02 Jul 2021 17:22:54
RAN signed for £10m + 50% sell on clause.

1.) 02 Jul 2021
02 Jul 2021 17:30:35
I understand that Jeff has promised to pay a consultancy fee to TFIOG on this deal. Well called.

2.) 02 Jul 2021
02 Jul 2021 18:07:45
Vinagre also on the verge of permanently signing for Sporting Lisbon according to Spiers.

3.) 02 Jul 2021
02 Jul 2021 18:11:48
The fee is about right tbh and yes future wasn't wrong. As for the 50 percent sell on clause well some poor negotiation by Jeff if true. Half the sell on for no risk!

4.) 02 Jul 2021
02 Jul 2021 18:15:16
Fair price for a good talent.

5.) 02 Jul 2021
02 Jul 2021 18:27:59
Ken apparently there’s the option to buy out in full (which for whatever reason I’m assuming is another £10m) .
Shi gambling that the lad will be big time.

6.) 02 Jul 2021
02 Jul 2021 19:01:46
NES that makes a little more sense.

7.) 02 Jul 2021
02 Jul 2021 19:58:31
Decent buy decent price, need some more additions.

8.) 03 Jul 2021
03 Jul 2021 07:58:04
I really hope not unless he is going to play as a winger because the lad simply cannot defend.

9.) 03 Jul 2021
03 Jul 2021 08:48:54
Shame we ate buying our ex loan players who did not really set the world on fire. we must do better and get some experienced prem players in.

10.) 04 Jul 2021
04 Jul 2021 10:37:24
I really don’t get why people think experience helps! We had a seriously unlucky injury to our star striker. So we tried a youngster because Nuno didn’t have any other option who ended up doing well. Overall.

Lage is known for playing youngsters and helping them to grow. I’d rather see Otasowie play then us signing lundstrem from Sheffield United or Ait Nouri over Van antholt.

If at the end of the day it doesn’t work, fine you can say I told you so. But if I’m honest I want us to sign more first team youngsters.

11.) 04 Jul 2021
04 Jul 2021 17:24:56
NES - If what you say is correct it really is a clever trade.
Buy him for 10 never sell or sell for less than 10 then we will have paid 10 and saved the excess 8m we were going to pay.
Sell him for upto 26 and we are still better off. If sold at say 24 we paid 10 then half of surplus 14 which is 7 so we only paid 17 not 18 but sold at 24 ie we make 1m more profit.
At 26 it obviously breaks even.
Between 26 and 30 we lose cf original deal {eg at 28 we either pay the extra 10 meaing he cost 20 or we split the excess of 18 which is 9 meaning he cost 19 and we only make 9 profit - from 28 not the 10 we would have made at a price of 18} but above 30 we pay the extra 10 to buy out the option - meaning yes he has cost 20 not 18 but we only do that as we are selling at 30+ so making a 10+ profit which is more than we would if we split the excess and let's be honest can't be all bad.
Shame the option can't be bought out at 8 or it would have been impossible to lose. But a v v fair sharing of risk and reward - in fact probably in our favour!
Well done Jeff!