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25 Aug 2016 00:33:54
Been told tonight that Romain Saiss is a done deal but we want to unveil him as a double deal along with Benjamin Moukandjo of Lorient. The person who told me this seems to be very sure of this I am however sceptical. Just thought I'd pass it on and see if anyone has heard anything similar?

24 Aug 2016 20:07:58
Domain Swiss deal has fallen through. been offered a better deal.

24 Aug 2016 20:22:04
*Romain saiss.

24 Aug 2016 20:22:58
Load of rubbish when he's already accepted his contract and everything else.

24 Aug 2016 20:27:56
Romain Saiss has signed. will be announced soon.

24 Aug 2016 20:23:09
Sure about that?
Wolves are rumoured to be very interested in Angers defender Romain Saïss


24 Aug 2016 20:45:00
Has it fallen through, or not?

24 Aug 2016 20:50:31
no, wavid.

24 Aug 2016 21:10:22
Sorry about the typo. predictive text. its an eleventh hour intervention from another club. wait and see o ye of little faith.

24 Aug 2016 21:13:58
Have scoured the Web and can't find any news to say the Saiss deal has fallen through. Although we do seem to take longer than any other club to go from bid to medical to personal terms to announcing the deal.

24 Aug 2016 21:21:22
Yeah right.

24 Aug 2016 21:37:02
Currently we have offers for Saiss (£3.4m), Mawson (£3.5m), Bjarnason (£5m) and maybe Rhodes (£9m) . Other than the fact he could worry about getting a game with Oniangué, Teixeira and Bjarnason vacating the midfield spots, I can't see the problem. I've scoured Twitter and molmix but just don't understand. Wish people could just be clear when they say things like that instead of worrying everyone.

24 Aug 2016 21:39:18
Oh Dan you are the man.

24 Aug 2016 21:39:47
If the E&S are reporting its nearly done then it's done. If he was at the game I would say it's already agreed how many others have been at a game.

24 Aug 2016 21:41:57
To be honest Wavid I can't find it either. I also can't find any reports of our bids for Mawson or Bjarnasson.

24 Aug 2016 22:21:42
I know as much as you timtoo - nothing.

24 Aug 2016 22:30:26
Sunderland bid £3m for Mawson and Jeff increased our offer to £3.5m. Burnley and Wolves bid £5m for Bjarnasson earlier. (I think)

24 Aug 2016 15:00:27
Luisão will not sign for Wolverhampton, according to the Portuguese newspaper Record.

They say the deal started collapsing after those responsible at the English club found out that the €2m yearly wages were leaked, these figures are something far from the Championship's normal reality.

24 Aug 2016 16:45:50
Marquee signing comin up I am told. someone from Benfica.

24 Aug 2016 16:52:04
Felix - Will believe it when I see it. None of your stories have been correct so far.

24 Aug 2016 16:53:06
Is it a tree?

24 Aug 2016 17:21:01
Tim spears has said wolves have not put a bid in for luisao yet.

24 Aug 2016 17:35:50
I have just read that Villa and Newcastle are linked with Bas Dost from Wolfsburg. This guy has plenty of form in the Bundesliga and Europe and if he is prepared to come to the Championship, surely he must be the sort of player that we should be looking at.

24 Aug 2016 20:06:51
Nothing from here in Portugal. even the Benfica fans saying not sure.

24 Aug 2016 12:30:20
E&S are reporting the Luiso deal is still live.

24 Aug 2016 12:47:26
Luisao wants the move but Wolves have had cold feet or gone none compliant. He's been waiting a response for the last 2 weeks.

24 Aug 2016 13:01:50
Where's it say that Melbourne?

24 Aug 2016 14:10:33
Was he at the mol last night.

24 Aug 2016 14:39:27
Now 1.7m ayear no thanks.

24 Aug 2016 15:00:56
Luisão will not sign for Wolverhampton, according to the Portuguese newspaper Record.

They say the deal started collapsing after those responsible at the English club found out that the €2m yearly wages were leaked, these figures are something far from the Championship’s normal reality.

