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29 Mar 2017 14:07:08
Saville to sign a new contract, confirmed in the next week or so I gather.

29 Mar 2017 15:23:04
Why he's the worst wolves player to ever put on a shirt.

29 Mar 2017 16:07:20
Wolves011, is he worse than Frankowski, Cedric Roussel and Jens Dowe.

29 Mar 2017 16:37:00
Worse at the moment, then.

29 Mar 2017 17:04:58
I'm only joking. But you must admit, we've signed some rubbish over the years.

29 Mar 2017 19:38:23
Chip Butti coming back with Balotelli, Brown, Mulgrew, Griffiths, and, Sako.

29 Mar 2017 19:42:43
Saville 🙈🙈.

29 Mar 2017 19:58:11
Griffiths left because he missed his children in Scotland. Can't see him coming unless he moves his family down here which he tried before but they couldn't settle.

29 Mar 2017 20:48:47
It's a shame, really, what we need is a young striker who shows promise. Hmmmm and what we also need is a young goalkeeper who is also hungry for game time. But it's ok guys we have saville, dicko and ikeme we'll be fine.

29 Mar 2017 20:55:12
There must be other strikers about?
I like the look of Tammy Abrahams he is a natural, a young Lukaka. Just buy him.

29 Mar 2017 22:05:23
Burgoyne is ready to challenge Ikeme. Dicko will come good now that Cav and Costa are fully fit.

29 Mar 2017 22:05:24
I shouldn't say this, but Ikeme injured is a blessing. Burgoyne should be getting game time.

29 Mar 2017 12:42:32
So it's confirmed. we need to make profit on players in order to buy. we wouldn't need to buy though if half of the 13 signings we brought last summer were any good. guess what, that mistake will cost us for a couple of seasons now. these people have not got a clue about football. I worry for our club. moxey and Morgan are having the last laugh. why do you think there's a massive rush to bring the youngsters through? To Sell.

29 Mar 2017 15:28:12
I was warned about the Mendez type model by a friend who follows Spanish football (Valencia)

Mendez will get let the club have access to loan / sign quality players who normally they wouldn't (eg costa) encourages then to sign for say £13m (Mendez makes a wedge) with a contract clause of say £20m. Encourages he player to move (mendez makes a wedge) and promises the club (Wolves) he can get access to the next big thing (eg Bruma) which the club sign (mendez makes a wedge) . repeat.

29 Mar 2017 15:50:23
I could of sworn that Fosun only took over last year so they haven't been here for a couple of seasons.

28 Mar 2017 19:09:32
Unless a team offers 30m for costa there is no point selling. its just crazy. we could invest 25m to play around him. but instead we could sell him. and wait around until xmas for another player to settle in? Or waiting for grahem and zyro to get back into it. sorry can't do that in this league while lambert and co wait around we will be getting ripped apart again.

that was the whole point of this seasons failure waiting for players to gel. and now they say they will consider selling? Its makes me realise more and more that wolves are just a business to fosun.

28 Mar 2017 20:01:47
Much as I would like Costa to stay, we may have blown our chances. Chance 1: we got him on loan. Chance 2: we signed him "permanently". All we had to do was to challenge for promotion instead of relegation. There may well be a gentlemen's agreement in place, such as: he can leave with no hurt feelings if we don't get promoted.

Honestly, if you were Costa, and a PL team came in for you in the summer, would you go? Costa won't fail us by going, we will have failed him.

28 Mar 2017 21:23:01
Wednesfield I agree but like deep throat said I think he'll be off in the summer mate. Mendes is to Strood not to have put a buy out clause in his contract there was one in place for us to buy him and I think there will be one in place for him to move on hope I'm wrong.

29 Mar 2017 08:03:28
I think that Mendes, is being a bit stupid really. Why let someone who is the star man in a team go to another team where he'd be hardly played. Take afobe and Sako. We let them go and they hardly play in the prem.

