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30 Mar 2020 17:23:14
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27 Mar 2020 14:08:38
Raul has come out and said in as many words that he will be staying in an interview.

His contract is till 2023 and he is happy. Also it doesn't matter if we don't get into the champions league. He is doing important things at Wolves.
If this turns out to be the case I'm more than happy!

23 Mar 2020 07:02:51
Rumour. Wolves interested in John McGinn.

I'd snap him up for sure. Great competition in that midfield will be needed.

23 Mar 2020 19:08:08
Haha, how exactly has this developed as a new rumours not like they've been scouting him?! Have to be honest I don't get the hype with McGinn, seems to have one good game in three then spend the rest of the time injured?! I wouldn't sign anyway but also consider that he would cost a fortune due to recently signing a new contract. Why spend big money on what will only be a squad player next season, cause there's NO way I'd pick him over Jaoa or Reuben! Save the money and go for someone like Beundia after Norwich go down he'd be a great squad player. For a start he'd be half the price and looks every bit as good as McGinn to be honest. COYW ;)

23 Mar 2020 20:49:42
In fairness Bullys good point. I've been singing Buendia's praises all season. Would make a quality addition and a different element for creative force.

On John McGinn I'm going to have to disagree with you. I think he is a genuine top talent. In terms of midfielders he offers a few different qualities that add a another dimension. Very dynamic and drives the ball at feet brilliantly. Check out Tifo footballs assessment on him! Very interesting mix that he offers.

23 Mar 2020 21:56:35
I'd like to throw a name into the hat. Todd Cantwell of Norwich City.

24 Mar 2020 03:52:34
I think he is a very good player. Someone any team should be looking at.

Not sure he is a Nuno type player. The roll down socks and hair add to the Jack Grealish copycat style. He seems to fancy himself a bit more than our usual type.

I'm probably being a bit hyper critical there. Just don't see it somehow.

24 Mar 2020 08:12:28
I agree totally with Buendia from Norwich and think he would be a good addition to our central midfield. Don’t rate McGinn at all though. Seems like another Snodgrass type player to me - capable of the odd bit of magic but overall lacking in real quality.

24 Mar 2020 15:35:32
Again last I will say on this one. Completely disagree with that also. I think he has bags of quality. I might be going out on a limb but I don't care think he will be a premier league player for years to come.

Best asset he is a workhorse who is industrious enough to get forward. Has a lovely balance for a midfielder. Most importantly he seems to have exactly the right attitude to be a success and fit in for us. The Snodgrass link makes no sense to me. But fair play different strokes.

24 Mar 2020 23:00:48
What's this with players from relegation certainties? Not in the class that we are now in. Come out of the time warp, folks.

25 Mar 2020 11:05:02
So, Old Wulf, you're suggesting Jack Grealish et al, are not in the same class as our team because their team is in danger of relegation? I think Grealish would slot in to any prem team. Many others as well.

25 Mar 2020 21:07:29
Cantwell will sign for a bigger team when Norwich go down which is probable and he is one we could loom at as for McGinn I like him and he was good at Hibs but my gut says he has peaked and will be rattling around relegation clubs or Celtic for the next few years.

26 Mar 2020 19:11:16
Not sure who your 'et al' are Belfast but Grealish may be the exception to the rule although I think he's very much in the Dele Ali flatters to deceive mould. The two Norwich players mentioned above don't consistently get in their team which, let's face it, is currently no better than mid Championship standard. McGinn is hard working and a Mick McCarthy ' put a shift in' type. Is he really good enough? Someone else mentioned Snodgrass, almost certainly in jest.

27 Mar 2020 09:20:50
Again, Old Wulf, you think Grealish "flatters to deceive", guess a lot of prem lge managers are easily deceived then. Silly men, eh? Think Ake, C. Wilson, R. Fraser, J. Lewis, Buenida, Cantwell are a few who will be on a lot of managers' wish lists if worst happens. Just my opinion mind.

27 Mar 2020 15:13:54
Indeed, Belfast, it's all about opinion. I did say that Grealish was the possible exception. As for the others you mention, I agree that they'll all be in demand but I doubt very much if they'll be of interest to top 6 clubs which should be the waters that we are now fishing in.

