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17 Sep 2021 01:11:23
Most of the posts go to the Wolves Banter page

Also more posts are being added to the Wolves Discussion Posts page

13 Sep 2021 12:57:45
Any news on traore signing a new contract?

15 Sep 2021 22:16:53
Not yet but from a few sources it sounds like him and his agent want to insert a release clause which is holding things up (either the club don't want one or think the fee proposed is too low) .

09 Sep 2021 16:03:12
Several news stories are quoting an interview with Botman where he states he is happy at Lille however was open to moving to Wolves.

Do you think we would be successful in a double swoop for Sanches and Botman again in the Jan window?

Ps. Sorry I seem the upset people with my to date only other post on the page about Hwang. Just didn't rate the deal. Felt MGW was better in that sort of role.

10 Sep 2021 06:40:32
I think sanches most or more likely than botman as I think Lille will put botman price up.
But anything can happen from now till January.
Regarding MGW I like him as a player but he desperately needs playing time hence his loan move. The club clearly rate him as an asset as he signed a long term deal before going to Sheffield United on loan.
Hoping MGW stays injury free and has a good season.

10 Sep 2021 09:55:58
We can't properly judge Bruno until we have recruited the players he wants. I reckon he will do well with what we have until January, and then he will surely be given the green light to sign more.

10 Sep 2021 19:00:51
Swansea were loving MGW until his recall if I remember rightly.

12 Sep 2021 07:07:16
MGW scored a better and an assist on his debut for Sheffield United.
A great start for the lad.

12 Sep 2021 08:35:40
Belter not better sorry predictive text.

12 Sep 2021 16:23:15
Interesting that Lage says he wanted to keep MGW, it suggests that it was the player that pushed for the move. Its a shame cause I think he could learnt a lot in fold with the new set up, maybe he wants to get some regular game time to be up to speed come Jan? 🤔.

07 Sep 2021 00:57:12
Wolves will be put up for sale after Christmas by Fosun who want to cut their losses. The Chinese government have also added pressure to this.

07 Sep 2021 09:37:18
Why after Christmas?

{Ed001's Note - someone has to pay for all the prezzies that they buy the kids on tick.}

07 Sep 2021 10:18:24
Look a flying pig.

07 Sep 2021 11:48:05
Let's be fair to ITK RM J, they have a 100% success rate with what they post, namely none of it ever happens.

07 Sep 2021 13:57:17
Jas M, 100% wrong, good to know. ITK probably means, I Talk Krap.

08 Sep 2021 20:07:24
Up for sale? What a load of garbage!

09 Sep 2021 11:46:22
I'm surprised ITK hasn't been banned,
mind you his stupidity is good for a laugh.

{Ed001's Note - I just assume you all know it is bollox and there is not a lot going on right now, so thought it would give you all a good laugh.}

09 Sep 2021 12:06:58
We need it tbf in these times Ed lol.

{Ed001's Note - very true.}

10 Sep 2021 17:35:12
In the spirit of good larfs Ed, when is Robert Kraft going to buy Liverpool and convert Anfield into a much more profitable ‘defatable-balls’ factory? Also do you think Mac Jones can be the new Tom Brady at the Patriots?

{Ed001's Note - Kraft did show interest at one point, maybe that was why? Erm who the new who at what?}

10 Sep 2021 17:54:22
The new NE Patriots quarterback?
He’s going to be very good (maybe 2022) after getting a bit of NFL experience this season (have to have something to contemplate while the boring soccer internationals take place) .

{Ed001's Note - I don't know anything about the NFL sorry.}

10 Sep 2021 18:07:29
No problems Ed, you know much more about soccer than the rest of us put together on here and it’s always refreshing to hear your views on other sports (Now, how did Brady get on last night…. double-headed coin, he always wins) .