24 Aug 2016 15:03:40
He's not worth it.

24 Aug 2016 11:19:04
Braga CB Wily Boly has rejected a €6m move to Wolves according to the Mix.

24 Aug 2016 11:59:07
Tim Spiers has just gone into Molineux as I was passing 11-45 on my wat to Stratford.

Siass anyone?

24 Aug 2016 13:52:41
Hope it's Siass Stuwolf! We need that combative Defensive Midfielder to protect our shaky defence. Still think we need a quality Striker and CH! Once they are in I'll very happy with the squad; I'd even get rid of Saville and Henry (for a start! ) .

24 Aug 2016 14:29:22
Wily boly only valued at 2.34million?

24 Aug 2016 16:01:57
And according to Transfermarkt Iorfa worth 425k, Tex 850k Dadi 1.06m,
dont understand it either.

24 Aug 2016 19:00:47
With you on Saville Rusko. Apart from the occasional goal, he is a very average footballer. Limited movement off the ball, can't go past a man, concedes possession and then as the nerve to boss Tex around.

24 Aug 2016 08:07:57
Reports that we have outbid Sunderland for Alfie Mawson.

24 Aug 2016 08:23:31
WE ARE RICH 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰 Don't mess with the Fosun boys unless your an Arab with loads of Oil wells! MIGHTY WOLVES! Well done Walter and the lads, banana skin avoided! 👍.

24 Aug 2016 09:25:00
Yes I can confirm we have bid 3.5 mil for Mawson.
Romain Saiss to also arrive today, but Lusaco deal is off due to high wage demands.

24 Aug 2016 09:50:12
I'd take Mawson over Lusiao anyway.

24 Aug 2016 09:55:10
Is Alfie Mawson better than what we already have? I would rather see a much more experienced CH who can boss the defence and bring on the young guys.

24 Aug 2016 09:57:56
He must be North Bank if there is premiership interest. I don't see anyone banging our door down to sign our defenders. Mawson is quick and strong and can actually play the ball out from the back instead of just hoofing it like our centre backs do.

24 Aug 2016 10:32:50
Will Mawson have the experience that we need at the back?
i'm not so sure, he might be a rising star, but why risk his development by heaping undue pressure onto his shoulders, someone like Luisau would be more than ideal taking into account his top flight and international experience, might be worth pushing the boat out'wage wise for him.

24 Aug 2016 10:33:24
Yeh I saw, greedy Brazilian! F--k him off! 2 year contract 1.7mil a year. Nooooooooo. Well done Big Jeff 👍.

24 Aug 2016 10:59:30
Mawson would be a bench warmer in the Prem. We need a tough Williams (Leicester) type guy to build the defence around. Williamson could be that guy if fit enough. What about Dawson, Lescott?

24 Aug 2016 11:10:24
North bank 'prem' lol let's get there first.

24 Aug 2016 11:13:29
Don't you mean Morgan at Leicester? Dawson injured and with Lescott been there done that let's move on! Why do we need to buy people past their best. Walter likes young hungry players who are proud to wear the shirt not people looking for a big pay off before they retire! I'd still say Mawson all the way.

24 Aug 2016 11:21:47
Williams (Everton ex Swansea)?

We are not on that level yet, that type of player will be attracted to Wolves when we are in the Prem

If Luisao was only coming here for the money then I'm glad we dodged that one

Alfie Mawson would be a great buy and I hope we get him, from what I've seen he is better than Batth, Hause and Iorfa at CB but we still need an experienced CB with any of those - where the hell is Williamson, time to get rid of that one Jeff

Truth is we might not want a money grabbing git like Luisao but how else are we going to get a quality player with bags of experience.