28 Mar 2020 19:34:53
Old- thing is, you yourself have just proven how FAR more nuanced transfers are than just going 'well the team they played in got relegated so they must be poor players"! You mention Buendia doesn't get into the Norwich team but there's a reason for that, quite simply they are now having to play a game that's more about defending than creativity. For example did you know that Beundia actually has the highest average ratio for points to games played in the entire Norwich team? Or that he is only 23 and improving in quickly? I just think its too simplistic to go well they play for a relegation bound team so they must be poor, if you don't believe me wait till the end of the season and just watch the tug of war some of the top teams have over Jamal Lewis and Max Aarons. Both players have been part of one of the worst defences in the league but that doesn't mean that a quality manager with a good eye for a player and a bit of self belief wouldn't think that at 20 years old both players aren't fantastic young prospects.
Tell me this then Old guessing you don't think we should have signed Traore then? Cause he was relegated with Villa and then even worse from there made a sideways move to another Champs club (Mids) so by your reckoning he could NEVER be a top six player now? I suspect some of the biggest clubs in the world will be in disagreement with you come the next transfer window, fingers cross your right! ;)

28 Mar 2020 23:57:19
Robinson signed by Liverpool from a relegated Hull has turned out to be one of the best bits of business in seasons! The list of 'exceptions' is quite large and therefore does suggest it's worth considering? 👍.

14 Mar 2020 19:33:23
So with nothing to report due to suspension of the matches, the sports hacks are reporting that Man utd, Arsenal, spurs etc are looking to buy any and all our players, rubbish journalism.

14 Mar 2020 21:14:34
Jumped up college boys from London and Manchester with no proper journalist skills whatsoever.

15 Mar 2020 08:58:36
Totally agree. What I find particularly irritating is that these people seem to be living in the past and still think that the so called big 6 clubs can cherry pick the best players from other clubs. The reports are all written along the lines of whether Arsenal or Spurs or Man U decide to take our players - as if it is their choice - with no understanding or recognition of how the football map has changed. Reality is that we are a big club, a very well run club with rich and ambitious owners and a head coach who is fantastic. We have a great group of players who are improving and the club is on the up. The old order is no more.

{Ed001's Note - the reports are written like that because they are aiming for the most clicks, rather than about being true. You get more clicks by linking a player to Liverpool/Man Utd/Arsenal etc than other teams. So people write about them. It is pure clickbait and if people just stopped clicking on them they would go away.}

15 Mar 2020 13:52:14
Good point Ed.

{Ed001's Note - drives me mad. The likes of NewsNow have 99% of crap in their links but they refuse to do anything about it as they don't give a toss about the people reading. It is all about getting clicks.}

15 Mar 2020 14:43:06
ED001 and everyone else here - if you want to see clickbait fodder look no further than the Brum Mail. They use the most misleading headlines, mix and match to stories to concoct the fraudulent headline. Another thing that irks me is when the likes of HITC quote other rubbish sites.

As a side note, I remember the BBC once issued statistics about the gossip stories they publish and the paper with the highest accuracy was the Guardian - that accuracy was 15%.

To quote the great Eamon Dunphy "Football is just soap opera for men"

{Ed001's Note - I try and avoid papers like that and I never look at HITC it is pure dross and badly written dross too.}

15 Mar 2020 18:32:19
Agreed. Most garbage usually comes from Alex Dicken and Birmingham Live. Utter tripe.

10 Mar 2020 16:20:33
The James Rodriguez rumour is starting again.
Never happen.

10 Mar 2020 20:04:07
I laughed when I read that this morning. The source said "national paper reporting" I hovered over the hyperlink, low and behold it was in The Express! hahahahaha.

05 Mar 2020 01:12:32
Everton, West Ham and Wolves are in the race to sign 24-year-old Mexico winger Hirving Lozano from Napoli.

05 Mar 2020 09:42:08
Ex-Wolves Stephen Hunt reckons that Matt Doherty should move to a "bigger club" like Arsenal or Spurs in the summer! Bigger?

