06 Jan 2017 22:02:39
PL saying he's not going to get or buy a CBA because we already have 6. can someone tell him to please wake up and smell roses they are all shocking and need shipping out and replacing. we will be lucky if we finish above 16th if we don't buy at least 1cb and 1cf

1.) 07 Jan 2017
07 Jan 2017 08:33:50
It's obvious that Lambert has been taken on and told to use players out the academy as much as poss, Fosun r a business and are lookin to own and run a football team as cheaply as possible, I'm convinced were just another charm on their bracelet. We've just got to hope Lambo can make a successful team out of what we've got at the club. Expect to stay in this division for the foreseeable. Anyway hopefully he will pick the strongest team possible for Stoke and we can get a draw at least. I'm lookin forward to it but be careful Wolves fans their lot can be dangerous so watch your backs and stay in groups.