{Ed001's Note - thank you mate. I have actually heard of Brady thinking about it. Before the transfer window put a stop to any time to do anything but edit, I was just starting research on an article about a Patriots team for the Great Teams series. 2007 I think it was. I had completely forgotten about it until you mentioned this.}

10 Sep 2021 18:37:50
Yes Brady seems to have been around forever.
I remember watching the 2017 Super Bowl in New York (there for a wedding and not the match) and being fascinated by an advert where Brady darts to retrieve food he has dropped on his kitchen floor whilst a cat watches (the cat’s reflexes redundant versus the might Brady) .
Later that night Brady led the Patriots to one of the all-time 4th quarter come-backs. He has been the architect of many Rocky-type plots. An sporting enigma and nearly as old as me.

02 Sep 2021 18:08:52
No Jiminez for Watford game.

02 Sep 2021 19:36:59
Nicely explained, Nigel. This is nothing to do with injury folks but due to Wolves preventing Raul flying to a red list country and it seems that the Mexicans have taken umbrage and complained to FIFA. If he'd been allowed to travel then on return isolation requirements would mean him missing two games. You just can't win!

02 Sep 2021 20:37:55
Thanks for the clarification OW.

03 Sep 2021 19:54:07
I've heard it could be 5 games he misses but we are not alone there are many who didn't let there players go to red list areas surely common sense should prevail we should respond with he has a knock and needs time to get over it so he is currently injured every other Tom dick and Harry has In past and I'm pretty sure the players would go along with I'm carrying a knock unless of course they wanted to go we will never find that out tho.

03 Sep 2021 19:55:40
Also it ain't just Mexico that has complained the Uruguay and other South American countries have done the same I think it was 5 that have complained to fifa.

03 Sep 2021 22:09:18
It's not 5 games. If the complaint is upheld, the players would be banned from playing for the 5 days immediately after the last international game.

01 Sep 2021 11:14:25
Manager and players expressed we needed depth yet we loan one in loans one out I think we have a smaller squad to when Nuno was here 🙈 plus Jimenez has been out for 13 months he might not be the same player I think they have got it totally wrong this transfer market surely they can't expect a top ten finish this year?

01 Sep 2021 13:32:46
After that fiasco I reckon they have no right to expect a finish above top 20. All I can say is that Lage (or whoever) must really rate Cundle and Jordao ( although is he even fit? ) because it will only take one injury to the midfield senior players for these youngsters to become extremely busy. I cannot understand the MGW loan as he had the potential to gain more experience on the job at the Mol than in stainless steel country languishing at the bottom of the Championship. Bizarre.

01 Sep 2021 16:53:02
Don't think Lage had anything to do with it, Mike, as he was previously quoted as saying that he needed three or four quality additions. The Kiefer Moore enquiry smacked of the not so good Ray Hankin acquisition all those years ago.

01 Sep 2021 17:01:55
Not seen Jordao play, has anyone?
He is 22 and cost £8 mil. He is certainly old enough, anyone know if he's is fit?

01 Sep 2021 20:27:37
Jordao is injured should be back October time.
Seems to have an injury all the time.

01 Sep 2021 20:50:28
Tks Madman.

01 Sep 2021 22:22:36
Jordao is a good little player, similar to Podence but more suited to a central/ attacking midfield role. He has had a lot of injuries but was more highly rated at Lazio than Pedro was when they were there together. Seen him play and he has good vision and passing aswell as being good on the ball.

02 Sep 2021 10:15:27
Since you have an ear to the inner sanctum at Lazio, Wolfflea, do they rate Luca Romero higher than Marco Bertini? Just wondering which one to go for in January. Maybe both.

03 Sep 2021 05:20:33
What I am struggling to understand is we have a manager with a reputation for developing young players yet all we seem to be doing is sending them all out on loan. Some, such as Gibbs-White and Marques, need to be playing in the PL, not heading out on loan again. The way we are loaning out players does bring into question whether Fosun are being honest about developing players for Wolves rather than other teams and is their commitment to Wolves actually there? Just look at Pedro Goncalves a couple of years ago - apparently no good for Wolves and released yet now a full international. I will never understand the thinking on that one. Even in the Under 23s he looked something special.