05 Mar 2020 09:58:19
Look at the table Hunty!

05 Mar 2020 14:46:54
He should if they pay him more. He is underpaid at Wolves.

05 Mar 2020 15:33:48
Stephen Hunt went on to a bigger club post Wolves: Ipswich Town F. C.

05 Mar 2020 17:40:46
Haha yeah Timmy cause Spurs and Arsenal are renowned for paying well?! That'll be why they consistently lose players over wage disputes is it?! Stephen Hunt was never an especially bright guy so this does not surprise me! How much is he on then Timmy? I would like to know what you see as underpaid?

05 Mar 2020 22:32:46
£10,000 per week. Is Jonny worth 3.6 times more (£36,673)?

05 Mar 2020 23:27:26
Timmy I can see where those numbers are coming from but I would take them with a HUGE pinch of salt! For a start I am sceltical how much is based on fact rather than guesses and second they have no info on the finer details of the contract.

For example he may have had a yearly wage rise of 20% written in or more likely like the rest of the squad a HUGE bonus for getting Euro footy or maybe a £5k app and clean sheet bonus?

If he really has signed a four and a half year deal on that kind of money then he doesn't need a new club he needs a new agent! With that being the case I'm not sure what moving would achieve, with the same agent he will just move onto a similar contract!

Comparing it to Ottos is pointless, as we signed Otto from Athletico and would have needed to match hos wages to do so whereas Matt came from semi-pros Bohemians so just apples and pears!

06 Mar 2020 10:11:16
I don't think Doherty is the type of player who would leave just for more money. He is tremendously loyal and he knows that Nuno has made him what he is today. If Nuno had moved to Arsenal when rumoured, I think Doherty would have moved soon after. After all, Arsenal was his boyhood club. We shouldn't be complacent about any of our players. I hope Matt is going to be fitted with (old) golden handcuffs by a big new financial package.

06 Mar 2020 12:28:50
I think your right Deep, in so much as Matt has always come across as one of those rare breeds of fototballer who is actually grateful for what the club's given him! Still though I'm not sure his wages are on anyone but his agent. If any of us were buying a car and they wanted £10k who would actually be silly enough to go 'well actually I want to give you £30k for it'?! To be honest I think it just shows how well managed the club is, think about it how easy is it for us to improve his wages at that level if Spurs do come calling? Whereas if he's ALREADY on £30k+ and wants an increase well then that forces a decision! At 28 and currently on a four year deal the club is in a VERY strong position not sure any of us can complain with that? COYW 🐺.

06 Mar 2020 21:50:05
He has to provide for his family. If someone offered me 2 or 3 times as much as I am currently making I might consider it.

07 Mar 2020 00:16:35
Behave Timmy, anything over £1k a week and the 'provide for his family' line is almost offensive! Also you may 'consider' other options but if you'd signed a long contract it becomes somewhat academic! I get your point in that he deserves more but let's keep some reality with this eh ;)

08 Mar 2020 00:17:02
You should look at the numbers. The British/ Irish players get paid the least. Why is that? If Connor is good enough to play on the England team, why is he one of the lowest paid players?

08 Mar 2020 14:56:06
Thats just no.

08 Mar 2020 23:55:36
Sorry the above post was sent in error this is what I wanted to say:
Again though Timmy that's just not true! Sterling, Sancho, Maguire, Pickford and Kane are just some examples of England players that will be among the higher earners at their clubs! You've done what you always like to do and used two very niche examples to make a point that has little basis in truth. Also you need to look beyond the player and look at the aspects of the transfer i. e. has the player played at a high level previously like Neves (Porto) Jonny (Athletico) whereas like I said before Coady was at Hudderfield and Doherty at Bohemians. The problem is Timmy something like players wages is VERY nuanced, a whole number of factors come into it like how many moves they’ve had, which club they started, what age did they break into the first team?!
Like I said before I get your point with Docs but to suggest there's some kind of injustice going on with homegrown players just isn’t true, essentially as I’ve told you before a players contract is only as good as their agent and who picks their agent?!
I am surprised mind, if you want to pick a sector to champion on wages I salute you but please take some advice and stay away from football players! Even for Docs and Coady I struggle to find genuine sympathy for anyone who gets to play footy for a living and will bank between £750k-£1m this year (when you consider match and loyalty bonuses)! Maybe try looking at the NHS pay-scale and you’ll find me right in your corner! 😉.

