23 Dec 2016 17:11:56
As much as we all like Costa if he wants to go and play higher let him go his loss like sake and Afobe where are they now in stiffs league his loss move on
Wolves ay we.

1.) 23 Dec 2016
23 Dec 2016 18:49:58
I don't think he himself has actually said he wants to go. Therwell has disclosed that he will not sign a permanent deal unless we are promoted. Likewise Sako didn't demand to leave and opted to run down his contract and had we been promoted, he would have stayed. Afobe on the other hand clearly wanted to go.

2.) 23 Dec 2016
23 Dec 2016 20:58:37
Jas he is using us as a stepping stone.
No way will he sign for Wolves.
Marshall is his replacement.
Winnall and Rhodes or Jerome will be additions.

3.) 26 Dec 2016
26 Dec 2016 12:10:33
The problem I can see is that we will become a feeder club for other teams, for the premier if we don't start challenging ourselves and get out this Division, the good players we are bringing through will only play at this level for so long, then if we are still in the same position they will move on.
We need to bring experienced players in to play with our good young kids, it's the only way.