29 Mar 2017 09:25:42
From the start, Wolves have been a business opportunity for Fosun. They've said that. However, we will not progress without Costa and Cavaleiro. They work together, one Cav was injured Costa was nowhere near as good. We need to keep them both despite the money. With a prolific and quick striker next year we will be dangerous. And what's the point of gaining 30 million when we can get 100+ million for getting promoted?

29 Mar 2017 11:01:45
Wolves011 - Don't for one minute think that Mendes is worried about whether Costa will be starting in the Prem. He is in this business for one reason and one reason only. And that is to line his very deep pockets. We are lucky that Fosun have a link with his company, and that is what has bought Cav and Costa to Wolves. But I can assure you, as soon as Mendes can sell them both on, he will. No question. And he will not give two s**ts about Wolves. He will then repeat the process again with other players that are signed to him. I personally hate this. And as I have stated before, I wish he was nothing to do with our club.

27 Mar 2017 19:18:30
Not sure how true this is but heard Wolves are one of a number of clubs that will make a bid on Sam Gallagher in the summer, around about £4mil has been quoted apparantly.
Anyone more in the know confirm this?

28 Mar 2017 04:03:28
We seem to have been linked with him in the past, summer 2015 and at the end of last year. Must be on Wolves radar.

28 Mar 2017 12:55:58
Also heard we've approached Swansea for Marvin Emnes on a free transfer.

28 Mar 2017 16:18:20
Fosun have put in an offer to buy Borussia Dortmund it does look as though Costa may leave.

28 Mar 2017 18:45:52
I don't think it will happen as buy outs like ours aren't allowed in Germany. 49% is the max Fosun can hope for I believe.
If Costa goes he goes good luck to him. We make a handsome profit to reinvest in players. Don't let's beat ourselves up over it.

28 Mar 2017 20:57:02
Yes true Derbywolf if Costa wants to stay great if not hope he does well at his new club, it's not is fault we are not challenging for promotion, he cannot hang on forever waiting for we to build our squad to challenge for promotion.

29 Mar 2017 03:36:37
@Wolves011 Hope Marvin Emnes isn't the answer to our striking problems. If you can judge him by his stats, 255 appearances,39 goals.

27 Mar 2017 19:12:18
We need to keep lambert simple. we also need to keep costa. nobody has confirmed there is a clause so we do not have to sell. bruma is the talisca saga all over again. 5 top players meaning 4m plus around the players we have now will be enough next season. changing a manager who hasn't yet been given the chance to buy his players just like jackett didn't. We could risk being in the same position next season. fact.

{Ed033's Note - Why would any Wolves supporter want a "simple" manager? 😋

28 Mar 2017 09:57:37
Would be great if Helda Costa gave us another season, with the promise of more quality players by Fosun added to squad, which we desperately need there's no denying that, if not and he goes makes me think we will just be a selling club.
We are a long way short of play off positions at the moment, the league does not lie, and Molineux performances have to improve 100% starting with this week, if not Lambert will be gone, you cannot play like we do at home and be in a job, there's no hiding the fact that the Rotherham game was unexceptable and one of the worst games for entertainment that Wolves fans have watched.

25 Mar 2017 18:53:01
Costa is leaving when there is enough profit from him? what's to say there is a clause in the contract? if we sell we have no ambition. we don't need the profit to buy players. Morgan and moxey have gone. new era at this club. time to build around the good players. also would take seb larsson. charlie adam is rubbish slow and old.

25 Mar 2017 21:03:43
Apparently we are buying a player called Bruno (yes, another left winger) with the Costa money (£20 million) . Not really sure what it achieves buying and selling one great player at a time, apart from the fact it makes Mendes a lot of money.

25 Mar 2017 21:31:00
So Mendes is allegedly touting Costa for around £20 million to Premiership club's. If so, he will be looking at another couple of million for himself. £3.3 million in his back pocket in 6 months for selling the same player twice.

Anyone who still thinks that Mendes advising Fosun is a good idea is naive because there is such a conflict of interests, it's ridiculous. There is only one winner in that scenario and it's not Wolverhampton Wanderers.