03 Sep 2021 13:02:49
Can't comment on Goncalves, Tubigon, but isn't Marques only 18? Also, he's behind many others for a central defender berth so surely it makes sense to loan him out to gain first team experience. MGW is a stranger one. Few would think him good enough to be a starter but it would only take a couple of injuries or suspensions to push him right up the pecking order. A chance has therefore been taken in letting him go although he clearly needs game time to develop.

03 Sep 2021 19:42:59
Tubigon, football if full of wonderful mistakes that wouldn't have happened with hindsight - De Bruyne being rejected by Chelsea, Harry Kane by Arsenal, Ruud Gullit by Arsenal and Ipswich, Roy Keane by Villa and Sterling at QPR. The list goes on and on, but sometimes we as a club benefit from other clubs mistakes, think Bully, Robbie Keane and Lescott.

07 Sep 2021 18:47:21
Best and most famous one Jas, the story goes that Diego Maradona tried out for Sheff Utd as a youngster and was told he was to small for football! Classic five live story! 🤣👍.

31 Aug 2021 20:24:51
Reports saying the plug has been pulled from both deals due to fees.

31 Aug 2021 22:37:16
I've backed Fosun and Shi in many situations. But these last 3 days of business have been pathetic and ultimately make us look weak negotiators moving forward.

We honestly expect players like Adama to sign new contracts. its not like we needed to add maybe one more to make up the squad. We needed key players .

Lack of ambition and killer instinct. We will pay for this window.

01 Sep 2021 07:03:52
Did we not learn from last season? What happens if Neves, Moutinho, Jimenez get injured?

01 Sep 2021 07:17:47
TT, we share the same frustrations.
I still back Fosun, but only just. They have invested heavily in Wolves, but the CEO and Head of Football have managed the Club badly over the last 2 years.
I will blame Fosun if they do not change the aforementioned individuals!

01 Sep 2021 18:57:12
All about priorities for Fosun- no deadline day signings but we've got a new megastore in Shanghai. They've just not grasped the idea that success off the pitch comes from success on it.

03 Sep 2021 13:04:54
Is that another new store Billy or the one that opened 2 years ago?

03 Sep 2021 21:13:02
A new one- opened a few weeks back

It's like starting your Christmas shopping around 4pm on Christmas Eve- you always knew you needed to buy but put it off til the last minute then struggle to find anything decent. Even Lage had said we needed reinforcements and I presume things were promised when he came in. Not a great place to be.

31 Aug 2021 20:22:45
Why ON EARTH are we refusing to pay a fee as little as 12miion for someone as good as kamara. Fits the bill perfectly. Disgraceful if true imo.

31 Aug 2021 20:48:03
£24m surely we can spend that on 2 players?

31 Aug 2021 20:50:52
Because it seems Jeff is a big Messer n trying to find any excuse not to back his manager Surely they carnt expect anything from this year.

31 Aug 2021 21:11:15
Because that's what they've decided!

As frustrating as it is that's it, who pays more than they are prepared to for a car or a house?
No one.

Other clubs know Fosun have money so inflate prices artificially.
We just going to have to take it on the chin.

31 Aug 2021 21:13:27
And just said on Twitter the French kid didn't want the move, another potential Cutrone.

31 Aug 2021 21:29:25
P*** takers mate! We need a football guy back on the board. The past 4 or 5 windows now have been atrocious and embarrassing.

Sorry but, Shi and Sellars just aren’t cutting it.
Uncle Jorge even seems to have lost interest!

Trust the process,
We want to make Wolves a “Brand”
Opening mega stores worldwide and there’s no money available a joke really.

31 Aug 2021 21:49:34
Culeta-Car was valued at £12m but Marseille wanted £30m, likewise Botman valued at £18m but Lille wanted £40m, Keiffer Moore valued at £5m but Cardiff want £15m. Kamara didn't want to come, neither did Botman or Culeta-Car. Renato Sanches injury is worse than 1st thought and he won't be available until January and then his club wanted us to commit to a guaranteed sale of £50m.

Disappointing transfer window for most but I look at it rather differently as we haven't lost Neves or Traore and have added Mosquera and Trincao.