03 Mar 2020 10:28:28
According to the Mail " Arsenal could be interested in Wolves and Mexico forward Raul Jimenez, 28, to replace Alexandre Lacazette, if the 28-year-old Frenchman leaves at the end of the season. "

Hardly a step forward for Raul?

03 Mar 2020 13:51:21
Lolz'if only a tenth of these media fabricated click bait dreams come to pass'all we'll have left up the mol is the women and under 9s.

03 Mar 2020 13:53:17
Also read that Nuno is wanted by Atletico Madrid to replace Diego Simeone who is moving to PSG.

03 Mar 2020 17:59:50
There was a hilarious clickbait in the Mail (the above rumour was in the Express) Saying "Premier League Clubs Watching Sanderson" the non-article went on to describe how well he is doing at Cardiff, that was it. Some bored journo working from home, wracking his/ her brains feverously for a story, then just made one up.

05 Mar 2020 17:41:35
I've said it before and I'll say it again Arsenal couldn't afford him!

24 Feb 2020 14:43:20
Any news on Jonny injury anyone?

25 Feb 2020 12:44:17
I think he's split;)

26 Feb 2020 20:37:13
I'm sure he will endurex! Aplogies! ;)

26 Feb 2020 21:12:53
I'm sure he will'hes a Trojan afterall ;)

22 Feb 2020 07:52:19
From the Beeb's gossip page:
Manchester United are interested in a summer move for Wolves and Portugal forward Diogo Jota, 23. (Calciomercato)

I doubt OGS will even be there next season - so it's massive speculation.

22 Feb 2020 10:42:17
The sun notices him having a good game and jumps straight to the first thought. United are after him. It's so predictable its laughable.

22 Feb 2020 18:12:17
Lazy reporting, where are the quotes.

22 Feb 2020 21:01:54
I’ve just read the article and it’s just an opinion, not even speculation. And I thought the Brum Mail was bad.

22 Feb 2020 21:20:44
Saw today the mail are saying we are after Allan Saint Maximan from Newcastle as a replacement for Adama! I'd love a job where I just get to make up random BS.

Do you think the guys at these papers are just basing the rumours off their Fifa Career modes.

22 Feb 2020 23:21:24
So bored of the same media companies regurgitating the same story over and over again. Best one in present memory was Conor Coady to Baggies which originally aired in July 2018, then last Jan and again in the summer. All written by the same person and all said Coady wanted to play in the PL hence the link, even though we'd just been promoted and they'd been relegated.

23 Feb 2020 03:01:36
The journalistic might of The Express are now reporting Jota to Utd.

23 Feb 2020 12:36:09
I know. Man Utd get linked to everyone because they are the biggest club in the world and can buy any player they want. They went after Isco and Icardi in the summer and ended up Daniel James and Odion Ighalo. How times have changed.

23 Feb 2020 20:07:02
Sadly we are a club that will lose players to the powerful. Hopefully we can continue to bring in young players that we can develop and in the meantime they can play the football we love to see.

23 Feb 2020 20:19:39
Wolves are into their third season of a ten year plan, Utd. aren’t even at the start of anything, they’re utterly rudderless at the moment. The only thing Utd can offer is higher wages and a larger revenue stream to players for image rights etc.

{Ed047's Note - and some free football boots

24 Feb 2020 00:14:08
As Roy Keane said recently, why would anyone join Man Utd? For money, not to win things. He saud himself that if he was a player now, he wouldn't join Man Utd as they are on a downward spiral.

24 Feb 2020 11:42:30
Wimborne, you are right, we will lose players. That can actually be a good thing. Look at the top players Liverpool have sold in the past decade. Liverpool are now at the peak of their powers as a result. Nuno is a genius at recruiting young players under the radar and turning them into stars worth tens of millions. Plus we have exciting talent coming through from the youngsters. Liverpool should be our model, not Man City and certain other plastic cheque book clubs.

This season we have beaten the reigning PL champions home and away. We have given the champions-elect their toughest test this season and Klopp has admitted this. The ten-year plan is working well.