24 Aug 2016 11:35:08
You are correct Pompey, I indeed did mean Morgan at Leicester ( a senior moment on my part) thank you for the correction) . Ron Flowers and Frank Munro type characters are what I want to see not another 22 year learning the ropes.

24 Aug 2016 11:42:11
Martin Hinteregger from Red Bull Salzburg, brilliant on Fifa when I bought him!

24 Aug 2016 18:58:22
I think we should get Stearman back from Fulham for footballing reasons, already has an understanding with Batth, has experience of all the leagues incl Prem and will only get better surrounded by the other class players we have bought in.

23 Aug 2016 12:39:21
Abel taraabt? Article by hitc web site entitled, Could Adel Taarabt be the missing link for Wolverhampton Wanderers.


23 Aug 2016 17:20:18
Don't like him.

23 Aug 2016 17:26:14
If the missing link is an overweight, lazy, sulking has-been then definately.

23 Aug 2016 17:42:00
He speaks very highly of you Knight :-)

23 Aug 2016 17:56:01
Also he isn't a striker he is an attacking midfielder.

23 Aug 2016 18:15:07
Just like Afobe.

23 Aug 2016 19:58:54
Another Balotelli, no thanks he's talented but all about himself. A waste of talent!

23 Aug 2016 20:46:31
Romain at tonight's game looks like he could be signings soon.

23 Aug 2016 23:16:52
No way to adel taarabt. so lazy and carries a King Edward on his shoulder. Rather have ravel Morrison he might have a attitude at times but he did do the Buisness on the pitch.

23 Aug 2016 23:22:02
Excellent, excellent news: Wolves in for Bjarnason. I've been saying either him or Alberto is needed to finish the midfield off. The only problem is that Burnley want him also. The fee is around £5 million.

24 Aug 2016 09:06:01
If we're serious about anything, we should be able to beat Burnley to player. They're certs for relegation.

24 Aug 2016 10:39:42
If we get all Mawson, Bjarnason AND Rhodes (or similar), this would surely make us one of the favourites for promotion? Amazing, amazing times.

24 Aug 2016 10:46:32
Now, I ain't no academic, but Norwich have only gone and bought Nelson Oliveira from Benfica! Surely this can only only mean one thing for us JORDAN RHODES?

24 Aug 2016 12:43:21
Boro boss on Sky said yesterday that Rhodes needs to stay and fight for his place. Don't know who has all the aces in this game?

23 Aug 2016 15:22:20
Reports that the Luisao deal is being held up by one party, likely to be Wolves. He would be on 40k/ wk, which is OK for a player of his standard but maybe a bit much for Wolves.

23 Aug 2016 17:12:48
Lol reports sorry no body nos about in house moneys.

23 Aug 2016 23:21:30
I honestly don't believe fosun would be hesitant at paying him 40k so I doubt that's it. But does any1 think this might turn into a talisca saga n end in the same way?

24 Aug 2016 03:58:05
I hear wolves have offered him £35k but he wants £60k .

24 Aug 2016 09:33:38
Deal is now considered to be off (according to reports oversees)

24 Aug 2016 10:24:42
I'm in Portugal at the moment and the Benfica fans saying he's leaving for Wolverhampton? But they also say they thought talisca was a done deal to us to. so who knows. by the way it's bleedin hot here . but all inclusive bar helps 😎.

23 Aug 2016 12:08:18
Interesting how you guys all focus on incoming.
Expect Hause/ Iorfa or both to be gone by next week.

23 Aug 2016 12:18:49
Iorfa won't be, Hause not bothered either way.

23 Aug 2016 12:25:32
I wouldn't want to lose either, they're both already in the England set up but Iorfa is ready for Championship football, Hause is a top League 1 CB or mid table Championship CB but he's not ready for a promotion push this season, maybe next season or the season after he will be a very good defender.

23 Aug 2016 12:36:00
Hope not. We were threadbare on defenders before now. EEL is the most likely to go, if he's fit. A big offer for Iorfa would be hard to resist, but January more likely if he's going I reckon.