25 Mar 2017 21:34:02
So £7m of profit in a few months doesn't constitute success? Come on.

25 Mar 2017 21:39:28
I thought we were after Bruma who is 22 years old and plays in Turkey. Bruno would not be a good signing as he is a 36 year old defender who plays for Brighton.

25 Mar 2017 22:46:19
Like I've just said, Statto, he is doing it again with this 22yr old Bruma guy from Galatasaray. He wants to buy him for £15-20 million and sell him to Liverpool or Tottenham a year later with a nice little £2 million in his back pocket. How can a team ever settle doing that?

25 Mar 2017 23:05:48
That sounds more like us, Jas lol.

25 Mar 2017 23:13:30
AC, £7m profit ordinarily is not to be sniffed at, but if we are only going to sign players to sell on for a profit every 6-12 months, we are never going to build a stable team to fulfil what we all want.

26 Mar 2017 09:27:15
The problem with turning our noses up at £7m is FFP. We need to be in a strong position in terms of FFP to build a team to challenge for promotion. We can't afford a transfer embargo or a huge fine.

26 Mar 2017 09:48:50
It will be up to Helder Costa if he doesn't play for wolves next season not Mendes. Mendes's job is to look after his Client and that's all he his doing its not his fault that wolves are fighting relegation and not challenging for promotion like Costa was probably promised at the start of the season. Costa is not a wolves fan and people need to stop thinking this about top players just because they kiss the badge tell us there happy say they love playing for the club but then as soon as the carrot is dangled there off there is no loyalty in football only money . If fosun give us all the money from the sale then how can we moan we are not the only club in world to lose a top player it happens every season it just we've never had anybody worth buying before lol. We'll be OK with or without Costa there will always be a wolves and we're going in the right direction. UTW.

26 Mar 2017 11:32:02
I agree with 1877stlukes. Whilst I’d love Costa to stay, part of me thinks he deserves to be in the Premier. These players are only one bad tackle from having their careers ended. Just look at Coleman in the Ireland-Wales game. He will have a long road back to playing football again. I certainly would have no problem with Costa leaving to play in the Premier. All I’d ask is that all parties go about it in a good professional manner, i. e. the player not going on strike, and the club not holding out for some ridiculous amount of money.

26 Mar 2017 11:44:12
I'd rather have Sako than Bruma or Costa. At least you know what you'll get, and is still an excellent player at this level. Far cheaper, too.

26 Mar 2017 11:57:47
Helda Costa can do what he wants if he wants to stay then so be it, but you cannot blame him if he wants to play at the top level.
This will be our problem until we get 11 players who are capable to get us promotion and obviously we are no were near the top 6 at the moment with players we have, the league position don't lie, just be thankful Fosun keep putting the money into the club.

26 Mar 2017 12:14:52
There may be a bit of a clue in the Fans Parliament notes about buying and selling I will see if I can find it
Ed is it OK to copy and paste the extract if I find it?

26 Mar 2017 13:36:58
Guys, you are right that if Costa wants to go then he will. My point was not anything to do with loyalty, it is to do with an agent advising the club. Mendes is fine doing his job as a players agent, but if he is being used as a consultant by the club as was being widely reported at the start of the season and many users of this forum have called for this to continue very recently, there is a clear conflict of interest.

The point of my post is that we should not be seeking the advice of an agent when it comes to player signings because the interest of the agent will always influence the advice given.

We should not become a short term stepping stone (by that I mean less than 12 months) for players to engineer bigger moves because it does not help the team on the pitch in the long term or the dressing room morale.

26 Mar 2017 13:23:49
This from Laurie Dalrymple from Fans Parliament Notes Part 1

Income sources over the past few years have now ceased. Most of how we generate income will now come from player activity (players being bought and sold)


27 Mar 2017 14:19:10
The Portuguese player Brumo we r up against Man U and Spurs 4 his signature valued at 20mill plus in the summer if Costa stays or goes in the summer depends on his loyalty if he goes we make few mill also I've read zyro and graham r back in full training wol want a friendly arranged 4 this week as they r going to need a lot of match practise.

