04 Jan 2017 21:50:59
Does anyone on here have anyone with reliable sources to the club. who can possibly she'd some light on any transfer activity other than Marshal.

1.) 04 Jan 2017
04 Jan 2017 22:13:46
Tbf I get all my stuff off net or people on twitter what they've heard and I just share it with you all.

2.) 04 Jan 2017
04 Jan 2017 22:38:20
On hold mate as fosun aren't prepared to pay the 2 million Blackburn want for him. Nice to see most of the other clubs in our league spending big already. Think what Paul Tamworth said earlier is true and Fosun just wanted another string to their bow and won't back up what they have said. Can see Wolves turning in to the next Portsmouth.

3.) 05 Jan 2017
04 Jan 2017 23:43:05
Hang on sec would you pay 2m for someone who has 6 months left on his contract and that would can agree deal with on a pre-contract for nothing or in the summer on a bosman free because I certainly the bloke has rejected 4 new contracts there he won't be signing a new one a may as well just agree a pre-contract and get him on Bosman free transfer!

4.) 05 Jan 2017
04 Jan 2017 23:59:09
Yeah not a great start room far. all be it only 4th Jan. Pompey Wolf. I live in Portsmouth too. Don't suppose you drive a white car with the number plate W8LVE do you?

5.) 05 Jan 2017
05 Jan 2017 07:42:57
No mate no white car but I do live in Portsmouth.

6.) 05 Jan 2017
05 Jan 2017 11:09:19
Yes we have rich owners, but not silly owners. Who in their right mind would pay £2million for a player available on a free in the summer? Blackburn pushing their luck and hoping we get desperate.

Good player, but let's look elsewhere for the immediate and perhaps look at a pre-contract depending on how things go.

7.) 05 Jan 2017
05 Jan 2017 11:13:20
How can Wolves turn into the next Portsmouth when according to you Pomepywolf we won't spend £2M on a player that is out of contract in 6 months. We have offered a £1M which is business sense.

8.) 05 Jan 2017
05 Jan 2017 22:28:12
Because oakwolf we apparently spent 14 million in the first transfer window and with the team doing so badly we aren't getting the gates which means we have spent more than we will make which means we have broken the rules which means fosun will sell up which means we will have a transfer embargo which means we can't buy players which means we will be in debt which means we are doing to drop divisions?!