31 Aug 2021 21:58:23
Thank you Jas M for some common sense. Rare on this page unfortunately.

31 Aug 2021 22:13:18
Why leave it till the last minute to try and get players in?

31 Aug 2021 22:24:51
Botman, Sanches and Vinicius for £60m should be achievable by Wolves.
Feel free to disagree. But we are just existing this season.
I hope and pray that Raul scores 15+ goals if not it will be last season all over again. Unless Hwang has his old shooting boots with him.

31 Aug 2021 22:30:58
I think Lage and Fosun knew who they wanted but they weren't prepared to be held to ransom and forced to pay well over the market value.

We have:

GKS: Sa and Ruddy

Full Backs: Semedo, Hoever, Ait-Nouri, Marcal and Jonny (when fit)

CB's: Coady, Boly, Saiss, Dendoncker, Kilman and Mosquera.

CM's: Mouthinho, Neves and Jordao.

Wingers: Adama, Trincao, Podence, Neto

ST: Jimenez, Silva and Hwang.

Squad may be small but Dendoncker and Saiss can play either defence or midfield.

We did desperately need another midfielder but we have what we have and must get behind the team.

31 Aug 2021 22:38:20
So the fact that Botman didn't want to leave and Lille wanted £40m for him anyway or Sanches is injured until January and his club wanted a guaranteed fee of £50m is good business?

01 Sep 2021 00:01:37
So it’s common sense not to buy players in transfer windows and other clubs know Fosun have got money so inflate the prices, that’s not very fair when we sell our players for less than they’re worth and get paid in instalments.

01 Sep 2021 05:49:22
We really needed a CB - Boly and Saiss could both be off to AFCON in Jan of next year.

01 Sep 2021 07:23:02
SEVLOW1967, you may be right about posters, your view.
HOWEVER, one place definitely lacking common sense is at the top of the Club!

01 Sep 2021 08:14:22
This poor Window will come back to bite us and then we will be wishing for the Jan window to come. I hope I am wrong. The team needed the investment NOW!

01 Sep 2021 08:44:55
The team needed the investment long before Nuno left-.

01 Sep 2021 18:31:29
Agreed Oxley.

01 Sep 2021 18:38:48
Kamarra didn't want to come to the uk. About the only foreigner in France who doesn't.

01 Sep 2021 20:36:21
Jas I agree you can't do anything if a player is dead against moving to us.
But I think the club should have pushed the buttons a lot earlier for Botman, Sanchez and Vinicius.
If they had offered 35m for Botman a month ago I think they may have got him.
If Sanchez was injured why did we have other targets? Why did we let MGW go? I agree Trincao and Podence can play as an attacking midfielder. As we have Hwang on the wing.
And Vinicius was such a simple deal links with benfica they wanted 25m upfront. Surely going into our 4th season and Rauls transfer fee has been repaid we could afford Carlos for 25m?
I just don't see the firection we are going and I think they were hapless. Botman deal should have been pushed further 10 days ago.
Sanchez should have been decided a week ago.
And why the heck are we linked to Kieffer Moore. 😂.

06 Sep 2021 22:27:44
Botman did want to come. We just wouldn't pay the fee.

31 Aug 2021 10:11:15
Sky saying spurs still interested in adama but we've put £50m tag on him. It'll be interesting right up to 11 tonight.

31 Aug 2021 11:02:57
Jeff is rightly playing hardball with Daniel Levy. £50mil paid up-front, for Traore, take it or leave it. No try-before-you-buy stuff.

31 Aug 2021 11:05:45
I’ve also seen a report suggesting a late bid by Spurs for Neves. I hope this doesn’t come to fruition.