27 Mar 2017 14:41:58
Agreed. The financial rules are such that Fosun are not permitted to inject additional funds. We can't both keep Costa AND buy another £20mil player. Player sales activity, in and out, will become more and more important as a means of refining the squad. It's all a financial tightrope in achieving the right balance. No team can "buy" promotion these days and by the same token the new rules are there to protect clubs from financial mismanagement, Portsmouth-style.

25 Mar 2017 12:48:21
Free transfers coming up in midfield: Grant leadbetter (Middlesboro, 31), Michael Carrick (Man Utd, 35), Charlie Adam (Stoke 31), James McCarthy (Everton, 26).

I'm sure you'll agree that these are some cracking Ince/ Rae type players that we desperately need next season.

25 Mar 2017 16:22:45
Other midfielders with contracts up this summer: Joe Ledley (Crystal Palace, 30), Jan Kirchoff (Sunderland, 26) and Sebastian Larsson (Sunderland, 31). Maybe out of reach but Xabi Alonso (Bayern Munich, 35).
If Mendes is still pulling a few strings there are a few of his Gestifute clients with contracts up this summer: Miguel Velosa (Genoa, 30), Anderson (Cortiba FC, 28), Danny (Zenit St. Petersburg, 33), Tiago (Atletico Madrid, 35), Danilo (Standard Liege, 21)

James McCarthy not available he is contracted until 2020.

25 Mar 2017 16:53:00
I would swop a midfield trio of Adams, Leadbitter and Carrick for Saville, Evans and Price a thousand times over. Add Sako (when Costa leaves), Hanley and Collins at the back and you've got the basis of a promotion team with a mix of youth and experience in the right areas. Why can't they just follow a simple plan like that this time?

25 Mar 2017 18:48:41
Sounds awesome. reality check, can't see it tbf.

25 Mar 2017 18:30:22
In a perfect world Vokes, Afobe and Dicko would be my three strikers and I'd personally get rid of Weimann, Mason and Bodvarsson right now.

25 Mar 2017 20:58:46
Still think PL needs another window with backing could provide a very successful outcome. Problem is, who departs.

25 Mar 2017 23:25:39
We need to convince John Terry to sign up.

26 Mar 2017 03:56:41
Wavidsmith for me, I think we shouldn't sign Collins or Hanley I would rather sign mbemna and someone like Reben Vezo.

I'd love Adam, with Saiss at the back, with Edwards or Bruma at CAM, front three with a clinical striker.

27 Mar 2017 15:25:02
There are lots of connotations, but I fear the way of building the squad will be somewhat schizophrenic again, i. e. 7 unknown left wingers and no midfield general or central defenders. Unfortunately, most of Mendes' clients seem to be wingers, lol.

25 Mar 2017 12:09:47
Andrea Butti will become director of football at wolves next season and run the club with Laurie Darymple. Thelwell will leave the club. Jeff Shi will remain but only as a fosun rep.

25 Mar 2017 13:08:12
If true Lambert's days are numbered, that's if he's not gone before. Can't see a British manager putting up with Butti in the dug out at games like Zenga did.

25 Mar 2017 13:28:13
I take it that you want Lambert out at all costs. Is there any way you'll give him a chance? Will any manager put up with Butti in the dugout? No one will want to manage us then so maybe the hierarchy will tell Butti not to go into the dugouts. Problem solved and Lambert can continue to build HIS team rather than a new manager coming in and starting all over again.

25 Mar 2017 16:35:14
If Wolves keep up their current form until the end of the season then it will be hard to justify letting Lambert go. I'd like to see him build his own team but I do wonder how it will work out with him and Butti, who will call the shots?
Haven't Butti and Mancini worked together before at Milan?

25 Mar 2017 21:06:34
This is my opinion . How can any manager be sacked if not had a full pre season. Not had a chance to bring his own choice of players and still get results. I know rough with smooth. But overall keeping us in the championship fight now is to me the biggest thing. Then build on.