24 Feb 2020 13:10:59
It's rare that we lose players to big clubs. Unless we're relegated, and those clubs are relegation scrap clubs anyway (Fletcher, Kightly. ) Keane and Lescott were two that came to mind and that's going back 20 years or so.

On the other hand, Leicester lost many of their top players: Kante, Mahrez, Drinkwater and more recently Maguire.

If Barcelona really do come in for Traore then that's a compliment. Jota to Man Utd doesn't feel right - Utd fans will want a big name signing from a top European club - and it's all they can think of writing about Wolves probably.

Let's hope we get a good run in the Premier and Europa, and players will stay because they will get top football.

24 Feb 2020 13:37:21
I'd expect us to maybe loose a couple big names. Raul/ Neves/ Adama. 1or2 I could see going. Saying that if we get champions or another year in the Europa. why not keep em all.

All bets would be off.

24 Feb 2020 18:36:54
If we have to lose any of our top players I'd rather they went to Barcelona or Real Madrid etc so they won't harm our PL progress. And we will only lose players if we are getting incredible money for them, which we will reinvest and grow stronger from.

No worries, it didn't do Liverpool any harm did it? I'd be more worried if nobody wanted our players.

24 Feb 2020 19:29:39
If Adama or Jota are sold, we've got ready made replacements in Neto and Podence.

24 Feb 2020 19:42:58
Where would they go? No Europe for Man City means they aren't that attractive at the moment and Liverpool's front three isn't going to be broken any time soon. No other team in England offers the potential of Wolves and abroad apart from Bayern, Real, Barcelona and Juve who else? Can't see that lot going for them.

20 Feb 2020 20:52:17
Learn something new every day. didn't realise that you can drop the nutt in Europa league for the sake of a yellow card. a bit of Sunday league being thrown into the mix thumbs up to var for spotting it as well.

20 Feb 2020 23:50:11
So true Coven, how did Moutinho end up with the same punishment as the guy who lent his head in?! So pleased we rallied after that because we were in danger of getting dragged down to their level but rose above it superbly! What a game! COYW ;)

15 Feb 2020 00:38:48
Wonder why the whole of the ball has to be completely over an actual line for a goal, throw or corner but only a fraction of a player touching a non existent line super imposed on TV screens in a different county is deemed to have committed the “offence” of being offside.

15 Feb 2020 09:13:10
Good point.

15 Feb 2020 16:21:40
I hadn't thought of that.

15 Feb 2020 20:00:11
Excellent thinking Oxymoron. Doubt Mike Riley and co. Will be interested in giving us an explanation though. Us fans who keep the whole industry going with our hard earned cash are ******* nobodies as far as they are concerned!

16 Feb 2020 13:22:16
The answer is the PL have put a total incompetent in charge of our football rules. Let's face it why have they created different rules compared to the rest of the football World? Fact.
Is to hide the total incompetence of our referees? Non on FIFAs list.
Is it to do away with referees altogether so some faceless wonder can dictate to the game?
Or is it a set up to protect the Big 6 from us newly promoted TEAMS? LOOK AT THE STATS WHO HAS LOST OUT AND WHO HAS GAINED. FACT.
He who pays the piper so the saying goes
One very angry paying fan.

16 Feb 2020 14:43:59
I have lots of sympathy with all these comments. It seems typical of the FA to cock up a good idea, to make the game fairer, whereas rugby has succeeded in that aim, and there is clarity in the decision. I like Ron's point. Change the offside rule so the whole of the foot must be offside. no other body part counts. Then let the ref on the pitch decide if he needs assistance and guidance, but he decides from a full screen replay which all can see.

17 Feb 2020 10:26:10
Good point Oxley but the whole of the ball would be difficult to relate to the whole of the heel. That said, I agree with you. Apparently UEFA advised the PL against getting too forensic in offside decisions. My guess is that next season the PL will fall in line with UEFA, but too late for our disallowed goals this season.

The thought of Michael Oliver sitting in some cupboard with screens in front of him, trying to find fault with a Wolves goal is objectionable to all of us.

18 Feb 2020 17:21:20
Some very good points. Sadly, after 65 seasons of following football, The lack of brain power and common sense from the game's administrators still has a retarding effect on genuine progress. Will it change for the good in time for next season - don't hold your breath!

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