23 Aug 2016 12:37:44
Doubt it Odfellows when Zenga has been quoted this morning saying we are short of defenders. We will be getting more in than what goes out in the next week expect fringe players to go not our only centre halves!

23 Aug 2016 12:48:20
You may be right but I believe WZ will want to keep all the current squad and new signings together until January and at that point we may well see 3 or 4 leaving.

23 Aug 2016 13:22:31
O my word guys 4 weeks ago he said out his own mouth 20 to 30 mill in 2 years. so that's the plan to get to prem ps and more if need be. Now bookies saying we fav for jordan and faves for play offs. stay ground guys. thay will sort it out I have no doubt but come on only 4 weeks.

23 Aug 2016 13:58:43
He's clearly on the wind up - don't give him the time of day.

23 Aug 2016 14:23:13
Norwich now favourites for Rhodes, which makes me think it's because Fosun are reticent to pay large transfer fees in the first year. Real shame, as I think he's there for the taking.

We are probably more likely to sign Adel Taarabt, or someone like that, unfortunately.

23 Aug 2016 14:57:54
There goes the family silver. Squeaky bum time for a number of players with all these new signings/ loans. Let's all pray that Jeff will buy all our loan players/ new players as otherwise we'll be in a worse position should we not be promoted this season.

23 Aug 2016 14:59:14
Correct some jealous Tesco.

23 Aug 2016 16:07:36
Let's not forget that if we get promoted some of these players may not be good enough for the premier league, so it is a gamble to sign them on loan but these guys from benfica etc will be itching to sign if we win promotion, they know that's where the money is. We've been stung in the past giving long contracts to good championship players and then stuck with them in the premier league, Mick was good at rewarding mediocre players with 4 year deals (Neil Collins? ) and then thy can't make the step up.

23 Aug 2016 15:31:26
Loanin is the best way, forget extortionate transfer fees, just pay higher wages for better quality loans! If it doesn't work out then let them go back to their parent club and start again. No buyin out contracts or big losses on transfer fees.

23 Aug 2016 17:45:02
Well said PT.

24 Aug 2016 10:10:03
My left foot, the team that stuffed Blues on Saturday did not contain 1 loanee. The only player that wasn't here before Zenga came was Bodvarsson (which was a move instigated by Thelwell) . Why all doom and gloom, Wolves have never been so positive.
Nothing wrong with a loan signing btw it's less risk, just would like to see us splash on a 20 goal a season striker and another CB wouldn't go a miss!

23 Aug 2016 11:23:24
Sky reporting our interest in Jordan Rhodes.

23 Aug 2016 12:04:11
Zenga quote from interview on WOW

“We are still short of defenders and strikers and the club is working very hard"

Does that mean Luisao/ Mawson and Rhodes/ Martin?

Like others have said on here, be happy with Luisao and Rhodes to complete our transfer business this window. Saiss would be a bonus too!

23 Aug 2016 12:47:45
They are reporting striker Adel Taarabt today. Considering he plays in Benfica's B team, don't be surprised at him coming in on loan. Obviously we all want Rhodes but the club are slightly cautious in spending big transfer fees at the moment.

23 Aug 2016 13:00:41
Who are reporting smith mate.

23 Aug 2016 13:59:15
Isn't taarabt a midfielder?

23 Aug 2016 15:03:41
Tarabtt has said he wants to return to France. So no chance him coming here and I think he could upset the work ethic.

23 Aug 2016 15:30:07
Luisao has apparently been waiting to move here but Wolves haven't offered him a contract! Looks like it's us that's having second thoughts about his €2 million wages. Taarabt can play in all forward roles but was predominantly a winger or attacking midfielder.

23 Aug 2016 15:50:09

I spotted that also.

But more important than that, he said, "the club are working on it for him and he has nothing to do with that side of things, he gets on with running the team"

That gets my pulse raised any day of the week.

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