08 Jan 2022 11:48:42
Barcelona allegedly interested in Traore to replace Ousmane Dembele if he doesn't renew his contract.
That would be far better than selling him in the Premier League for peanuts (relatively) then facing him on the pitch later.
Wolves and Barcelona have a good working relationship already, so hopefully, it may develop into something.

1.) 08 Jan 2022
08 Jan 2022 12:19:22
Agree. rather him go back Spain, I’d love to keep him but if he doesn’t want to sign new deal what can you do, cash in while still can

2.) 08 Jan 2022
08 Jan 2022 13:30:58
Hopefully included a player in the deal also

3.) 08 Jan 2022
08 Jan 2022 14:04:55

4.) 08 Jan 2022
08 Jan 2022 14:42:53
Agree, with not selling to a PL rival Jota second best goalscoring stats behind Salah has made us look real plonkers, a 40m bargain! Not sure I've seen enough of Trincao yet to make a decision.

5.) 08 Jan 2022
08 Jan 2022 14:44:11
Maxy84 that's not a bad thought. Trincao can only get better, imo, as he adapts more to the Prem. Problem being they might want the Traore money to fund a new CH, who seems to be a Lage priority.

6.) 08 Jan 2022
08 Jan 2022 16:21:58
That makes sense Longmynd. Strengthen a defence that hardly ever concedes and weaken an already goal shy attack.If Bruno really does want yet another centre half then he's knowwhere near as astute as I think he is.

7.) 08 Jan 2022
08 Jan 2022 16:22:44
It's true Trincao can only get better, he has produced very little of note up to now, and too lightweight for the Premier. If Traore should be swapped for him a big fee should be included in Wolves favour.

8.) 08 Jan 2022
08 Jan 2022 16:56:34
Barca buying Traore rests on Ousmane Dembélé being sold. According to the gossip rags.

9.) 08 Jan 2022
08 Jan 2022 18:33:39
It does make sense OldWulf given that Boly's injuries are looking more long term and Sais will probably be away for several weeks at the Africa Cup. Lage is reduced to recalling a couple of on loan youngsters to fill the gap or re-purpose Dendonker.
I'm sure they're not blind to the lack of goals.

10.) 09 Jan 2022
08 Jan 2022 23:00:50
Barca can't afford him

11.) 09 Jan 2022
09 Jan 2022 07:51:06
Don't forget Marcal played many games for Lyon at centre half,Longmynd. Hoever can also play there and our yet to be see Columbian is on his way back.

12.) 09 Jan 2022
09 Jan 2022 10:07:47
I've always seen Marcal as the solution to replace Saiss if no new CB is signed. That's why I think Giles was recalled with RANs recent injury problems.

Sanderson and Giles will likely play today in the Cup but when the league resumes I expect Marcal, Coady and Kilman to be the back 3. I am happy to see the youngsters get a go though - we've bought a lot 'for the future' players in over the last 5 years.

13.) 09 Jan 2022
09 Jan 2022 10:14:33
Wolves will only bid for players who have no interest in coming here. Monaco defender 30 million so called bid, no interest in leaving the ligue 1 side. It's to appease the fans. No ambition

14.) 09 Jan 2022
09 Jan 2022 11:58:09
Barcelona still have to move on players before they can register Ferran Torres before anything else not so sure they have any money and they will not pay much up front anyway. But if we are unlikely to be buying it doesn't make much difference does it.

15.) 09 Jan 2022
09 Jan 2022 13:18:33
That's Adama cup tied now.

16.) 09 Jan 2022
09 Jan 2022 15:44:51
Would Adama and Semedo be cup tied abroad?

17.) 09 Jan 2022
09 Jan 2022 17:28:16
Time to get rid of traore now. No desire to sort his contract by the looks.
No desire to chase down or even run for the ball unless at his feet. Prodence has been disregarded since he got here but last two games now has ran his sock off that's commitment.
who would you rather play especially when Neto is back.

18.) 09 Jan 2022
09 Jan 2022 18:18:26
Morocco (saiss) play Ghana tomorrow 4pm k.o.
I believe

19.) 09 Jan 2022
09 Jan 2022 21:27:21
All good points gents. Not to be fussy but I would ask who Podence has been 'disregarded' by?! I think us fans have always been impressed but also waiting for him to find his consistency. Which in fairness niggling injuries has mostly prevented, not sure anyones disregarded him mind?
I'm also not convinced that Barcelona have any interest in Adama to be honest. They have SO many similar players (positional wise) that they are desperately trying to currently shift from the wage bill!

20.) 09 Jan 2022
09 Jan 2022 23:39:36
Disregarded by the managers. I know he has had lots of unfortunate injury's but you don't get consistent if your not played week in and week out.

21.) 10 Jan 2022
10 Jan 2022 00:03:32
You can't get played week in week out if your always trying to get back to match fitness. I get what your saying but I think you have to remember that (as the tale goes:) that Sellars and the club wanted Dani Olmo and Nuno over ruled them and went for Podence. So Nuno must have rated him pretty highly, I think it was just Nunos way to bring peeps in slowly (made even slower with the niggling injuries). With Lage I think Podence has usually been involved one way or another when ever he's been fit. The injuries have been the issue, obvs not his fault but in time gone by whenever he's looked like he's really starting to find his feet he's had a set back. Probs just the usual stuff of a player adapting to the Prem, let's hope he goes from strength to strength from here on eh ?

22.) 10 Jan 2022
10 Jan 2022 07:30:13
Podence has proved his worth over the past two seasons IMHO, him and Neto. Both give it 100% when playing. I’m still on the fence when it comes to Traore, him leaving is a potential blow - but he hasn’t covered himself in glory when he did get his opportunities to play this season. 18 appreances no goals and no assists.
I can’t help but think he wants out at this point.

23.) 10 Jan 2022
10 Jan 2022 16:52:16
Debbie for me we sell Traore when it's best for us not when it suits him!
Pods I think when fit has always looked a very good player intelligent always looking to make a positive pass. In my opinion when he's playing as he is atm a better player than Olmo. Very much a team player and works hard for the team.