23 Mar 2017 22:31:21
Danny ings on loan. tammy Abraham. jagielka. george freind. and 2 out and out all round cm who shoot. with that along with zyro and grahem can't see anyone stopping us . must get rid of Savile le batth stearman coady gladon silvio. and a few more. I'd rather have sako than wvieman. we also have mason to come back who has never been given a good run. I'm sure if he had played the same amount as bodvarsson he would score a lot more.

23 Mar 2017 23:27:40
Danny Ings will be involved with the 1st team at Liverpool once he's recovered from his injury. George Friend is a 1st team er at Boro. Jagielka would be a good shout as he's no longer guaranteed a start at Everton and offers the experience we clearly need. Abraham, again another good shout but he will be in demand so we face stuff competition.

24 Mar 2017 03:35:32
Liverpool constantly linked with new strikers and already have five so Ings could be a possible. Liverpool might prefer him to get regular game time and find his goal scoring touch again. Think he'd rip up the championship!

24 Mar 2017 07:45:39
Charlie Adam is available, also we could target some gems in other leagues, I heavily believe we can do better than ings and that why should we give mason a chance when every time I've seen him play he boots it over the bar.
Can't wait for zyro to come back.
Oh oh oh it's magic you know, Costa zyro caverlio.

24 Mar 2017 08:30:46
How about using our Scottish and Portuguese links to get the 'Scottish Messi' Ryan Gauld. Currently playing in the Sporting B team.

24 Mar 2017 11:12:34
omg, Jackett knew his stuff. Everton are putting in a £15 million bid for Chris Wood. And we thought we were being done out of only £4 million for him lol. Crazy.

24 Mar 2017 11:23:32
Chris Wood @ £15mil? Jackett knew his stuff but Moxey didn't.

24 Mar 2017 19:46:48
Zyro REALLY? I'm afraid you are in for a shock my friend if you think this guy is the answer. He got 2 goals at Fulham then that was it, he isn't the player before his injury so very much doubt he will be any better. Wolves011 take a pic of this and your welcome to throw it back in my face if he turns out half as good as what you think. My bet is he will be shipped out asap once Lambert cast his eye over him in pre season.

25 Mar 2017 12:18:35
How about Joe Ledley, out of contract at Palace.

23 Mar 2017 17:49:46
This is Information from my golfing buddy who knows a fella in marketing at the wolves.

Wolves will sign a 4 year £3M kit sponsorship deal with Adidas and a long term deal with Club Med to replace the Money Shop sponsorship. Both contracts with puma and money shop will expire at the end of the season!

Sounds exciting to me! What do we all think of this?

23 Mar 2017 18:14:56
If true, Fosun are using one of their other companies to sponsor us and provide more financial backing much like Man City are doing with Etihad.

23 Mar 2017 19:08:32
New sponsorship? That figures. No brainer. Fosun probably took over too late to unpick the controversial Money Shop shirt sponsorship this season. Moving forward, if it's true, Adidas would be ideal. Club Med? Well, it's a Fosun company but is the public image of Club Med compatible with Wolves?

That said, both companies would be welcome and not at all controversial after the Money Shop debacle.

23 Mar 2017 19:20:25
The Puma contract was already set to expire at the end of the season but as far as The Money Shop are concerned, they have a few seasons remaining unless FOSUN are willing to pay them off.

23 Mar 2017 20:33:46
I hope our next home kit is a proper old gold and not a continuing deeper shade of orange it has become.

23 Mar 2017 23:31:34
They could use Thomas Cook instead of Club Med?

24 Mar 2017 03:48:49
Yes, Thomas Cook. Let's go! They have a gold heart logo. Might look better than the Club Med trident.

26 Mar 2017 19:19:34
Andreas 'Chip' Butti and Robert 'Harry' Mancini taking over in the summer. Man. City cast-offs as spine of new team: Hart, Kompany, Y Toure.

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