov 2015
29 Nov 2015 10:41:47
The way Jackett is performing get rid now and appoint the tea lady in his place!

2.) 30 Nov 2015
30 Nov 2015 03:01:48
Paul Tamworth, I've read your posts for a while now and never yet seen one positive comment, managers you have run down include Mick McCarthy, Terry Connor, Ståle Solbakken. Then you started to finally praise a manager that we had, Dean Saunders (remember your statement " the futurse bright, the future is deano) that didn't work out well did it. Now KJ took our club by the scruff of its neck, spending little but most if not all signings turned out well. NOW instead of running all of our managers down (Deano Excluding of course ) . how about you naming a manager we should have, and be sensible about it too . No jose mourinho, no pep guardiola be sensible if ya can. But of course Deano (the future is bright) is available isn't he, are you going to pick him maybe?
Back you club, i'm also a regular having a season ticket for over 50 years. come on Paul let's here what manager you want.

3.) 30 Nov 2015
30 Nov 2015 07:42:01
In fairness to PT, MM had lost his way and should have left after the 2nd season in prem. Terry Connor was never a manager in a million years, the football he played and our run under him said it all, and as for SS he had his hands tied by a divide in the players, but what he should have done was dropped every player that wasn't performing under him rather than keep playing them.

Im on the fence with Jackett at the moment, his team selections and substitutions this season have baffled me. Taking Graham off v MK Dons was the worst substitution I've witnessed, the only player that looked like making anything happen. He keeps giving Ojo a chance when its clear he goes missing for large parts of the game when he plays. Byrne has the ability to cause a defence a problem but keeps being left out and gets a sub appearance here or there and not a run in the team. His tinkering this season has had a negative impact. Edwards at the start of the season was being played where ever just to accomodate him, and ALF hasn't been given a good enough chance next to Afobe. The signing of Grant Holt. that's all i'm saying on that one.

Jacketts negatives this season way outweigh his positives. Losing Sako and Dicko was massive this season, one we knew about since last year and should have had replacements lined up that were good enough OR Graham should have been given a chance sooner. i'm not a fan of sacking managers for every bad run, but I think KJ has taken us as far as he can.

As for the next manager, I like Robinson at MK Dons always have done. Brendan Rodgers is an unrealistic one but if you don't ask you don't get. Gary Monk might not be in a job much longer maybe him? Jimmy Floyd Hasslebaink? there's plenty of managers out there.

IMO I think Jackett has taken us as far as he can, and with the situation off field, I can't see it improving. there's nothing more I want than to be proven wrong. i'm just being realistic.

On another note did anybody else think the refereeing performance v MK Dons was the worst ever at the molineux? The shirt pulling the late fouls the pushing and the ref let it happen. Afobe getting his shorts almost pulled off him was more GBH than a foul in football terms.

4.) 30 Nov 2015
30 Nov 2015 08:20:00
Nigel Pearson or Brendon Rogers! A positive Mmmmmmmmmmmm the balti pie at half time was sound 👍.

5.) 30 Nov 2015
30 Nov 2015 12:49:27
I think Stuu Corbett as got it smack on with K. J. is team selection's are puzzling, think Byrne should have replaced Henry as he didn't have one of is good games, Le fondre should have played from the start with Afobe got more to is game than Edwards and is on form scoring and making goals yet still can't get a start and why Graham was took off was very puzzling unless it was due to is fitness which I find it hard to believe because of is age if he isn't fit enough now for 90 minutes he never will be and the other question is why wasn't Holt given some time could have given we something extra up front with is size, why sign him if you are not going to give him any game time it would of been worth trying nothing else as working.
k. J. needs to sort it quickly or else I'm afraid they will be calling for is head the same excuses ever week with nothing being done is not good enough the players bought so far have added no difference to the squad in Coady and Wallace and it isn't as though we have money to throw away but what little bit we have could and should of been spent better, all I hope for is my club to get new owner or owners who care about my F. C. because Morgan does not care about Wolves unless he surprises we in January and gives K. J some money its in is own interest really so he can sell club and move on can't wait the sooner the better.

6.) 30 Nov 2015
30 Nov 2015 17:33:50
Agree with most of what you say Bigwolf apart from starting Le Fondre. If he is the best partner for Afobe then we are in big trouble! When he came on on Saturday I don't think he won a single ball! Also Afobe dropped deep and on at least one occasion was in the right back position! Why did we buy Holt if he's not going to be used? OK he isn't the quickest in the world but at least he has PRESENCE and can force defenders into mistakes. I think Siggy should be given a chance if he is fit or even Enobakhare.

7.) 01 Dec 2015
01 Dec 2015 07:53:26
Le Fondre came on the weekend and balls were hoofed up to him in the air, he's never going to win those against 6ft4 centre halves when hess 5ft9 himself. He's a finisher and works hard. gets down the channels and should allow Afobe to stay central, looks to me that it was KJ tactic change that made Afobe drop deeper and not the inclusion of Le Fondre.

8.) 01 Dec 2015
01 Dec 2015 08:41:29
Le Fondre Doesn't win anything on the deck either! He's another Frankowski a lightweight!

9.) 01 Dec 2015
01 Dec 2015 16:29:10
Listened. To comments but surely we have to play 2 up front if not Le fondre then Holt should of been brought on, goals is what we needed its not rocket science so why wasn't he brought on against an average WK dons, if he can't play against them at home who we hammered without scoring a goal, when will K. J. use him same old story week in week out and getting nowhere.