{Ed002's Note - Ruben Neves (DM/CM) Wolves would look to get as close to €50M as they can should circumstances dictate Neves is sold, but they certainly don't want to sell and have made clear that he has a long-term contract and there have been no approaches at this time. Mr Mourinho is a huge fan and has tried to take him to three different clubs in the past - and he would, I am sure be interested in taking him to Roma but their focus right now iselsewhere. He has always been seen as an option to replace Matic at Manchester United, but they have other priorities to deal with first and preferred options - although they are not working out well so Wolves might see an offer. His agent has been actively offering him around and has spoken with Juventus who are looking to offload players but none that I would expect Wolves to be interested in. The Spurs coach would like him as an upgrade to Sissoko and Ndombele but it is likely both would need to leave as they are looking at another addition in midfield as well. Arsenal have preferred options but his agent is keen to have him move on so they cannot be discounted - although failing to sell Xhaka will likely take them out of the picture.}

31 Aug 2021 12:49:53
Wolves won't sell Neves with 3 years left on his contract.

{Ed077's Note - we will know for sure in a few hours I guess

31 Aug 2021 09:37:49
Another bid for caleta car made, around 18 million according to reports in france, but apparently he isn’t very motivated to join wolves and talks aren’t very advanced.

{Ed002's Note - Duje Caleta-Car (CB) was offered to Liverpool in January after previous interest was shown - but the offer was from his "agent" without the agreement of Marseille. However, at the right price Marseille will be open to selling as French sides are still suffering the collapse of their broadcast deal and the pandemic. West Ham have made an approach and are due to meet with Marseille's negotiator as they remain at odds with his agent. Wolves have also contacted Marseille and have made an offer which is broadly in line with what the club would accept. The lady from Marseille has said that the player is hoping for other options but right now there aren't any firm offers although a general equiry has been made by Southampton. The player will have a significant desire for European football.}

31 Aug 2021 10:48:04
We're out of both carleta and botman looks like our interest now is in the guy from Fulham who's name I can't spell or pronounce.

31 Aug 2021 11:53:10
Sky transfer deadline live saying in talks ti sign Renato Sanches.

31 Aug 2021 12:20:52
Sanches deal won't be completed by deadline according to sky. Its going abit **** about face at the mo.

30 Aug 2021 17:50:48
According to Football Insider, Wolves have signed a 17y. o. midfielder from Man City for £500k. Harvey Griffiths.

30 Aug 2021 19:55:48
Great not what we need though.
We need a striker! And we aren't linked to any.
I'm worried about Raul now 3 games no goals and we don't play to his strengths. Which is great as the football is more attractive but he isn't getting the service he did under Nuno.
If they rate Botman they should get it over the line.
But I think we are weaker in midfield and a striker (not a forward like Hwang) .

30 Aug 2021 20:08:27
£350k mate he's gone in the U23s.

30 Aug 2021 20:57:20
Botman deal off. What a joke our recruitment team are, had all summer to finally get a CB in that's been needed for the last 3 years and looks like the best we can do is a lad from Fulham who's no better then what we have and even that might not happen.

30 Aug 2021 21:19:08
I hope they have things sorted.
You can't come out foe weeks saying 3-4 signings and not deliver.
We have 1 but we do need another 3.

30 Aug 2021 21:26:29
Renato Sanchez. 👀👀👀👀
Gibbs white on loan to Bournemouth.

30 Aug 2021 21:33:37
It's not really fair what we're asking Raul to do. We're totally dependent on him again already and he's just not up to it yet. We need a quality replacement and give him the time to get his sharpness back. Assuming that will ever happen.

30 Aug 2021 21:34:01
Renato Sanchez incoming.

30 Aug 2021 22:06:25
What about Mosquera? He’s a cb that we’ve signed. I’m sure if fosun could have got someone in sooner they would have. And we have signed 6 players so far this summer along with a few more u23’s.

31 Aug 2021 06:41:54
I agree Sharesum. I'd love raul to get back scoring but maybe he isn't back as quick as the club expected.
It too big a risk to wait till January in my opinion.
Get a striker Wolves take the pressure off the squad so the forwards (Raul and Neto) can come back fit rather than rushed back.
Goatmark we have been linked with 4 cb's so the club are working on the deal. Mosquera was never seen as the first team starter straight away.

31 Aug 2021 09:42:10
Doubt now over Sanchez deal.

31 Aug 2021 14:01:57
Gibbs-White to Sheffield Utd on loan.

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